Serenity Weighted Blanket Review 2021: All You Need To Know!

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Serenity Weighted Blanket Review: Cuddle your way to happiness.

A lazy man once said, “if you sleep more than expected, it only means you are way smarter than average.” We really hope Steve Harvey doesn’t get a hold of him. While there is no proof that sleep can make you smarter, there is proof of a ton of things it can do for you. You are probably aware of these, but a little reminder won’t hurt.

Sleep helps you relieve stress, allows some metabolic processes to take place (growth takes place while we sleep), boosts your immune system, and protects your organs, and makes for good health and productivity.

Besides all the health talk, we just can’t live without sleep; well, unless you are a sort of batman. That is why some effort needs to be put into getting enough sleep.

There are a lot of ideas online on what to do to get good sleep. Some advice against using cellphones or anything that can emit light as they tend to make falling asleep difficult. Another claims that taking a cool bath helps.

While another emphasizes how important it is to have a cuddle partner. In his words, cuddling increases blood circulation, allows for relaxation, and sort of sedates you. The last one really captures our interest. In other words, single people with no cuddle partners are bound to be ill all the time, or worse still die!

Okay relax, you are not about to lose friends or colleagues. You do not have to call them to warn them, but you can call to tell them that we’ve found a cuddle partner for them. Not an actual human being of course, but something that can give that effect.

Also, besides the promising effects that being cuddled comes with, one might just be a victim of sleep disorders. Insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, and the rest. Well, we might just have found something that can help with that. You do not have to keep suffering.

It is not medication, neither is it a human-sized doll. It is a blanket!

Your spirit probably just dropped. We know, nothing is exciting about a blanket. Well, think again because this is not your regular blanket, but the Serenity Weighted Blanket! This is new blanket has got everyone talking, and many have compared it to a real-life cuddle partner. More amazing is the fact that most people have claimed that it relives sleep disorders.

That is why the team deemed it right to draw your attention to it. Hence, this is a Serenity Weighted Blanket Review. All the information you need, ranging from features, pros and cons, and pricing are contained here. Just keep reading.

What is the Serenity Weighted Blanket?

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Serenity Weighted Blanket Review

This is a blanket that is designed to be heavy in a way that applies subtle pressure on the user, that can pass for a massage that is soothing or a cuddle that makes for a good night’s rest. Weighted blankets are not exactly new, but the Serenity Weighted Blanket comes with a lot more features that make it stand out from its counterparts.

Now that you know what it is, this Serenity Weighted Blanket Review will go on to tell you about all its features and let you decide if it can be a cuddle partner for you.

Features of the Serenity Weighted Blankets.


  • Amount per unit price: One blanket with two covers
  • Dimensions: 60” x 80”, 40” x 75”
  • Weight: 10lb, 15lb, 20lb

More Features

  • Size
  • Parts
  • Materials
  • Full zipper system
  • Pockets
  • Weight fillers
  • Colours

Size: The Serenity Weighted Blankets come in various sizes but the two most available measure 60 inches by 80 inches and 40 inches by 75 inches and can cover a queen size and king size bed evenly. The sizes are just suited to cover the bed surface but not droop over like the regular duvet.

Parts: The Serenity Weighted Blankets consist of a blanket enclosed inside two covers.

Materials: The blanket in the Serenity Weighted Blankets is made of shrunken cotton, while the covers are made of cotton and silk. That is, one is made of cotton, while the other is made of silk.

Full Zipper System: This is the means by which the blanket is attached to the covers. The zipper system includes four interior zips, that is one on each side of the blanket and covers. Then exterior zips that further holds everything together.

Pockets: The Serenity Weight Blanket is different from other weighted blankets, and this is one of the major distinctive features. The blanket is divided into small pockets that help with weight distribution. Unlike most blankets that have few pockets, the Serenity Weighted Blankets have numerous pockets, each measuring 3 inches by 3 inches. And these pockets cover the entire blanket. The 60 inches by 80 inches blanket has 500 pockets, while the 40 inches by 75 inches has 270 pockets. The point of the pockets is so that the weight of the blanket is not just confined to a part of the blanket, hence making some parts heavier than the other, but well distributed.

Weight fillers: You would have probably been wondering where the weighted blanket gets its weight from, especially because it is made from cotton, and you could bet that cotton is light. Well, the weight comes from fine glass beads that are embedded into the blanket.

 These glass beads are too tiny that you hardly pick out one, nor can you feel their roughness under the blanket. This is also possible because the glass beads are mixed in cushy material that not only keeps them in place and prevents them from bursting out but makes for a fluffy feel while enforcing the weight.

Colours: The Serenity Weighted Blankets come in different colors. The grey, blue, pink, and others are all available.

Now, just in case you missed it, this Serenity Weighted Blanket Review will outline the possible benefits of this blanket.

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Serenity Weighted Blanket Review

Pros (Serenity Weighted Blanket Review)

  • Large size
  • Durable material
  • Even Weight Distribution
  • Zipper System
  • Cost-effective
  • Laundry friendly
  • Deep Touch Pressure
  • Temperature Control
  • Satisfying
  • Relieves Sleep Disorders
  • Colors

Durable Material: The materials that weighted blank jets are very durable. Cotton is one of the most common materials from which our clothes are made of. If you have owned a 100% cotton outfit before, you can attest to its durability. Not to mention the silk from which the cover is made of. Silk is one of such materials that are really durable to the extent that they cost a lot of money.

What is better is that these materials that make up the blanket have been modified to be even better, thus will last long. So, you need not worry about spoilage.

The glass beads in cushy material also make it difficult for the blanket to wear out or get torn. So, for durability, you have no worries with the Serenity Weighted Blanket.

Even Weight Distribution: Some of the issues that arise from other regular weighted blankets is the one of not having equal weight on all parts. Imagine sleeping on such blankets. The weight on your shoulder will be more than the weight on your tummy and legs, or the weight is more on your tummy and less on other parts of the body. I can bet that it will feel like being squeezed on the shoulder and tummy by a wild bear. Trust me, there is nothing soothing or cuddle-like about that.

A weighted blanket can be likened to a cuddle partner because it applies even weight all over the body, so what will be the point if there is no even weight distribution. This is why the Serenity Weighted Blanket producers deemed it fit to come up with a way to make the weight distribution easy, and that is the square pocket. You may wonder how it does it. Simple, each square measures 3 inches by 3 inches, thus the same amount of weight fillers will be contained in each square and eventually throughout the entire blanket.

Unlike other blankets that have unequal rectangles, circles, and squares all in one, thus having different measures of the fillers in each corner.

Easy to use: This might probably be cliché to you, of course, every new product out there promises to be easy to use. But with the Serenity Weighted Blankets, this is not just a claim. The problem with other weighted blankets is that the covers are probably bigger than the blanket itself, that is if they come with covers at all. Therefore, when trying to fit the cover and the blankets, they are usually folding of fabric that is sure to keep you uncomfortable.

The Serenity Weight Blanket has a good zipper system that helps you fasten and detach the blankets from their covers with ease. The blankets and the covers are of the same size so that there is no need for a spillover. And the zippers hold everything in place. There are four inner zippers and outer zippers as well, ensuring that everything is held in place.

Cost-effective: Yes, the Serenity Weighted Blanket helps you save tons of money. Just like we said above, most regular weighted blankets do not come with covers. So, one will still have to purchase covers separately for it. You may wonder why one needs covers for a weighted blanket; well, the reason is that the blankets are weighted, and you wouldn’t want to expose it to a lot of dirt, and thus reducing the number of times, you’d have to wash it. So, you need covers.

Purchasing a Serenity Weighted Blanket is way cost-effective as you do not have to purchase covers and also spend a lot of money sewing them on.

Laundry Friendly: Yes, you read right. The Serenity Weighted Blankets are laundry-friendly. First of all, they come with covers that protect them from excessive laundry. And when you do have to get them washed, you can easily separate the covers from the blanket and launder them individually. More so, the blanket is made from cotton, and even though there are weight fillers embedded in it, you may not feel as much weight as the main material, cotton is light. Imagine if you had fillers embedded in the leather, or more realistically, in wool. It’s definitely not a happy imagination.

Deep Touch Pressure: Now, this is the broom in the broomstick, the cake in the baking flour, and the pizza in the toppings. Do you get it? Okay, in less psycho terms, we mean that this is the major feature of the Serenity Weighted Blankets. The actual cuddle partner we’ve been yapping about.

The Serenity Weighted Blankets have a deep touch pressure effect when placed on the body. This is similar to receiving a massage or being cuddled. It eases out the tension in the skin and causes you to relax. And being able to relax is very paramount to good sleep, because most of the time, the reason we can not sleep is that we are not relaxed. Also, the weight of the blanket helps you maintain a steady position if you belong to the cult of people that can’t stay put on the bed so that you can sleep faster.

Temperature control: This is probably one of your concerns. A weighted blanket? Oh no, that will make me too hot. Calm down Fahrenheit, the Serenity Weighted Blankets won’t make you hot, unless you want it to; well, so they say. Why else can you pull out the cotton blanket from the silk covers and use it only? Cotton is a material that absorbs heat and offers a cooling effect, so there is no heating up happening.

In cold weather, however, you can use the blankets with the covers, as the silk offers a bit of warmth. There you have it, the Serenity Weighted Blanket got you covered in every storm and every weather, literally!

Satisfying: This is what is most important. The fact that the Serenity Weighted Blanket lives you satisfied. One of the best feelings in the world is being covered up in a blanket, especially when there is a cold, it just has a way of making you feel safe. The Serenity Weighted Blanket with all its extra features gives you this feeling and more!

Relieves Sleep Disorders: This is yet another interesting claim of the Serenity Weighted Blankets. There are a ton of testimonies online on how this blanket has helped to solve a lot of issues of sleep disorders and anxiety. They say that its deep touch pressure effect relaxes the body and leads to the release of hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin that help one relax and are sedative. This makes a lot of sense and is a better option than drugs that are used to cure these disorders and end up leaving one with a plethora of side effects. Serenity Weighted Blankets to the world!

Colors: Yes, this is another con for people who are particular about colors. It won’t make sense to have an orange blanket in a room where the theme color is red. That is why the makers of the Serenity Weighted Blankets thought it is necessary to have the blankets in many colors so that you do not have to distort the order of your room. Just pick a color that suits you and your style.

Phew! That’s a ton of benefits we must say. Well, next on this Serenity Weighted Blanket Review are the cons of this product. Nobody or nothing is perfect, you know.

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Cons (Serenity Weighted Blanket Review)

  • Difficult to adapt to
  • Not portable
  • Not for all ages
  • Limited stock

Difficult to adapt to Yes, this is an important issue to people who are not used to thick blankets, they may find it difficult to use the blanket as the weight may just be too much to them. So, the initial stages of use may be discomforting.

Not portable: The Serenity Weighted Blankets, even though foldable may not be easy to carry about. Maybe from room to room in a house, but it is definitely not your go-to for a slumber party or a weekend night out.   

Not for all ages: Sadly, the Serenity Weighted Blankets may not be the best choice for your toddler by virtue of its weight and size. You do not want to tell sad tales, will you? The fact remains that children have a low body mass and the weighted blankets might just be too much for them. So, caution needs to be taken in such age groups, except smaller sizes will be made for them.

Limited Stock: Just like we said earlier, the Serenity Weighted Blankets has got everyone talking, well it’s got them purchasing too. Hence, with the limited amounts available, you do not have the luxury of waiting to buy later, if you decide to make a purchase.

That’s it about the pros and cons. You are probably itching for some vital information, the price. Not to worry cause this very unique Serenity Weighted Blanket Review got you covered.

How much does the Serenity Weighted Blanket cost?

The 36” x 48” (5lb) weighted blanket costs $89.00

The 48” x 72” (10lb) weighted blanket costs $124.50

The 40” x 60” (15lb) weighted blanket costs $149.00

The 60” x 80” (15lb) weighted blanket costs $149.50

That’s it about pricing. It varies with size. Next up on this Serenity Weighted Blanket Review is the frequently asked questions. This section is reserved for people whose concerns have not been met yet, or who are too lazy to read through the article and just want to get the facts and move on. Keep scrolling if you are either of these.

Serenity Weighted Blanket Reviews Consumer Reports

“The Serenity Weighted Blanket holds me down and makes me feel like I’m being embraced tightly. It puts me to sleep instantly, and I love it!”

                                                             Joyce, Detroit.

“Kudos to the makers of this blanket. I sleep naked in it so that I can get the full effect of its deep touch pressure. The feeling is divine.”

                                                                   Naz, L.A

“I used it the Serenity Weighted Blanket one night with my hubby and the next day he gave me money to purchase more for the other rooms in the house. In his words, ‘guests should enjoy this amazing feeling too!’ And I totally agree with him.”                                                     Racheal, Atlanta.

Frequently Asked Questions (Serenity Weighted Blanket Review)

  1. What material is the Serenity Weighted Blanket made from?

The blanket itself is made from shrunken cotton but its covers are made from silk and cotton, as well. It depends on what you opt for.

  • What makes the Serenity Weighted Blanket heavy?

The weight filling material that makes it heavy, is glass. Fine glass beads mixed with cushy material, so that the glass beads are held in place.

  • Will the Serenity Weighted Blanket make me hot?

Yes, it can, if you want it to. Its silk cover is heat retaining and can offer you the warmth you need. But if you do not want the warmth, you can simply pull out the cotton material that absorbs heat and cools your skin.

  • Does the Serenity Weighted Blanket cause one to itch?

No, it doesn’t. The covers are smooth and soothing, and so do not itch. The weight filler is made hypoallergic by mixing with cushy material and causes no reactions at all.

  • Can the Serenity Weighted Blanket cure my insomnia?

We do not know about a cure. But we know it offers a deep touch pressure that can pass for a massage and cause to relax. The producers claim that this effect also causes hormone release like oxytocin (the love hormone) that causes one to relax and fall asleep.

  • Where can one purchase the Serenity Weighted Blanket?

The Serenity Weighted Blanket is only available for purchase online and not available in physical retail stores.

  • Is the Serenity Weighted Blanket durable?

Yes, it is. By the virtue of the materials that it is made from that have even been modified to be better, you are sure that the blankets will stand the test of time.

That’s about it. Hope we answered all your concerns. Up next, we have taken time to gather reviews online from people who have bought and used the Serenity Weighted Blanket, to let you conclude on your decision.

Final Remarks on the Serenity Weighted Blanket Review

 Well, we’ve taken you through everything about the Serenity Weighted Blanket, so that you can make a decision for yourself. But here is what we think.

In this time and era when there is a lot of attention being called to mental health, the Serenity Weighted Blanket is something that is really put into consideration. Not only does it have the potential to relieve us of stress disorders, but its relaxing effect is what is needed in this world there is so much hassle. We believe it worthy.

Well, that’s about it. Thanks for sticking with us till the end. Hope this Serenity Weighted Blanket Review was helpful?

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