Xtra-PC Review 2021: Does The Xtra PC USB Device Really Work?

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Xtra-PC Review: All You Need To Know

Computers are fast becoming almost indispensable in our everyday life. Almost every area of life in one way or the other needs a computer directly or directly; justifying the popular saying that ‘the future is tech’. The relevance of computers is also fueling its mass production with most of them costing hundreds of dollars. Spending huge sums purchasing a good personal computer is one but the computer remaining in good shape is another.

A Lot of people are currently trying to save up some cash to change their old personal computer due to how slow the computer has become over the years; a lot of persons also battle with the huge financial cost that comes with changing crashed hard drives. What if I told you that you don’t have to struggle anymore? Did you wish there was an alternative solution to changing your slow computers? Well, there’s!- The Xtra PC

The Xtra PC is exactly the alternative you have been looking for. This gadget will make your slow laptop work like a brand new one. It will make you see that having a crashed hard drive is not a limitation to using your PC as it provides a totally new desktop environment for the user.

There are so many operating systems that computers can run on; the Xtra PC will introduce the Linux operating system to your PC. It doesn’t matter what operating system your system came with or the operating system running prior to buying this device. The Xtra PC also has a storage compartment making it a good option for crashed hard drive. Having a brand new operating system and a hard drive is almost the same thing as buying a new computer so the Xtra PC makes your old computer a new one. The Linux operating system integrated into the Xtra PC is also very fast and would give you exactly what you need.

Another great news about the Xtra PC is that it’s very affordable. Most old computers will cost you more in attempts to make it faster. Even after a series of updates, upgrades, hardware changes and even running diagnostics which most times costs a lot still persistently become slower with each day. The Xtra PC will give you a new and wonderful experience with an affordable budget. You can now use the money you would have spent on a new computer with no guarantee of not turning to be slow as the former to invest in other areas of your life.

This Xtra-PC Review article will discuss in detail everything you need to know about this new device that just entered the tech global market; it contains some testimonials from customers who have purchased and used the Xtra PC. Let’s dive into the details!

What Is Xtra-PC?

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Xtra-PC Review
Xtra-PC Review

The Xtra PC is a portable thumb drive which when plugged into your computer via the USB port automatically loads a fast user-friendly Linux operating system. This in turn makes your computer run in a new environment just like a new computer.

This device works with almost any computer, both iOS and Windows-powered laptops, netbooks, and desktops produced from 2004 till date.

You don’t need to do any special thing or write any special code to use the Xtra Pc as even computer novices can use this device with great ease; all that is required of you is to plug the device into your PC’s USB port then switch on your laptop. A totally new powerful and feature-rich Linux operating system will be launched on your computer.

Amazingly, the Xtra PC doesn’t tamper with your old files. The programs and files in your PC remain just the way you kept them prior to using this device. The new Linux operating system the Xtra PC introduces to your computer is already preinstalled with all the basic computer programs that are needed for the smooth running and usage of the computer.

You also save money by going for the Xtra PC as you get exactly what you would expect from a new PC, spending your hard-earned money on a new PC just because it’s slow or not working because of a crashed hard drive is no longer necessary. You can get more value for an affordable price for going for the Xtra PC

Benefits of the Xtra-PC USB Device

There are so many benefits of purchasing and using the Xtra PC. Below are some of the numerous benefits of the Xtra PC

●    Very Affordable – Spending hundreds of dollars on a new computer because it’s slow or hangs is no longer necessary as the Xtra PC can make your PC fast and effective without you having to spend a fortune. This device is very affordable, you can check out the manufacturer’s page(link can be found in this article) to confirm for yourself.

●    Works on both Windows and iOS powered devices–This gadget works well in almost all the PCs in the market irrespective of the brand or the pre-existing operating system. It also works perfectly in not so recent computers so long as the computer was produced as from the year 2004. The only requirement for using the Xtra PC on your computer is having a working USB port in your computer and you are good to go.

●    Very user-friendly– This device is very user-friendly. Not having expert knowledge about the computer is not a limitation as the Xtra PC is very easy to use. You also do not need to install any additional program or the help of a computer professional to use this device. Just plug in the device then switch on your computer.

●    Includes all your favorite programs – You don’t need to worry about not having your favorite essential computer programs as the Xtra PC is already preinstalled with everything you need. Web browsing, electronic mail, Word document editors, spreadsheets, music, video players, and others are already on your Xtra PC.Pretty amazing right?

●    Keeps all your existing files and programs– One very big problem of buying a new laptop is that you tend to lose some important files and programs which might require huge internet service costs; some of the files you’re liable to use might even be irreplaceable. The Xtra PC keeps all your documents, pictures, videos, and programs safe and you can access them in your old desktop background once you unplug the device.

●    Solves the problem of missing or crashed Hard drive-Hard drives are delicate software that can easily get crashed. You can also mistakenly lose or misplace your external hard drive making it difficult to use your computer as it cannot function without a hard drive. You’re reading the article that will change your story by offering an effective and favorable option.

How Does It Work? (Xtra-PC Review)

Xtra-PC Review

The Xtra PC is easy to use. Just follow the under-listed steps to easily launch your newly purchased Xtra PC and enjoy a new experience.

Step 1. Insert your Xtra PC into your USB port – After receiving your newly purchased Xtra Pc, the next step is to insert it into your PC’s USB port.

Step 2.Turn Your Computer On – Switch on your computer, then select ‘boot from USB’.

Step 3. Enjoy Your Fast ‘New’ PC– In about ten minutes, you will be introduced to a totally new system environment that is super fast and efficient. You can also use the Xtra PC on multiple computers irrespective of the brand.

What Can I Do With My Computer After Plugging the Xtra PC?

Everything really! The Xtra PC can be used to do literally everything that can be done with a computer.it can be used to run all applications and programs you had on your computer before it became slow or everything you had in your hard drive before it crashed. Think of the Xtra PC as a new computer, it offers you everything you need in a good computer in a feature-rich Linux environment.

● Access the internet with the available program

● send and receive mails

● Check out and text using your favorite social media account

● Streams trending music

● Watch Netflix and other movies/video platforms

● Play games

● Download your favorite songs.

● Edit your documents

You can download other programs files of your choice easily and it will definitely work perfectly with the Xtra PC.Installing programs in your previous operating system in the Xtra PC does not affect them or cause loss of files or programs.

Xtra PC Reviews
Xtra-PC Review

Pros (Xtra-PC Review)

● The Xtra PC is affordable and works just like a new PC

● It can solve the problem of a missing or crash hard drive saving one the money supposedly being set aside for a new PC

● It can be used to stream music videos, songs, play games, edit documents, and others

● It supports all social media platforms and can be used to surf and chat on your favorite social media platform and account.

● It does not require any special computer skill; the Xtra PC can easily be used by anyone irrespective of their level of computer understanding and use.

● It does not result in the loss of files and programs pre-installed in your pre-existing operating system.

Cons (Xtra-PC Review)

● It cannot be purchased elsewhere except the manufacturer’s official website, and this can be a problem for individuals in areas without good internet connectivity but reading this article means that you have got all you need to successfully purchase this amazing product.

● The Xtra PC is not for free, so interested individuals might not have the required money to make a purchase but this shouldn’t be a big problem as this device is very affordable and by far beats its contemporaries. Its value is also way more than the cost.

What Is The Price Of Xtra PC?

The Xtra-PC costs only $34.99 and you can get it from the manufacturer’s official website as the Xtra PC is not available in local stores or supermarkets. Ensure to buy from the manufacturer’s website which the link can be found in this article; buying elsewhere makes one more liable to buy fake/substandard products. Multiple payment options are available which include MasterCard, Paypal, Amex, Visa Card, etc. and your payment information is always secure with 256-Bit SSL encryption.

Special offer:

As of today, you can still get a 16GB Xtra-PC for 30% OFF!

● Resurrect your “dead” computer

● Save hundreds of dollars on diagnostics and repairs

● Keep all your files and favorite programs

● See results in under 10 minutes!

Xtra PC Reviews Consumer Reports

“I came across this product online called Xtra-PC. It was this big, bold promise that caught my eye. According to their website, I could do almost everything I normally did on my computer ten times FASTER – I just needed to plug in this little Xtra PC USB. I was REALLY skeptical about it. I worked in a tech store; if this really worked, wouldn’t I have heard about this before? I could pull up my photos and documents faster…surf the internet faster….watch cat videos and play music without lagging…receive and send emails with no problem…I even connected a new printer…NO SWEAT AT ALL.

I almost forgot to mention the craziest part of it – I only paid $34.99 for it! (Check out their website if you want to guarantee that price I quoted)I mean, I basically got myself a brand new computer for less than the very cost of a pair of tennis shoes. I would’ve had to shell out tons OF DOLLARS had I taken it to any computer repair place. But not just that. Here’s what the manufacturer of the Xtra PC says about what else this USB device can do:

●    Works on any PC or Mac – If your computer has a USB drive, you can use Xtra-PC!

●    Keep ALL your existing files – The Xtra-PC does not modify or touch your existing files in any way!

●    Broken or missing hard drive? No problem! If your hard drive is corrupted or missing, you can now use your PC like normal!

I can’t say enough how amazed I am about the price. 

“ Hey, I’d give the Xtra PC a shot, and honestly, after one use I’m really impressed. It wasn’t hard to figure out everything at all. It plugged into the USB port of my computer, like a normal USB. Within a few seconds, it bypassed my old, slow, operating system and replaced it with easy-to-use, blazing-fast Linux! I’d heard about how frustrating and complex Linux installs can be for non-experts – but this was effortless!

Super easy! In fact, it’s so simple that it’s like snapping your fingers and watching that your old computer magically turn into the like-new, super-fast computer you really want it to be. All you have to do is”

Frequently Asked Questions (Xtra-PC Review)

Can I use the Xtra PC on my Mac?

The Xtra PC works well on both Windows and Mac computers in fact it works in almost all recent computers. It also works perfectly in not so recent computers so long as the computer was produced as from the year 2004. The only requirement for using the Xtra PC on your computer is having a working USB port in your computer and you are good to go.

Will I lose my files after using the Xtra PC?

Definitely No! This is a big plus for the Xtra PC because unlike what you get from buying a brand new PC or even formatting your old PC which makes one lose some important files and programs which might cost a lot of time and money to replace, again some of the files you’re liable to use might even be irreplaceable; this device keeps all your files just the way you left them. The Xtra PC keeps all your documents, pictures, videos, and programs safe and you can access them in your old desktop background once you unplug the device.

Can I use the Xtra PC on a computer without a hard drive?

Yes! You mustn’t have a hard drive to use the Xtra PC as it can also function as a drive. Hard drives are essential hardware so not having one will normally result in not being able to use your PC at all, but the Xtra PC solves the problem of a missing or crashed hard drive.

Where can I buy the Xtra PC?

you can get it from the manufacturer’s official website as the Xtra PC is not available in local stores or supermarkets. Ensure to buy from the manufacturer’s website which the link can be found in this article; buying elsewhere makes one more liable to buy fake/substandard products.

Conclusion on Xtra-PC Review

The Xtra PC is a powerful thumb drive that can turn your old slow computer into a new fast one. When inserted into your USB port, it launches a new feature-rich Linux operating system that is fast and user-friendly. It is easy to use, so simple that even computer newbies can easily navigate their way around it without any hassle.

From a device of such value, it would be expected that the cost would be off the roof but shockingly, the Xtra PC is really affordable. For a device that literally turns your old PC into a new one while still keeping your old documents safe, it is really cheaps and within the budget of most intending buyers. The Xtra PC can also be used in place of your missing or crashed hard drive and can also be used to run all your favorite programs, it even came with some pre-installed applications that you would need.

This product can easily be purchased from the manufacturers’ official website which the link can be found in this article. It is advisable to buy from the manufacturer’s official website as buying from other sources makes one liable to purchasing fake or substandard products. The price of the product with the attached discount can be seen on the manufacturer’s webpage. Orders placed on the website also get to your chosen location within the expected time, and from the reviews and testimonials from customers, it is obvious that the Xtra PC works just like the manufacturers’ promised and your story won’t be different from others. You can make your own purchase by clicking the link below.

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