EggFecto Egg Cooker Review 2021: Is It Worth My Money??

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EggFecto Egg Cooker Review: What You Should Know!

EggFecto is a blessing in reality! Honestly, it is an Eggscellent way to start your day. Do you usually want to start your day with a tasty boiled egg but end up with a soggy one instead? Do you prefer a hard-boiled egg but always find a water-like one at the end of your boil? Or, are you a fan of soft eggs but your cooker won’t just let you have your preference? Don’t worry, this EggFecto Egg Cooker review is for you!

Before getting the EggFecto Egg Cooker, I was a victim of soggy eggs. Most times, after boiling my eggs with many expectations, it turns out bad and messes up my day. Thankfully, my egg story changed when I met EggFecto.

The EggFecto Egg Cooker works with a microwave and this is even more fun. With a pot and water on the fire, you might get carried away with talks or morning preparations and forget about your boiling eggs. So the water dries up and leaves you with burnt eggs. Yikes! This can be avoided with the EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker, as the microwave goes off once your egg is set.

Most people won’t get a product that has no aesthetics. This is the reason why you should buy the EggFecto Egg Cooker. It comes in an egg-like shape and adds beauty to your kitchen or countertops. You can get soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs with EggFecto Egg Cooker. It’s even more perfect when you have more than one mouth to feed as you can boil up to four perfect eggs. 

This Eggfecto Egg Cooker review presents everything you need to know about the EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker and guess what? It’s completely worth your money!

EggFecto Egg Cooker Revealed

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With the EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker, fresh eggs go into the microwave and perfect eggs come out. Hard-boiled eggs are no longer a hassle to make with this invention. You also don’t have to wait till eternity or become confused as to when your eggs in a pot are ready or not. EggFecto Egg Cooker makes boiling eggs very easy and perfect. This five-star rated egg cooker is what you need to set your day right.

If you’re looking to fill more than one, then the EggFecto Egg Cooker is for you. You can boil up to four fine eggs with this cooker and you don’t have to worry about cleaning and stress. The EggFecto Egg Cooker is very easy to clean because of its detachable feature. Also, this cooker is dishwasher friendly and will cost you no stress. The beautiful thing is that eggs always come out smooth, perfect there is no fuss in separating the shell from the eggs.

With the EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker, eggs can be cooked to perfection in less than 10 minutes. To use the EggFecto Egg Cooker for your preferred form of eggs, add 1½ cups of water ( 50 ml) to the base, place in your uncooked eggs (maximum of 4), and then place the cover over the top. Follow the suggested cooking time and respective microwave oven wattage to get soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs. After cooking, shake it at least 7 times to crack the shell and make peeling easier. The EggFecto Egg Cooker is the perfect microwave cooker for you that’ll produce the desired eggs you need.

The EggFecto Egg Cooker weighs just 145.5 g and measures 133mm x 133mm x 165mm (5.2 x 5.2 x 6.5 inches). This invention is a necessary appliance for your kitchen. This egg cooker is unique and different from other massive electric egg cookers and can fit into cupboards without stress. Its design and egg-like style will beautify your countertops and add aesthetics to your cooking adventure. The EggFecto Egg Cooker is what you need for your eggs.

With a strong pp exterior and an aluminum egg tray, the EggFecto Egg Boiler makes it easy for you to get your desired form of boiled eggs, ranging from hard, medium to soft eggs. Once you’re done with boiling, the detachable cooker can be cleaned with ease and with hassles in a dishwasher or with soapy water. The EggFecto Egg Cooker is what you need for your breakfast, salads, muffins, sandwich, or any meal of your choice. EggFecto Egg Cookers are lifesavers!

Features of the EggFecto Egg Cooker

Nothing goes wrong with the EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker. It comes with many aesthetic features that make you want to leave it standing on your countertops. Here are some of the features of this amazing egg cooker:

Guaranteed High Quality 

The EggFecto Egg Cooker is made with a high-quality feature that enables its long-lasting effect. This appliance has a 30-day guarantee plan. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about not getting what you want. The combined effect of this guarantee and the high-quality feature make EggFecto Egg Cooker a complete package!

Ease and Convenience

This is what distinguishes EggFecto Egg Cooker from other egg cookers. EggFecto is very easy to use and allows for convenience. You don’t have to keep monitoring your egg cooker as this works with a microwave. Even after use, keeping the EggFecto Egg Colker clean is as easy as A, B, and C. This detachable appliance is dishwasher-friendly and can be cleaned with soap and water. The convenience is top-notch!

Delicious and Nutritious

Excellent and delicious boiled eggs can only be made from a perfect egg cooker. Imagine having a grumpy egg for breakfast and wondering why you had a bad day? The EggFecto Egg Cooker will perfectly boil your egg to the desired result without fuss. Don’t settle for less to avoid regrets.

Boils Up To 4 Eggs

An egg is a suitable protein with many nutrients that you require. You can get your boiled egg ready and perfect with the EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker. You are not limited to only 1 egg as you can boil up to 4 eggs together.


If nothing is perfect, then the EggFecto Egg Cooker is “nothing”. With a five-star review package, the EggFecto has proved to be perfect and causes no problem or stress at all. Before this product, I contemplated boiling eggs in the morning because of the stress of getting a pot, water and standing by without any guarantee of a perfect egg. But now, the story is different. I boil my eggs every time and anytime with a smile on my face.

Why Eggs?

A single large boiled egg contains Vitamin A (6% of the RDA), Folate (5% of the RDA), Vitamin B5 (7% of the RDA), Vitamin B12 (9% of the RDA), Vitamin B2 (15% of the RDA), Phosphorus (9% of the RDA), Selenium (22% of the RDA), decent amounts of Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Calcium and Zinc. Eggs also contain disease-fighting nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin. That’s why you need the EggFecto Egg Cooker for your perfect eggs.

How To Use the EggFecto Egg Cooker

One amazing thing about EggFecto Egg Cooker is that it is very easy to use and requires no rigorous formality. Here are the steps to guide you through the process:

● Add about 50ml (1½ cup) water to the base of the EggFecto

● Fit the aluminum tray on the base

● Place up to 4 eggs (or less) in the aluminum tray

● Use the cover to seal the “egg” cooker and twist

● Microwave to your desired result

The EggFecto Egg Cooker does not waste time to boil. It ranges from 5 to 6 to 8 minutes depending on the preferred result you want, that is, soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs. Talking about cleaning? 

EggFecto Egg Cooker is not a complex appliance like other egg cookers and can be cleaned in a glimpse. Once you detach the top from the aluminum tray and the base, you can easily clean the EggFecto Egg Cooker with soup and clean water.

Even easier is that, unlike many egg cookers, the EggFecto Egg Cooker can be washed with a dishwasher and requires no fear or fuss. Now you have enough reasons to purchase the EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker.

Why Should I Buy the EggFecto Egg Cooker?

The question should be: why should I not buy the EggFecto Egg Cooker? From time immemorial, people have struggled to make perfect boiled eggs. Some even go to the extent of slashing “boiled eggs” from their food menu. Quite sad.

To find a solution, some purchase different egg cookers that consume space, overcook eggs, and waste time. Worse, some egg cookers are very hard to clean and cannot be used in a dishwasher.

But all these worries are no longer necessary. The EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker is easy to use, boils eggs without wasting time, always produces perfect results, and is easily washable. This appliance can be separated for easy washing, the best is that it can fit into your cupboard, though users prefer to leave it on their countertops for aesthetics. I’m happily guilty of that!

Talk about trust? Purchase of the EggFecto Egg Cooker comes with a 30-day guarantee which has been quite idle because users seem to never have complaints. However, the guarantee still stands in case you become the first to have a complaint. You can simply send it back for a refund or replacement. This emphasizes how perfect the EggFecto Egg Cooker is.

Another amazing point to note is that a 50 percent discount is currently being offered on the official website of EggFecto Egg Cooker. You sure don’t want to miss this feature!

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Eggfecto Egg Cooker Review

Additional Information on the EggFecto Egg Cooker

In case you missed it, here are some additional features of the EggFecto Egg Cooker:

Pros (Eggfecto Egg Cooker Review)


One beautiful feature of the EggFecto Egg Cooker is its uniqueness in style and quality. This is why though it can fit into your cupboards, you’d rather leave it on your countertops. Its uniqueness in quality is evident in speed and convenience. This egg cooker, with its egg-like shape, is the revolution that births a perfect egg-boiling experience. You sure don’t want to miss out!

High quality

The importance of quality is laudable especially as it relates to a cooking appliance. You wouldn’t want to go through the stress of having a temporal egg cooker due it its low quality. This is why EggFecto Egg Colker is the best option for you. It comes with high-quality features that will leave the finely made egg cooker sitting on your countertops forever.

30-day guarantee

Most people get scared when they want to purchase an appliance, especially online. The fear of “what if it doesn’t match my expectations?” Now you shouldn’t worry about that because the EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker comes with a 30-day guarantee. As stipulated on the official website, “If you are not completely thrilled with your EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker – we are offering you a 30-day guarantee on all purchases. Simply send the item(s) back to us for a full refund or replacement…”. Everything is perfect with the EggFecto Egg Cooker.

Easy and Quick

This particular feature exists before, during, and after boiling your eggs. The EggFecto has no complex formality like some egg boilers. Everything is easy peasy when it relates to EggFecto. Once you’re done with adding your water to the base, placing your eggs, and sealing the base, you proceed to place the EggFecto in a microwave. Boiling will take less than 10 minutes and this depends on the outcome of the egg you desire. After cooking, washing is very easy and quick. Now you should get one and see!


Yes! And yes! Most egg cookers cannot be washed with a dishwasher but this is not the case with EggFecto Egg Cookers. You can easily separate the lip from the aluminum tray and the base for an easy wash with your dishwasher.


I leave my EggFecto Egg Cooker on my kitchen countertops because of its beautiful and aesthetic effect. No other egg cooker compares to EggFecto when it comes to aesthetics.

50 percent discount

This is available when you buy directly from the official website of EggFecto and it is the best. With all the amazing features of the EggFecto Egg Cooker, it still comes with a discount price. A combination of quality and affordability for users is the apex of perfection.

Perfect eggs

No one, not even a lover of eggs, would appreciate an always grumpy and messed up egg, or not getting the desired egg if their choice. Most people get tired of eggs because of the cranky way it appears after boiling them. Sometimes you desire a soft egg but it comes out hard. Other times you desire a hard-boiled egg but become too cautious of the pot on the fire and the egg turns out soft. All these defects can be avoided with the EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker. Remember the words of Glenda A from Bangor when she referred to EggFecto as the Perfect Egg Cooker!”

Cons (Eggfecto Egg Cooker Review)

None, unless perfection is a defect.

How Much Can I Get an EggFecto Egg Cooker?

The 50 percent discount has been applied to the prices below:

● 1X EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker – $19.99   

● 2X EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker – $39.99

● 3X EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker – $44.99

● 4X EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker – $54.99

For more details on this, you can visit the official EggFecto website through the next link. Official EggFecto Egg Cooker Website

EggFecto Egg Cooker Customer Reviews

“It’s the easiest way to make perfect eggs that I’ve ever used. I didn’t think much of this when it was gifted to me by a friend. I wasn’t even going to use it! Wow! I am ever glad I did. This makes perfect eggs, every time, EFFORTLESSLY! I put the eggs on, get ready for work, and they’re done when I want them! I’m convinced this is the absolute best way to make eggs, guaranteed.” Mark G. – Portland, OR

“Awesome gadget that cooks four eggs at once. I eat two eggs every morning and this thing is perfect for cooking them. Quick and easy! Great value and makes preparing breakfast a lot better. My whole family loves this thing.” Ken G. – Butte, MT

“It’s not that hard to boil eggs on the stove, but I’ll only use my EggFecto now! It’s got a fantastic design and the operation is super simple. ANYONE can use it, and it makes amazing eggs! Quick and easy eggs done right, every time. Can’t beat that.” Paul V. – Memphis, TN

“Easiest way to make eggs and they’re so easy to peel that it’s like a miracle! We all use our EggFecto daily but it still works like new. Sturdy and well made and we picked it up on sale! Incredible value for a really handy device you’ll use over and over again.” Allison G. – Houston, TX

“Best egg cooker on the market! I never go without two eggs in the morning and this gives consistently delicious eggs every single morning. A great egg cooker.” Jack F. – Seattle, WA

One particular review resonates with my personal experience using EggFecto Egg Cooker. This customer emphasizes the fact that the EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker always results in perfection. Here you go:

“Perfect egg cooker! Just takes a few minutes and they come out perfect every time! EggFecto is ALWAYS a part of my morning routine.” Glenda S. – Bangor, ME

All these reviews are nothing compared to how perfect the EggFecto Egg Cooker works. You need this appliance to tell your testimony!

EggFecto Frequently Asked Questions (Eggfecto Egg Cooker Review)

Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions of the EggFecto Egg Cooker:

How Many Eggs Can I Cook in This at One Time?

The aluminum tray that comes with the EggFecto Egg Cooker allows for a maximum of four eggs at once.

Must I Cook All Four Eggs Or Can I Cook Just One?

You can cook only one egg, or two eggs, or three even. You’re not restricted to cooking four eggs or filling all the egg spaces on the tray.

Is EggFecto Easy To Clean?

Yes! The EggFecto Egg Cooker is very easy to clean as it was designed that way. It is also dishwasher safe and will not stress you.

How Long Does It Take To Cook Eggs In EggFecto?

One amazing feature of the EggFecto Egg Cooker is that it takes just a few minutes to get your perfect delicious eggs. The difference in minutes is determined by whether you want a soft boiled egg or a hard one. EggFecto is here to satisfy your specific egg preference.

How Easy is EggFecto To Use?

Super easy! The EggFecto is a whole package that combines perfection with ease. All you have to do is pour water at the base of the EggFecto Egg Cooker, place the aluminum tray on top of the base, and put your desired number of eggs into the tray. Cover the cooker and place it in a microwave. But don’t go too far because your perfect eggs will be ready in minutes!

Is There Any Guarantee if I Purchase an EggFecto Egg Cooker?

Yes, the EggFecto Egg Cooker comes with a 30-day guarantee. So you don’t have to worry about what happens when you don’t like what you get. You can always return within 30 days.

Final Verdict On Eggfecto Egg Cooker Review

Everyone and every house need the EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker. Boiling eggs has been made easy and fast, and not just that, the eggs turn out perfect and fit your preference. Gone are the days when I boil eggs and they turn out grumpy or burnt.

To enjoy the benefits of the EggFecto Egg Cooker, all you have to do is one thing; place an order. Remember all the benefits attached, remember that EggFecto offers a 30-day guarantee in line with a 50 percent discount feature.

To place an order, you can click on the next link which will redirect you to the official website of the EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker. Official EggFecto Egg Website

Welcome to the revolution of the perfect egg-boiling experience! 

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