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tigresss alert review

Tigress alert review 

Today, there are lots of societal issues but the most threatening seems to be security. People are getting more and more concerned about their security especially the vulnerable like elderly, women and children. People are concerned about their kid’s safety while returning from school alone or taking a walk in a quiet evening as they could get attacked. 

People also worry about their elderly who are very much vulnerable. While the reality is, they won’t always have people around them all the time, the concern is what happens to them when they are all alone? What if they are in danger? What if there is emergency? 

Young women and school girls are also worried about their safety. With the hike in assaults and violence, women are becoming more scared and worried for their safety. There is nothing as scary as knowing that you’re completely defenseless per adventure you are attacked by certain bad guy. Taking a walk in the cool evenings or hiking can be less fun due to fear of the unknown especially in the absence of any self-defense objects or device. 

In situations as these, people need to be able to protect themselves from these unforeseen dangers in a way that is less risky and more convenient. There are circumstances where people get too traumatized or scared to the bones when attacked that they fall completely prey to their attackers, but what if there was something they could do to draw attention or scare the attackers aware even without talking? What about children who may be completely vulnerable, they neither can raise sufficient alarm nor can pose any sufficient defense? In these cases, there is need for a device that can help them generate alarm. 

Subject to the above considerations, there have been massive production of personal alarm gadgets lately, which mostly work by production of a high frequency sound of about 130decibels, however, with different methods of operation. 

In this tigress alert review, we hope to provide you with the necessary information to help you decide if this device is for you or not. 

What is tigress alert? 

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Tigress Alert Review

Tigress alert is a personal alarm that is portably designed to protect individuals from assailants. It generates 130db of sound which is loud enough to destabilize any attacker and get him to flight. It’s very compact and functions by the means of a metallic pin which is attached to the side. This device has a key chain which can be attached to a purse, handbag, belt loops, back packs and so on. The sound generated from this device can be heard 600feet/185 meters away. It utilizes battery which can be easily changed when they run down. Tigress alert is suitable for children, elderly, women, school girls to keep them safe while hiking, taking a walk or in a garage. How much more the elderly who are even more vulnerable to attacks or risk of falls. With the use of this device, individuals can be more confident of their safety and can easily call attention when in danger. 

Features of tigress alert personal alarm

Personal alarms set: Tigress Alert alarm with 130 dB loud sound, the alarm will sound off to alert the surrounding people.  

Easy to carry with: Personal alarm keychain in small size, lightweight and portable, can be attached to backpack, belt loops, suitcases, etc. Fit for students, jogger, elderly, kids, women and night workers, good for all ages. Also necessary for traveling, hiking, camping and walking the dog. Sound scope: The 130db alarm siren normally heard up to 600 feet/ 185 meters away.  

Specification Material: ABS and Metal bar Battery: LR44, 110mA, 6V Color: black Weight: 37.7g, item weight: 30g  

Attachable – Advantageous keychain design makes sure Tigress Alert is always ready. Attach to your bag, purse, or jacket to be ready in any violent situation. 

LED Light – Convenient built-in security LED light helps you in the dark and at night. Swiftly find keys and locate doors and locks. No more standing in the dark searching! for illuminating a dark area, finding a keyhole or looking through your belongings to find an item at night. 
130 dB Siren Alarm – Pull the Easy-See Strap to activate the ear-shattering alarm. Tigress Alert’s alarm is equivalent to a military jet engine taking off from an aircraft carrier, and louder than a jackhammer or an ambulance siren. 

How to use Tigress alert 

Tigress Alert, it’s incredibly easy to use and can be reached out to as fast as possible; 

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  • Pull the pin located on the side of the Tigress Alert. 
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  • The ear-splitting 130dB alarm will start going off 
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  • Watch your assailant flee from you as fast as they can. 


  • 1. When the alarm sound goes low, please remove screws from back cover and replace new batteries.
  • 2. Pull off the hand strap to activate alarm. Insert the plug back to turn off the noise alarm.
  • 3. The alarm sound is very loud, please do not put by your ears. 

Pros of Tigress alert 

✔ Extremely Loud - 130dB safe sound alarm can draw people’s attention even at a far distance. It’s as loud as a military jet take-off! It’s advisable not to be brought near the ears. 
✔ Smart and Compact Design – easy to carry and easily attaches to bag, backpack or purse for quick access. 
✔ A Great Choice for - kids, teenagers, women, elderly, students, joggers, etc. An excellent security option for every age. The increase in security risks today demands that everyone get at least one of tigress alert for yourself or your loved ones especially the vulnerable. 

Specifications of Tigress alert 

Manufacturer Tigress Alert 
Part Number 30013-40015 
Item Weight 2.57 ounces 
Package Dimensions 4.96 x 3.14 x 1.53 inches 
Batteries 3 LR44 batteries required. (included) 
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No 
Color Black 
Power Source Battery 
Batteries Included? Yes 
Batteries Required? Yes 
Battery Cell Type NiMH  

Benefits of tigress alert! 

Scares Off An Intruder 

Unfortunately, the elderly often fall prey to intruders because they are often seen as easy targets. Personal alarms such as tigress alert help to scare off intruders because they know help is always there. While personal alarm systems are thought to help the elderly, who may need medical attention, they are also a great way to prevent intruders from taking advantage of your loved ones. If an intruder does enter your elderly loved one’s home, your loved ones are easily able to get help by talking to an operator. It will most likely scare off intruders immediately with the sight of tigress alert. 

Peace Of Mind For People With tigress alert 

If you are an elderly person or someone with a mobility issue a personal alarm like tigress can give you peace of mind. You do not need to worry about carrying your cell phone with you everywhere you go. Instead, you can carry a light, easy to use the personal alarm in your pocket, on your wrist, or around your neck and know that help is always a button’s push away. You can relax more easily knowing that if you do fall and are unable to speak the operator will call an ambulance for you and get you the help you need. 

Peace Of Mind For Family 

Knowing that your elderly loved ones live alone and away from your watchful eye can be very stressful. If they have a personal alarm all family members can rest more easily with increased peace of mind knowing that operators are on call 24/7 to help in case of an emergency. Alarms such as tigress can give family members peace of mind while giving the elderly their independence and freedom they desire. 

Better Chance of Full Recovery 

The consciousness of having something to beacon on, in any case of emergency can contribute a lot to the confidence and the Independence of the elderly people especially the ones in poor health conditions. The quicker help comes after an accident the better the chance of a full and quick recovery. Personal alarm systems improve the elderly’s chances of recovery because help is only a button away. In serious injury cases minutes matter, so getting help quickly can be the difference between life and death.  

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Tigress Alert Review

Why personal alarm like tigress alert is a must have for women especially teenagers

Unfortunately, in this day and age, crime is an all too common occurrence.   

321,500 people are victims of sexual assault on average each year in the United States. 1 in 3 women report having experienced violence in their lifetime, whether physical, sexual or both. 

On top of that, over 3.4 million people are victims of stalking every year, and 1 in 5 of those cases involve threatening or use of a weapon.  

A lot of people don’t want to carry lethal or deadly weapons, which leaves them unprotected in the case of an incident. That’s where personal alarms come in. 

If you’re walking down the street alone on your way home from school or work, there is a reasonable risk of becoming a victim of violent crime. If you had a personal alarm, you could potentially save your own life without having to harm someone else in the process. 

These alarms can mean the difference between keeping yourself out of harm’s way and a potentially horrifying event. There are many different ways that people can defend themselves in the case of an attack. It is important to be prepared in order to avoid becoming a victim.  

Simply having one of these safety devices can make the difference that could save your life.  

You can also find some great kits to get multiple methods of defense at once. If you are a college student, being alone for the first time can be intimidating, luckily there are college kits out there specifically designed for both male and female college students. 

They include things like discrete pepper sprays, booklets with information of self-defense, and a personal alarm.  

This can make you feel a bit safer when walking home from an outing, or a night class far from your dorm. A lot of crime happens on college campuses, so having that extra protection can make a huge difference even just making you feel safer.  

Why tigress alert is a must have for your elderly ones 

A personal alarm is an ideal solution for people who live alone. For those in this situation, there is always a worry about what will happen should they have some sort of accident in the home. Even if they live with others, it can be difficult to get the help needed in an emergency. 

Statistics show that in the UK, falls are the most common cause of injury related deaths in people over the age of 75. A national audit released in 2016 claimed that falls among older people was now the most common cause of major trauma seen in NHS hospitals. 

A pendant alarm gives older people a lifeline for situations such as this. If an incident takes place, such as a fall, he or she can press one button and help will be with them before they know it. Without a personal alarm there is a chance that they could be lying on the floor for hours, or even days, before somebody comes to visit. 

Even if it is never used, a personal alarm will give a psychological boost to the wearer. They will feel more confident and enjoy living in the comfort of their home, rather than being forced to go into a care home. 

The most common reason for an elderly individual to need the support of a personal alarm system is to ensure that they can access support when they suffer from a fall or sudden injury. Falls are some of the biggest causes of injury among older people, and they can have a dangerous impact on a senior’s mental health too. A fall can make someone feel vulnerable and isolated, particularly if they’re left stranded for hours before help arrives. 

A home assistant for elderly or seniors ensures that when the worst happens, your senior loved one will get the assistance that they need fast. Not only that, but they mean that it’s easier for loved ones and family members to check on seniors from time to time too. 

Ultimately, a home assistant for the elderly will give today’s elderly and vulnerable people more opportunities to take back control over their own lifestyles. With the right alarm system in place, your senior relative will always have a safety net that they can rely on if anything goes wrong with their health or safety. 

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Tigress Alert Reviews

Tigress Alert Customer Reviews

So personal story, I gave this to my best friend and this literally saved her life. The personal alarm came in so handy for her. Some guy tried to grab her at night when she was parking, and because she yanked the alarm, it was loud enough, people from a distance saw and came to the rescue. The LED light is actually really bright as well. 
Overall, this is definitely a good investment! Small enough to put on a keychain, and definitely keeps you safe. 

So everyone needs one of these! It is loud! This will get someone’s attention. Its an alternative to pepper spray. I’m always afraid that the pepper spray will get on me. Its very easy to use. You just pull the little tab and the chirping begins and won’t stop until it is put back. This is definitely going on the Christmas list and every woman I know will be getting one. Stay safe out there ladies!            

I decided to try this alarm because I hike frequently with my two dogs in isolated forest areas. There are frequent sightings in the area of mountain lions, bears, coyotes, and bobcats. I liked the idea of this alarm because of its portability. My dogs and I almost levitated when we heard the horrific noise level. If that doesn’t deter any predator, I don’t know what will. I also like the very bright light on the alarm. 
My only concern is how easy it is to pull the trigger on the alarm. There is a wearable cord that pulls the plug out fairly easily. I wouldn’t wear the cord around my wrist for fear of accidentally releasing the hounds, so to speak. 
I hiked with my key ring in my pocket as usual and all was good. It’s nice to know I have this safe guard if needed. 

Tigress Alert Price

Tigress Alert has gained wide popularity in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and host of other countries and this can be attributed to the price tag. The price of one tigress alert is 39.99$. There are other price packages available. Two tigress alerts can be gotten at 79.98$, three at 89.98$ while four tigress alerts is sold at 109.98$.

However it is important to note that these are discounted prices and might go up anytime soon.

Where to buy Tigress Alert

Tigress alert can be gotten online directly from the official website of the manufacturer. We usually advise our audience to buy products directly from the manufacturer. This is to ensure you dont fall prey to some scammers out there who might sell the fake version of the product to you. You can click the green button below to buy directly from the official website.

Frequently Asked Questions  (Tigress Alert Review)

What is the purpose of personal alarms? 

These lightweight safety devices are extremely loud, usually 120 decibels or more. This ear splitting high pitched sound is very uncomfortable to listen to for even a few seconds. 
The intent is to surprise and disorient an attacker, allowing a few precious seconds you need to get away, while drawing attention to your situation. 
Most personal alarm systems such as tigress, are activated by pulling a cord, strap, or chain attached to a metal or plastic pin. The alarm will sound as long as the pin is removed. This is a great feature if you are attacked as you can pull the pin out and throw it to the ground. 

Is tigress alert effective? 

Tigress alert emit a blaring noise that will only be shut off if the user puts back the pin. The noise can register at up to about 130 db. That’s a lot of noise if you consider that a train whistle only registers to about 90 db. Use this much noise against an attacker and you will cause panic or momentary confusion, giving you enough opportunity to fight back, bring them down, run away or alert someone that you are in imminent danger. 

If the user is lost and needs to be found,  the tigress alert can be very effective in calling for someone’s attention. It’s also an excellent device to use to warn or alert other people during any kind of emergency. 

Are there chances of false alarm with this device. 

Tigress alert functions by the pull of the pin on the side of the device. In as much as the pin is easy to pull out on purpose, there are less chances that it will on its own. However, there is no guarantee that it may not occur at all. 

Conclusion  (Tigress Alert Review)

Personal alarms can be very effective self defense tools but they do have their limitations. It’s important for users to recognize this, so they know what to expect and are better prepared for certain situations when a personal alarm may not always work to their advantage. 

While quite effective in deterring crime or a possible attack and in helping locate a lost loved one, the self defense alarm may not always be effective in certain situations, such as when: 

The user is in an isolated area where no one else can hear the alarm and no one can come to the rescue. 

An assailant may forcibly take the alarm and turn it off, thereby rendering it useless. 

The alarm runs out of power. This device needs fresh batteries in order to work. 

In spite of its disadvantages, the self defense alarm still has its own set of benefits. The user simply has to understand what it can and cannot do so as to be able to maximize its use. 

On the other hand, tigress alert which is a portable personal security alarm with a blaring sound of about 130db can be of great help to anyone in danger or in need of assistance. The fact that it can easily be attached to your purse, bags or even worn makes it very promising. The use of side pin is also great, in that someone in danger can easily pull it away and throw it on the floor and it won’t go off until replaced. This is very advantageous unlike in the case of a button where it can be easily snatched and switched off by the assailant. The pin attachment also reduces the risk of false alarms. 

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