Nerlos Locator Review 2021: Why is everyone in the United States going for this?

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Finding missing objects is no doubt a frustrating and stress-filled encounter I can bet we have all gone through. What makes these events even more stressful is that they tend to happen when you have limited time, leaving you at best, anxious and at worst, angry. 

Imagine trying to find your car keys when you just have a couple of minutes or less to get to your office. You may throw your laptop on the floor if you aren’t careful. One of the few moments, adults find themselves crying like kids. 

Beyond the frustration one feels is the risk of what may be lost when these items get stolen actually, in such events of misplacement. They could be your car keys, house keys, wallets and even credit cards. You don’t want to imagine  

Good thing is that we don’t have to keep experiencing these hassles of looking for stuffs all the time. There are too many stressful things already in life and the best we can do is to cut down on anything that can bring about more stress. Best thing is this—there are actually products that can help us track missing items and at best, even stop them from getting lost in the first place by notifying you when you’re getting far away from your precious items. 

One of these products I described above is a Nerlos locator. It is a compact and smart-looking device that promises to provide the above benefits and even more. 

Read the full Nerlos locator review to find out more about the product. 

What is a Nerlos locator? 

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Nerlos locator review.jpeg
Nerlos Locator Review

It is a product designed to help you find your missing items and to prevent your items from getting missing in the first place, by keeping you aware of when you’ve misplaced an item. It is compact, smart and has a sleek design. It is just about the size of a coin and can be attached to several objects ranging from bags to purses to key chains and whatnot. 

By attaching this device to your item, it gets to notify you when you move far away from the item and better still helps you to find it when you get closer by beeping and flashing red light for easy identification. It uses blue tooth technology to connect to your smartphone and is controllable through an app that is downloadable from play store. An app that is compatible for both android and iOS. It is simple to use and designed for just everyone. 

How Nerlos locator works 

Most gadgets today, including phones in all their varieties uses Bluetooth technology. The Nerlos locator, like many other trackers and  key finders out there, connects to your smartphone. As long as you have your phone in your possession (and the battery isn’t dead), you can track where the corresponding sensor is on your keys. The connection also goes both ways: you can use your smartphone to find your keys or use the sensor on your keys to find your smartphone. Also, it is quite easy to connect and anyone can use it easily. 

What’s more with this  Bluetooth tracker? It is its versatility. Pretty much every smartphone has Bluetooth functionality, which means you can use your phone to locate your keys—no need to get a separate tracking device and it works the other way around. If you have your keys but can’t find your phone, you can use the locator to ping and locate your phone. 

Why use a Nerlos locator? 

A Nerlos locator is designed to help save your time and to improve your efficiency. You can spend the time you would, looking for missing keys or remotes on something more precious and worthwhile. Nerlos locator is a quality product and offers the best features ranging from a long lasting battery to a GPS and to a guaranteed wide range functionality. If you’re looking for a Bluetooth device to help you find your missing items and to prevent your items from missing, then Nerlos may be what you’re looking for. 

Benefits of using a Nerlos locator 

There are limitless advantages using a Nerlos locator will guarantee you, one of which is security—a very essential benefit. Imagine dropping your car keys carelessly, and it gets picked up by the wrong guy. You can figure out the rest. Also, imagine dropping your house keys inadvertently and it gets picked up by the wrong guy, you don’t want to imagine. Do you?

One of the greatest good a Nerlos tracker will do you beyond saving your precious time is to safeguard your precious properties, of which when misplaced may lead to stories that touch the heart.  With the tracking device in place, the moment you lose your keys you could easily locate them again and avoid any expensive replacements or time-consuming searches to find them, that’s if they can still be found. 

There are several things that are very easy to get lost and yet are the most painful things to lose. An example is losing your wallet or purse. It is often very devastating, if not worse. It’s even worse still, when you have your credit cards or some cash in them or any other important document as a matter of fact– so losing either your wallet or your purse would mean having to phone the bank to cancel all your cards and in the worst case scenario fighting a fraud claim with your bank because someone has unscrupulously taken money out of your bank account. In the worst case scenarios, a lot of money or other valuables may be lost. 

 Enhances efficiency 

 What do I even mean by efficiency in this regard? Saving your darn time. You can go late for work or fail to catch up with an important meeting simply because you can’t find your car keys. You wouldn’t know how much time you spend looking for these little tricky things like keys and wallets can affect your overall productivity. 

There are always a number of tasks waiting on everybody daily, and to maneuver them smoothly, one has to be efficient—maximize the use of your time. If someone misplaced their wallet and then had to go to the shop to buy some food for lunch, the amount of time spent trying to find their wallet would delay other things scheduled in their diary later in the day. A Nerlos locator maybe all you just need to overcome these daily hassles. 

Keeps you relaxed 
That single impulse of “where is my phone?” can send your adrenaline skyrocketing and guess what! your blood pressure is going up as well, because you feel you’re in trouble. If you’re the kind that is never too sure of where you keep things, you definitely need a Nerlos locator, at least for your peace of mind. It will go beyond helping you to find your belongings when you misplace them but also to give you the reassurance that you won’t misplace them easily in the first place. This can save you a lot of energy and unnecessary panic, apprehension and anxiety that comes with losing an item or any such perception.  

Keeps you from losing your phone 
You will probably not understand how much of a companion your phone can be until you have lost it. I always believed that I wasn’t attached to my phone until the first time that I lost a phone, I realized then what the truth was. Let’s face things. Losing a phone can be unbearable and one of the ways to prevent it from happening is to get yourself a tracker today. A Nerlos locator can help you find your phone and with your phone also, you can get to track where your tracker is as well.  

Nerlos locator reviews.jpeg
Nerlos locator review

Specifications of Nerlos locator 

1)Metal and plastic construction 
2)Replaceable button cell battery 
3)Large button 
4) LED status light 
5) Built-in beeper 
6) Alarm setting 
7) Ring volume control 
8) Bluetooth range expectation: 25m* 
9) Includes optional wrist strap 
10) Includes 3X stickers for the option to stick the tag directly on a surface 
11) If you leave your keys behind, NERLOS will give you an instant alert on your smartphone 
12) If you can’t find your phone, a simple press on your NERLOS tag will make your phone start ringing 
13) The long-lasting battery works for one year with no need to recharge it 
14) NERLOS can be attached to any item: your keys, wallet, purse, even your pet’s collar! 

What’s unique about  Nerlos locator 

  • They locate lost keys— One of the things often misplaced are keys and it goes beyond whether you’re careless or not. Anyone can get their keys misplaced. More importantly, if you always find yourself in this situation then chances are high that you need this product even more as it can save you all the hassles of searching for keys every now and then and you can spend your time focusing on more important and worthwhile things.  
  • They locate other items too— The good news is that a Nerlos locator won’t stop at just finding your missing keys but can also track several other items, such as a wallet, remote control, or luggage and the best news is that it can even allow you to share your tracker with another user so you both can track down a lost item. 
  • They save you time—It is no news that finding lost items can be time-consuming and results in a lot of time wastage. It is also no news that a tracking device like Nerlos can help solve this problem. So, what stops you from getting this device today? 
  • They reduce stress—Maintain your sanity and peace of mind. There are too many things already to make one anxious for a lifetime, adding “looking for stuffs” hassle does nothing but make things worse. With the Nerlos item finder, you can locate your items within seconds and save yourself a lot of stress. You no longer have to worry or get anxious about where you left your stuffs after the last time you used them. 

How is a Nerlos locator used? 

How to use the device is quite simple. Just attach a NERLOS Locator to your keychain, wallet, or other valuable item. Each NERLOS tag is less than two square inches (it’s literally the size of a large coin, except that it’s finer than a coin.) They’re small enough to fit on a keychain and you can use as many as you like!

The NERLOS app on your smartphone will detect its location via Bluetooth, making your item easy to find. Just press the button in the NERLOS app and the NERLOS Locator will start beeping and flashing its LED light, making it easy for you to find. The good thing is that it offers both auditory and visual cues by the beeping and the flashing of led light that occur simultaneously. Even when you don’t see, you may hear and vice versa.  

Pros of Nerlos locator 

  • If you leave your keys, wallets, or any other important stuff behind, NERLOS will give you an instant alert on your smartphone 
  • Nerlos can help you find your phone. If you can’t find your phone, a simple press on your NERLOS tag will make your phone start ringingShape 
  • The battery lasts super long with a guarantee of one year, no recharge. Amazing right? 
  • NERLOS can be attached to any item: your keys, wallet, purse, even your pet’s collar! 

Cons of Nerlos Locator 

Can only be found online 

nerlos locator review.jpeg
Nerlos Locator Review

Quality features of a Nerlos locator 

LED Light: Nerlos locator is a top-rated key finder with the quality feature of flashing light in addition to an alarm. This visual cue, paired with an audio cue, will help you locate your keys quickly. The more signals you receive, the easier it will be for you to find an item that’s missing. 

Battery Life: Nerlos key locator has a battery life of about one year, with some replaceable batteries altogether. This long lasting battery advantage is one of my favorites.   

Design: Nerlos locator is an intriguing device in that it is not just effective but smart. It is comfortable to carry, compact and very portable.  Also, the car key finder also has a battery slot that is easy to use and access. 

An Extra-Loud Alarm (112 Decibels): An Extra Loud Alarm (112 Decibels) 112 decibels is pretty much loud and can be perceived very quickly. It lets you hear the beeps from further away and find things more easily. 
A Massive Range: Guarantees a wide range of about several feet away from the object being tracked.   

Super Long Battery Life (1 Year): You definitely won’t need to worry about replacing the battery any time soon when choosing the nerlos locator. The battery can last for as long as one good year before any need for changing. 
Find Your Phone Feature : The nerlos locator works in reverse, letting you find your phone as well as other devices. 
Comes with a replaceable batteryNot only does the battery lasts for as long as one year but also you wouldn’t need to buy any replacement batteries by yourself soon because the Nerlos locator comes with a replaceable battery, so you ca enjoy the product for long before making another expenses. 
‘KeepNear Feature: The super-smart KeepNear feature alerts you when you’re getting far away from your items, so you’ll never even lose them in the first place. 
Crowd GPS: If you ever lose the Nerlos locator tracker, activate the crowd GPS feature and get millions of other Nerlos locator users looking out for your device to help you recover it. 
Bluetooth Connectivity: The Nerlos locator easily pairs up with your smartphone through a Bluetooth connection. 
Money-back guaranteeThe manufacturers guarantee satisfaction but on the off chance you aren’t, your purchase is backed by a money-back guarantee. Find out the return policy from the official website for more details on returns.  

How to setup a Nerlos locator 

Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth – Nerlos relies on Bluetooth connection. Please make sure your Bluetooth is on. If you turn off Bluetooth, the App will warn you and close itself when you press OK. If this happens, turn Bluetooth back on and re-open the app. 

Log in – You need an account to log in to use Nerlos. You can register it for free, or use one of your favorite social accounts to log in. Press, Register to create a new account. Sign in using Google, Facebook, Apple, or your email. 

Switch your Nerlos tag on/off: Press and hold the button on the device for 3 seconds, it will beep twice, and the blue light will flash. 

On the Nerlos App, click the Add button (+). The App will scan and display your Nerlos tag. Select it, then the App will initiate a connection. The Nerlos tag will beep once when connected and the light will be off. 

Once the connection is set, the My Nerlos screen will now show your new tag with one of the following statuses: 

Connecting: Your tag is processing the connection and the blue light flashes. 

Connected: Your tag has connected successfully; the tag will beep once, and the light will turn off. 

Disconnected: Your tag has lost its connection with the Nerlos App, the phone will alarm and the Nerlos tag will trigger the alarm by beeping constantly while ashing the blue light. To turn it off, you can press “Stop” on your phone or short press the button on the tag. 

Nerlos tracker price 

  • 1x Nerlos Locator—Never Lose It—Only $29.99 
  • 2x Nerlos Locator Pinpoint Pair—Only $59.99 
  • Nerlos Locator Triple Tracker Pack—Only $66.99 
  • 4x Nerlos Locator Finders Keepers Set—Only $81.99 

Where to buy Nerlos locator from 

The product can be purchased from the official website. There are varieties of buying options to choose from, including the price offers attached to each package. You can also choose your favorite payment option and as well, read and understand their return policy to enable you to make a smooth return on the off chance, you don’t find the product very useful. 

Nerlos Locator Customers’ Reviews  

Zara G. 

– Seattle, WA 

I misplaced my cellphone just last week and started to panic! Then I remembered the NERLOS tag on my keychain – I pressed it and my phone starting ringing. It had fallen into the seat cushions, somewhere I’d never find it! But the NERLOS Locator let me find my phone in just minutes! 

Curtis G. 

–Miami, FL 

I was on a business trip. I just left my motel to drive off to the next town when suddenly my phone sounded an alarm. I had left my wallet in my motel room! I turned the car around and recovered my wallet just as the maid started making up my room for the next guest. NERLOS totally saved the day! 

Bethany K. 

– San Francisco, CA 

I lose my keys ALL the time. I used to have to tear up my entire apartment just to find them, but now I just press a button on my phone and it shows me exactly where my keys are. Instead of wasting hours searching under the couch or behind the dresser, now I get my keys back in just seconds! 

Conclusion  (Nerlos locator Review)

We’ve finally come to the end of Nerlos Locator review. The reality is that no matter how careful you think you are or can be, there will always be times when you aren’t sure where you have placed your stuff, especially the small but very often used items like keys, purse, remote, etc. You may end up scattering the entire house that took you energy to arrange in the name of searching for keys or remote.

I’ve been there before and I can’t think twice of any device that can save me that much hassle. A tracking device is something we all need, truth be told and a Nerlos tracker guarantees all the features a quality tracker can offer ranging from very audible sound, led light…to a high range effectiveness. Nonetheless, a lot of customers have given their feedback on how useful they found the product. 

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