Miracle Sheets Review 2020: Is it true?

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Miracle sheets Review

The Oslo Manual, an international reference guide from the OECD for collecting and using data on innovation, defined the concept of innovation as: “a new or improved product or process (or combination thereof) that differs significantly from the unit’s previous products or processes and that has been made available to potential users (product) or brought into use by the unit (process). Simply put; innovation can be defined as a process that involves multiple activities to uncover new ways to do things. It should not be confused with creation since this can be defined as the act of making, inventing or producing something. However, new innovations can be realized with creativity.

People need to think outside the box in order to create incremental enhancements. At this moment, we are positioned in a fast-paced environment where technology is advancing and globalization is increasing. This means that distances only get shorter, and as a result, competition is increasing, customer expectations are more demanding and disruptions in the economy is more likely to occur. Innovations crate bigger opportunities and are critical for the survival, economic growth and success of a company. Innovating helps develop original concepts and is a driver of optimizing operations. Companies that innovate are able to set the organization in a different paradigm in order to identify new opportunities and best methods to solve current problems.

According to the 4th and most recent edition of the Oslo Manual, there are four main types of innovation such as: 1. Organization innovation. This refers to the development of a new organizational strategy that will somehow change a company’s business practices, as well as the way its workplace is organized and its relationship with external stakeholders. 2. Process innovation. This is about implementing a new or improved production or delivery approach including changes in operational methods, the techniques used and the equipment or software. 3. Marketing innovation. This means developing a new marketing strategy that produces changes in, for instance the way a product is designed or packed or even other decisions regarding price or promotion. 4. Product innovation. This is the introduction of a new or improved good or services. These inventions or changes may have to do with improving technical specifications, the materials or the software used or even advancing on UX (user experience).

However, product innovations do not need to improve all functions or performance specifications. An improvement to or addition of a new function can also be merged with a loss of other functions or the downgrade of some other specifications. Moreover, a product innovation must be made available to potential users but does not necessarily need to generate sales. Because if it did, then innovations with low demand or for instance, digital products like apps that are free would be excluded. At the same time, routine changes or updates are not considered product innovations as they are only correcting errors or making some seasonal changes. 

This fourth type of innovation is the one that concerns us today. Product innovation of our bed sheets and towels and pillow cases. For a very long time, there have been no innovative attempts on our sheets but no more. Three recent developments made at Rensselaer in sheet material forming processes have been made known to us. These innovations represent three broad disciplines of process simulation, forming process and computer aided measurement methods.

The first development deals with simple and quick computer simulation of 2D sheet forming process without depending on popular finite element analysis methods. An analytical method based on a thin shell theory accounts for bending and unbending effects and is capable of simulating practical sheet metal forming processes under the plane strain condition.

The second area is concerned with innovative methods to improve formability of sheet materials by temperature gradient forming. The drawing limit is increased by such an improved temperature gradient forming process. The third and final area deals with a totally new experimental technique to capture 3D geometry data and measure strain distributions of sheet metal parts using digital 35 mm SLR camera.

Plenty of beds are getting a real workout right now. So many people are stuck at home and just lounging about in bed. Which means that those sheets are getting dirtier a lot quicker, meaning you need to wash them more. With all the stress in the world right now, who wants to deal with more loads of laundry? No one. Limiting that load in a way that does not sacrifice your cleanliness or comfort is key. 

You might have scrubbed down your groceries, given your reusable totes a wash and stocked up on hand sanitizers, but what about the germs lurking where you think they would be the least? Say, snuggled up in your bed. Even if you wash your bedding as often as experts suggest, bacteria and microbes still make themselves comfortable between the sheets and as we continue to spend more time at home, that means sheets are only getting dirtier quicker. 

If the thought of bacteria in your bedding just sent a shiver down your spine, be thankful that there is one brand out here making it possible to keep sheets and towels cleaner and longer than you probably thought possible: The Miracle brand or sheets.

How do you know Quality Sheets?

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Quality sheets are the key to a good night’s sleep. After all, it is impossible to get comfortable if you are wrapped up in a scratchy material or a fabric that makes you feel hot and since nothing is worse than investing in bedding that constantly needs to be replaced, you will also want ones that are long lasting. When it comes to shopping for sheets, it mostly comes down to personal preference. Here are some of the things you need to know to buy quality sheets:

100 percent cotton is the most popular choice because it feels soft and natural, but cotton/poly blends are usually more durable, less prone to wrinkling and less expensive. If you are opting for cotton, long staple fibers are often smoother or more durable but be warned: there have been instances of brands falsely labeling sheets with these premium fibers. You can also choose linen or polyester, which are less common but feature unique properties. 

Thread count: the truth is that thread count is not the most important but often we have noticed that top quality sheets are usually in the 300 to 500 thread count range. Instead, we find that the fabric weave of sheets is what makes a big difference to consumers.

About Miracle Sheets

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Miracle sheets Review

Miracle sheets are antibacterial sheets that can kill bacteria and remain clean for much longer periods. All of Miracle’s sheets and towels are made with antibacterial silver, which works to eliminate 99.9 percent of bacteria and stop microbial growth. While regular fabrics can harbor extensive bacteria after two weeks (causing odors, stains and even breakouts), Miracle’s fabrics rely on the natural process of ionization to slow the growth.

The result? Minimal bacteria in the same amount of time, which means fewer trips to the laundromat. In order to stay healthy and clean, most experts recommend that you wash your bed sheets at least once every other week. That sounds like a lot and in truth it is. Who possibly has time to wash their sheets that often?

However, in order to prevent allergies, acne and other health issues related to unclean sheets, it is an absolute necessity. So what is a health conscious but time crunched sleeper to do? Miracle Brand sheets makes it simple. There is a bacterial bonanza in your bed, these high tech sheets can change that. It is probably not something you want to think about, but sometimes the truth hurts.

Chances are your sheets, towels and pillowcases are swimming with bacteria and all kinds of other microbes. If you thought the bedroom was bad, the bathroom is far worse: Even after one use, towels can become ridden with mold and bacteria. That is why Miracle put its signature silver properties into its plush cotton towels too. Designed with maximum absorbency, they cut down on drying time and keep bacteria at bay.

The secret of Miracle Brand products comes from anti-microbial silver, which is woven into everything under the Miracle Brand and kills off some 99.9 percent of bacteria. These bacteria blocking properties mean that your new Miracle pillowcases, sheets and towels will stay clean longer. They can be washed as much as three times less often than products made with traditional materials. The silver makes Miracle products essential self cleaning and self sanitizing.

Sheets and pillowcases are available both in sets and as separates ranging from twin size to California king, so you can keep every bed in the house covered. Its towels are also sold separately, or you can bundle to save on everything. Miracle stands behind its comfortably clean products so much that each purchases comes with a 30 Day risk free trial, so you can return them for a refund if you are not completely satisfied. But based on the raving five star review left by the users that seems highly unlikely. You will find just about everything you are looking for when you invest in Miracle Brand too.

The Miracle by Aloft sheets are some of the company’s popular products. The sheets come in four colors: stone, white, sand and sky blue along with queen, full, king and twin sizes. The sheet sets are designed to stay cool and clean, offering a luxurious feel that you will absolutely adore.

When it comes to towels, they have plenty to offer too. The Miracle washcloth, for instance comes in the same color options as the sheets. When you buy, you will get one washcloth that not only feels soft and comforting on your face but also eliminates almost all bacteria. The company even produces pillowcases too. This is one of the most important product lines for to consider, since bacteria has a tendency to build up on your pillowcase. This can cause acne to form on your face or for your allergies to be triggered or to worsen. The pillowcases also come in four colors along with standard and king sizes. You can choose from signature percale or extra luxe sateen fabric.

Plus, you can get 15 percent off all orders right now using the code Miracle15 at checkout. Whether laundry is piling up faster than you would like or you are just trying to avoid too many trips to the laundromat, this is one cleaning hack you will not want to miss out on.

How does Miracle Brand Sheets work?

Miracle Brand is a company owned by Aloft. Miracle sheets and towels are made out of antibacterial silver so you will have three times less laundry and no more odors. These sheets and towels are made out of antimicrobial silver. This compound has the ability to eliminate up to 99.9 percent of bacteria when compared to regular fabrics.

In case you are late to the party, silver is the ultimate bacteria killer. Apparently we have known about the antibacterial property of silver for a very long time. A quick science fact: the secret power of silver is that it kills germs when it oxidizes. It also releases ions that eradicate bacterial. Silver helps the Miracle Brand sheets to fight off 99.9% of bacterial growth. It ionizes the sheets, attracting germs and destroying them where they stand. That means they will stay cleaner for longer and they will not stink and thus, you will not have to use that washing machine all that much anymore.

Miracle brands Products

So if you are interested in giving Miracle products a try, here are a few products that can get you started:

  1. Miracle Sheets (Signature Set): If you are less concerned about microbes on your towels than your bed sheets, you might think about just getting a Signature Miracle Sheet set. This is the basic set of Miracle brand sheets with antimicrobial silver and a thread count of 480. And if you are worried you will have to sacrifice comfort for cleanliness, worry no more, because Miracle bed sheets are cool, breathable and soft.
  2. Miracle Sheets (Extra Luxe Set): If you put an especially high premium on comfort, Miracle has a set of bed sheets and pillowcases that are sure to meet even the most exacting comfort standards. Miracle’s Extra Luxe sheets are made with the same antimicrobial silver as Miracle’s Signature sheets. But they are also made with American grown Supima cotton and a thread count of 620. They are expressly engineered for an ultra luxurious, smooth and silky feel. Not only that, but the cotton in the Extra luxe Miracle Sheet set will make sleeping in the spring and the summer so relaxing. These sheets are breathable and will not overwhelm you with heat during the night. The main attraction with the Extra Luxe Miracle Sheet set is how they stay clean a lot longer than other sheets. Three times longer than others. A queen sized set of two pillow cases, a fitted sheet and a flat sheet is included.
  3. The Miracle Home Bundle: two pillow cases, two bed sheets and a complete towel set (that is two bath towels, two hand towels and two washcloths), all bundled together make up the Miracle Home Bundle. It is an especially good bargain, since you save about 25 percent by purchasing them this way as opposed to buying the items individually. And you get the same bundle discount at whichever mattress size you buy.

So if you are tired of sharing your bed with millions of microscopic organisms invisible to the naked eye, head over to Miracle’s official site and stock up on everything you need.

Comparison between Miracle Sheets and Traditional Sheets

S/N Miracle BrandTraditional Sheets
Three times less laundryRegular loads of laundry
Temperature regulatingCauses Sweats and stains
Healthier skinBlemishes and Dull skin
Youthful GlowRough on skin
Fresh and HygienicFilthy and Unclean
Anti odorCauses Stains and Bad Odors
Bacterial Fighting Breeding ground for germs and microbes.

Benefits of using Miracle Sheets

  1. Three times less laundry: The Miracle Towel dries twice as fast as a regular towel and requires half the laundry
  2. Temperature Regulating: The natural silver woven into the fabrics is thermoregulating, meaning you sleep at the perfect temperature all night long.
  3. Healthier skin: You will no longer sleep on bacteria infested sheets, you skin will certainly thank you.
  4. There is no bad odor associated with Miracle sheets
  5. Very comfortable to use, smooth and soft to touch and remain fresh smelling for a long time.
  6. There is a 30 night free trial. In the situation you do not like the sheets, you can still return them free of charge after 30 nights. This is to guarantee a 100% customer satisfaction.
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Disadvantages of Miracle Sheets

  1. It can only be bought online, though it is not really a problem because most people already purchase different products online.
  2. Stock is quite limited
  3. Shipping will take longer than stated due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic but efforts are being made to rectify the situation.
  4. While their sheets do not need to be laundered as often as regular sheets, they do still need to be laundered from time to time.
  5. Although the silver in the fabric helps reduce the buildup of bacteria, it does not totally eliminate it, as many people assume.

Why should you buy Miracle Brand Sheets?

We have all been resolute with our new cleaning regimen. We wash our hands more often and for longer periods of time, and we are always equipped with sanitizing wipes and disinfectant sprays for any new items we are bringing into our home. We believe we have it all covered or at least we thought we did until now. It turns out we were not quite considering everything; most notably, our sheets and towels. Both get so much use every day, so keeping them clean is more important than ever. And the effort, washing them that often would be such a pain. We know. But you do not have to go through this hassle and you can still keep yourself and family clean. You just need to get yourself a Miracle brand product.

Antibacterial sheets and towels are officially a thing in the form of Miracle brand products. All variations of these products are made with silver that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria through a process called ionization. The sheets are not only designed to stay clean, but also cool. People that sweat in the night will rejoice because of this amazing feature. These breathable sheets will keep the air flowing, regardless of if you get the Signature 480 thread count version or the Extra Luxe Sateen 620 thread count version.

The benefits do not stop there. While bacteria on regular sheets can apparently double every 20 minutes, causing acne and odors, these Miracle sheets may keep sheets fresh for weeks at a time. As for towels, if you are hoping for maximum absorbency, you have got it. Whether you are talking hand towels or bath towels, these miracle towels claim to dry in half the time of any traditional towel and shoppers say they truly stay fresh longer. 

Both the sheets and towels are available in singles or sets are available in different sizes. All Miracle products are totally risk-free, so it is 100 percent worth it to test them out for yourself.

miracle sheets,jpeg
Miracle sheets review

Where to buy Miracle Sheets from?

If you wish to purchase the product, it makes great sense to choose the manufacturer directly. They have a website where they offer the products. But that is not all: if you want to purchase more than one, you can do so with special offers that the manufacturers make available from time to time. This means that you can purchase several lamps at the same time and pay less for the piece itself. The order is uncomplicated and completed within a few minutes. 

Another great advantage is the numerous payment options offered by the manufacturers. Here the buyer does not take any risk because he can use secure methods such as PayPal or Credit Cards. These possibilities also hold out the prospect that if you send the product back if you do not like it, you will get your money back without any problems. A further advantage is the fast dispatch, which takes place up to the front door. A few days after the order, the product arrives and can be used immediately.

Information about the Suppliers

Here is what we know about the suppliers:

Address: Cargo Cove Fulfillment c/o Miracle Brand – 1501 Haines St. Jacksonville, FL 32206

Phone: 1 888 683 4875

Email: hello@miraclebrand.co

Miracle sheets Customer Reviews

Andrea M. Wake Forest, NC: “Love! Best sheets ever. So luxurious. So soft. I was skeptical but they do what they say. 1 month in and still no odors. Amazing!!”

Isa A. Denver, CO: “So far, I am very happy with the Miracle sheets. It is true, they do not smell and it is true, I do not have bed smell. I have long believed in silver for combating bacteria, and think the sheets are a perfect idea. They are cool to sleep on and feel soft and silky. I am very pleased I purchased the Sateen Luxe sheets”

Andrea A. Dallas, TX: “Well first of all I would like to say thank you, I absolutely love my sheets. You will be so comfortable, soft and cool. It keeps me cool at night. I love them”

Shari B. Derby, NY: “Love my new miracle sheets. They do not slip off like my old sheets did. They are comfy and help keep you cool all night”

Gina B: “Extremely cool and comfortable, smooth and soft to the touch. As was promised, stays fresh smelling for a long time. I actually awaken more rested. Perfect!!”

Louise C: “I had to get used to the fell. Better after the first wash. I love the sheets! I am going to try the towels next”

Patricia H: “I am using these sheets right now. So very comfortable and cooling. Would record to friend. Need more colors”

June V: “The sheets feel very nice, fit the mattress great. After a week of sleeping on them, they still looked crisp. It was wonderful knowing they could stay on bed for an extra week if I wanted to. Would purchase again”

Tracey T: “These towels are comfortable and durable. They absorb well as stated and still do a good job of preventing bacteria/odors. Overall, I am pleased with my purchase”

Frequently Asked Questions (Miracle sheets review)

What is the difference between signature and Extra Luxe?

Our signature sheets are made with a percale weave to keep you cool and crisp throughout the night. Our Extra Luxe sheets are made with a sateen weave for an ultra-luxurious silky feel.

What are they made of?

Our sheets are made of 95% high quality Supima cotton and 5% antibacterial, pure and natural silver that kills 99% of bacteria

Does it have strong chemicals?

All of our products are OEKO-Tex certified which means that they are free from any harmful chemicals

How does the return policy work?

You have 30 days after the product has been delivered to return it, even if used! To start a return process, you can email us at hello@miraclebrand.co and we will send you the instructions where you can obtain your shipping label.

How often do the sheets have to washed compared to regular sheets?

Regular sheets must be washed weekly. However, doing so on a regular basis can be time consuming for most people. That is why we offer antibacterial bed sheets that can be washed 3x times less frequently than regular ones all while helping you save time and keeping you clean.

Conclusion (Miracle sheets review)

If you want to enjoy a restful night’s sleep without waking up sneezing or covered in pimples, you might want to give Miracle Brand a try. This company manufactures durable, high quality sheets and towels that do an excellent job at eliminating bacteria and odors. Less washing equals less hassle for you and you will love how these fabrics feel on your skin.

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