Contours Rx Lids by Design Review 2021: Is this Eyelid correction strip for me?

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Do you have a big event coming up and want to make a good impression? Do you want to improve your natural beauty in a quick and easy way? If yes, you have definitely come to the right solution point. 

Look no further if you want to get rid of droopy, saggy eyes in a safe and natural way. I have put every eyelid strip on the market to the test in order to bring you the best. Contour Rx LIDS BY DESIGN will assist you in achieving incredible results in a matter of seconds!

Many people suffer from hooding and drooping eyelids. It may happen as a result of aging or a decrease in the skin’s strength and elasticity. Some people have had excess skin on their lashes their whole lives, as well as poor vision, pathophysiology, or dermatochalasis, resulting in an uneven and exhausted appearance. 

Dealing with thick, asymmetrical eyelids can make you feel insecure and self-conscious. Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN, on the other hand, created surgically non-invasive eyelid restoring corrective strips that immediately make the eyes appear bigger and bolder. With Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN corrective strips, you, too, can achieve a stunning eyelid look. By defying gravity and representing your best self through recontoured eyes, you will achieve a more youthful appearance.

This contours Rx Lids by design review article will explain to you basically everything you need to know about these eyelid correcting strips; its features, pros, cons, customer reviews, where to buy. Relax and go through the article and by the time you are done, you should be able to decide for yourself whether Rx Lids design is for you or not.

What is Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN? 

Contours Rx Lids by Design reviews.jpeg
Contours Rx Lids by design review

If you’ve never used (or even heard of) eyelid correcting strips, their function is to redefine and recontour your eyelids. They’re simple to apply to your eyelids and build a lovely, natural crease that gives your eyes a bigger, bolder look.

Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN is an award-winning corrective eye strip that is used by people all over the world. You could look younger and more revitalized in a matter of seconds. 

Contours RxLIDS BY DESIGN is the ideal solution to the issue of hooded, droopy, and tired eyes that many people face on a daily basis. With one simple application, you can ditch your sunglasses and embrace your natural beauty!

These corrective eye strips can be worn every day and come in a variety of widths to help you achieve the desired look. To build your perfect lift, choose from a variety of sizes. You can achieve fast, clean, natural results in seconds, whether you want a more dramatic look for a night out or a subtle look for the office.

Britain Todd, the maker of Contours Rx, came up with the idea for LIDS BY DESIGN. She desired something that would raise her eyelids without requiring surgery (a preference of many of her 40-something Californian peers).

LIDS BY DESIGN’S adhesive correcting strips come in packets of 40 hypoallergenic, medical-grade, latex-free strips. Simply use the enclosed tweezers to peel off a strip and position it in the crease of your eyelid. And there you have it: instant lift. Makeup may be added on top to hide the strip. The strips are popular with both men and women in the United States because they work on hard, sagging, or asymmetrical lids.

Features Of Contours RxLIDS BY DESIGN 

  • Revolutionary Design: Corrective strips are made from high-quality materials and are designed to fit different eye shapes for bigger and more defined eyes. They will help you regain a radiant appearance.
  • Medical-grade: This is the only corrective strip created by medical professionals. It’s medical-grade, latex-free, and hypoallergenic, making it perfectly safe for use around the eyes.
  • Instant Results: By applying the corrective strip to your eyelid and pressing down and holding for a few seconds, you will see immediate results.
  • Ability to Blend with your Skin: The strip will vanish and blend in with your skin tone, giving you a more dramatic or subtle appearance. You’ll be the only one who knows you’re wearing them.
  • Define Your Eyelids: LIDS BY DESIGN can blend into every skin tone to produce a more youthful look if your eyes are losing elasticity due to age or you have naturally smaller eyelids.
  • Recontour Hooded Eyes: People believe that the only treatments for sagging eyelids are surgery or living with them. You won’t have to do either with LIDS BY DESIGN.
Contours Rxlids review.jpeg
Contours Rx Lids by design review

Benefits of Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN 

  • They are latex-free and hypoallergenic (but do not use if you have an acrylic allergy)
  • They’re labeled “medical grade,” and they have a translucent “PE” adhesive that’s breathable and doesn’t leave any residue on your face.
  • They’re available in 3mm and 4mm widths, which you can combine for maximum lift. 
  • If necessary, you can trim them to your exact specifications. They come in a small box with a pair of plastic tweezers to assist with application.

Pros and Cons of Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN 


  • Exceptional outcomes: Contours RxLIDS BY DESIGN has amazing outcomes if you adore them and wear them on a regular basis. It’s much better than eyeshadow! Even if you wear them when swimming, they don’t come off.
  • No more droopy eyelids: One major advantage of Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN is that it has the ability to recontour your droopy, sagged eyelids into a perfect, youthful appearance. 
  • Guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction: You have nothing to lose! Guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction! The only medical-grade corrective eye strips that give you the exact look to reflect your true self are LIDS BY DESIGN. They’re latex-free, hypoallergenic, and ready to use right away.
  • Non-Surgical Treatment: This is a non-surgical treatment for hooded, droopy eyes that can be used on a daily basis! It is risk-free, safe, and does not necessitate any recovery time.
  • Affordable: When it comes to affordability, discretion, and quality, there are few rivals that can match Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN. These corrective stripes are a true bargain, particularly with the current discount.
  • Easy to Apply: Applying the LIDS BY DESIGN strip takes just a few seconds. Simply place the strip on your eyelid, keep it there for a second, and you’re ready to go.
  • Various Sizes: Corrective strips are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 4mm to 7mm, to suit any eye shape.
  • Completely Safe: Because LIDS BY DESIGN is medical-grade, allergic reactions are extremely unlikely, and it is safe to wear all day/everyday.
  • Correct Asymmetry: Not all eyelids are created equal. Correct asymmetry in your eyes with LIDS BY DESIGN and get the look you’ve always wanted!


  • Stock is limited: The stock for this magnificent product is very limited and therefore, you are advised to purchase on time. Act with immediacy to avoid missing out on the available stock. I’ve included a link below for anyone interested in learning more about this incredible beauty secret. They were all sold out the first time I tried to order them. So, if I were you, I’d stock up on supplies! You can’t get too many because you’ll most likely end up wearing them every day!
  • It is a digital product: Contours RxLIDS BY DESIGN cannot be found on any offline retail shop. It’s only available online. This is the reason you have to be meticulous in ordering this product to avoid being giving a fake one. The manufacturer has a website from which you are expected to be from. It is a digital item, no offline version. 

Who IS Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN intended for?

Anyone who has problems with their eyelids drooping needs LIDS BY DESIGN. It is suitable for both females and males at any age and for all forms of eye shapes. Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN are latex-free and hypoallergenic corrective strips that are totally safe to use around the eyes. 

By eliminating the need to schedule a doctor’s appointment for cosmetic surgery or costly beauty treatments, this instant non-invasive technology will save a significant amount of money. LIDS BY DESIGN is a revolutionary eyelid that has a seamless design, is transparent, is suitable for all skin tones, and comes in a variety of sizes to form the perfect eyelid you like.

You will see immediate results by using the corrective strips as part of your everyday routine for a more developed eye and vibrant appearance. Asymmetry can be easily corrected, eyelids defined, and hooded eyes recontoured. Unlike other eye tapes, Contours Rx uses only the highest quality materials that have been lab tested in the United States and are guaranteed to be safe for your eyes.

Contours Rx Lids by design review.jpeg
Contours Rx Lids by design review

Does Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN Worth Your Time And Money?

Yes, absolutely! Not everybody can afford costly surgical or cosmetic procedures, and most of the time, they are risky. Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN is a non-surgical alternative to surgery for improving overall eye shape that is less expensive and just as successful. 

Regaining your trust does not require you to spend all of your savings. Even if you’re self-conscious about your eyelids, Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN strips are totally undetectable, so no one but you will know you’re wearing them. As a result, when it comes to affordability, discretion, and quality, there are few competitors who can match Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN.

Why Is Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN so popular? Why you should trust this item! 

If you have hooded eyes, it means you have extra skin that slants from your brow bone to the outer corner of your eye, hiding your crease and giving your eyes an almond shape. There is nothing wrong with hooded eyes; in fact, I think they are attractive, and there are many beautiful celebrities who have them.

However, when you grow older, your hooded eyes become even more hooded, making you seem sad or tired. They can even begin to block your view. One eye can be more hooded than the other, giving you an asymmetrical appearance. Makeup for hooded eyes is a completely different story – you can’t always follow those famous YouTube videos when you have hooded eyes – it’s a completely different ballgame.

So, what does a hooded girl do? You can have an eye lift or blepharoplasty if you have a lot of money and aren’t afraid to go under the knife. Obviously, it isn’t for everybody. To make your eyes appear fuller, a simpler hack is to get eyelash extensions. If you get lash extensions on a regular basis, you would notice that they aren’t cheap, and maintaining them takes a lot of time and effort.

Eyelid correcting strips are a much more cost-effective, surgery-free option for hooded lids. Contours Rx Lids By Design eyelid lift strips were recently tried. These medical-grade, hypoallergenic, and latex-free strips are placed directly in your crease to raise your lids. They have adhesive on one hand and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate various degrees of droopiness. Learning how to implement them takes a few attempts, but once you do, the results are amazing.

How Does Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN Work? How You Can Apply It? 

The application of these is unquestionably a test. You should start with completely clean, dry skin, with no primer, moisturizer, or other products on top. 

Then gently peel a strip away with the tweezers. It should be placed over the crease where your lids fold. To ensure that it adheres, tap it down and keep it in place for about 10 seconds.

Once you achieve the placement you want, you can then apply products/makeup on top.

How and Where Can You Buy Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN?

This Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN review will not be complete if we fail to guide you on where you can buy it. The contours Rx Lids  is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality.

Contours RxLIDS BY DESIGN strips are only available online – buying from the official website guarantees that you will get the best deal possible.

All you have to do is complete the shipping information on the website, pay for your order and let us take care of the rest!

Customer Opinions About Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN 

“Amazing Results! I have had droopy eyelids my whole life. Now that I’m 50 they cover my eyelashes, but not anymore! I used all the sizes with great results. And I will be ordering again and again. Very happy customer.” 

“Very Good! This product works great on my eyelids. I am 80 years old and they are really bad. This product makes a big difference in my eye sight and looks.” 

“Droopy Lid Gone! I have one eye that is noticeably droopy to me. I use one on this eyelid and now the eyes match. Have used other brands that were wider and could be seen when wearing. These are the perfect size for me. Natural look.” 

“I was prepared to return this product as I was very skeptical. Not anymore, I have had very hooded eyelids for many years and have considered cosmetic surgery. I ordered the Lids By Design as a last resort and wow! They are amazing! After a little practice I have conquered the application process and my self confidence is lifted (as well as my eyelids). Thank you Contours Rx.”

“These really do the job if you have hooded eyelids… These really do the job if you have hooded eyelids and they stay on all day and night (have even dozed in them!)” 

“It’s incredible! I’m 49 years old and I think I look amazing for my age. My right eye, unfortunately, developed a serious droop about two months ago. I’ve never written a review before. I’m writing because I’m so pleased with this product. It took me two attempts to get it right. Even if I can’t see it in my eyelid, I know it’s there. The lift is flawless! My self-confidence has returned.

“The best friend of first-time users. This is a fantastic concept. I went to see a plastic surgeon about my droopy lids, but the cost of removing a small piece of skin was too much for my budget. The smaller sizes lift my eyelids slightly and the larger sizes give me noticeable results.”

Frequently Asked Questions (Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN review)

Is LIDS BY DESIGN a healthy product to use?

Yes, that is right. The medical-grade correction strips are hypoallergenic, latex-free, dermatologist-tested, and use an organic-based adhesive.

Can LIDS BY DESIGN last the whole day?

Yes, that is right. Apply the correcting strip to clean, dry eyelids that are clear of all oils, makeup, and moisturizers for the best results. The organic-based adhesive is intended to last up to 24 hours when properly applied.

How many correcting strips are included in each package?

There are 80 strips in each box.

Is it possible to reuse the strip?

Each LIDS BY DESIGN correcting strip is only intended to be used once. Strips may be reused to practice positioning, but once removed, they should be discarded.

What if I make a mistake in my placement?

It takes a lot of practice to get good at placement. Remove the correcting strip and reposition as needed if you don’t get your perfect placement the first time. Remove the practice strip and substitute it with a fresh strip for all-day wear until you’ve found the right placement.

Is it possible to wear LIDS BY DESIGN while wearing contact lenses?

Yes, that is right. Contact lens wearers will benefit from our non-irritating, healthy products.

When will I notice a change in my appearance?

The correcting strip’s effects are immediate and will last as long as you wear it.

Is there any residue left behind after using the correcting strip?

No, the answer is definitely no. The organic adhesive substance removes cleanly and fully from the skin when correctly applied and removed.

Is it possible to use LIDS BY DESIGN to reduce the appearance of bags under my eyes?

No, the answer is definitely no. Only the upper eyelid is intended for use with the correcting strips.

Final Verdict: Why I Recommend This Product For You? 

We have gradually arrived at the end of this contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN review article and what is our verdict. Contours Rx’s LIDS BY DESIGN is the simplest, easiest way to achieve raised, bold eyes if you have saggy, droopy, tired eyes and are searching for a natural solution to give them the youthful shape they need. 

Contours Rx has produced a game-changing product that is sweeping the beauty industry. Without going under the knife, LIDS BY DESIGN is an immediate cure to saggy, droopy, hooded eyelids. 

The LIDS BY DESIGN Pack comes in a 6mm size to help you achieve the perfect lift. It can be used to produce a mild lift that is appropriate for everyday wear at the office or a more dramatic look for nights out or special occasions.

A friend of mine has made it part of her regular routine to put on LIDS BY DESIGN every day. She is more self-assured and comfortable with her appearance. She didn’t think she would ever feel like this again, particularly in her fifty year of life.

To her amazement, she discovered that Contours Rx remained in place all day, while the other brands she had used lost their stickiness after four hours and simply dropped off. They also came off at the worst possible moment! Her worst nightmare came to reality the day she went to purchase a coffee. After a long confused look, the barista kindly told her as she paid first her coffee: “Excuse me, but I think your eyelid is peeling off.” It was a great humiliation! That embarrassment never leaves her. 

She immediately concluded to stop wearing them because the generic brand made her eyelid red and itchy. She was afraid it’s an allergic reaction to the strip’s adhesive or its material. On getting home, she searched for a perfect alternative and that’s how she found Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN. She’s been grateful since then. 

Contours Rx is dermatologist-tested, medical-grade, latex-free (which is most likely what the other brand contained), and hypoallergenic. It’s no surprise that it’s so relaxing! This corrective strip immediately contours the eyelid for a more realistic, youthful appearance.

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