Laundry Masher Review 2020: Does it really work?

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Laundry Masher Review:

Doing the laundry is a whole lot of work .like it is tiring. Especially if you are trying it out mechanically or handwashing.  it can be so exhausting. Sometimes we are confronted with the fact that all fabrics are not the same color or risking our clothes to fading or contamination by other fabrics which emit chemicals in the form of different colours that can damage fabric especially white fabrics  And it is a bit tricky to figure out.

Have we even spoken about how silly and damaging detergents could be on our clothes? Like detergents can have a very bad turn on our clothes and diminishes its ability to last long and retain its colour.

However, washing clothes is just something that you can’t avoid. Whether you own your own washer and dryer or visit the local laundromat, if you want to look fresh and smell your best, you are going to need to wash your clothes. While there are a number of ways that you can go about doing this, it is the laundry masher balls that are getting the most attention as of late. In fact, this revolutionary new product is changing the way many persons are washing their clothes altogether

According to the manufacturers of laundry masher, Laundry Masher looks like a small ball with holes, but it has the potential to change laundry days forever. Unlike washing machines the manufacturers claim, that users need not worry — though it may seem like a washing ball such as the Laundry Masher would bang around the washing machine and make a horrible noise, it really doesn’t. The laundry Masher could run overnight, and the rattling wouldn’t wake you up even once.

 So what is the Laundry Masher all about?  It claims to be a big break in the laundry sector if I would call it that way , but then we need to examine this product. Does it really work?  How does it work? How can I use it effectively, Benefits as well as disadvantages of using this product?.

 So guys we are here to supply all information you need to enable you make the right purchase decision . So turn that washing machine off . Lol and let us examine this product together.

 What is Laundry Masher?

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Laundry Masher Review

Laundry Masher is a laundry washing ball that uses the power of ceramic beads to clean your clothes. These beads, which are completely natural, collect odors, dirt, and waste to leave your clothes looking and smelling fresh. The Laundry Masher detergent free laundry ball is a product that is changing the way many are washing their clothes.

The product has only been on the market for a few months now but seems to be very popular amongst the masses in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and other countries. And, this is completely understandable given all the claims that are made on the company’s website. The Laundry Masher can also reduce limescale build-up and rust. Especially for those who make use of hard water, you’ll appreciate this function most especially.

Laundry Masher is an all-natural alternative to detergent. Not only does it clean and freshen up the clothes, but it’s also quite gentle on the skin. A lot of the laundry pods and detergents can cause hives and rashes, but the Laundry Masher washing ball doesn’t. So if you have sensitive skin and struggle with finding a good laundry cleaner, give it a try — it will quickly become your favorite!

The Laundry Masher laundry ball comes in two shapes — grenade and pineapple. Within the ball, there is a plastic mesh core that contains ceramic pellets used for cleaning. At first glance, it may seem that the ball could easily open during the wash and spill them everywhere, but that doesn’t usually happen. In fact, after a few uses, it becomes obvious that these balls are tough enough to withstand all that tumbling in the machine.

And no need to worry — though it may seem like a washing ball such as the Laundry Masher would bang around the washing machine and make a horrible noise, it really doesn’t. The washing machine could run overnight, and the rattling wouldn’t wake you up even once.

The Laundry Masher also comes with,  several different Scent Options to choose from. Laundry Masher removes all unpleasant odors which can arise from sweat, smoke, the smell of food and replaces them with a  soothing, natural, fresh, or sweet scent. And all of those Scents are Allergen-Free! 

Features of Laundry masher:

  • Ceramic beads and minerals that clean clothes
  • All-natural components that work together to remove dirt
  • It can Last  more than 1,000 loads
  • It is compatible with all washing machines
  • It possesses Ceramic beads that absorb odors and collect dirt.
  • Good for 200 washes
  • Satisfying fresh linen scent
  • Reduce messes, no pouring involved
  • Allergen-free
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Magnets help reduce rust and limescale buildup
  • Negative and far-infrared ions to ensure sterilization.
  • Antibiotics to remove mold and bacteria.
  • Magnets to reduce rust and break down water clusters.
  • Alkali to increase the water’s pH to levels similar to detergents
  • Nano silver-infused ceramic Hyperwash beads kill microorganisms and nasty odors
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Laundry Masher Review

How Does the Laundry Masher Work?

The ceramic pellets inside the ball move around and increase the water’s pH. Since most bacteria live in water with a pH between 6.5 and 7, increasing it above this range naturally kills them. Thus, using pellets, you get a hydrogen peroxide effect, which cleans and disinfects the clothes.

All you need to do is drop the Laundry Masher ball into the machine and let it do its job. The ball is covered with little vents that allow the water to pass through and activate the pellets. The type of washing machine and the clothes’ material don’t matter — Laundry Masher works for all

Besides, detergents are full of chemicals, while this washing ball is completely natural!

These Laundry Masher balls are about the size of a traditional softball and are constructed of non-toxic plastic. On the surface of the balls, you will find protrusions. This is how the balls supposedly clean. When the balls move around in the washer they clean the clothes by allowing the water to move through the orifices and interacting with the bio-ceramic beads located inside the shells. These bio-ceramic beads installed inside the Laundry Masher balls are constructed from natural substances and have antibacterial properties as well as antioxidant qualities.

Also, the Laundry Masher Balls contain calcium, magnesium, and zinc as some of their ingredients. These beads are also about to change the PH level of the washing water, making it more alkaline. It should be noted that detergents are supposed to do the same thing. The only difference is that they do this through the use of harsh chemicals. The Laundry Masher product does this in a more natural way.

Alkaline water makes the stains much easier to remove and in the case of the Laundry Masher product, this is something that will be done naturally. Also, these balls work well in both soft and hard water, regardless of their temperature. The protrusions are specifically designed no to damage delicate materials, so the balls can be utilized with a wide range of materials without fear of irreparably damaging the clothing items.

The beads located inside the plastic shell are also hard, so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged either over years and years of use. In addition to this, they stay intact no matter how many times they are used, but at the same time, they are only effective for one thousand washes. It’s not really explained as to why this is the case, but it seems to be the case.

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laundry Masher Review

Benefits of Using The Laundry Masher:

Amongst many, the following are the benefits of Using The Laundry Masher.They are:

  • Can provide 3,000 wash cycles
  • Doesn’t use any harsh chemicals
  • Can be used in soft and hard water
  • Can be used at any temperature
  • It is Eco friendly,
  • It conserves energy
  • Safe for people with allergies.
  • Can be used with a variety of clothes without worrying about damaging the items
  • Doesn’t use perfume
  • An all-natural, eco-friendly alternative to detergents. They contain none of the chemicals, dyes, or perfumes found in most laundry cleaners.
  • Hypoallergenic. Washing balls are great for sensitive skin and won’t cause any rashes and allergies.
  • Several scent options. Most laundry balls offer only a neutral scent, but Laundry Masher comes with a few aromas to choose from.
  • No excess noise. Laundry Masher is a shock-absorbing washing ball, so it won’t make too much noise in the washing machine.
  • Two models. The laundry ball comes in two shapes — grenade and pineapple.
  • No need to clean the laundry balls. They don’t get dirty in the machine and only need to be left out to dry for a while before use. Once a month you should put them out in the sun so they can refresh and recharge.
  • Up to 1,500 washes. This washing ball can take you through many laundry days and still be just as effective as on day one!
  • It is very affordable
  • Saves You Money in Detergent

A very big point and advantage I love about the Laundry Masher,  is how clean and fresh clothes come out when using this product. This was something I was skeptical of until I experienced it myself. The clothes don’t have a perfumed smell, like with regular detergents, but they smell clean. They smell fresh. They don’t have any residue either. That was something I wasn’t expecting when writing this laundry ball review.

Actually the Laundry masher comes with a friendly and mild scent., Some people might love a very heavy scent which comes from the use of detergents. . Many people use detergent just for the smell. But I know that a lot you prefer fragrance-free detergents. And one thing I did experiment with was adding essential oils to my loads. They do add a nice subtle scent that isn’t overpowering.

How To Use the Laundry Masher Effectively:

Another thing I want to add in my Laundry Masher review is advice on how to use laundry balls. I’ve explained how Laundry Masher works, but you need to use it properly to get the right results. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with a load of dirty, smelly clothes.

The process couldn’t be easier:

  • Add a load of clothes to your washing machine.
  • Place the Laundry Masher on top of the clothes.
  • Choose your normal setting for your load.
  • Start the cycle. 
  • Toss in the dryer or hang dry after the cycle is finished.

Other Laundry Masher reviews may offer some additional tips for washing, but this is the method that worked best for me.

However Also follow fabric Instructions, wash coloured Clothes and whites separately, handle stains before wash as well as set the appropriate temperature setting, on the laundry masher, to max 70 degree Celsius (70C/158 F)

Does the Laundry Masher Actually Work?

The Laundry Masher Balls do work. This product doesn’t fade colors or leave traces on clothes as some traditional cleansers and detergents will after years and years of use. Another major benefit is that the Laundry Masher Ball is extremely easy on the skin.

Since it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or detergent, those with Sensitive Skin never have to worry about allergic reactions or other unwanted responses. It should also be noted that these balls are also free of perfume, which makes them more than perfect for anyone that is prone to allergies.

However here is an opinion from a customer;

 When a friend recommended this product to me I asked myself,Do laundry balls work? That was my first question, too. And I encountered a lot of  Laundry Masher reviews all to a great extent affirming, that this product does work. I was a staunch skeptic until I used them myself.

When the first load was done, I was anxious to see how well these laundry balls worked. And guess what? The first load with the Laundry Masher laundry ball was a success.

Now, many of the Laundry Masher reviews claimed that this product works with even the dirtiest of clothes. I had to put that to the test. So, I ran some old clothes through the mud (literally) and tossed them in the wash.

Maybe due to the way I might I have handled the machine,  the first load did not come out completely clean. I had to run it a second time to get the clothes fully clean. I wasn’t surprised by this. These balls do not have detergent, so naturally, it takes more effort to get really dirty clothes clean using this method.

However there are no products without drawbacks but I can confidently say that the Laundry masher, actually does work.

Pros and Cons of the Laundry Masher:

I share many of the same likes and dislikes that you’ll find in other Laundry Masher reviews. This product is great, but it’s not perfect.


  • Easy to use (no learning curve)
  • It’s so easy to use. Toss it in the washing machine, and you’re good to go.
  • You’ll save money on laundry detergent.
  • You’re doing something good for the environment.
  • Your clothes will come out clean and fresh
  • Guarantees high quality, durable, and long-lasting.
  • A friendly return policy is available for buyers to return the product within 30days if not satisfied with the product.
  • Saves money on laundry detergent
  • Eco-friendly
  • Hypo-allergenic


  • Heavily soiled clothes may require an additional wash
  • One complaint I didn’t find in other Laundry Masher reviews but I experienced myself was that these laundry balls can’t clean really dirty clothes on the first wash.
  • It is only available Online.
  • It is in limited stock.

Laundry Masher Price and Where to Buy

One interesting thing about laundry masher is that you can get it a very affordable price. That is why people all over United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and other countries are freaking for it. The price list for the produt is as follows

1 laundry masher is sold at 24.95$
2 Laundry mashers are sold at 49.99$
3 Laundry mashers are sold at 55.99$

However, it is important to note that these are discounted prices and might go up anytime soon. It will be nice if you can seize this opportunity and get yours now.

As per where to buy the laundry masher, we advice you to buy it directly from the manufacturer’s official website. This is to be sure you are getting the original version of this product. You can click the green button below to buy yours now directly from the official site.

Laundry Masher Customer Reviews

Gregory- South Carolina

The laundry Masher is a very superb product though the first time inused it I didn’t get the hang of it but not it is fine. One thing I love about the product is that it is eco friendly and very effective I recommend this product for everybody who wants to save time and get effective and affordable washing service.

I am happy to give my  review, my son happens to be sensitive to various brands of detergent. I was given advice by a friend to try out the Laundry Masher. Actually I had no clue about the product. Onw thing that is an added advantage is that I am able to wash everyone’s clothe in the same big load with no hitches. And the clothes do come out with a fine scent , no tears,so clean and fresh, this product worth a try- KIm brandson

I had a laundry Masher sent to me by my mum, when I was in Colorado preparing for college. The thing works so great. It saved the stress of carrying about detergent bottles all over the hostel. C’mon this product is so effective, like no matter how i get dirty, even when  coming back from the soccer game, the laundry Masher gets them clean. I don’t have to spend my money on soap. The laundry Masher is a lovely replacement.- Stan Dulluth, Minnesota

I am a lazy person when it comes to doing the laundry, i hate ironing so much. When I got my laundry Masher, I did not have to worry about rumples, my jeans balling and ugly creases. Laundry Masher makes doing the laundry less of a chore . So easy to use and I love the smell. And I must affirm , yeah so hard to believe, you don’t need detergent anymore. Vanessa G Rockford, Illinois.

At first  getting the laundry Masher was quite difficult,  because it was not in a physical store ,it was a bit not easy for me . But I got it online from their website and I will say I don’t regret using the product. When. I  started using the product It was bit tricky handling it ,but as I frequently used it I began to get the hang of it. I have a three year old son Temi , who loves to mess himself up. The laundry Masher has really come to my aid, regarding serious stains on Temi’s fabric. Though in some stains I have to still try to wash them first to weaken the stain before using the laundry Masher. But overtly, the laundry Masher is a very nice product. Josephine Baba wrights- Brooklyn.

The laundry Masher is better for the environment, there are no chemicals in the laundry Masher, so they are much suitable for the environment. It is  also reusable  that means,  I can save money , in the long term. Also possessing no chemicals, no detergents or bleaches, it mean that anyone with a very sensitive skin like mine, would find the laundry Masher handling his or her fabric, very suitable. It is eco friendly and helps me to contribute my part in sustaining the environment and controlling Climate change- Mark Baxter.

Frequently Asked Questions (Laundry Masher Review)

Do I need to add detergent or sooner for the Laundry Masher to work?

No the  laundry Masher is 100% detergent free ,you need not to add any detergent. The plastic core is filled with lightly scented ceramic pollets, that work with the mechanical action of laundry Masher casing, to produce a cleaner, softer load of wash.

How big is the Laundry Masher?

The Laundry Masher is small, sleek and portable and compact and will fit perfectly in the palm of your hands.

How long, what is the duration in which the Laundry Masher Nano Silver beads last?

They last approximately 200 washes , at this point  you need  to replace the laundry Masher.

 Is the Laundry Masher Okay with any setting or temperature?

Affirmative, each laundry Masher is constructed with durable thermoplastic brubber that is capable of handling the heaviest load at the hottest setting. Each shell is shock absorbing and it is designed to reduce the noise inside your machine . The vents, along each laundry Masher ensure, a thorough cleaning in every circle.

Does the laundry Masher come with any sort of guarantee?

Yes , if a customer is not satisfied with the usage of laundry Masher, let the manufacturer know or the vendor know and you can return the laundry Masher within thirty days, for a full refund. The  laundry Masher comes with a friendly and hitch free redress policy 

Conclusion (laundry masher Review)

The laundry Masher is a very portable, affordable and effective product and delivers what it claims from the information about the makeup and utility of the product.  As well customer reviews about the product. Feel free to try the Laundry Masher for a fresh , detergent free laundry.

And do not forget to reach out to us on your personal experience of the product. So we can share your review , testimony and grieviances. In the mean time go try out the laundry Masher and Mash out some laundry.

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