Prime Tracking Review 2021: Why The Rush About This CarTrack GPS Tracker?

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Prime Tracking Review: Track Cars And All Properties With Ease 

People are becoming more concerned about their valuable assets as global crime rates continue to rise. Thus, the need for trackers skyrocketed. Having a real-time tracker on an asset provides peace of mind. At all times, owners of trackers are aware of the precise position of their assets. A dependable tracker like Prime Tracking keeps them informed of the whereabouts of their precious belongings. 

Portable trackers can be attached to an asset, such as a vehicle, to provide real-time location information. The location of the asset is updated regularly, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date information. Parents who like to monitor their children’s movements may also use real-time GPS trackers, Prime Tracking. The miniature GPS trackers can be discreetly put in a child’s school bag and connected to a mobile application that continuously updates the child’s location. 

Keeping track of our valuables or a loved one becomes significantly easier when we are equipped with the Prime Tracking GPS Tracker. The Primetracking GPS Tracker is what everyone needs in these trying moments to keep an eye on their loved ones or valuables and stay informed at all times. The tracker allows anyone to keep track of their cars, bicycles, and spy on their cheating partner. It also includes an SOS button locator tracking device that can be used to summon assistance if the owner’s loved one becomes stranded somewhere.

This Prime Tracking review examines how this Real-Time Location Tracker works. Continue reading to learn how purchasing this tracker will help put your mind at ease and assist you in protecting your most prized possessions.

What is PrimeTracking GPS Tracker? 

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Prime Tracking Review

The Prime Tracking enhances users’ quality of life by informing them in real-time of the location of their prized belongings through a tracking hardware piece and a smartphone app. Additionally, users can access the item’s history and turn-by-turn location for up to 400 days. 

Prime Tracking is an all-in-one real-time tracker that uses fast 4G technology, cutting-edge GPS positioning, and a mobile app to keep owners informed about the location of their devices and properties in real-time. As a discreet, lightweight, compact GPS location-based tracking device, Prime Tracking, is easy to hide in vehicles, backpacks, strollers, trunks, trucks, or even pockets, and transmits location updates frequently, thanks to 4G LTE.

PrimeTracking runs interconnected services which are dubbed CarSmart (for car tracking) and SafeTrack (for tracking people: old and young, married and unmarried alike). 

The tracker utilizes Google Maps to relay movement reports and allows the owner to configure geofencing notifications to be alerted whenever their target goes in or out of a particular area. With two-week battery life and a SIM Card included, the personal GPS tracker can be activated minutes after purchase. It also features an instant SOS button that automatically transmits the target’s location and information in case of an emergency.

Prime Tracking Products: CarSmart and SafeTrack 

CarSmart: CarTracker Service

The Primetracking CarSmart is a GPS tracker that works in real-time for cars, vans, commercial fleets, trailers, and other vehicles. This small GPS tracking system plugs into a user’s vehicle’s OBD2 port and reports on everything from location and geofencing to technical problems and performance monitoring, all from one simple iOS / Android app, and even works on a desktop. 

CarSmart gives users a leg up on stolen vehicle recovery by allowing them to monitor their driving patterns and actions like never before. It also keeps them informed about their vehicle’s fitness, allowing them to prevent expensive maintenance issues. CarSmart can also help users save money on car insurance. 

CarSmart is the industry’s simplest and most convenient method for managing a fleet of commercial vehicles. CarSmart’s infinite range, 4G LTE tracking speeds, and 24/7 customer support ensure that users will never be left waiting. 

Tracking a car, van, truck, etc is very important as it helps the person to always be aware of where his or her car is. The person driving it and the speed of driving. CarSmart is a very important package for all car owners out there. 

  • To keep ahead of technical issues before they become big problems, use CarSmart data and vehicle health reports.
  • Geofencing and real-time location data will help owners hold workers accountable.
  • Owners/employers can make the most of CarSmart’s harsh driving reports by incentivizing safe driving on their teams and course-correcting drivers who might need some help for betterment.
  • Receive crash and impact notifications via smartphone or email as soon as they occur, allowing the owner to respond quickly and effectively.


SafeTrack is a wireless 4G LTE-enabled personal GPS tracking system that works in real-time. It’s small, light, powerful, and quiet, to the point of being undetectable. This portable GPS tracker has a long battery life, so owners will never be without the information they need for true peace of mind.

SafeTrack can monitor children, nannies with babies, elderly parents, cars, appliances, supplies, and more in real-time. Create a geofence and get notified when the tracker enters or leaves the defined region. When the SOS button is pressed, users may receive a real-time warning on their phone and/or email, indicating that their family member needs assistance.

SafeTrack has an unrestricted GPS range in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and can be easily handled with a user-friendly iOS / Android mobile app or on a desktop computer. Owners can also keep an eye on their loved ones, no matter how far they and their personal GPS trackers are from them.

SafeTrack is the small, secure, lightweight solution for everyone if such a person is concerned about their Mom starting to wander or Dad’s increasingly shaky nighttime driving skills or their children’s behavior.

  • By always letting the person know where his or her elderly loved one is, portable personal GPS tracking like SafeTrack device relieves a great deal of anxiety.
  • Create a “geofence” in the PrimeTracking software to easily identify an area’s borders on Google Maps. A notification will be sent on either the smartphone or email when the tracker enters or leaves the location, so the user will always know what’s going on.
  • Alzheimer’s or dementia patients can be susceptible to wandering, causing worry among caregivers and family members. There will be no more frantic manhunts with SafeTrack! Users can simply open the app to locate their loved one in a matter of seconds.
  • Better still, if the targets become disoriented, they can use the tracker’s SOS button to warn the user that they need assistance, allowing him or her to respond as quickly as possible.
  • Other than garish panic bracelets or necklaces, SafeTrack preserves and honors the integrity of older citizens. It is easy to conceal inside a bag, purse, or fanny pack due to its small size, subtle black color, and silent activity. Except for the two of you, no one wants to know!

Specifications Of Prime Tracking  GPS Tracker 

  • Manufacturer:   PrimeTracking
  • Product Dimensions: 1.57 x 1.05 x 3.07 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.24 ounces
  • Item model number: ATA
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer battery required. (included)
  • Customer Reviews: 4.2 out of 5 stars 2,500 Reviews
  • Best Sellers Rank: #2,505 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #10 in GPS Trackers
  • OS (Operating Systems): IOS, Android, PC, MAC
  • Wireless communication technologies: Ethernet
  • Connectivity technologies: 4G LTE Cat-M1
  • Special Features: Instant SOS Button
  • Other display features: Wireless
  • Colour: Black

Features Of PrimeTracking Device 

  • Compact: The device’s overall size and design are incredibly small and refined, measuring 2.7 x 1.51 x 0.92 inches. As a result, users may be certain that the computer will go undetected as long as they choose not to inform the car’s driver of its location.
  • Lightweight: The Prime Tracking GPS unit’s lightness is another underappreciated feature. It weighs only 2.24 ounces. This means that the unit can be stored almost anywhere without causing any noticeable inconvenience or discomfort.
  • Durable: Prime Tracking is made of reinforced plastics that have been structurally tested for long-term durability. Not only that, but some of the components are made of metal composites that are engineered to be highly durable even in severe weather.
  • Silent Operation: Since the system makes almost no noise, the chances of it being heard are slim to zero, making it the ideal tracking device for any kind of vehicle.
  • Long-Lasting Lithium-Ion Battery: Each Prime Tracking device, according to the manufacturer, has a very long-lasting lithium-ion battery that only needs to be charged two times a month.
Prime tracking review.jpeg
Prime tracking review

Benefits of Prime Tracking 

Tracking in Real Time: The Prime Tracking GPS tracker relies on ultra-fast 4G connectivity to identify the position of whomever or whatever the owner is tracking. The icon indicating the location in real-time is shown to ensure the item is getting an accurate and reliable location. This app is mobile, desktop, and PC compatible, so you can use it on the device that you feel most comfortable with.

The integration with Google Maps allows users to monitor the asset to be tracked at any time of the day or night. Satellite-ready Google Maps allows users to display locations, addresses, and routes directly inside the app. They can also post their tracker’s position, see how long they’ve been stopped, and get movement warnings.

Geofencing Warnings: Users can establish a virtual boundary for their property, their school, or their workplace with the PrimeTracking GPS app. If the virtual boundary is crossed for whatever reason, the tracker sounds an alarm. With the geofencing function, users are sure of being notified whenever their asset is tampered with or removed without their consent. 

Setting up and scheduling a geofence is easy, and users will receive instant notifications through text, push notification, or email whenever the tracker enters or leaves the area they have identified. They will know when their loved one has crossed the line into the “risk” zone. Users who want to track cars or trucks no longer need to worry. They will get an instant warning if their vehicles exit a geofence.

In addition to an alarm being sent when the tracker crosses a boundary, the alarms will also sound when it returns to it. When the target or the individual or object gets to a specific location, it is helpful to know this information. For instance, a parent can be instantly notified instead of calling or opening the application to see when their child arrives home from school.

Up to 4month Location History: Since the software is keeping track of movement data for up to 4-month periods, users can go back in time and follow the tracker’s movements. The history provides turn-by-turn information and also allows you to fast forward, rewind, or replay the tracking history for a more in-depth analysis.

Car Speed Monitoring: This GPS tracking device’s application enables owners to monitor the speed of their car while they are not in the driver’s seat (ie, when they are not the one driving their car). When used in conjunction with the location history feature, owners can rewind the location tracker when the car is returned to them and ask the driver to explain why they were speeding at a certain point. This feature enables them to determine who to trust with their car based on their driving abilities.

Compact and can go unnoticed: This is an entirely new, truly portable, highly and completely undetectable creative time-based tool for location tracking. By its ultra-compact size, users can monitor people discreetly. The Prime Tracking device is half an inch wide and three inches long. No one can spot it, so it’s perfect for carrying around in a pocket, purse, or small enough to fit in a car.

The Prime Tracking GPS is small and lightweight, making it easy to hide in strollers, bikes, backpacks, or wallets. It’s so tiny that it’s almost undetectable.

SOS Emergency signal: When you press the SOS button on the Prime tracker or program, a distress signal in the form of a text message requesting assistance is sent to your emergency contacts. This enables emergency personnel to quickly locate you in the event of an emergency or when you become stranded. Additionally, the text message sent includes your precise location.

Battery with long life: The tracker includes a built-in rechargeable battery with a large charge capacity. The tracker’s battery will last for several weeks without needing to be recharged. And you will never be caught off guard when it is time to recharge. The prime tracking tracker application continuously monitors the battery level and notifies you when it reaches 0%. The charging port is identical to the mini USB power port found on the majority of smartphones, ensuring that compatible charging ports are always available.

Convenience of usage: Installing the tracker is a simple plug-and-play procedure. Once configured, the service becomes even simpler for beginners. The program features well-labeled icons and intuitive menus. 4G access means that the tracking application does not lag, and the regularly updated position ensures that the tracking app still displays an accurate location.

Hassle-free money-back guarantee: This GPS tracking system comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the tracker’s results. When you request a refund, your half-year and annual subscriptions are automatically canceled without any inconvenience or additional costs.

Pros and Cons of Prime Tracking 

Pros (Prime tracking review)

  • Everything is simple to use, set up, and monitor from any computer.
  • You don’t have to stick to the schedule and can cancel at any time.
  • Kids, the elderly, cars, partners, and other individuals can all be tracked effectively.
  • Support for geofencing is excellent.
  • Google Maps provides real-time monitoring from any smartphone.

Cons (Prime tracking review)

  • Location is frequently two blocks or more off.
  • The majority of users say that the battery lasts around a week (not two weeks as advertised)
  • The software does not monitor your position in real-time; rather, it does so every 10 seconds.
  • Charging takes a long time.

Why Choose Prime Tracking?

The following are some of the things that really set Prime Track apart from its competitors:

  • Speed Control: The free Prime Tracking mobile software allows users to keep a close eye on their vehicle’s speed. This allows users to see if their driver or children are using the car in a safe and responsible manner.
  • SOS Button: One of the most underappreciated features of this GPS tracker is that it has an SOS button, which the driver may use to warn authorities if he or she is in some kind of trouble. When the button is pushed, the computer sends out the precise position of the car without the user having to do anything. In an emergency, this mechanism is much more discrete and reliable.
  • Quick and Accurate Data: Prime Tracking’s 4G capabilities enable it to provide users with real-time car movement data. Not only that, but the system can also take into account a wide range of other data, such as speed and real-time alerts, thanks to its superior data reception capability.

The most up-to-date technology is used. With 4G LTE technology, users can get real-time location, movement, and direction information in their smartphone app or desktop interface, which is updated every 10 seconds.

  • GeoFences: Prime Tracking’s users have the option of creating “GeoFences,” which are essentially imaginary boundary restrictions that, if crossed, send a warning to the car owner, allowing them to know where their vehicle has been.
  • Wide Coverage: The manufacturer of this system claims that Prime Tracking provides users with complete map coverage across the length and breadth of the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico at the time of writing this post.

How Is Prime Tracking Device Been Used?

For the record, Prime Tracking is similar to other GPS tracking systems in that it operates in a similar way. It’s similar to a key fob in size; small and compact. Prime Tracking uses a SIM card to connect to mobile networks (included with your purchase). The device can be used in the following situations:

  • Create a virtual fence: Users can use the Prime Tracker app to build a virtual fence around their house, office, or school. When the tracker crosses beyond the preset boundary, the tracker software will notify you. It combines a very fast 4G network with Google maps to keep real-time track of users’ properties.
  • Tracking Children: wise and caring parents use Prime Tracking to keep track of their children’s movements. They might put the tracker in a child’s backpack, for example, to keep track of their whereabouts during the day.
  • Car Tracking: Prime Tracking is often used in vehicles by some reasonable car owners. These people install Prime Tracking on their vehicle and then monitor its position everywhere it goes. Prime Tracking, for example, will assist them if they are worried about car theft.
  • Track a Spouse: Lovers can use Prime Tracking devices to monitor cheating partners in promotional photographs online, such as by secretly putting the tracker in a car or slipping it into a partner’s pocket before a night out.

To track position, Prime Tracking makes use of 4G LTE mobile networks. Partners will be able to monitor each other anywhere they go as long as the system is in 4G LTE coverage. 

  • Find a Location: The Prime Tracking mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android, allows users to keep track of their location data. They can use the app to build a geofence, configure alerts, and get comprehensive speed and location information, among other things.

To charge the tracker, it comes with both a USB and an outlet socket. Each purchase includes a lithium polymer battery with a two-week charge life. In addition to real-time alerts and updates, Prime Tracking offers a two-week battery life and other features.

Primetracking reviews.jpeg
Prime Tracking Review

How can You use Prime Tracking?

Installing the tracker is a simple plug-and-play procedure. Beginners can find it much easier to use once it has been set up. The program features well-labeled icons and intuitive menus. The tracking app does not lag thanks to 4G access, and the regularly updated position ensures that the location is still correct.

  • Step 1: Install a Prime Tracking compatible app.
  • Step 2: Then go to their official website,, and activate it.
  • Step 3: It sends alerts and positioning with live updates after completing the connection.

Who Can Use Prime Tracking Device?

The device’s creators suggest using it in the following scenarios:

  • Business owners and fleets can use real-time GPS tracking, location tracking, and speed monitoring.
  • Parents can use it to find out where their kids or elderly parents are.
  • Prime Tracking can be used to track vehicles, machinery, supplies, and other useful items.
  • Prime Tracking device can be used to confirm doubts about a cheating spouse or find out where the partner is on a night out. However, users should not forget that to monitor a partner’s, employee’s, or other person’s position in most jurisdictions, their consent is highly needed to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.
  • Based on understanding, Prime Tracking’s terms of use, clearly prohibit using the service for unlawful purposes. Users should not use the Service in any way that is illegal or detrimental to either the manufacturer or any other person.

Where Is Prime Tracking Device Available For Purchase?

Prime Tracking is available for purchase on the manufacturer’s official website via a third-party vendor. It can be conveniently ordered or bought over the internet. The manufacturer provides a reasonable price that is adaptable to the masses’ budget. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

To use Prime Tracking, you must pay a monthly subscription fee of $44.99 (or $34.99 for six months). Contracts, activation fees, and termination fees are not included.

At the moment, there are three main deals available:

  • Single Device + 10 Day Trial:*The Prime Tracking device, as well as a sim card and a 10-day navigation trial, are included in this package.
  • Single Device + 6 Months Tracking: This package contains a single computer as well as a six-month navigation license.
  • Single Device + 12 Month Tracking: This package contains the central computer as well as a GPS navigation license for 12 months.

Customer Opinions About Prime Tracking Device

On Amazon, lots of customers’ reviews about Prime Tracking are positive which shows that more than 90% of users are highly satisfied with the product. 

“My grandson was taking my car to parties. So we put this prime track in my car and I and my wife went and picked the car up while he was inside one night. Taught him a lesson.” (James Martin) 

“It’s off by a few feet. My Honda (green arrow) shows that it is under my patio when in reality it’s in my driveway (red dot). But other than that I love it, planning on getting more for our other cars and my dad’s semi-truck.” (Pitbull owner) 

“I’m always working late so my mom who has Alzheimer’s disease is left at home. Sometimes she went outside, and bought food and other things. One time, I got home at almost 12 midnight and my mom wasn’t at home! I found her sitting at the bus station around 3 am. Thank you so much for this tracker as I can now monitor my mother’s location!!” (Cesar Hawn) 

Final Verdict on Prime Tracking Review

 This Prime Tracking review of this GPS tracker device is totally committed to bringing comfort and security to as many people as possible. Their personal GPS tracking devices are the most accurate in the industry, using lightning-fast 4G LTE instead of the standard 3G, for the same price as other competitors.

Users who have the mind to try this tracker will never have to think about where their loved ones or valuables are again with Prime Tracking. They can monitor anything, at any time and from any place, in real-time, using their smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Prime Tracking incorporates cutting-edge GPS technology into one of the world’s smallest and quietest tracking systems. Unlike traditional Bluetooth tracking, satellite tracking allows users to track something with amazing precision and range. In addition, unlike other GPS trackers, there are no secret payments or contracts.

Absolutely! Both Carsmart and Safetrack are excellent GPS trackers for elderly people. SafeTrack is a great choice for those who may wander off or frequently get lost as the case may be. CarSmart is an excellent way to keep an eye on your driving habits and vehicle safety while still enabling independence.

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