Hajimari Tops Review 2021: Is it worth the hype?

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Something that is being neglected by many and something others think they have overgrown; Something as generic as active play and laughter is a strong catalyst in building a healthy and strong relationship. It brings people together and closer creates a stronger bond, fosters understanding, and helps to break barriers in a relationship.  

Did you know that play and laughter with other people can be a useful tool not just for attracting people to our lives but also for breaking the barriers in an old relationship, and for overcoming the awkwardness or embarrassment that arises during the dating and getting-to-know-you process? Good play enhances adult interaction and keeps connection with your old friends exciting, fresh, and vibrant, and also deepens intimacy with partners.  

Play is as much beneficial for children as it is for adults in learning and building/strengthening social relationship skills.  

Hajimari tops today, introduces to us once again an old and yet appreciated method of playing -spinning tops, but in a different fashion and style. Read this hajimari tops review to see what this spinning tops has differently and how it may impact your play life and fun time. 

What is Hajimari tops? 

hajimari tops review.jpeg
Hajimari tops review

Hajimari Tops is the great exquisite gift that will not break the bank to get. This top is for people of all ages; Adults and children alike. It is finely built, which makes it great for office break time play. You can have fun winding down with this at the office with your co-workers over coffee. You can also play with it all by yourself when you get very distracted or exhausted on your desk, and inspire you more or less, to be more productive and creative. You can get to finish the work you never expect to, in a specified time. 

The kids can also have endless fun with this spinning top at home. Play games with it and become creative as well. It can encourage your young ones to develop fine motor skills and increase their time off-screen while still taking a creative break. 

Hajmari tops is uniquely made spinning tops with quality materials to make you enjoy your spin to the fullest. It comes in different sizes for the different levels – from easy to hard. Nonetheless, the method of playing with these tops remains the same; just by grasping the tiny part of the top with the tips of your fingers and flickering them, you send the object spinning vigorously across the well made concave tray or on the floor, if you wish.

Watching how these objects with their tips dancing all over the place and still, seemingly miraculously staying upright for sometime before it comes crashing to its side, is a very fun thing to do, even if science has a lot of long grammar and mathematics to deduce from it. 

Speaking of old toys and play, spinning tops has a seat here, even if I don’t know exactly how old it is. When I was a child I enjoyed doing spinning tops challenge a lot with my siblings, even if it was just our home made tops carved out of a pen-cover and a battery top. It was one of the most fun thing I did as a kid. 

When you compare spinning tops to the modern toys, spinning tops may seem quite simple and easy. Nonetheless, the scientific explanations surrounding this little fun toy give us a brief glimpse into advanced physics. Indeed, if you are going to ask a physicist how spinning tops work, you should get ready for a fascinating, long answer.  

How does Hajimari spinning tops work  

Let’s keep things simple in explaining what makes a top to spin or to stop spinning. Without dragging you into advanced physics and mathematics, let’s take a peek at some of the basic forces that make a top to spin. Primarily, when you spin a top into motion, what you are doing is applying a force that converts the top’s potential (stored) energy into kinetic energy(energy of motion) 

As it spins in its perpendicular position, it rotates around an invisible vertical axis. The principle of conservation of angular momentum holds that the top would keep spinning indefinitely if there were no other external forces acting upon it. 

However in reality, that can never be the case, except if all factors are kept constant and no external force is acting upon the top. Practically, tops are never perfectly balanced and weighted. Also, the surfaces they spin on aren’t perfectly level either. These imperfections give room for other forces, including friction and gravity, to come into play. 

When it’s spinning, a top balances on a tiny tip. This minimizes the amount of friction generated by its contact with the surface below it. Eventually, though, friction will begin to slow the top’s spin. When this occurs, the top begins to wobble, demonstrating a scientific principle called precession. 

As it begins to wobble, the axis of the top tilts to the side, which allows the force of gravity to exert a force known as torque on the top. The effect of the torque is to create additional spin while also causing the top to precess (swing) outward. As the top’s spin continues to slow, it precesses faster in an attempt to conserve its total angular momentum. This is why the wobbling gets worse right before it falls and comes to a stop. 

hajimari tops reviews.jpeg
Hajimari tops review

What you will get from Hajimari tops 

  • keeps you functional when under stress 
  • refreshes your mind and body 
  • encourages teamwork 
  • increases energy and prevents burnout 
  • triggers creativity and innovation 
  • helps you see problems in new ways 

What to do with Hajimari tops 

Whether you are playing all alone or playing with friends, you can add some exciting game play. It may surprise you how amazing they may turn out to be. Below are some of the games you can check out with these spinning tops. 

Spinning Top Battles 

This spinning tops are awesome to battle each other with. It is a very fun and exciting thing to do. Know which Hajimari top can spin longer than the other, which is more stable and can kick the other top down. Also, compare with other spinning tops and know which is the strongest. Doing this can be so much fun. 

This is the most popular thing people do with spinning tops. You can hold your spinning top in a battle with other tops. The goal is just to determine which top will spin the longest while withstanding all hits and obstacles. Adding a timer to the game will encourage precision and enable competitors to evaluate their spin techniques. The more the spinning tops involved in the battle the more intense the battle will be and the more fun.  

Play Dice with Spinning Tops 

The Hajimari tops can be an amazing replacement for a conventional die in board games. The good thing about this top is that it is well made and comes with its own well built concave tray. You can inculcate this into your children’s playtime and they can use it to play a number of games, including number recognition, math games, and games of chance. Your children will have so much fun playing, that they will barely notice how much they’re learning at the same time. 

Hit the Target 

The goal of this game is to have you launch your top and have it stop spinning when it gets to a circled area drawn on the ground. You will score more points when your top gets close to, or enters the circle. This ‘hit the target’ game you can play with spinning tops, just like curling, will encourage you to watch out for how long your top will spin and where and when it will fall. You can easily draw your targets on the ground temporarily with sidewalk chalk or a fabric pen. Establish a launch point that is set back from the target circle to give everyone a fair play. 

Take the Spin Challenge 

The difference between a spin battle and a  spin challenge though slight, is that the later takes a gentler approach to the battle concept. You can launch your spinning tops at the same time with your friend to see which one spin for the longest time. You can also launch two tops perfectly at the same time on your own and sit back to watch how things go. This will help to strengthen your fine skills-muscles, making it a playful exercise. Utilize the spinning tops tray to combat the effects of obstacles on your spinning tops and simply test the power of your tops. 

What makes Hajimari tops unique? 

The Hajimari top plate is a beautiful addition since it helps to keep the tops at a place, when you’re not in for chasing them around. It also looks great, which means you can leave it on your office desk or take it outdoors and won’t look awkward. The beautiful concaved inner creates the perfect space to spin. It also makes a great place to store the spinning tops when not in use. The tops can work without the plate, nonetheless, the plate is a great addition to any collection. 

In as much as you can have endless fun spinning around but you can maximize this fun by adding some creativity into it.  

Features of Hajimari Tops

Amusing – It is funny how very many people-adults and children alike, enjoy watching tops spin. It is simply fascinating. As a child, my siblings and I would never get enough of spinning. It was just so much entertainment for us, and it still hasn’t changed for me. I will always spin tops whenever I get a chance to do so. Hajimari tops will be a great addition to your home and office fun time. 

Easy to use – There are different kinds of tops. The kind that requires a rope to roll round it and launch it, and the other that you can do with your fingers. Hajimari tops fall into the category of the later. So in anytime and anyplace just by using your fingers. It definitely helps to limit movement.  

Lightweight – The Hajimari tops though strongly built and finely carved are lightweight and compact, which means you will be able to take them with you to any place you need. 

Relax your mind –  Truth be told, a lot of us focus so much on work and family engagements that we forget entirely to spare a little time for the other things that matter and will keep us going. For most people, playtime was abandoned somewhere between childhood and adulthood. For some others that manage to carve out leisure time, they are more likely to get stuck in front of a TV or computer, but nothing like real fun.

A real fun like a good, energizing child play, is something most of us have abandoned to children but what’s so wrong with playing like children? Hajimari tops can give you real fun and help you to wind down.  

Problem-solving – There are times when we get so stressed with work or home keeping that even doctors recommend easing stress and rest to us. Taking a short break to spin this tops will help you not to get to the point of break down. You can work and explore new ideas and still be more productive even as you wind down occasionally with this tops.  

Why play with Hajimari tops? 

If you are wondering what you can do with this Hajimari tops, you can think of playing with your romantic partner, friends, co-workers, children and even pets. It is a sure and fun way to fuel your imagination, bond together, be more creative, improve your problem-solving abilities, and emotional and social well-being. Adult play is a time to forget about all forms of problems and commitments, and to be social in an unstructured, creative way. 

You may assume, there may not be any real point of playing with these tops beyond having fun and enjoying yourself. By giving yourself a chance to play with the joyful abandon of childhood, you  can enjoy a lot of health benefits throughout life. 

Spinning Hajimari tops is a sure way to engage in an active play. Other than watching TV shows or playing video games, a real play off-the-screen is not just essential for a child’s wellbeing and development but also beneficial for people of all ages. Play can bring joy to a life full of stress, and help to relieve the stress, enhance learning, and connect you to others and the world around you. Play can also make work more productive and pleasurable. 

You can spin these tops on your own or engage in a play with other people but to achieve maximum entertainment from these fun toys, you should engage other people and cheer one another on.   

hajimari top review.jpeg
Hajimari tops review

Hajimari tops Price and where to buy 

Hajimari tops can be purchased from the official website. All products are backed up by a 30- day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. Contact the customer care for a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the product within 30 days. 

The prices at which it’s being offered at the moment are: 

1 Hajimari Top Starter Pack for $49.99 

2 Hajimari Tops Starter Packs for $99.99 

3 Hajimari Tops Starter Packs for $111.99 

4 Hajimari Tops Starter Packs for only $136.99 

Benefits you will get from playing with Hajimari tops 

Relieve stress: Playing with Hajimari tops is fun and can trigger the release of our body’s exciting hormones-endorphins, which helps to promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain. 

Improve brain function: Spinning these tops and engaging in an active play with it or pursuing other fun activities that excite the brain can help prevent memory issues and enhance overall brain function. The social interaction and joy of playing with family and friends can also help remove stress, hypertension, and depression. 

Stimulate the mind and boost creativityA controlled play is a good way for children to learn and be more creative. It also works well with adults. By spinning tops, your child can learn how to hold a pencil or pen to write, have a stronger grip on objects. By calculating the time the spin lasted, they can learn to count numbers and check the time. Mere watching of spinning tops can expose a child to a lot of creative thoughts that will make them ask questions. The answers to those questions may be the foundation to the sciences or physics they need.  

Improve relationships and your connection to othersBy inviting people to play with you, you are sharing moments and strengthening bonds. Just by engaging in some kind of spin battles with others using Hajimari tops, you may be fostering trust, intimacy, empathy and competitive skills. 

You will also be working on your nature and state of mind, apart from the activity involved, you may become a more playful person. It will help you to loosen up in moments of stress, break the ice with old friends or strangers and even make new friends. What’s more? You can use it to strengthen your business relationship.  

Keep you feeling young and energetic:  The words of George Bernard Shaw best explains this, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” Play can accelerate your energy and vitality and even enhance your resistance to disease, helping you function at your best. 

Play helps develop and improve social skillsAnother good thing play will do for you is to improve your social skills. Kids are exposed to learning varieties of things ranging from verbal communication to cooperation, body language, boundaries, and their environment in general. Even adults can improve their social skills through active play. You can break certain barriers and improve your relationship with others through active play.  

Who should use these tops? 

Introduce Hajimari spinning tops as a tool of engaging in a play with your partner and see just how this little play tool will make your relationship more fun and exciting. It is not magic, it is only practical that when people play together, they bond together, know each other better and better learn how to reconcile differences.

 Hajimari spinning tops will help you in no small ways to improve healthy competition amongst you. When you do spin battles, one person will definitely win and this will help you understand how your partner responds to win or loss. Just by a little play as spinning Hajimari tops, you can learn your partner better and save yourself from future stress.  

Frequently Asked Questions  (Hajimari tops review)

How long can you spin them for? 

How long your top will spin will depend also on the amount of force applied on it, among other factors. To be able to calculate the exact time your top can spin, you are encouraged to use a timer to count the seconds or minutes. It will also help when you are doing a spinning battle to see who can spin a certain top the longest. You can take notes of the different spinning times and take an average of them if you like. This activity will help your children to improve on their fine motor skills, writing skills, comparisons, turn taking plus the whole lot of fun. 

How many spinning tops can you spin at the same time? 

I did quite a lot of spinning battles as a kid and it was lots of fun. It may actually require a little bit of space on the floor or you can control it by using a specially made concave tray. You can teach your children to do this as a team work, to practice how many and which spinning tops can spin at the same time.

By discovering which spinning tops can spin the longest, which is more stable, which spinning top likes to move around a lot or spins on the spot, which ones are harder to spin? they are essentially practicing: spacial awareness, logical thinking, fine motor skills and organizational skills. Cheering each other on also adds to the fun. 

Conclusion  (Hajimari tops review)

Hajimari tops is a finely built spinning tops. Very compact and exquisite. It can serve as a break time play thing in homes and offices and I definitely recommend it. 

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