SliceChum Review 2021: Is it worth my money?

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Are you fed up with blunt knives? Do you want to cut things faster and safer? Are you sick of having a hitch filled cooking session, or having a hard time cutting spices or vegetable due to the inability of cutting tools to work efficiently?. If you are, then you need to pay attention to this, because this review is for you.

Let me ask, have you ever been cutting fruits, spices or vegetables and after placing them properly to be cut, you find out that your knife can just function properly. Then you begin to use mechanical energy to see if it can just work. Or if you belong to a typical African home, your first point of call would be caressing the knife on top of a flat surface or a sharp stone. But in as much as improvisation is appreciated, efficiency is key. 

So what is the perfect solution for a blunt knife? There are ways which have been suggested as ways to help with a blunt knife, you have traditional methods or chemical methods, such as the application of grease or other fluids and other various ways. But why not something technologically driven or rather a well mapped out device strictly manufactured for the increasing of the sharpness of cutting utensils? and it is on this note that we can’t completely discuss ways of improving the sharpness of utensils without introducing the Slice Chum Sharpener.

The SliceChum Sharpener is a device which is very portable, compact and with an appreciable degree of efficiency which can make everything blunt become sharp in no time. It has rumoured that it can make a blunt object sharper than a two-edged sword. Lol. Maybe it can! who knows

However for this slicechum review, we shall examine what the Slice Chum Sharpener Is about, the features of this product, does it work, how it works, how to use the product, customer reviews about the product, its utility and lots more, all geared to enable you to make the right purchase decision. So if you are ready for this journey, pick up your dead knives and yell at it saying, Get sharp! as that is what the Slice Chum is all about. So let’s get sharp!

What is the Slice Chum Sharpener?

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Slicechum Review

SliceChum is a very durable efficient and portable knife sharpener that gives your knives a razor-sharp edge in no time. One thing is clear, with a sharp knife, you can cook with speed and precision and most importantly, it makes your food taste and look better. The compact knife sharpener has 2 sharpening blades, TUNGSTEN and CERAMIC: tungsten is used for coarse sharpening that can bring a damaged blade back into service.

Ceramic is perfect for finer honing that will make a good knife great. Just pull the blade back through a couple of times and your knives will be instantly upgraded to something you’d only otherwise find in a professional chef’s arsenal. If you still don’t have SliceChum in your kitchen, it might seem daunting to sharpen your knives, but it’s an inexpensive way to take what could be trash-your dull knives-and turn it into a gem (a brand new knife set!).

Seeking a decent knife sharpener can be as tricky as seeking a decent knife. Some knife sharpeners only work on particular kinds of knives. Plus, the sharpness result levels greatly depend on the sharpener’s quality and how much effort and time you spend on the sharpening process.

So, if you have been in search of a product that not only performs well but is also easy to use, then we’ve got just the thing for you – SliceChum Knife Sharpener!

One amazing quality is that this compact and portable knife sharpener will help repair and maintain your knife blades properly as soon as the need arises, and that too from the comfort and convenience of your own home

Just because your old knives are dull does not mean they are a lost cause. You can easily breathe new life into them and restore them to their former glory by using the SliceChum knife sharpener.

The SliceChum knife sharpener will burnish, maintain, and even fix the edges of your knives and, more importantly, increase the life of your knives.

Features of the Slice Chum Sharpener:

Very safe: When a knife turns dull, it causes you to exert more pressure while cutting. And by exerting more pressure and force, there are high chances that the knife may slip out and cause severe injury. But you won’t have to fret about that with the SliceChum ceramic knife sharpener. It doesn’t require force and is safe to use. Moreover, its suction power ensures that the device doesn’t slip and cause injury.

Lightweight and Portable: SliceChum knife sharpener is a portable tool that can give your knives a razor-sharp edge in just a few seconds. So, if you’re planning to go on a hunting expedition or camping, make sure to add the SliceChum knife sharpener to your backpack!

Two Sharpening Blades: It has two sharpening blades, i.e., ceramic and tungsten. One is of course for sharpening while the other is for finer honing

Better food presentation: It breathes new life into dull and dead knife edges with its highly effective ceramic sharpener. So, say no to dull knives ruining your food’s presentation and flavor with the SliceChum ceramic knife sharpener.

Hands-Free Safety: The base of SliceChum is fitted with an effective suction-cup so it won’t budge an inch while you sharpen your knives. There’s no need for tools, you just simply stick it to a smooth surface and start sharpening!

Fits anywhere: Due to its compact size, the SliceChum knife sharpener can fit anywhere. You would not have to worry about its storage, and more importantly, you can also carry it with you on a traveling expedition.

Works for all forms of knives: Unlike other knife sharpeners that work well only on some kinds of knives, the SliceChum knife sharpener performs exceptionally well on all types of knives.

Speed and Precision: With a sharp knife, you cook with precision and speed and most importantly, it makes your food look and taste better. It helps you to achieve this by revamping your dull knives in seconds.

Easy and effortless to use: It makes it very easy and effortless to use. It makes it effortless to get your knives to a professional chef standard, and that too in just a few seconds. Moreover, it will instantly improve your cooking skills as a whole.

Delicious food with ease: People who spend a great deal of their time in the kitchen, know that knife skills are life skills. And knowing how to keep and sharpen a knife is one of the most crucial things you can learn when prepping for a meal. Its ceramic blades you to sharpen your knives easily for delicious meals. For example, when you use an adequately sharpened knife on herbs, they discharge more aromatic oils than being mushed into a sad-looking clump by a dull knife.

Cost-effective: Instead of purchasing a new knife all the time and throwing new ones out, you can easily and cost-effectively revive and upgrade dull, old knives with the SliceChum knife sharpener.

 Manufactured with Quality materials: With solid ABS and stainless steel smartly combined, the sharpener is designed to be a handheld knife sharpener that provides substance and reliability. It also comes with a slip-resistant base for extra safety and efficiency.

Amazingly efficient: This kitchen knife sharpener is super straightforward and easy to use, even for first-timers. Yet, this mighty device can fix damaged blades and restore your knives to the best sharpness possible after only a few pull-throughs.

Very versatile: This Slicechum sharpener works on most kitchen knives: Chef knife, santoku, utility knife, fruit knife, and your non-serrated pocket and hunting knife.

 Hassle-free returns: The company stands behind the quality of this portable knife sharpener and guarantees your satisfaction with it. Contact us for a refund or replacement if you’re less than 100% happy with the product.

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Slicechum review

How does it work?

The SliceChum has two individual sharpening blades: ceramic and tungsten. The tungsten blade is exclusively designed for coarse sharpening to bring a dull, damaged blade back into its former glory. Whereas the ceramic sharpening blade is perfect for finer honing and can make a good knife great.

All you have to do is simply just pull the dull blade of your knife into the desired slot (ceramic or tungsten) a couple of times, and your knife will be instantly revived and upgraded into something you can only otherwise find in the arsenal of a professional chef. SliceChum Knife Sharpener is particularly designed for people who love to spend time in the kitchen. If your dull knives are holding you back from making delicious meals, then this is the perfect product to add to your kitchen arsenal!

Benefits of Using the SliceChum Sharpener

Faster cooking:

 Yesooo, the more efficient the tools the faster the cooking. Compare using a sharp knife to cut your spices and vegetables and using a stubborn blunt knife. You will find out that you will delay your cooking in the latter while you can Fastrack your cooking in the former. The time you will use to get frustrated or search for another knife you could use or going to borrow a knife from your neighbour, would have been enough to finish the cooking and even dish out the food.  Why not get your Slicechum!

Very safe to use:

Yes, the SliceChum knife sharpener is easy and safe to use. The device suction power fixes it in position and ensures that it does not slip and cause any injury. However, I’d still like to announce that children should not use SliceChum or any other knife-related gadget. Therefore, keep all such products away from infants and young children.

Enables Smooth operation of tools:

 A knife is the single most important tool in the kitchen. They know that by simply sharpening your knives properly, you’ll cook faster and with more accuracy and most importantly, it’ll make your food taste and look amazing!

You’ll effortlessly glide through ingredients rather than bludgeoning them into discoloured, tasteless lumps. SliceChum gets your knives up to a professional chef standard in seconds and you’ll see your cooking improve immediately.

Enables self-use and development

Knife skills are life skills, and learning how to sharpen and keep a knife is one of the most important things you can learn in the kitchen. By simply sharpening your knives properly, you’ll make delicious meals with ease.

Gives you the Desired Results:

When you use a properly sharpened knife on herbs, they release more aromatic oils rather than being mushed into a sad-looking clump. Tomatoes keep their delicious juices and onions brown easier (a dull knife crushes cell walls and causes a build-up in moisture).

A dull blade will tear and bludgeon your ingredients into tasteless lumps. SliceChum makes it effortless to get your knives to a professional chef standard and will instantly improve your cooking!

A dangerous and extremely common mistake that many people make in the kitchen is letting their knives get too blunt.  With a blunt knife, you have to use more pressure on it when you’re cutting, and this increases the danger of it slipping out and inflicting injuries on you.

Very Affordable: 

The Sicechum Sharpener is very affordable to use and when matched with its amazing technical efficiency, this product is good to go. It saves you extra money for repairs of your blunt knives. It saves you cost of getting a new set of knives. So which is better? you judge.

Other benefits include:

• it reduced the risk of injury.

• it saves time 

• Reduced stress.

• Cut vegetables the way you desire.

• very durable product.

• It is portable and compact.

• Can be used for different spec of knives.

• Can last long

• Handles rusting and gives your utensil a new form

How to use the Slice Chum Sharpener:

The following are very simple steps to follow while using the Slice Chum sharpener they include:

Step1: Place SliceChum knife sharpener on a stable, smooth surface.

Step 2: Twist with the ‘LOCK’ arrow to fix in its position. The suction power ensures that it does not slip and cause injury.

Step 3: Pull a dull knife through the coarse slit, starting from the heel to the tip for about three to six times. You can pull a couple of more times in case a knife is severely damaged or dull.

Step 4: Conclude with one or two pulls through the finer slot.

Step 5: Once you are done sharpening, wipe down your knife’s blade with a wet cloth.

Pretty Simple right!!!!!

Does Slicechum work or is it a Scam?

Yes, It works! The rods used for coarse sharpening on the Slicechum Sharpener is built with adequate materials and it is known for its efficiency. The Medium slot consists of 2 blades made out of tungsten carbide, a combination of metal and carbon whose hardness level exceeds that of many different kinds of steels. Placed so that they cross each other to form a V, the blades realign your knife edge and remove micro metal chips from it, giving it a burr-free surface.

With low abrasiveness, ceramic does not remove materials from your blades and is thus used in the Fine honing to bring them a smooth final polish. It’s very friendly to Damascus steels as well as other softer (and expensive) steels, so you can apply this stage frequently to touch up your knives.

The Slicechum’ Sharpener screams quality the second you hold it in your hand: it’s firm and nicely weighted, with every part joining together nicely and seamlessly, leaving no space for unintended movements. With product durability being one of the top priorities, the handle and the slot holder of the Slicechum’ Sharpener are made of one single solid piece of high-quality ABS plastic, a material known for its high level of impact resistance, toughness, and heat resistance.

With that, the device remains well-composed as you apply pressure and pull your knife through the slots. There’s no hollow part; it is designed to last many years to preserve the keen edges on your beloved knives.

The base and the working area of the Slicechum’ Sharpener are covered with stainless steel films. This not only gives it a contemporary appearance but also makes it easy to get rid of metal stains and food particles that get onto the device. You don’t have to put much force in pulling your knives through, but the Slicechum’ Sharpener has your back even if you do. It has two soft plastic pads underneath it, which serves to prevent slips and keep the sharpener in its place for safe sharpening, should you place it on a wet, slippery surface.

Pros of the Slicechum Sharpener:

  • Razor-sharp knives in seconds
  • Compact in size  
  • Portable 
  • Possesses Two sharpening blades: ceramic and tungsten 
  •  So easy to use 
  • Works on all types of knives 
  • Suction power for safety 
  • Has a very Sleek design
  • Cook faster and better
  • Sharpen all kinds of knives
  • Revive and restore dull knives to life
  • Guaranteed high quality.
  • No hassle in return. Good customer service and redress system.
  • Faster and easy to set up.
Slicechum review.jpeg
Slicechum Review

Cons of the SliceChum Sharpener:

  • Limited stock
  • Can only be ordered online.
  • Needs to be stored very properly. However, no special method of storage is needed.
  • It Should not be kept near children as it can easily injure them.

Slicechum Sharpener Price and Where to buy

Slicechum sharpener is very affordable and that is why it is gaining wide popularity in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and a host of other countries. The price list is as follows:

1x Slicechum – 29.99$
2X Slicechum – 59.99$
3X Slicechum – 66.99$

However it is important to note that these are discounted prices and might go up anytime soon. It is advisable to buy yours now and enjoy the discount if you are really interested in the product.

The safest place to buy the slice chum sharpener is from the manufacturer’s official site. Here you are sure you are getting the original verson of this product and yolu also have access to anhy offer available for this product.

Customer reviews of Slice Chum Sharpner

Here are the customer opinions and reviews of this product. Here are what they have to say:


A little miracle of a device. I was going to get rid of my knives and buy a new set because they were so dull you could hardly cut anything with them. But I saw SliceChum and thought I’d give it a try, and within minutes, my knives were completely restored! Do yourself and your knives a favour and get one!


I saw my wife struggling with dull knives while cooking then I thought I needed to do something for her. As a man, I was learning about various kinds of sharpeners before having decided to choose this one finally as it seemed to be well-built, efficient, and easy for everyone to use. And yes, it didn’t disappoint me even from the first blade. Now my wife can also sharpen any knife in the kitchen by herself within 2 minutes or so.

Charlotte Unai

I’ve tried a few different knife sharpeners and none of them has given me an edge close to SliceChum. I’ve been cooking a lot at home recently and it would have been a nightmare without SliceChum. It’s without a doubt the best knife sharpener you can buy.

Karen T

Honestly, I never knew how something as simple as sharpening your knives properly could be such a game-changer. Cooking became fun again! I’ve tried out so many new recipes and my cooking has improved so much already.


I chose three knives from our drawer that were all of the same make and material but of somewhat different blade shape–nothing fancy, just basic kitchen knives, about 8 -10 inches long. I read the instructions on the box. Before sharpening the knives, I tested them by drawing each one of them across the edge of a paper towel to see if they would cut into the paper. None did, but one seemed to almost do it.

After sharpening the knife on the Chef Sharpener a few times, I was able to get it to cut into the edge of the paper. With the other two, it was more difficult. After sharpening them about ten times (i.e., about five-stroke passes in each slot, then about five five-stroke passes in slots two and three), I was able to get one of the two duller knives to cut into the edge of the paper.

Therefore, I would say that the Sharpener works pretty well; but if your knife is rather dull, it is likely to take several more strokes than are suggested by the instructions.


I decided to try this because I am afraid of electric sharpeners. I have pretty expensive knives and was afraid of taking off too much blade with electric. This sharpener is stable and very easy to use. Quickly puts on an excellent edge without oversharpening. My favourite knife was dull and I was able to bring it back to new! The price point is amazing for the quality!

Frequently Asked Questions (Slicechum Review):

Q: will this sharpener sharpen serrated knives?

Yes, it does – the tungsten carbide slot can sharpen knives with larger teeth. 

Q: How do you use it with no instruction? Do you start from 1 to 3 and use all of the slots?

Pass the blade 5 times through each slot in the following order: 

1 Coarse 

2 Medium …

Q: What is its Sharpening angle?

Thank you for your question. The sharpening angle is 20 degrees (40 degrees total)

Q: Is the Slicechum good for ceramic knives???

There are no specifications as to whether it is good for ceramic knives but this sharpener is only useful for metal knives. 

Q: What angle does it sharpen to?

The sharpening angle is 20 degrees (40 degrees total)

Q: Will it sharpen scissors?

Yes, it can be able to sharpen scissors edges, but this product is designed principally for knives.

Where can the Slicechum Sharpener be purchased?

You can be able to order this product from the site of the manufacturer. And one thing you should know is that an offer of a discount with a huge percentage deduction in price is being offered if you order. It is very affordable and so efficient. Order yours today! Oops I mean now!

Final remark (Slicechum review)

You deserve the best. You deserve stress-free cooking, you deserve efficiency of cooking tools. You deserve that sharp knife. And you deserve a stress-free cooking session. So why not try out something that shapes and enables your knife to give you an efficient delivery. The Slicechum Sharpener sharpens your knife in no time and can bring a dead knife back to its former and better state. Do you want to see it for yourself? Order now!

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