Dangobuds Review 2020: Do these earbuds really worth it?

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dangobuds review

Probably everyone who has used a wired-earbuds before, had struggled with untangling the wires of their earbuds at some point. It can be very frustrating especially when you want to do something urgently. I had inadvertently thrown my phone to the ground many times while struggling with the cords. It really sulked!  

This issue will never be a problem when using Bluetooth with your earbuds. The lack of a bulky wire also makes it easier to use the headphones on the go. Listening to music while walking down the street or exercising will never be easier. There is also no threat of the earbuds getting violently pulled out of your ear because they got caught on something. 

Dangobuds is a new earbud with pro features. Reading this Dangobuds review can help you learn more about this product, that is stealing the show in the market! 

What is Dangobuds? 

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Dangobuds Review

The DangoBuds earbuds give great sound and profound bass in a hurry. They can be connected through Bluetooth to a wide assortment of end gadgets. This connection is conceivable with the DangoBuds earbuds more than a few meters obstruction free. The earphones offer a decent quality and can be utilized progressing. According to the maker they have a decent noise suppression. The climate is totally protected. This implies that when tuning in to music, no others in the encompassing environment are upset, similar to the case with earphones worn on the ear.

The earbuds can be charged in the charging box. They are outfitted with great Li-batteries that can be utilized for a long time. Charging doesn’t take a lot of time. The DangoBuds are useful for tuning in to music, yet in addition for settling on phone calls. At the point when an approaching call comes in, the music can be halted and the call can be replied at the dash of a catch.

A light tap on the convenient earphones is sufficient to settle on a phone call. This has a favorable position that no call is missed while running. The basic one-contact work offers the bit of leeway that the cell phone isn’t removed from the pocket when a call is gotten. The cell phone is connected with the DangoBods earphones by means of Bluetooth. The connection is conceivable over separation of a few meters, so they can be utilized versatile and adaptable. 

What makes Dangobuds Special? 

DangoBuds have a powerful, long-lasting battery charged in the charging case with a USB-C cord that comes with these earbuds. The first step in activating DangoBuds is to press and hold the connection button for a couple of seconds to activate the earbuds. When they turned on and ready to go, click on your smartphone Bluetooth settings and press ‘Connect to DangoBuds,’ which leads to the pairing of devices. That’s it! Just don’t forget to charge your earbuds in the charging case once in a while. 

DangoBuds are high-performance earbuds that can be effortlessly paired to any Bluetooth-enabled device for convenient on-the-go portability. Equipped with the latest technology, DangoBuds deliver full stereo-quality sound as well as Active Noise Cancelling. They don’t just muffle it, they eliminate it! Plus, the built-in HD microphones ensure you’ll always be able to make hands-free calls while on the go, and the handy charging case makes recharging a breeze. 

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Dangobuds Review

Advantages of Dangobuds 

Excellent sound quality 

Some people think wireless earbuds offer inferior sound quality, but that is simply not the case. Bluetooth technology has vastly improved in recent years, so every pair of wireless earbuds offers amazing sound quality. It is impossible to hear any sound quality differences between wired and wireless earbuds.

In fact, you may find that your wireless earbuds have better sound quality because all too often wired ones end up with frayed wires. Forget about earphones containing cords. Save your time with high-quality and very convenient as well as portable DangoBuds. 

No headphone jack required 

A lot of the top smartphones are eliminating the headphone jack. They now require a special adapter to use wired headphones. This feature makes it impossible to listen to music while your phone is also charging. The lack of a headphone jack will never be a problem when using wireless earbuds. In addition to connecting to a smartphone, wireless earbuds can also work with a computer, smart TV, or video game console. Sango buds is extremely compatible with various devices: quick pairing with many different devices such as smartphones and laptops, which have a Bluetooth function. 

Hands-free calls 

 DangoBuds have two built-in HD microphones that instantly connect to your phone calls providing you a crystal-clear audio sound. 

Extremely affordable 

Wireless earbuds may be more advanced than wired headphones, but they actually cost about the same amount of money. It does not cost much money for manufacturers to put Bluetooth technology into their headphones. This savings gets passed on to the consumer, which makes wireless earbuds extremely affordable on any budget.

Top-of-the-line options offering a long list of extra features are also available for anyone looking to spend a little more money. Nonetheless, high-quality big brand earbuds with charging case can be quite expensive, but not only DangoBuds are relatively affordable, they come with a discount too! 

Stylish appearance 

It is simply impossible to look stylish while wearing a pair of bulky headphones. This challenge is never an issue with wireless earbuds thanks to their sleek design. The earbuds will firmly fit into your ears without sticking out too much. This design makes them the perfect accessory for someone walking into the gym or the office who wants to avoid having wires hanging all over. You can pick between white or black earbuds to suit your personal style! 

Most wireless earbuds you can buy today look stylish and sophisticated. There are some that are sporty in looks and design. Wireless earbuds are also made in a way that they will remain firm even when you’re moving around or working out. And despite their stylish looks and nature, some of them are also affordable.  

Dangobuds Features 

Long-lasting battery: these earbuds maintain a robust and fast-charging battery, which allows you to listen to your favorite music all day long. 

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC): this function will enable you to immerse yourself in the audio without having any distractions entirely. 

Replaceable silicone ear tips: DangoBuds come with three different-sized silicone ear tips to fit any shape or size ears. 

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Dangobuds Review

Dangobuds Technical facts 

Connection: wireless with Bluetooth 5.0 chipset and HD rendering technology (with 360-degree clear 3D surround sound); two integrated microphones. 

Color: white or black. 

Design: Ergonomic. 

Weight: 4 grams. 

Usage modes: water-repellent due to IPX7 water protection class; protection against rain, sweat, water. 

Charging: Recharge over 50 hours of playtime up to 8 times through the 800 mAh portable charger (one charge provides 8 hours of playtime). 

Application: As earbuds for listening to music and as a headset for telephoning. 

How to connect the Dangobuds to your devices’ bluetooth 

How to connect Dangobuds to an iPhone 

  • Find the “Settings” icon on your iPhone, which is normally on the home screen. 
  • Open and click on the “General” button. 
  • Then, hit the “Bluetooth” button and slide it over to turn the function on. 
  • Your iPhone should find the device once this is enabled and should show the device name on screen. When it does that, you will need to hit the “Pair” button in order for the devices to sync. You may need to enter a four digit password, which is provided with your wireless device. 
  • Once that is entered, hit “Connect” on your iPhone to complete the setup. Your headphones should now be working properly. 

Connect wireless headphones to an iPod/Android 

  • Make sure that your wireless headphones have Bluetooth capability. 
  • Access the “Settings” icon on the home screen of your iPod. Select the “General” option once you are on that screen. 
  • You will then see an option that says “Bluetooth”, which you can slide over to enable Bluetooth on the iPod. 
  • Be sure that your wireless device is in discovery mode so that the iPod can recognize it. 
  • Once you enable the Bluetooth on the iPod, it will list any devices that are recognized. Simply click on your wireless device when the iPod shows it and click the “Connect” button. Your headphones should now be paired and working properly. 

 How do wireless headphones work? 

Wireless headphones are headphones that connect to a device, such as a smartphone, stereo speaker, television, gaming console, computer, or other electronic devices without using a wire or cable. Wireless headphones work by transmitting audio signals through either radio or IR (infrared) signals, depending on the device. 

From call centers to fitness centers, wireless headphones are used by millions of people every day for work and play. For example, wireless headphones are popular with gamers, since it frees you to move around without having to worry about a cord. People doing a workout at the gym or in front of their TV in the living room love the freedom of wireless headphones. They are also perfect for people who want to watch late-night television without disturbing others. 

Wireless headphones work by connecting, or pairing, with the device you want to use, through a radio or infrared signal. Many devices use Bluetooth technology to make connecting easier for the user. Devices with Bluetooth technology can connect and exchange data over very short distances using radio transmissions. Headphones with Bluetooth also let you connect to multiple devices simultaneously. 

A product with Bluetooth technology has a tiny computer chip inside that contains the Bluetooth radio, and software that makes connectivity between devices possible. So when Bluetooth-enabled products, such as a cell phone and headphones, are in close proximity to each other, they connect, or pair. This enables you to talk on the phone or listen to music without wires. 

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Dangobuds Review

Who needs this device? 

Practically everyone who is fed-up with tangling wires. Gone are the days of the struggle with untangling wired earphones in your pockets. The brand new phase of devices that enable anyone to listen to music in their own privacy is here, the Wireless Earbuds. But are they any good? Should you buy an earbud when quality wired earphones are available in plenty? Would you lose it easily?  

As you would know, a wireless headset uses Bluetooth technology to transmit data between devices. In the past, Bluetooth technology did have its downsides. But not today, with the latest aptX HD technology, Bluetooth is now capable of transmitting High Definition (HD) audio from your smartphones to your wireless headsets without loss of transmission or distortions. 

There is no compression of data occurring here, as was the case with the older versions of Bluetooth. The quality of audio would be the same as that in any wired headsets. So primarily, while considering buying the wireless earbuds, you do not have to worry about audio quality. They are guaranteed to provide top-notch quality. 

Why do you need these dangobuds wireless earbuds 

Why limit yourself to only having one hand free as you go about your business? Think about this because this is exactly what you are doing when you talk on your cell phone without a Bluetooth wireless earbuds. When you do any activity your focus is less on that activity but on keeping your phone glued to your ear. 
An advantage of a Bluetooth wireless headset which is even more interesting, is that when you are making business (or personal) calls you are free to roam around the house or office to be more productive, if your are calling somewhere that puts you on hold (for the next available agent) without a Bluetooth you tend to sit around waiting for a extended period of time, being unproductive, but try this with a Bluetooth wireless headset.

When I am at home trying to take of business I don’t just sit around on hold, now I will do whatever I can, the trash, clean, laundry, unload the dishwasher or anything else that needs to be done while I am on hold. This makes me extremely more productive in life and I never have much time so I am grateful when I can save a little, you should try this too. 
What’s more!  Owning a Bluetooth wireless headset seems to be more apt to call family members and have heart- to- heart conversation for as long as you both wish, without getting tired or bored as you would when holding your phone to your ears. If you have seniors in the family, it’s sure a convenient way for them to make phone calls, especially for those with hearing impairments.  

Another use for a Bluetooth wireless headset is while driving it keeps your hands on the wheel and not plastered to your ear, personally, I DO NOT recommend this except in emergencies, but I know many people are going to do this so at least it is safer than having one hand on the wheel,  But please remember driving is difficult enough without any distractions so the more things you try to do the more dangerous it becomes. 
In this day and age of the internet and other outlets, it is easier than ever to sown a Bluetooth wireless hands-free headset it does not matter which area of the country you live in urban or rural buying a Bluetooth is just a click away. 

Keep this in mind while using earbuds. 

Believe it or not, earbuds can damage your hearing in the same way that things like chainsaws and motorcycles can. That may seem weird because earbuds are so small. But the damage is all in the volume. 

Chainsaws and motorcycle engines create about 100 decibels of sound. That much sound can start to damage a person’s ears after less than half an hour. An MP3 player at 70% of its top volume is about 85 decibels. Turning the volume up and listening for long periods of time can put you in real danger of permanent hearing loss. 

Hearing loss from earbuds is an example of a condition called noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). This kind of hearing loss is becoming more of a problem among kids and teens. 

Dangobuds Customers’ Reviews  

Rachel O. – Denver, CO 

Been looking for a decent pair of earbuds I could actually afford and stumbled on DangoBuds. They’re perfect for me! They fit great, they’re comfortable, the quality is awesome, and the battery lasts a lot longer than I expected it to. All in all, a great little pair of earbuds. I’m impressed, and I’m hard to impress! 

Kris B.– Tulsa, OK 

My friend wouldn’t stop talking about his DangoBuds and I guess I wasn’t listening hard enough because he bought a pair for me, out of the blue! Didn’t realize how much I needed wireless earbuds before now! These are fantastic. I listen to music and podcasts and take all my calls with them. Just so convenient and they sound really good, too. 

Kate A.– Nashville, TN 

My favorite little gadget! I love gardening and these earbuds make my time outside so much better. I’ve lost a couple of pairs of expensive earbuds out in my garden this season, so these were a more affordable option. Honestly though, I like these better. They connect to my phone so easily, the sound is perfect to me, and they are so much more comfortable. If you’re looking for new earbuds, OshenBuds are awesome. 

dangobuds reviews.jpeg
Dangobuds Review

Where to buy  Dangobuds Wireless Earbuds

The DangoBuds are best ordered directly from the supplier. Because here you not only get the assurance that you are getting the original, but you can also take advantage of specific offers. These usually not only have the advantage that you can get more than one device at the same time, but are also cheaper. Because often such a graduated offer is much cheaper than the individual offer.

However, you should remember this: The offers are only available for a limited time. Therefore, it makes sense to access them when you have the opportunity. It is also not quite clear whether such a good offer will return afterwards. If so, in what form? Therefore it is always advisable to use the offers. You can get as much as a 50% discount. Always check the official website for the available discounts. 

To order, it is simply necessary to fill in the order form on the manufacturer’s website. Only a few data are required for this. Then you finally choose how you want to pay for the DangoBuds. The earphones can be paid for with Paypal or credit card. In this way the customer is also on the safe side. Afterwards the order is simply sent and you will receive an e-mail with information about the order.

When the earphones are finally shipped, you will receive another e-mail. In this e-mail you will find a link to the shipment. You can use this link to find out where a parcel is at the moment. This way you always know how long it will take until the DangoBuds arrive at your home. Then you can try them out right away.  

If you’re not satisfied with the product within 30 days, you can return for a refund. Check the official website for their return policy. 

Address of the company: 

Quality Performance Limited 377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013 

Email: support(at)buydangobuds(dot)com 

Phone (customer service in English): 

USA and Canada (toll free): 866 206 0629 

United Kingdom: 033 0818 0883 

Australia & New Zealand: (02) 5133 5689 

Frequently Asked Questions  (Dangobuds Review)


A: The DangoBuds can be wirelessly connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet. There is no alternative to using Bluetooth. If one of your devices does not have this radio connection, no cable can be attached alternatively. Before buying DangoBuds you should therefore check whether the existing devices have Bluetooth. 


A: The DangoBuds only work by connecting via Bluetooth. There is no possibility to connect the earbuds by cable. Whether your devices have Bluetooth can be easily determined by checking the manual. 


A: The DangoBuds have a built-in HD microphone. It records your voice while you speak and transmits it to your conversation partner. In addition to making phone calls, you can also use the earbuds to make phone calls. The Active Noise Cancelling technology also ensures a clear reception. 


A: The DangoBuds have separate batteries. The additional energy consumption due to the connection to the earbuds is therefore minimal. The batteries in the in-ears themselves also consume very little energy, which keeps energy consumption very low. 


A: DangoBuds use rechargeable batteries to listen to music and make phone calls. Each of the earbuds has a separate battery. The charging station is already in the storage box, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time recharging. There you simply insert the in-ears. The charging indicator shows you if the battery is already fully charged. If the battery is fully charged, the indicator turns green and you can use the DangoBuds as usual. The charging stations in turn get their power from a handy USB type-C cable. This cable is already included in the delivery, so there are no additional costs. 


A: The manufacturer of the DangoBuds states that it takes between 40 and 50 minutes to fully charge the batteries. The charging station and the required USB charging cable type C are part of the offer. If you are using a laptop for charging, the charging station can only access the energy of the battery, so the remaining energy should be sufficient for this purpose. 


A: If you want to listen to music while cycling, it is even useful to use only one of the DangoBuds to be able to hear the horn of vehicles or other acoustic warning signals. If you use only one of the DangoBuds you have to take into account that the batteries are discharged unevenly, so you should charge both earbuds completely to avoid problems. 


A: The DangoBuds have Active Noise Cancelling technology on both sides. How much of the ambient noise is filtered out is closely related to its volume. The perceived ubackground noise can therefore vary. 

Conclusion  (Dangobuds Review)

If you’ve ever been to a rock concert and heard music thumping out of giant loudspeakers, you’ll know sound can pack a powerful punch. Sometimes, however, we want to enjoy music more quietly and intimately or in places where others don’t want to hear what we’re listening to. Trains and planes are noisy enough—just imagine the cacophony there would be if everyone sat with massive stereo systems in front of them!

For times like this, headphones let us retreat quietly into our own imaginary worlds. Using earbuds with beautiful features like Dangibuds will not just help you to enjoy your music but also to make phone calls in the most convenient and fashionable way. Dango buds is backed up with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, it’s definitely worth a try. 

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