Dryer Masher Review 2021: Is it worth the hype?

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Dryer Masher Review 2021: The Legit Product For Getting A Perfect Laundry!

Perhaps you have been wondering what the problem with your laundry is? Even after using different sorts of recommended detergents, washing machines and dryers, your clothes will always come out awful – full of static, wrinkled, and with a weird residue on them. The worst of it all is that your clothes often wear out super fast like you have been cursed with such poor fate. However, when you check some of the people around you, their clothes will always come out of the dryer feeling like a fresh Spring breeze – perfect, soft, supple, fragrant, and best of all, totally static and wrinkle-free. 

Out of frustration and confusion, you would start using all sorts of washing extras like softeners and dryer sheets but the problem continues like a never-ending plague. Stucked, you might start looking for the services of professional washers, wasting lots of money and time. This too may not be able to solve your problem! Dryer Masher would be your greatest need. 

The questions keep popping out: Are you really tired of adding extras to your laundry just to get the job done? Do you want to have a perfect laundry that would bury your neighbors with envy? Do you really want to stop pouring your money down the drain? Do you need to stop lugging those heavy jugs of softener from the grocery store anymore. Do you actually want to stop worrying about where those dryer sheets will eventually end up? 

If the answer to the above questions is an emphatic YES, then you need to buy a Dryer Masher. This is because everyone definitely loves the smell and feel of freshly-laundered clothing and bedding. Dryer Masher leaves your garments smelling fresh, simple to sort, and soft to the touch. Not only is Dryer Masher fun to handle, but it is a reusable option for maximizing freshness. Dryer Masher eliminates the use of unnecessary chemicals with the included Garden Rain scent beads. It is either you add a “Strawberry” or a “Morning Star” Dryer Masher to your next load for a more natural scent and feel.

What is Dryer Masher? 

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Dryer Masher Review

Dryer Masher is a little ball you fill with scented fabric softener beads and throw in with your clothes when you put them in the dryer. It makes your clothes fragrant and soft, and without any static cling or wrinkles. 

Dryer Masher is not just seen as the secret for getting perfectly soft and airy clothes from your dryer. The Dryer Masher is made out of a durable, washable TPU plastic that’s resistant to oils and grease. It’s non-toxic and is even used in making medical devices.

Dryer Masher will make your clothes feel as fresh and light as if they had been wind-dried in the Swiss Alps! It helps clothes last and banishes wrinkles and static cling, leaving them soft and fragrant. And it can save you money on your electricity bill, too!

Am I Really Praising Dryer Masher? 

Of course! This is not an info-commercial but a reality. It is only those who have used this product will be able to verify this assertion. Dryer Masher gives you all the benefits you love, but without the added chemicals. Simply add the scented softener beads into the core and toss it into the load. The unique shape helps disrupt the clumping effect of fabrics for improved drying times. 

If you actually want to understand why I am recommending this item for you, these two reasons will be enough. 

  • Softeners Are Not Good for All Materials: Chemicals in fabric softener block pores in synthetic materials. Athletic clothing designed to prevent moisture buildup will gradually lose its “wicking” properties. The silicone oil used in softeners also reduces the absorbency of towels as well as the flame-resistant qualities of certain clothing, including children’s sleepwear.
  • Dryer Sheets Are Not Good for Machines: The coated fibers that make up those sheets create a chemical buildup that coats the interior of your dryer as well as the lint filter. This coating will affect the machine’s performance. Repeated use of dryer sheets may also lead to a residue buildup around the moisture sensor which impacts its efficiency.

With a Dryer Masher, you no longer need chemical softeners and dryer sheets. Since softeners and dryer sheets are not the best option for having a good laundry, you need to swap them with a Dryer Masher if you are making use of them. It is good to have a soft, fresh-smelling, and tangle-free laundry. 

Technical Details of Dryer Masher

  • Made out of a durable TPU plastic 
  • Washable  material
  • Resistant to oils and grease
  • Non-toxic
  • Replaceable scented softener beads
  • Combines both fabric softeners and dryer sheets

Features Of Dryer Masher 

  • Make every load of laundry soft, fresh-smelling, and tangle-free 
  • Dryer Masher combines fabric softeners and dryer sheets into fun designs to assist your tumble dryer
  • The replaceable scented softener beads last 30 drying cycles
  • Reduce clumped up, wrinkled clothing
  • Leaves a pleasing scent to your laundry that is not overpowering

Benefits of Buying Dryer Masher 

  • You Are Guaranteed of a High Quality: Dryer Masher is gentle on clothes yet rugged enough for the toughest tumble cycle.The product is of a very high quality as it is manufactured with a long-lasting TUP plastic material. 
  • No Difficulty with Returned Payment and Refund: You will be saved from the hassle often associated with returning a faulty product and the frustration linked with refunding the customer. This case is highly taken care of by the manufacturer of this outstanding item. If you are not satisfied with your Dryer Masher, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.
  • Fast Delivery: Get Dryer Masher delivered directly to your home. Your delivery arrives on time and at the expected day except if your country is having a stringent law on shipping owing to the current pandemic. 
  • Easy to Use: One such benefit of buying a Dryer Masher is its simplicity of usage. It is very easy to use as there is no complicated process. All you have to do is just load up the beads and toss it in the dryer. You’re all set!
  • No more Wrinkled Clothes: Dryer Masher delivers the perfect end to a freshly-laundered load. Dryer Masher makes your clothes smell fresh, easy to sort, and soft to the touch. You will have a perfect, soft, supple, fragrant, and best of all, totally static and wrinkle-free garments. 
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Dryer Masher Review

Pros and Cons of Dryer Masher

It is generally believed that whatever has pros, should also have cons. It is in this light that I have tried to bring up the advantages and seeming disadvantages of Dryer Masher. However, I wish to state that the cons might not even be considered by some people as demerits because they are not strong enough. 

Pros of Dryer Masher 

  • It is sold at an affordable price. 
  • It is lightweight and has user-friendly properties. 
  • It is not complicated to be used. 
  • It works instantly, giving your clothes sweet-smelling fragrance and enables a wrinkle-free washing. 
  • It gives you control over your laundry  and saves you tons of dollars you would have given to a dry cleaner. 
  • It is very washable and can be used by everybody.
  • Perfect for both men and women: This product is perfect for those who would like to get the best out of their laundry. No unwanted residue stains on your clothes any more. Let your clothes always come out of the dryer looking soft and attractive with no wrinkles. 
  • Dryer Masher allows you to enhance efficiency of your dryer since there is the option to set a lower temperature on your dryer when you dry your clothes. It is not a not a hearsay. You are quite aware that high temperatures can cause unimaginable damage to the fabric in your clothing, making your clothes wear out sooner than you expected with static and wrinkles. 
  • Dryer Masher allows you to run your dryer at a lower temperature. This is a great advantage because it not only makes your clothes look and feel better and last longer, it can also help reduce your electricity bills. 

Cons of Dryer Masher

  • It can only be bought online. There is no offline purchase. Although there are many knee sleeves out there, none is Dryer Masher. It is the best of the best. 
  • It’s limited in stock and therefore, you are advised to make your purchase at the time being. You can get your own, while supplies last by visiting the company’s website.
  • Owing to demand, the special introductory 50% OFF discount when you might soon be reversed. Everything is dependent on the decision taken by the company caused by demand and other economic conditions. You are therefore advised to act now before the company reviews this special offer. 

How Does Dryer Masher work? 

You just unscrew the lid (easy to do with your fingers, but you can use a coin if you have weak hands) and fill it up with the included fabric softener beads. The beads are also non-toxic, and they have a nice, fresh “Garden Rain” fragrance, too. And they do not leave any filmy residue on your clothes, like fabric softener sheets can.

The Dryer Masher bounces around in your dryer while it dries your clothes. It separates the clothes, allowing hot air to circulate more evenly and efficiently, which reduces drying time. 

The scented drying beads last up to 30 drying cycles, and you can order refills directly from the company (at an amazingly affordable price, I might add).

dryer masher review.jpeg
Dryer Masher Review

What Are The Necessary Steps To Follow Right Now For Dryer Masher? 

Now that you have been informed how groundbreaking and powerful Dryer Masher is for your perfect Nad fragrant laundry, it is important that you are aware of these necessary steps. These steps will ensure that you purchase Dryer Masher immediately and make proper use of it for the best laundry experience. All you need to do is to follow them:

  • Step 1: Order your Dryer Masher from the official store today to take advantage of the 50% OFF sale. On getting to the ordering page, make sure to choose the right oder quantity that you want. You have one to four order quantities. Before selecting the order page make sure that you are being verified by the system in order to be sure that the stock and discount is still available. 
  • Step 2: Upon receiving your Dryer Masher, unscrew the lid with your finger. Then make sure that you correctly fill the ball with the scented fabric softener beads that accompany it. 
  • Step 3: Put the Dryer Masher into the dryer alongside your clothes. Then watch as it bounces around in your dryer while it dries your clothes. What it would do will be to separate your clothes, allowing hot air to circulate more evenly and efficiently, which in return reduces the time for drying. 

You are advised to buy Dryer Masher and start relieving yourself from the shame of poor laundry as a result of wrinkled and residue-filled clothes. 

How and Where To Buy Dryer Masher?

This product, Dryer Masher can be directly purchased on the official website of the manufacturer. Buying from any other source rather than the manufacturer’s website might imply that you will be cheated. You might also buy a fake in the name of an original. 

Buying through another means also means that you might miss out the 50% discount the manufacturer offers.

The manufacturer accepts different kinds of payment methods viz: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex and Discover. You are allowed to choose among these payment methods. 

Do not forget  that you have different order quantities to choose from. No matter the order quantity you choose, the discount will be applied. Do not forget that you have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 

How Is The Order Quantity? 

In the domain of digital marketing, every product has order quantities from which you are expected to pick your choice as regards the amount of money you are able to spend. 

On getting to the order page of Dryer Masher, you have the following order quantity to choose from:

1x Strawberry Dryer Masher
Only $29.99

2x Strawberry Dryer Masher
Only $59.98

3x Strawberry Dryer Masher
Most Popular
Only $67.48

4x Strawberry Dryer Masher
Only $82.47

What Are Customers Saying About Dryer Masher? 

“Thanks to the Dryer Masher, I’m no longer finding old dryer sheets stuck inside my clothes (while I’m wearing them)!! Plus everything comes out smelling so clean. I love it. I even bought an extra “Morning Star” for my mom.” (David R. Dallas, TX) 

“I love Dryer Masher because the Dryer Masher improves your dryer’s efficiency, you can set a lower temperature on your dryer when you dry your clothes. High temperatures damage the fabric in your clothing, making your clothes wear out faster, and it increases static and wrinkles, too. And running your dryer at a lower temperature not only makes your clothes look and feel better and last longer, it can also help lower your electricity costs!” (Anderson D.  Grace, SA) 

“I purchased this for my son who just moved away from home for the first time. At least I know when he does remember to do the wash, his clothes will have a nice pleasant scent. (Tracy E. Edmonton, AB) 

“Admittedly, I got the Dryer Masher because I liked how fun it looked. I’m happy to say that it works great too! I used to forget to add the fabric sheets and ended up ironing everything! Dryer Masher stands out for all the right reasons. I never dry a load without it!! (Amanda K. Salem, OR) 

“My daughter used to take her laundry over to her grandma because her grandma’s laundry always turns out perfect unlike mine which always comes out wrinkly and covered in some weird residue. She usually said that “I’m ruining all her cool clothes because my laundry always smelled like it had just come out of some chemical plant.” However, since I bought Dryer Masher, my daughter has never taken her clothes to grandma. The clothes always come out of the dryer feeling like a fresh Spring breeze.” (Lucy K. Anderson, NY) 

Frequently Asked Question (Dryer Masher Review)

Why do people with sensitivities prefer Dryer Masher to dryer sheet? 

Dryer sheets are coated in various chemicals, including acetaldehyde, benzene, and quaternary ammonium compounds. The residue left on clothing can trigger skin and eye irritation, headaches, and asthma attacks in certain individuals.

Aside from the potential health benefits, are there any other reasons to use Dryer Masher instead of dryer sheet? 

Dryer Masher will not leave any stains on your clothes, which dryer sheets are known to do. The unique size and shape of the object help disrupt the physical balling up of fabrics for better drying. Dryer Masher saves you the expense of purchasing dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener.

Is Dryer Masher better from your machine than dryer sheet? 

Yes! Dryer sheets contribute to chemical residue buildup that can interfere with the function and efficiency of your dryer. Gradual coating of the electronic moisture sensor and the lint trap causes the machine to work harder than necessary. This ultimately results in greater wear and tear on your appliance.

Is the Dryer Masher safe for all dryer settings? 

Yes! The thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) shell is designed to withstand high temperatures while absorbing tumble shock.

Dryer sheets need to be replaced after every  cycle, what about Dryer Masher? 

Dryer Masher is a reusable product that includes replaceable scented beads for maximum freshness. Unlike dryer sheets, these beads remain effective for up to 30 loads!

Does the Dryer Masher come with any sort of guarantee? 

Yes! If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply let us know and return your Dryer Masher within 30 days for a full refund. Try Dryer Masher for yourself without worry.

Last Words on Dryer Masher  (Dryer masher review)

At the beginning of this article, you might think I was crazy by recommending this great innovation. However, at this point, you may have then started to think about it. Was I really right or not? Do you really need to give Dryer Masher a chance or not? The decision should be rightly yours to make. 

If you have never asked yourself why other people’s washes always come out nicer than yours, then you must be joking with your laundry. And for some reason, if you refuse to question why your clothes always wear out much faster than some other people do, then that would be dismissed as playing a blind fellow.

Even when you bought a pair of matching sweaters last, and while other people’s own still looks brand new, yours is ready for the dumpster. Did these people really possess the secret for doing the perfect load of laundry? You might decide to ask. 

One thing that may be baffling you is that because of stay-at-home orders, most people are keeping away from dry cleaners and are doing their own laundry at home. So what is the secret for their professional looking laundry? 

This is why Dryer Masher is at risk of selling out. If you want the best for your own laundry you might want to order now while supplies last! Dryer Masher is the best-ever dryer balls that speed up drying and make your clothes super soft and perfect. 

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