SolVolt Solar Charger Review 2021: Is It Worth My Money?

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Solvolt Solar Charger Review:

Having your phone battery flat is one point we all don’t want to get to. Not having to do stuff because our phone is dead or running on a red bar. And if you are like me, you just have to reschedule those things you want to do on your phone. Not just your rescheduling, you could also miss out on important stuff. If it is was about surfing the internet, watching a movie or playing games, that wouldn’t be a problem.

But hey! You could miss out on very important and real stuff. imagine you missing a call from the interviewer that could get you your dream job or an emergency call from your loved one or denied important information that could make you scream Jackpot!, But because your phone is flat, you miss out on that information or update. If that hasn’t happened to you yet, then make sure you prevent it from happening.. it is so vexatious.

Also, you can’t plug in your phone to socket all the time even if there is a constant supply of power in your area. What if you are outside, for a hike, camping, or when you are on a road trip. How can you maintain the battery life of your mobile phone because there are no socket outlets out there?

What if you want to stream Netflix, call loved ones, make that video call or make a post on social media. What about if you are lost in the wild and you need a Google map or in an emergency and need to call 911. There is a lot your phone can do even outside your home. And if there is any piece of advice you should take with you today is never let it die. It could be a lifesaver.

Fortunately, there is no need to worry about all of these anymore. You can be able to keep your mobile phone alive for hours and days with this solution the team and I found out. This solution or product is presently shaking up the online retail space, and the fact that this is a novel, affordable, cost-effective, and efficient product that maintains battery life and keeps your phone active at any time, makes it popular. everyone who comes across this product is eager to take it home. You wouldn’t love to be left behind on this, I bet you.

So what is this product? It is called the Solvolt Solar charger. 

The Solvolt Solar Charger is making waves around the online retail space as has been testified as a power bank that never goes out of power and can be used to charge any device, from a laptop, MacBook, mobile phone, headsets due to its adaptive ports. It is a battery lifesaver that can restore the battery life of your phone up to 100% and you can take turns with this device with your other devices without the Solvott charger running flat.

Users of this product testify that with this Solvolt Solar Charger you can be able to charge your phone anywhere and anytime, never to worry about the power supply. This product is recommended by lots of customers and users. More like the talk of the Town. You should look at this one.

I know you want value for every penny spent, especially during these times. Don’t worry we got you covered. But you have to join me on this ride, because, in this solvolt solar charger review, we are going to find out, what this product, the Solvolt Solar Charger is all about, its features, what benefits you stand to gain from using this product, is it a scam? PROs and CONS of the Solvolt Charger, what users say about the Solvolt charger, its price, and capacity. We won’t just stop there, much more information will be made available, concerning this product, to enable you who have come here, make the right purchase decision today.

So if you want to know more and you are interested in the Solvolt Charger, then stay with me in this Solvolt Solar Charger Review. Oops! this could turn out to be a long ride. I encourage you to grab a glass of juice or lemonade for this. You wouldn’t want to get thirsty. Are you ready? Let’s go!

What is the Solvolt Solar Charger?

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Solvolt Solar Charger Review

 Solvolt solar charger is an outdoor charging device or outlet that makes use of solar energy, that is energy from the sun, and this device helps you keep your phone alive for as long as you want. It is built to enable users to keep mobile phones full while the user engages in physical activities. This one charging device that blown the market due to its efficiency. We keep seeing orders day by day and testimonies about this device.

With this device, you can go for a walk, travel, go for a hike, go camping in the woods, and never have to worry; Oh, my battery is flat, what do I do?

It is a very sleek, portable, and compact device and can serve any device, not just your mobile phone. For me having all your gadget batteries full during a holiday trip, is like having your barrels full of juice and water during a drought. You get that feeling.

This Solvolt charger incorporates solar photovoltaic technology, which is not a new jingle. This technology has been used by agencies, especially NASA to power its satellites. Research shows that photovoltaic technology has become the main source of power and energy for satellites orbiting the earth in outer space.

Cool right? it doesn’t stop there. Science has intervened to make you and I benefit from this more efficient advancement in technology. Since then, there have been efforts to make devices that make use of this solar photovoltaic technology. And to produce not heavy and huge gizmos. But devices that are compact, sleek, and portable. So the manufacturers of this Solvott charger with a team of scientists came out with this sleek portable and efficient charging device.

Now to what has been going through your minds ever since you have been reading this. Let me help you out with the thinking. Solvolt works! not just that it works for being a device, it works in a mind-blowing way. Now read this slowly; The Solvolt Charger can take your mobile phones to 100%(battery full) from 3-5 times before going flat or needing refueling.  Meaning this auxiliary charging device can keep your phone and devices up and alive for days, even up to a week.

Let’s take a break. Did you notice that a difference exists in this charging device from what has been stated? Let me state it again so you know. The Solvolt charger makes use of the sun to charge itself. Meaning that you don’t need electricity or electrical energy to charge this device when it gets down. Once the sun is out, no matter the intensity, low or high, it can power up and charge the Solvott.

Speaking about the weather. You might raise a brow as to whether this charger can be used under any weather, well it is my task to let you know that the Solvott is not perturbed this device is described as a rugged charging device. It is designed and built to withstand any weather condition, from heavy snow, rain dust, and heavy winds.

It was built to be rugged, due to the fact that one major complaint users have with other solar chargers, is that they are not durable and can get spoilt, under harsh weather, even with a simple change of weather. With just a droplet of water, you find a charger damaged. Solvolt manufacturers have built an acclaimed, first rugged Charger, and you are assured that your device will still be intact, no matter the weather.

Solvolt is also durable, long-lasting, lightweight, adaptive, and an effective charging device and a lot of users of this product say that this charging device is one that you can trust. And that you can bank on this novel and amazing power bank.

Features of the Solvolt Solar Charger:

Energy Capacity for any device: This Solvolt Charger has a high energy capacity volume of 10,000mAH and charges any device fully three to five times before it taps out.

Adaptive ports: The Solvolt Charger has adaptive ports that different types of chargers. You don’t need to worry that you got the wrong chord. There is still a place for that chord on the Solvott.

LED lights for lighting purposes: You could be stuck or lost in the woods or a camp, or you might need light during night times. You could have forgotten your Torchlight or lamp. This Charger recognizes that events like that could happen. So the manufacturer of this device built an LED light to serve you when you need lighting. You can use the flashlight in the Solvott charger device in the event of emergencies. You shouldn’t be helpless at least you would be able to see what is coming.

Not just One but Two: This Solvolt Charger can charge two devices at once fully. It has ports that both of your mobile devices power up. ‘There is love in sharing’ can be achieved with this Solvolt Charger.

Solar energy enabled: This Solvolt Charger makes use of Solar energy which powers up or refuel the device. Making Solvott, the best fit for outdoor activities. You can go hiking, climbing, road trips, camping, and your phone is not left out. 

Water resistant: The manufacturer of this device understands that you shouldn’t just lose your device because droplets of rain touched your device or it fell in the mud. This device is made water-resistant and proof. And thus safe to use under that rain. 

Shockproof: The Solvolt Solar charger is a rugged device and the manufacturer says that users treat it as one. It is not a delicate device. Handle just with basic care, you don’t need to build a cage around it or a bubble. Just basic care. Also, you are assured that the Solvolt is a cat with nine lives and doesn’t get damaged easily.

Works in any weather condition: As formerly stated, the Solvolt charger is built to work in a kind of weather condition. No matter the harshness of the weather. It is an all-weather durable device and can work perfectly in rugged conditions. Under the rain, snow, wind, dust, and so on.

Lightweight/Sleek/Compact/Portable: The Solvolt solar charger possesses a very sleek design and is very Lightweight. You can be able to carry the auxiliary charging device anywhere. And can fit easily in a purse or small bag. For size and weight, don’t worry, you won’t even notice the weight.

Power up Easily: The Solvolt Charger will one time need to get full to serve you too. However, that is not a hassle. It is so easy to do. Simply snap it on the back of your backpack while hiking or lay it out in the sun to recharge the unit, and that is all to do.

Other features include:

  • It comes in other colors.
  • No need for the electrical socket to charge the device 
  • Chordless.
  • Can be used to charge any type of mobile devices

 …….. It doesn’t end here……

On top of all of these, this device is one of the cost-effective, affordable, and eco-friendly solutions you can find. If you ever find one like this, it would never be the Solvolt Charger.

Solvolt charger reviews.jpeg
Solvolt Solar Charger Review

How does it work?

This Solar Charger works this way:

Once the Solvolt Solar Charger is exposed to the sun for about two or three hours max, it is charged by solar energy, then energy emitted by the sun. That is what gives the device its power which enables it to charge your mobile devices. When the Solvolt device is exposed to the sun or puts under the sunlight, photovoltaic modules will charge the device. This energy is stored by the device lasts for days without tapping out.

The Solar Charger also has USB ports that are adaptive to any type of charger. And this device can charge your devices fully in few hours.

This photovoltaic module is also incorporated to power up satellites but the manufacturer of this device has incorporated this technology to provide a simple, efficient, and affordable solution to keep your devices up and running

Benefits of using the Solvolt Solar Charger.

Portability: This Solvott Solar charger is a very portable charger that enables you to take the Solvott charger wherever you want to go. It is very lightweight and compact. Use this solution anytime.

No need to worry about power supply: With this device, you don’t need to worry about power electrical availability. Especially if you stay in an area with little or no power supply. With sunlight, a natural asset, you can keep your phone on and battery full with or without any power supply or availability. Fortunately, this device can last for a very long time and can serve you for days. It doesn’t depend on power to refuel its energy, which is great because access to the world should not depend on the availability of power. That is why the Solvolt solar charger is a must-have.

Cost-effective: This Solvott Solar Charger, is a very cost-effective solution in charging your mobile device. First of all with the use of this device you can be as to conserve electricity and have reduced bills. Paying bills these days, especially for low-income earners, has become a bane, and if there is one thing anyone would love, just reduced bills because we have to pay them. Having an auxiliary charging device that doesn’t make use of electricity to power up and charge mobile devices as electricity or an electrical socket would, is an A+ in energy conservation and in lowering down the bills and cost.

Other benefits of the Solvolt Solar Charger include:

• 30 days + guarantee.

• Friendly shipping policy.

• Friendly customer return policy.

• Value pack product.

How to use the Solvolt Solar Charger?

To use this charger, follow these simple steps:

  • Unbox the Solvott Solar Charger from the pack and ensure what you ordered is what you got.
  • Once you are sure, take the Solvolt Solar Charger and place it outside, under the sun to charge fully.
  • Once the device is full, take your USB cord, insert the chord inside the port and plug your device. And eureka, your phone begins to charge.

There are no hassles in device usage. However, for more information, you can reference the manual issued by the manufacturer once you purchase this product. 

Does the SolVolt Charger work or is it a scam?

If you wonder whether this device works and is worth your money, then grab this info:

First of all, it works and works perfectly. It is an efficient product and there are a lot of testimonies about this product. It is not a scam, and if you decide today to make a purchase, you are sure to get every value for your money. And I bet you would want to come back.

Here are what some users of this product say about this product:

The SolVolt is a necessity for anyone who travels. You can put it in your car, on a plane, or in the back of your backpack. As a woman who travels solo, I feel so much better knowing my phone will always have power, especially in the case of an emergency. If you like having a full battery, I wouldn’t hesitate to give this a try.” – Katrina B.

“I took my SolVolt on a climbing trip in Nepal where we slept outside for 4 days. I never had to worry about losing juice. I could listen to music in my tent, take tons of photos, and follow our journey on the map. I couldn’t imagine taking a trip without it now.” – Michael V.

“ The Solvott Solar Charger is one device everyone, especially those you have power issues or stay outdoors more often, should have. It works perfectly, and I gave it a 5 🌟 in an opinion poll. It is worth every penny I tell you. I bought five for some of my workers, who work outside the eatery as an incentive and to help them work effectively. I underestimated this product, but it works”. Farin Blaire.

This is my 3rd solar charger. I’ve tried many others that were weak and flimsy. I have no idea how anyone could take that outside. The SolVolt is made of high-quality ABS plastic and it’s super tough and waterproof. These guys get it.” – James K.

We and the team also tried this out to have a first-hand experience, and I bet you, this is one product you should bring home. it charges mobile devices very fast and can last for days without running flat.

So what is the fact? The fact is that the Solvott Solar Charger is not a scam and it works perfectly as stated.

Solvolt Solar Charger Reviews.jpeg
Solvolt Solar Charger Review

Pros (Solvolt Solar Charger Review)

  • It is portable.
  • Safe to use.
  • Has adaptive charging ports 
  • Makes use of solar energy.
  • Conserves Energy.
  • Affordable
  • Charge multiple devices.
  • Compact, sleek and lightweight.
  • Charges any mobile device
  • Friendly shipping policy.
  • Friendly customer service
  • Discount sale available

Cons (Solvolt Solar Charger Review)

  • It can only be ordered online 
  • Limited availability in physical retail stores.
  • Discount sale closes quickly.

Where Can You Purchase Solvolt Solar Charger?

You can and should purchase this product from the original site of the manufacturer through the call to action link below. Once you click the link below, it directs you to a landing page, where you can also find out more information about this product, information about the manufacturer, shipping policies, and much more information. Also, you will get the chance to enjoy the discount and price cuts offered by the manufacturer.

The manufacturer gives coupons, price cuts, and other marketing incentives to customers who purchase the Solvott charger. Order this product through the link below. Don’t miss out. And you don’t need to worry, it is a safe link. No hassles at all. Order today, once you make a choice and enjoy the juicy offers from the manufacturer as well as enjoy the utility this product offers.

Prices of the Solvolt Solar Charger:

• Get 1 Solvolt Solar Charger for $39.95 each.

• Get 2 Solvolt Solar Chargers for $34.95 each.

• Get 3 Solvolt Solar Chargers for $29.95 each

Give away prices right? I am sure you said that.

Customer reviews about the Solvolt Solar Charger:

Other customers had this to say about this device:

Richard Gye – North Carolina

“This is my second solar charger. My husband and I love ours, and so did our daughter! So, now we all have these nice chargers and never have dead batteries on our phones anymore. We spend lots of time outdoors, so these Solvolt chargers are perfect! Small and lightweight, they tuck into any backpack or pocket. They work quickly, so we never worry about dead cellphones, tablets, or readers! These are our go-to chargers. Thanks for a great product!”

Oslo Biska- Jordan

“I placed Solvolt in the sun as instructed and left it to charge. And when I went back to check on it 2 hours later, my opinion of this device suddenly skyrocketed by a few dozen notches. Most solar chargers store up energy at a snail’s pace, as their induction methods are not very efficient when it comes to transferring energy. But in just two hours, it had stored 10,000mAh of power from the sun – enough to charge my phone almost 3 times!

I plugged my phone in to test the charging speed, and the “quick charge” symbol appeared on my screen. Wow – usually this was only possible with a powered charger. But a quick charge icon doesn’t mean much by itself – I needed to see just how fast it charged my phone from 0-100. I was shocked at the result. It took just 70 minutes to reach 100%! And that’s charging a large, 4100mAh phone battery too, which is 25% bigger than many batteries in other phones. By comparison, the last solar charger I used took 5 hours to juice to 100%. To get that level of speed from a solar charger felt like a game-changer”

Byron Joe- Miami

“I tested the charger out with my wife’s phone, and again just 65 minutes later her phone was fully charged. And when I did the same with my headphones, a full charge took only 30 minutes. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t use this term often, but Solvolt solar charger is simply fantastic”

Frequently Asked Questions (Solvolt Solar Charger Review)

Can you use SolVolt Charger to charge the laptop? 

Yes, you can use it to charge laptops, phones, and other devices that do not need much charge.  

How long does the SolVolt charger take to charge? 

This trending solar power charger takes a maximum of 2 hours to fully charge, using either sunlight or electricity.  

Does the charger come pre-charged? 

All SolVolt chargers come charged by default to 70%. However, It is better to charge them 100% before using them. 

Can you use SolVolt during air travel? 

Yeah! You can use the charger during air travel; it is safe for it.  

Which cable is used to connect with SolVolt? 

Any USB cable or charger of your phone can be connected to the SolVolt power bank.  

Is SolVolt water-resistant? 

All SolVolt chargers are 100% waterproof but do not use them near water for the safe side. Being waterproof is not an excuse to use them under the water.  

Final remarks on Solvolt Solar Charger Review

Are you about to make a choice on purchasing an auxiliary power bank or charging this time or need an upgrade, having a look at this Solvolt Solar Charger won’t be a bad idea? Of course, there are other alternatives, we all love alternatives, which promotes the freedom of choice. However, making the right choice, especially when making a purchase goes a long way, if not for anything, but to get value for every penny you spend. So whether the Solvolt Solar Charger is worth buying, would depend on whether it works and whether it is efficient. And in respect to whether this product works and will serve you perfectly, you know the answer. 

We are ending this ride now. I hope it was an interesting one. However, If you decide to purchase this affordable, cost-effective, portable, and long-lasting solar charger to keep your devices up and running, then be sure to get optimum utility and value for your money. Are you getting the Solvolt today, hurry and grab yours now!

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