[ Latest Update] TvShareMax Review 2020: Is it worth the hype?

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No more squinting at your phone screen thanks to TVShareMax’s HD mirroring.
Transfer your phone’s content onto a big-screen TV with the instant wireless streaming device.

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TvShareMax Review…
Have we noticed how annoying it is watching youtube videos or netflix episodes most times with your phone because of the small sized screen? Unfortunately not everyone can afford smart TV because it is costly and everyone does not have enough money to buy it. So what we can do? TvmaxShare is here to solve the problem. Now is the time to take your home entertainment to the Next Level for you and your family.

In this review, we took out time to study this wonderful product well and we are here to guide you on what it is, the full details, how to use it and our verdict on the product.

What is TvShareMax?

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TvShareMax Review

TvShareMax is a tiny device that turns our ordinary TV to a smart-TV. Today is the world of online streaming. Why do you look so many channels which you don’t want to see when you can take your smartphone and get fantastic suggestions from YouTube?  It’s a revolutionary, small and portable USB device. Just by plugging it into your TV, TVShareMax can turn it into a fully-functional home cinema. With TVShareMax, you can enjoy your favorite streaming service on the large screen. That means no more staring at tiny smartphone, tablet or laptop display for hours.

It supports almost every streaming channel like HBO, Net-flix, youtube, amazon-prime, and some more! With the aid of its military evaluation innovation the TVShareMax uses a circumspect roundabout present-day configuration which makes it the very useful and dependable and innovatively propelled expansion without burning up all available resources. 

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TvShareMax Review


  • The Modes are: Airplay, DLNA, Miracast, AirMirror, cross-system mirroring and streaming of Netflix/YouTube/Chrome/etc.
  • It can be used for home cinema, games, office presentations and conferences.
  • TvShareMax supports H.265 Coding.
  • It provided HD 1080p Playback Full-HD.
  • It has an HDMI output with 50% faster processing speed.
  • Plug and Play.
  • It supports Android 4.4+ and iOS 9.0+ or MacOS 10+.
  • It supports WIFI.
  • Its product specifications are: 2.28 inches X 0.47 inches.
  • It’s available in United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom

How does it work? [Tvsharemax Review]

TVShareMax is likewise very simple to utilize. On the off chance that you have a YouTube, Hulu, Disney+, HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime record or you utilize some other spilling administration, you can play the media on your TV utilizing TVShareMax in merely seconds.

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Tvsharemax Review

To set up TVShareMax, essentially follow these 3 stages:

  • Plug TVShareMax into your TV.
  • Associate with your WiFi.
  • Play whatever you like from your cell phone, tablet or pc! Set it there and overlook it. At whatever point you want to watch something from your phone, simply fire up your TV and stream it there for the best understanding.

TVShareMax can communicate your preferred substance in full HD video quality with no slack by any means. In any case, what makes TVShareMax a genuine deal is that it can transform any conventional TV into a keen TV at a small amount of the expense.

You’ll set aside a ton of cash by purchasing a TVShareMax, while still get every one of the functionalities of a savvy TV. You can appreciate family photographs or recordings in full detail on your huge TV screen or let your children play portable games on the TV as opposed to harming their eyes with a cell phone!

TvShareMax Review: What are the standout features?

1. Crystal Clear Video And Audio Quality

TvShareMax can stream Full HD Content to your TV without lag and up to 60fps making it ideal for gaming from your smartphone and tablet to your TV. The image quality is outstanding, offering you the opportunity to watch from your phone on a big screen in full HD.

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TvShareMax Review

2. Very Easy To Use For Anyone

Anyone can use TVShareMax. You just plug it to your TV, press the power button and wait for some seconds. It connects quickly to your Wifi network and allows you to stream anything from your device on your TV.

3. Can be used on any television irrespective of the model

The cost of a new smart tv is nothing to write home about. Then when it arrives you have to spend time connecting it and that’s if all the features work.The best thing about TvShareMax is that no matter how old or what model, any TV can be a smart TV. You aren’t limited to what apps you can use – as long as it’s on your phone, you can watch it on TV.our phone becomes the remote control so you can watch the likes of Amazon Prime and YouTube, or listen to music through the speakers via Spotify. Even your laptop or tablet can be used to control what you watch as they are just as easy to connect.

4. Works with most of the usual apps

Ever wanted to FaceTime a friend but find it hard to read their expressions or hear them properly?This is a frustration that can be easily avoided when you use TVShareMax. Not restricted to just a few apps, it works on a large range of multimedia including safari, streaming services, HBO Now, Netflix, and a lot more.A lot of people use it to sort through their photos and watch their videos as it gives you the chance to see them on a big screen.

5. Compatible With Any Online Streaming

It is compatible with any online streaming. So no need to be bothered about whichever one you use. It works great for all streaming like NetFlix, hbo, amazon-prime, youtube, and more.

6. Has an incredible lightweight and very portable

Most gadgets that offers screen shareability tends to weigh high which limits its movement but that is not the case with TvShareMax. Because it doesn’t weigh much and can fit in the back pocket of your jeans, TvShareMax can be taken from room to room to be used on different TV’s. It is a popular product with teenagers who want to be able to share their screen at a friend’s house and because it is so portable, it can fit in their bag with ease.When you’re traveling abroad and can’t work out how to use the TV or staying in a hotel and want to watch your favorite shows from your phone, TVShareMax  makes life simple on the road.

Why do I need this TV Streaming Box? [TvShareMax Review]

Up to now, it has just been conceivable to watch your preferred recordings on your big screen gadget on account of enormous aggregates of cash tossed out of the window. The essential supplier is Google.

In any case, too many adverse encounters made an ever increasing number of individuals in America betray it and associate the TVShareMax as a TV gushing gadget on their big screen.

The Full HD quality and the very quick stacking of the video ceaselessly or stops in the association just as the low expenses contrasted with Google and different suppliers, ensured that Google and Co. were increasingly outranking the TVShareMax and most Americans now just need to utilize this uncommon TV spilling gadget on their big screen.

Benefits of TvShareMax

 you use this device, you can enjoy these perks that are way too good for such a small device:

  1. TvShareMax is so easy to connect, you just have to plug it in your HDMI port, make a few selections on your mobile device and your TV settings, and you can now transfer videos from your phone to your TV in less than a minute. This device comes with a manual to guide you with its installation.
  2. You can stream Full HD content. Imagine watching a Full HD movie, where all the details are magnified on both its video and audio at the comfort of your living room. You will feel like your in the high-end movie house, but better. You can relax and lie down on your comfortable couch while eating your favorite snacks without paying a lot of money.
  3. There’s no delay or lagging of the signal. You’re going to enjoy uninterrupted TV. Now, that’s great news if you know how inconvenient a delayed or lagging TV signal can be, this irritating experience can turn a what could be an enjoyable weekend TV marathon, into an unpleasant weekend full of tinkering with your TV or TV remote.
  4. It supports many services, unlike its competition, which only supports a few. A good streaming device is a versatile one, because what good is a device if it can only play a few options. TvShareMax can be used with multiple devices.
  5. It supports many videos, audios, and picture formats. This is also related to versatility. A streaming device should be able to play and access different filetypes to make the viewing experience more diverse and enjoyable.
  6. The picture and sound quality are very good. Of course, TvShareMax provides a clear and crisp picture and sound since this device operates using top of the line technology. Thus, this device can offer a Full HD quality viewing experience.
  7. Its price is very reasonable. For such a high-tech and versatile device, TvShareMax is reasonably priced. You can’t go wrong buying this device, a lot of people bought this device and never regretted doing so. You can look up all the great reviews made for this device, and you can immediately notice that its usefulness outweighs its price.
  8. You can save a lot of money. After purchasing this device, you don’t have anything to pay for. You don’t have to pay any monthly bills because you don’t need to be under contract with any cable company. You won’t need cable, because you can have all the movies, tv shows, music, games and many more just by using your TvShareMax. But of course, you still would need to have to pay for an Internet connection, which you probably have anyway, prior to you purchasing this device. An Internet connection is a necessity today, and people do their banking, shopping, and many other activities online.

Pros (TvShareMax Review)

  • It’s a portable device.
  • It is affordably priced.
  • It doesn’t limit as to what apps you can use. You can access to any streaming apps available on your phone.
  • It supports both Android and iOS smart phones.
  • You will enjoy a crystal-clear HD display.
  • It is a sturdy and robust device.

Cons (TvShareMax Review)

  • Stock is limited
  • Can only be ordered online
TvShareMax Review

What makes TVShareMax different from other wireless streaming devices available in the market?

Unlike the other wireless streaming devices available in the market, TVShareMax is compatible with all the Android and iOS devices, which means that you can pair it with all the models and versions of your smartphones, laptops and PCs. It is also extremely portable so that you can travel with it anywhere you want to and watch your favourite shows from the comfort of your hotel room.

Unlike other devices, there’s no limit as to what apps you can use with it. From Disney+ to HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, Apple TV, etc, you can use any streaming service that you’re subscribed to via TVShareMax. It is also absolutely affordably priced so that buying it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

What are customers saying? [TvShareMax Review]

“TvShareMax is very easy to install for anyone(<5mins). Used to watch my favourite series on my laptop, but now I can enjoy it from my couch with the whole family”

“The set up process is extremely easy. The quality is amazing. The option to connect to this device no matter how far away you are from the tv is what makes this product perfect. It connects to the WiFi so that you can use any device to cast onto your tv. I definitely recommend it”

“My eyes would get sore after hours of binge-watching all kinds of tv shows or playing games on my phone. Now I can stream even my games using tvsharemax and I love it.”

TvShareMax Review: Our Verdict

Indeed its really a very nice and creative move by coming up with this amazing product. Kudos to the producers. For the fact that TvShareMax is compatible with all streaming devices, affordable, and provides one with the best quality video and audio, connects with all the apps, and reasonably priced, I will say that this is the best product for lovers of streaming devices.

Where can I order TvShareMax?

You can order your TVShareMax on their official website. It is available for a limited time only, with exclusive offers and free shipping. Ordering is quick and easy, so take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today.

Tired of Watching Shows on Your Phone or Laptop? This is the ideal opportunity to Take Your Home Entertainment to the Next Level for You and Your Family.

**Update: TvShareMax is currently having an ongoing promo. 
50% off your order today.
The promo is on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you delay, you might end up missing out and paying full price.

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