Novawave Antenna Review 2021: Is This Portable HD TV Worth The Hype?

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 Novawave Antenna Review: Enjoy quality show time at no cost!

Do you have that favorite show you don’t want to miss for any reason and want everyday connectivity to your favorite shows? Are you tired of missing out because you use a cable TV and get frequently disconnected because of poor signal or when your subscription expires? Are you the one who just clicked the Google search button in search of different alternatives to cable TV? If this is you, then save yourself the headache, let’s do the thinking and surfing for you in this review, that is if you stay with us.

‘Cable TV doesn’t only suck your money and increase your bills, it can’t guarantee non-stop entertainment!’

From my experience using both cable networks and other broadcast HD TV, HD Tv is much better and very easy to use most especially. The resolution is different, with much-improved sound and video quality. And most times, the contents in HD broadcast TVs and much more advanced and better, things people regard as ‘High definition contents’( After sincere comparison.

Furthermore, if you are struggling to pay bills or need to save up for something very important, spending huge on cable TV bills isn’t one stellar idea. Why? Because they are numerous broadcast HD TVs out there that require no penny to use and you need to save money. The economy isn’t getting easier, why not do some opportunity costs and make a switch.

Also, one quality or feature to consider in choosing which of the TVs to use, cable or non-cable, is the portability of the device and utility considerations. For a cable TV, portability is a bit slim as most of the TVs are non-compact, riddled with wires and others have dishes or antennas that have to be mounted outside or hung on the walls outside your home for better signal. That limits the ease of carriage and portability of the device as you have to dismantle the antenna outside, plus the cable and its wires to use the cable TV.

If there are exceptions, then they are very few. And you have to bear the cost of installation and if the weather doesn’t smile at you, you have to get a ladder to climb up the roof to adjust the antenna to get a signal. Imagine such an occurrence interrupting your most anticipated soccer game or telenovela. I can rip myself if I was in such a situation.

Alternatives help improve user satisfaction. Benefit from alternatives!

HD TV or Broadcast HD TVs are sound alternatives to cable TVs. They are better, portable, more efficient, cost-effective, and guarantee connectivity every day and anytime so that you don’t miss out on your favorite show for any reason, signal, or inability to pay for a subscription. And the Novawave Antenna HD TV is one of the recommended HD TVs that can guarantee time connectivity and enjoyment of non-stop entertainment.

It is much more portable, easy to operate, and comes with amazing features. In this review, we are going to tell you more about this HD TV gaining attention and patronage to help you make informed choices easier.

If you don’t want to miss any episode of your favorite show anymore, then stay with us on this Novawave antenna review!

What is the Novawave Antenna?

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Novawave antenna review

The Novawave Antenna is a compact lightweight and portable HD TV that was designed to guarantee everyday enjoyment and connectivity to the shows you enjoy. It was built as an alternative to cable TV and to help you save money that would have ordinarily been spent in paying for cable subscriptions.

One great quality of the Novawave Antenna is that is very easy to use and it can’t be affected by weather guaranteeing uninterrupted streaming of your favorite shows. 

The video quality and audio quality of the Novawave Antenna HD TV is one amazing feature of this product that makes the product stand out. The video is clear and the sound is much better than the audio quality of a cable TV.

Another striking quality that makes this product one to stand the competition and gain so much traction, is its stellar HD quality. It provides a High Definition resolution and operates with the principle of ‘Display as it comes’. In the sense that, the Novawave receives as well as display channels, in the resolution they were broadcast. HD signals of 720p up to 1080p resolution as easily adaptable by the device and reproduced the same way because Novawave does not reduce quality.

This device works with any modern television set and can be easily connected to it. It comes with a single chord, so you just have connected the chord to your TVs port for HD and you are good to go.

Now let’s get what has been going through your minds, as per whether the Novawave HD TV comes with amazing channels or whether it comes with a good number of channels. So here is what you should know:

Novawave HD TV comes with over 20 channels, carefully selected to provide amazing entertainment for your pleasure. It has channels ranging from FOX, BOX office, CBS, PBS, Univision, MeTV, COMET, DECADES, Fox movies, and other amazing channels you can enjoy. Accurately you can have over 90+ channels that you can also find on your cable TV, from sports channels to news channels, entertainment, etc. And this time, you enjoy them for free.

The Novawave HD TV, is very easy to install and can be used indoors and hung anywhere. It is one product that guarantees that your day is filled with quality show time without you paying a penny. Too good to be true? But it is the fact.

Features of the Novawave Antenna HD TV:

Enhanced signal quality: One feature the Novawave Antenna HD TV has is amazing signal quality. It receives signals and displays these signals in the clear and best quality obtainable. Both audio and video quality is top-notch and you are sure to enjoy a quality streaming experience.

Can be hung anywhere: Unlike other cable TVs that have huge antennas that need to be mounted outdoors or hung on the roof and must be hung facing a particular bearing, the Novawave HD TV does not have such complications. It can be hung anywhere, it doesn’t come with the antennas your regular cable TV will come with. You can place the Novawave HD TV directly beside your flat-screen TV and still get a very clear video, audio, without interruption or signal lapse. Something you won’t find in a regular cable TV.

One cable hookup: The Novawave HD TV contains a coaxial cable which attached easily to your TV. There is no need for further installation. The cable hooks immediately and fits properly. Everything required in setting up Novowave is made easy.

Access broadcast stations asides your location: With the Novawave you can access broadcast station, not within your location or area, and enjoy quality streaming in full HD. The sound quality remains stellar and the video quality is clear as desired. This enables you to enjoy a wide source of entertainment and a host of channels you can enjoy and as you should know, you can enjoy them for free. If you live in Freetown, this is one of the stuff you can find for free I guess. No need to pay or subscribe to the channels.

Receives FM, VHF and UHF signals: The Novawave Antenna HD TV, is compatible and receives FM, VHF and UHF signals enabling it to get broadcast near you and those afar. This signal when transmitted and further displayed in full 1080p HD as already stated to ensure a clear and sound picture and video quality.

Comes with a Free App: Asides from the Novawave HD TV providing you free access to channels across the board, you can so enjoy a free application that comes with the Novawave Antenna. This free app helps you place the Novawave, in the best position it should be and provides readings on the distance between the Novawave and broadcast towers, to enhance quality reception.

Consumes lesser Energy: One advantage which doubles as an amazing quality of the Novawave is that it consumes very minute energy and can save you the cost of paying hugely for energy bills. It has a very low energy consumption amplifier which you can plug in the TV’s coaxial input and generally conserves energy perfectly, consuming lesser energy, than your ordinary cable TV decoder.

Other features of the Novawave HD TV include:

  • It is very portable, sleek, and compact.
  • Made with durable materials and long-lasting.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • Convenient to use and set up.
  • Comes with 20+ channels including sitcoms, news, and sports channels.
  • Does not waste time to switch on or load.
  • Cost is effective.
  • Can also be used with any TV/screen that is compatible with it.
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Novawave antenna review

How to use the Novawave HD TV

Novawave HD TV works in an easily understandable manner:

  • First of all, you can attach the Novawave HD TV to your wall or window
  • Connect the Novawave to your television via the coaxial cable provided.
  • The device connects immediately then proceed by using your TV remote to search for amazing channels and your favorite shows.

Why Should You Purchase The Novawave HD TV?

If you still search for a reason why you should purchase the Novawave HD TV or have it as part of your devices, here are some reasons you should consider getting this device:

• First of all there is no need for any subscription for the channels made available by the Novawave once you purchase the HD TV you don’t need to pay any further subscription. Compare this with cable TV, whereby you have to pay monthly subscriptions. This will save you cost 

• No need for installation. This device is very easy to fix and operate. By connecting the coaxial cable to the TV, you have set the device up and your Novawave is good to go.

•Comes with amazing channels ranging from sports, news, telenovelas, entertainment, sitcoms, movies etc. And this time it is for free. No subscription remember!

• Video quality and audio quality are superb and clearer than what you will experience with cable TVs.

• Also if you hate interruptions of signal, whether distortion of streaming, slow booting and other lags that come with cable TVs, then the Novawave HD TV is worth considering, it can be used indoors and has a great signal strength, very fast in connecting and uploading results. It is very much convenient.

•it is cost-effective and much cheaper than cable TVs.

• Consumes very insignificant energy and won’t hit on your electricity bills.

• Very portable. You can travel with this device.

• Finally it guarantees that you don’t miss out on your favourite shows.

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Novawave antenna review

Pros (Novawave antenna review)

  • Lasts Longer
  • Works with any modern television set
  • Works with all High Definition content
  • Highest quality video and audio
  • No monthly bills
  • Plug and watch easy setup
  • Discount available(Up to 50% slash)

Cons (Novawave Antenna Review)

  • It can only be purchased online

Customer reviews about the Novawave HD TV:

Here are what customers have to say about the Novawave Antenna:

Devin H. – Plano, Texas

“Novawave was super easy to set up! I’m no computer or gadget specialist, believe me. When it comes to tech, I’m clueless. But doing the setup for Novawave was so easy, even for someone as technically hopeless as me. If I could get this thing set up, believe me – anybody could!”

Kimberly S. – Decatur, Illinois

“I hated wasting good money paying for a bunch of cable channels that I never even watched! So I cut my cable TV and switched to Novawave. Now I can watch the shows I want to watch, without having to pay for a bunch of junk. Novawave changed the way I watch TV, and it’s saved me a lot of money, too!”

Anthony M. – Miami, Florida

“Certain Major League sports games were not available on TV in my area, so I was stuck with watching them on my tiny phone screen. But now with Novawave, I can watch the big game now right on my giant TV! Instead of squinting at a tiny phone screen, I now throw viewing parties with all my friends. I wouldn’t go back to cable if you paid me a million bucks!”

Lucas P – San Antonio, TX

“I was afraid to cut off cable TV because I was worried about losing my favorite shows. But once I learned that more than 90 of the top 100 television channels are broadcast free over the air, I made the jump. I’m happier with my TV than ever, and I’m saving BIG bucks by not paying for cable anymore!”

 Montreal, QC

“I wish I had Novawave years ago! It pulls in all the broadcast channels that I want to watch, and even my picky husband is satisfied with it, too. I can’t believe I was spending all that money on cable to watch my shows when I could have just installed this easy-to-use antenna!”

 Boston, MA

“Killer product. I’m able to watch all of my favorite sports broadcasts, and in full HD, too. It would be ridiculous to keep paying for cable at this point. You’re just throwing your money in the trash. Just one payment to Novawave and you’ll never have to pay another bill ever again”.

Where To Buy Novawave Antenna

You can only purchase the Novawave HD TV on the original site of the manufacturer, through the link below. When you click the link, you will be directed to the original site of the manufacturer, and you can safely purchase the Novawave. Payment is secure and your details remain undisclosed. Order today.

Price of Novawave Antenna HD TV:

• 1 Novawave Antenna costs $39.99

• 2 Novawave Antenna costs $79.99

• 3 Novawave Antenna costs $89.99

• 4 Novawave Antenna costs $109.99

A final remark on Novawave Antenna Review

The Novawave Antenna is one device that has come to improve on streaming and digital media technology. It was designed to remedy the dissatisfaction from using cable TVs which has a good number of drawbacks. It is a product made affordable for purchase, giving free channels with no subscription, would that you enjoy and get entertained, informed, and educated anytime. Novawave Antenna HD TV is worth a try and it is efficient. To enjoy this product, make your order while stock lasts, and enjoy a better streaming experience. It is for free remember.

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