Smart Saker Review 2021: All You Need To Know About Smartsaker

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Smart saker Review: Know this before you make a purchase.

“Working with wood is similar to taking care of a patient. Any mistake while handling, cutting, or shaping the wood can risk the total loss of the item, same as a mistake in handling a patient can lead to loss of life of that patient. It is all delicacy and carefulness and having the perfect tool for cutting contouring and designing wood to fit a perfect shape, saves you time and energy, as well as the life of each wood used. And if you love doing the woodwork yourself, you need to have that perfect tool to help you out. It is all leverage”- Greg Drury.

My friends and I were disengaged from our jobs due to the pandemic and working conditions. so we had to do something to fend for ourselves. We took up jobs as carpenters providing carpentry services to residents in our county, and we called ourselves the “Handy Jerks” giving bespoke carpentry services to residents in our county.

One thing we invested in was our tools and pieces of equipment. Being an infant company getting the most expensive tools for work was something we couldn’t do and can’t do as of present. We had to opt for the most affordable and efficient tools, especially tools that could affect neat contour, patterns, and effect perfect outlines on the wood we cut for furniture.

Having such a tool helps in the quality of service provided to clients. And the fact that we are not very experienced as the business is just 8 months old, is one reason we needed a good tool to assist us and minimize errors that could result from because of our inefficiency.

Although we are still learning on the job, we still saw the need to provide quality carpentry services as experts do. No customer wants a bad job. We also needed to fix the problem of not delivering neat jobs, cutting inaccurately, not crafting edges neatly. And if you are familiar with contours then you will know that hand-drawn contours are usually not the best especially if you desire perfect cuts. We had that problem too

Did we find a solution?

We searched for other means of solving the issues we had, from rulers which although handy in drawing simple patterns and measurements, couldn’t affect the advanced measurement, especially with woods with irregular shapes and couldn’t give the perfect edge crafting we needed.

We progressed to find other solutions and Jason, my partner stumbled on a product on the internet, which we bought and added to our inventory. A smart cutting tool, that has enabled us to fix our pattern and cutting issues. The tool doubles as a pattern maker, profiling tool as well as a contour gauge. This product is the Saker Contour Gauge Profile tool or Smart Saker.

This tool has helped us tremendously and we decided to share more about the Saker Contour Gauge or Smart Saker, its features, what it is, how it works, how to use it, and many more.

So if you want to handle wood smartly and neatly, then get your tools ready, let’s dig into the Smart saker review!

What is the Smart Saker?

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Smart Saker Review

The Smart Saker or Saker Contour Gauge is a sleek, lightweight, compact, and portable tool that was built to enable the user to effect perfect contours, patterns edges, and cut accurately. 

Smart Saker is an affordable solution that can also help you do the woodwork yourself. It is a perfect Do it Yourself (DIY) kit that can effectively help you carve, design, pattern your wood yourself with little hassles associated with its usage.

One striking feature about the Smart Saker Contour gauge is that it has the ability, to replicate duplicate any shape you want, including irregular shapes. It does this by creating templates for curved and old shapes profiles. This product also saves you the stress in transferring profiles to paper and cardboard sheets and helps you measure, pattern, and cut accurately and easier.

Another important feature that makes the Saker Contour Gauge stand out is its ability to provide a neat result. In carpentry and general wood, work neatness of finished work is like a key performance indicator. No one would love to purchase a rough table, chair, etc, that has a rough surface, poor linings, pattern, etc.

Every client needs neat work but as a vendor or manufacturer, without the right tools, tools made to deliver neat works, you wouldn’t meet that criterion. But with the Saker Contour Gauge or the Smart Saker presenting neat work to your client will not be a hard thing to do as it is well crafted to ensure that every work produced with the use of it is neat and clean. You know what I mean.

The Smart Saker is also very flexible and adjustable. It can be bent to any point to ensure ease of can be adjusted to any point of tightness and to any point suitable to ensure proper profiling and contour effect. This ensures that when effecting patterns on your wood item, being able to adjust the Smart saker ensures that you can effect contours on the wood more effectively as some wood come with irregular shapes. Having an item that matches such complexity, is a must-have if you desire a perfect result.

DIY and the SmartSaker Contour Guage:

In recent times a lot of us want to Do it Ourselves, handle tasks ourselves, own our problems, and own the solution. Some of us desire to create something new ourselves by ourselves. And if you are part of folks who love DIY-ing and love feeling like the expert, then the Saker Contour Gauge is one tool you should not leave behind.

If you are building a treehouse, cage, etc, tasks that require fine and you intend to do into doing tasks, the Smart Saker is a tool that you can use. Most of the tasks that require wood for construction, also require that contours are finely put and as already stated, hand-drawn contours are not the best and advisable. So using the Smart Saker enables you to get to the perfect contour needed as well as the patterns, profiling and edge crafting, etc.

Also if you are inexperienced, you should not leave the Smart Saker behind. It is also built to help you that are inexperienced but want to create something new or implement woodcraft you thought of. It is very easy to operate, not complex, safe to use, and is very handy if you want to Do it Yourself.

Features of the Saker Contour Gauge (Smart Saker Review)

•Flexible: The Smart Saker, is flexible and can be adjusted to suit user preference as well as the kind of task being handled. It is made with materials that enable the device to be stretched, bent, or adjusted to any point.

ABS plastic and Prevents Rusting: The Saker Contour Gauge or Smart Saker is built durable plastic material, ABS plastic in particular which enables the device last to post a very long time and that same plastic is least susceptible to rusting. It doesn’t get damaged easily and if by chance it is accidentally scratched, the Smartsaker remains intact.

Versatile: Saker Contour Gauge Designed for winding, circular winding, water channel, and more, suitable for all tiles, laminate, carpet, gauge, molding, etc. Useful tools for working n ‘body sculpture, carpentry, and for all kinds of performances.

•Adjustable and Easy to Operate: Saker contour gauge can be adjusted according to your needs. After using the contour controller for a while, you can fix the impact quickly; Once the material is applied, seal the checking teeth for perfect position every time.

Quality Materials: The contour test is made of high-quality ABS plastic, high tensile, corrosion-resistant and durable material.

In-depth Measurement: Saker sample size is 5 inches & 10inch, can be used to measure the shape of inconspicuous, instant templates for fine-grained cutting marks.

Special Variation: Hang a wire drawing table of equal size. The special system clearly shows your nail holes to be properly aligned and well marked on the wall where the nail should be placed.

Reinforcement: This sealing system (button) can be correctly seated on the wall where the nail should be placed.

Easy To Operate: Smart saker is easy to use. It saves time, clutter, and frustration, uploads photos for perfect placement in seconds.

Package: includes a HARDWARE CASE which comes with everything you need to replace your photos indoors to save more.

Can Be Extended: Press the button in the middle of the move, you can hang the length of the chart.

Also, one important feature of the Saker Contour gauge, is that it is very safe to use it is made with the intention that users ensure zero risk of injury. You won’t suffer cuts or any injury while using the Smart saker.

Other features of Smart Saker Contour Gauge include:

• Very portable.

• Detachable.

• Easy to maintain.

Smartsaker Review.jpeg
Smart Saker Review

How To Use The Smart Saker Contour Gauge:

To use the Saker Contour Guage follow these simple steps:

  • The first step is to identify the values ​​you want. Then, tap and lock the contour ruler. Once locked, the contour controller will be seated.
  • The second step follows; once the pattern is locked next to the contour you want it to fit, you have to remove the ruler and put it in what you want to cut. Then it’s as easy as side hunting.
  • This means that no matter how intact or inconsistent you will no longer measure for hours. You just have to rely on this application for perfection.

Pros (Smart Saker Review)

  • Very efficient
  • Portable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Effects perfect contour
  • Detachable.
  • Very affordable.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Discount is available.
  • Safe to use.
  • Measures wide inches.

Cons (Smart Saker Review)

• Can only be purchased online

Smart Saker Reviews.jpeg

Where To Buy Smart Saker

You can purchase the Saker Contour Guage from the original site of the manufacturer through the link below. When you click the link you will be directed to the site of the manufacturer where you can make a purchase as well as get additional information about the Saker Contour Guage. The manufacturer makes use of a safe payment system and your details remain undisclosed. Discounts are also available but for a limited time. Grab yours now.

Price of the Smart Saker Contour Gauge:

  • Saker Contour Gauge – 5 INCH/120MM  For $19.99
  • Saker Contour Gauge – 10 INCH/250MM   For $29.99
  • Saker Contour Gauge – 1X5 INCH/120MM+1X10 INCH/250MM  $39.98

Customer Reviews of Smart Saker Contour Gauge.

“I wish I had this Smart saker when I was cutting some trim to run all the baseboard trim, it would have definitely saved me so much time. Easy to use, just press up against whatever you’re trying to trace. Some people say that it’s too stiff to move, but I don’t think so. Nice variation in sizes as well. I would buy again”-Albert Jones

“I saw this on a video and thought it was a genius idea. Yeah! My husband and I do most things ourselves and had done hardwood floors in the entire house and tiles in the laundry room and bathroom. Man, do I wish we would’ve had the Smart saker back then for all the door frames cutting and the toilet too.

We moved to another house with mostly carpet and are getting ready to do this all over again, but this time around we are getting major help with the contour gauge. We did a little trial test with a door frame, what a dream, after the cut it fit like a glove, no more cutting the same piece just bits at a time for a perfect fit. Just one measure, one cut, perfect fit, it doesn’t get any easier. We are very excited for our project to begin” Kate Bradd.

Final Remark On Smart Saker Review

Saker Contour Gauge is a very efficient tool that has generated a lot of traction and customer patronage, generating a 4.6 🌟 rating on Amazon and renowned review sites and is adjudged to be one tool you should have while DIY-ing or in effecting a particular pattern, contour, profile, etc. It is portable, lightweight, and very easy to use. It is durable and can last you for a long time. Order this product today to enjoy a well-improved experience and give that wood piece a perfect contour.

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