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Mifi 05 plus review. Have you ever been bothered about the battery issues that comes with many earbuds? Nobody likes charging earbud just after using it for a few hours because of battery. The good news is that mifi 05 plus has brought a solution to this. With an amazingly 100 hours of battery life, one can say that this is the first earbud with such ability. This is in addition to its exceptional comfort and good seal for noise isolation at an affordable price as well.

However it has its few downsides as well. Here we give you the full details of the product, our review of it and from our usage experience our take on the product.


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  • Rate IP67 waterproof and dust proof
  • Bluetooth 5
  • 7+ hour play time per charge in earbuds, total play time with aluminium charging case rated for 15 additional full charges
  • Aluminium charging case with 100 hours play time
  • Siri/Alexa voice assistant compatibility
  • Each earbud has a master wireless chipset for hot-swappable operation with no interruptions
  • Comes with seven ear tips


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It comes with a dark grey aluminium charging case and a silvery outer shell which is quite attractive. it has two buttons on either of the earbud; one for volume and the other for power on/off.

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VOLUME BUTTON: This is found on either side of the ear buds. It appears as the volume down button on the top of the left bud while you have the volume up button at the base of the write. The volume buttons can also be used to skip songs.

POWER ON/OFF BUTTON: The other two buttons are for powering on and off and also for making calls as well. To make phone call, short press the button. To power on the earbud, you long press it for one second while to power off you long press for five seconds. Long pressing it for two seconds can give you the monitor mode as well.

Unfortunately, the buttons are so small that one may likely push the ear bud further in the ear in an attempt to press the button. This is like the major downside of this wonderful product.



This is the best feature of this earbud. It is the first earbud to come up with such battery life . No need to bother about battery issues again as Mifi 05 plus got you covered. The battery capacity of 2600mAh in the charging case when combined with the 05 plus earbud gives a combined 100 hours of battery life. Isn’t that amazing?

I was actually thinking that the battery capacity will make the case to be heavy but surprisingly the case is still pocket sized and light as well. The only disappointment is that the case uses a Micro USB charging port rather than USB-C, forcing a lot of people to carry two types of cable. That is of course assuming you need to carry a cable with you at all, given the exceptional battery life potential as long as you’ve charged the case beforehand.


Mifo 05 plus has no active noise cancellation relying instead on a firm fitment within the ear canal. Though that is quite understandable considering the price. The box comes with a range of silicone earcaps of different sizes. So you may have to swap various pairs to find one that best suits you and once found the O5 Plus achieve a tight, cosy fit for impressive noise isolation.

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You can choose to use both ear bud at the same time and you can also choose to use only one dependig on your choice and the intensity of sound you want. You can also pair each earbud separately, if you’d like someone else to be able to use the earbud you’re not using and jointly listen to the same music.


With an IP67 rating, the Mifo O5 Plus buds are waterproof and dust-proof which means the Mifo O5 sports earbuds are the perfect companion for running, jogging, the gym, and even swimming
So no need to be afraid of sweaty workouts or runs in the rain.

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It has a powerful Bluetooth 5.0 signal that can travel distances of up to 20 meters with no signal loss. Smart auto-pairing feature instantly connects to your preferred device upon removal from the included aluminium changing case, and automatically disconnects when put away.


  • Long lasting battery life
  • Many earbud tips that can be swapped
  • Affordable


  • Buttons are too small to use
  • The case uses a Micro USB charging port rather than USB-C, forcing a lot of people to carry two types of cable.


Mifo 05 Plus battery life is indeed the killer feature of this earbud. This feature places it on top of the list when it comes to battery life in ear buds. The downside is just the micro buttons which are not easy to use but if you can get used to it, you may not see it as a big deal. The price of this earbud is quite affordable as well considering some of its wonderful features. So Iadvice you give it a try as it will definitely give you a run of your money.

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