CupStation Reviews 2021: Should I Buy This 2 in 1 Cup Holder Expander?

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Let us be honest here: is CupStation really what people are saying it is? My experience will expose every truth about this 2-in-1 cup holder called CupStation and everything you need to know about it. In recent years, we have seen a lot of innovations in science and technology where a lot of things are being made available to us so that we live a better life.

Imagine driving in your car and at the same time struggling to hold your cup or other items. This was my experience. Many people make this mistake thinking that it is all safe simply because there is space to keep their cups as they are driving. There is everything wrong with it. 

Imagine holding your water bottle or coffee while driving simply because there is no safe place you can keep it while driving. This is very risky simply because your focus is not 100 percent on driving for safety but at the same time protecting your cup from falling. Let me not go deep here but all I want you to know is how important it is to get a Cup Station with you in your car. Read this CupStation Reviews article carefully to understand everything about this portable 2-in-1 device and why you need one. CupStation is currently trending in the United States, UK, Canada, Australia and a host of other countries.

What is CupStation?

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CupStation Reviews

CupStation will put an end to all of those things. Cup Station is an all-in-one cup holder which can help you hold anything in your car. The company called it a “hold anything” cup which means that CupStation can hold any distracting thing in your car. 

CupStation is the only best way to secure all your favourite items in your car cup holder. This device will ensure that you do not lose focus while driving simply because you are holding any item and driving only with one hand.

Cup Station is an expandable cup holder which can be expanded up to 6 inches. You can expand it to hold large items like hydroflasks, XXL soda cups, coffee mugs, food containers, accessories (keys, phone, etc.), and tons more.

CupStation Reviews: Features

When you do not know about something, it is better to ask someone who knows more than you or knows about that particular thing. I know a lot of people are looking forward to seeing the features of CupStation and why a lot of people are rushing to get their own now. There is no need for me to shout much here, but the truth is that if you do not get a Cup Station, you will not understand how comfortable it is to have a CupStation in your car. See the features below:

  • Contain all items: CupStation is designed to contain every item you decide to put in it. It does not matter the size you choose to put in your cup holder. Be sure that it will contain. Somebody asked me, what if he has food in a small container, can CupStation hold it? The answer is yes. Take, for example, you want to take food to your kid in school, and you are looking for a way to keep it safe, so it does not fall.

    You can simply put it in Cup Station and then expand it to its size and release your hand. This is just the only thing you have to do and then you are ready to go anywhere. Am I only talking about food containers here? No, I just used it as an example; it does not mean it is only good, including your ice cream, in fact, anything you can think about.
  • Dual cup (2-in-1 cup holder): Your main car cup holder is usually one. Even if your own is two, there is no need to worry about it; you can triple them. CupStation is a two-in-one cup holder that doubles the space of your cup so that instead of you having only one space to hold anything, you will now enjoy two spaces to hold any item you want to hold. Thanks to the vertical design of the second cupholder, CupStation turns any single cup holder into two – giving you twice the space to store things without cluttering your car.
  • Expandable (6 inches): You can expand the size of your CupStation to up to 6 inches, which means that you can virtually hold any item you want to with your CupStation. From my own experience, I can tell you that Cupstation can hold any item you want it to hold. You can expand it to hold even the largest item. Big or small, tall or short, CupStation can hold it! The adjustable arms on the CupStation expand over 6 inches to hold large objects – like hydro flasks, XXL soda cups, coffee mugs, food containers, accessories (keys, phone, etc.), and tons more. That is the beauty of Cupstation.
  • Washable: What if my CupStation is dirty? Can I wash it? You can wash your CupStation. Many people have been asking if they can clean their Cupstation, the answer to that question is yes, they can clean their CupStation. I cleaned mine. Let me put it this way; I used to clean mine anytime I found out it is not that neat again, especially when my car is being washed. I normally use that period to clean my CupStation. You too can do the same. There is no need to panic if you should clean your CupStation or not. You can comfortably clean it without any problem.
  • Rollable (360⁰): For those who may think that CupStation will inconvenience them, let me clarify it to you now. CupStation is not a standstill cup holder that cannot be shifted to the best spot. You can roll your CupStation at 360⁰. You can easily move the CupStation to the perfect spot thanks to its 360° swivel. Whatever you are storing is always at your fingertips. There is no need to worry about anything. Roll your Cup Station to the best spot.
  • Fit in any car: Cup Station can fit in any car. It does not matter to the car you are using, Cup Station is designed to fit in any car, even a boat. CupStation fits in all types of cup holders (both dropdown and standard). Many people keep asking what if it does fit in my car? Do not worry, it will fit in any car. It will fit in any cup holder, be it in your car, boat, or even in a jet. Just put it there and you are ready to go.

    What makes this possible? There is foam on the side of your Cup Station, it can be compressed, and that is why once it is compressed to fit in any cup holder, it will hold very tight so that there is no need for you to worry about it falling off.
  • Easy to use: If there is anything that is very much easier in this world, then Cup Station is one of them. Cup Station is very easy to use and everyone can use it or fix it. You are not required to do anything. Absolutely nothing is required of you. It comes right from the box where you are not required to stress yourself. Just attach the foam spacer and then place it into the cup holder. Then you can start securing your items. Simple, right?
  • Durable (made to last forever): CupStation is made from a high quality material that will last forever as long as you are using your Cup Station. This is not like most of the products you can get in the market that can easily spoil at any time. No, this is not the case with Cup Station, in fact, my experience so far has made me understand that Cup Station is even stronger than people are saying that it is. CupStation’s rugged materials are designed to withstand years of regular use. Plus, its carbon fiber texture will actually complement your car’s looks and make it even look more adoring.
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Cupstation Reviews

CupStation Reviews: Benefits

As you can see, CupStation has a lot of benefits that you will enjoy when you buy your own Cup Station. If you really value your safety, I don’t think you will ever miss this device. I do not like sounding like a preacher simply because people do not value good things again but why I am talking about Cup Station in this manner is because of my own experience and even from other people that I know and have even been with. Cup station is not just a cup holder. It is a lifesaver. You can get yours now, the link is on this article, do not forget. See the benefits below;

  • Save you from unexpected events while driving: Do you want to know how CupStation Station can save your life from unexpected events? Get yours now. You will never drive holding an item again. Keep your item with your CupStation and focus on driving safely. 
  • Works in any vehicle: Cup Station will work in any vehicle, the adhesive foam spacers can be adjusted to sit snugly inside any car cup holder. This is one good thing about Cup Station, you can use it on any vehicle.
  • Fits 2 drinks in 1 spot: As a two in one cup holder, it can hold two drinks. Your normal car cup holders only fit one drink and that one cup is usually the small one. Cup Station can hold not just two drinks but two items anytime you want it. 
  • Very affordable: Enjoy a high quality product at an affordable price. When I wanted to order for my CupStation, I was thinking that the price must be something that I would not be able to afford. But to my greatest surprise, CupStation was even more affordable than I expected.
  • 30 day money-back guarantee: If for any reason you do not like CupStation, you can comfortably return it within 30 days and you will get a full refund of your money.

What Is The Use Of A Cup Holder In Your Car: Why Do You Need A CupStation? 

A cup holder in your car can serve very little purpose in the sense that the space you get from it can only hold one thing. Take, for instance, you have a bottle of water and a bottle of wine with you, the cup holder in your car can only contain one of these two. It is your duty to choose the one that is best for you if you have to put the bottled water there or wine.

The truth is that the cup holder is not just enough to contain both and that is why Cup Station comes in to create space for all of them so that looking for a safe place to keep your bottle of wine and water can now be done without any distraction in your car while driving.

The cup holder in your car sometimes called drink carrier, beverage carrier or even cup carrier is a spot in the front of your car where you can keep your drink, bottled water, coffee, food, or even your pizza. This space is so small that it cannot contain many of these things, and that is why many people end up carrying things in their hands while they are driving and this can be very dangerous since it is capable of causing a serious accident on your way.

This is true because nobody can trust the road sometimes and that is why there is every reason for you to look for another means where you can comfortably keep those things safe in your car without taking the space of your passenger. CupStation will help you keep everything safe without having to hold anything in your hand while driving.

Is CupStation Any Good And Legit? 

Many people have been looking for a different way to keep their drink, food, coffee while going to work, a bottle of water, or even anything safe in their car without taking the space of their passengers but they could not get the best solution to it. 

There is no need to keep repeating what the company says about it but let me tell you what I found about CupStation and why I will not drive my car without having my CupStation in there. Cup Station provides the best comfort for me while driving. I do not know for you but if you want to know if what I am saying is true is for you to get your own and try it so that you will understand that you have been missing a lot of things since you have not been using CupStation.

I can tell you that again. You are seriously risking your life driving and holding any object in your hand. This is simply because nobody can trust the road as anything can happen at any time without you knowing.

Cup Station Reviews.jpeg
CupStation Reviews

Is Cup Station Safe?

CupStation is a lifesaver that anyone who has a car is not supposed to play with. Come to think of it. In fact, let me not go far. I want you to examine your own experience while driving. How many times have you experienced unexpected events while driving? Think about how they were and how they would have caused an unexpected accident. This is simply the reason why you should never play with your life by driving and holding something you feel cannot stand very well in your car. 

Although I do understand that many a time you will not have any option but to just do it. However, ever since I discovered CupStation, I have never tried it again and I will never do it again. Cup Station will put those things together so that they will be safe. You may think that keeping them on the passenger seat is the best option, but the truth is that not everything can safely stay on your passenger seat, especially when you already have something occupying your cup holder. In this case, there is no doubt that all you need is a CupStation that will help you hold them safely as you are driving.

Cup Station is the best option for holding anything in your car that I have found ever since I started looking for the best way to drive safely and at the same time have my cup of coffee, a bottle of water, or wine with me in my car. 

How Do I Use My CupStation?

Just like I told you before, Cup Station is very easy to use. Let me first tell you how I managed to make my orders. There is a link here that you will use. The link will take you to their official website. Make your orders but please make sure you fill in the right address while making the order. 

Once you are done with the order, just wait as your Cup Station will be delivered to you no matter your location in the world. When you get your package kindly unbox it. Now it’s time to locate your car park. Kindly take your CupStation to your car, in fact, if your car happens to be a human being, it will tell you to thank you for bringing my safety control cup holder to me.

Now, just follow these simple steps to put it there in your car cup holder. Remember that Cup Station comes right working from the box, you are required to do anything special apart from this.

Then attach the foam spacers, when you have attached the foam spacers, you can then place it into the cup holder. Done! Enjoy your Cup Station. Secure all items now!

What makes Cup Station very unique?

CupStation is the world’s most versatile cup holder that can contain two items at the same time. The 2-in-1 design makes it easy to store more items twice your normal cup holder.

You can customize the position of your CupStation with the 360⁰ swivel.

Even the largest item can be contained in your CupStation because it is expandable 6 inches more which can hold any item.

Made to hold an item very strong like a rock. There is no need to worry, no item put in CupStation can ever fall off.

How Does Cup Station Work? 

CupStation as a 2-in-1 cup holder expander works in a very simple way. Just put any item in it. Expand it to the size of the item and release your hand, that is all you have to do. 

Let me remind you something, just because you put a CupStation in your cup holder in your car does not mean that you cannot put any other thing in the cup holder, in fact, the space it will create when inserted in your cup holder is even bigger than before. 

I know most of you will be asking that question. That’s the answer. CupStation fits snugly inside any regular car cup holder and expands to hold pretty much anything you need it to hold. CupStation was created with cups in mind, but as you’ll soon find out, it can hold a LOT more. It also gives you two cup holders instead of one, since it simply adds an extra cup holder you can still use the original holder. Now you have two options to hold anything you want with CupStation just the way I am using mine now.

CupStation is made to last longer. In fact, CupStation is like saying you just bought a lifetime property that will stay with you forever. This is very true. You will never think of getting any cup holder again since you have your CupStation. 

Are you worried about how you can clean your CupStation? There is no need, clean your CupStation anytime you feel like cleaning, in fact, wash your CupStation anytime you want. All you have to do is gently remove it from your car’s original cup holder and then wash it. 

Can CupStation Fit In Any Car? 

CupStation can fit in any car. I didn’t know this at first. I never knew that a CupStation could really fit in any car. Did I just say any car? I mean did I just hear myself say any car? No, Cup Station can fit any vehicle that has a cup holder, not just a car. 

In fact, let me tell you something, CupStation can fit in your boat and trailer. No need to bother. It does not matter the size of your cup holder, just get your CupStation and you are ready to go. Cup Station does not just fit in any car but can hold tight in any car no matter the size of your cup holder. 

Cup Station is designed to fit in any car with its foam that can be compressed to enter in any cup holder. I know you may be asking how and what if it does not hold it strong? Everything will always be held so strong that it will never fall off. There is nothing like falling off when you are using Cup Station.

What Bottle Size Can Cup Station Hold? 

When I thought that maybe the size of the CupStation was too small, I didn’t know that I had to expand it to the size that I wanted. This was how I got the wrong impression until I realized that I had to expand it to contain any item that I wanted.

When I first heard about Cup Station, I was thinking if this thing can contain a big cup or even a medium-size bottle of water, but to my greatest surprise, Cup Station can contain even an oversized cup or an oversized bottle of water. I never knew that my cup of ice cream could be contained in my CupStation too, the big size. This is how unique this all-in-one device is so that everyone can enjoy driving safely without any distraction that could result in unplanned or unexpected events on the road as nobody can trust the road many times.

Let me tell you the truth now. There is no need to worry about anything when you have your CupStation with you. This device is worth more than it is said to be. In fact, I can boldly tell you that CupStation is a lifesaver. What does this mean? It means that having an unnecessary accident simply because you are driving and holding something will never occur to you as all your items will be held in your CupStation. The name has already suggested to you what this device can do for you. This is actually a cup station where all items are kept safe in your car.

CupStation Where To Buy

After looking for it in the global market, you will see the Cup Station. It is part of luck for it not to be sold in the market, if not, you might be scammed. The truth is that apart from the official website of the manufacturer, Cupstation is not anywhere in the market, not even in any physical store. Why? The reason is very simple. There are a lot of products in the market that if you are not careful, you will be lured into buying them and later you will begin to regret. 

Cup station is only available on the official website. That is the only place you can buy your Cup Station. You can use the link on this article and make your orders now!

What is the price of a Cupstation?

CupStation is very affordable, everyone can afford it. In fact, the good news is that when you buy two, you will get one for free and when you buy three, you will get two for free, and that continues. Use the link on this article to make your orders directly from the official website. See the prices below:

  • 1 CupStation unit: $24.99 each
  • Buy 2 CupStation units and get one free at $23.33each
  • Buy 3 CupStation units and get two free at $20.99 each

Pros and Cons of CupStation 

Pros: (CupStation Reviews) 

  • Can hold any item.
  • Works on any vehicle.
  • Fully adjustable
  • Can hold even super heavy drinks.
  • Twice the space of your cup holder.
  • It is ready to use from the box.
  • Very affordable.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Cons: (CupStation Reviews) 

  • Not available in the market.
  • Only available on the official website.
  • Limited stocks available.

Frequently Asked Questions: CupStation Reviews 

Can CupStation hold a full 32oz Hydro Flask Water Bottle?

Yes, the CupStation can hold the largest of water bottles, Yeti Bottles, tumblers, jugs, and even large fast-food cups.

How do you clean my Cup Station?

CupStation is very easy to clean, just wipe it down with soap and water or a sanitizing wipe. That is all.

How much weight can my CupStation hold?

Your CupStation can comfortably hold up to an impressive 5 pounds. That is way more than you will likely ever need – even the largest Hydro Flask available can easily fit.

Can I use a Cup Station in my boat or other vehicles?

Absolutely! Simply put, if your vehicle has a cupholder, you can rest assured that the CupStation will easily fit inside. That’s all!

How do the arms stay put?

CupStation has built-in detents that allow the arms to click into place and hold tight. Just squeeze them into place and watch them hold tight. It will NEVER fall off.

How compact does it get for storage?

CupStation is highly compact when not expanded to fit large objects. The Cup station is 7.32″ tall by 2.6″ wide by 2.6″ deep, so it will easily fit into any glove compartment, center console, or under your seat. Very quietly and very strong.

Final thoughts On Cup Station Reviews

One problem with these innovations is that many people are still not making use of these great inventions to improve their daily lifestyles. This is true. Come to think of it, people are struggling to get a new device that will help them carry on their daily lives and they come across CupStation without even wanting to know how CupStation can change their lives and even save their lives, they just scroll through without doing anything to get themselves one. This has been the problem with people. 

I think you can now understand why everyone is rushing to get Cup Station. The benefits are too many that you can afford to miss. It doubles twice the space of your cup holder. It is very easy to use. Made to last forever. Very adjustable. Works on any vehicle including a boat. Very affordable. I highly recommend you get your Cup Station now. You can use the link on this article to make your orders directly from the official website. Enjoy!

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