Bow Legs no more Review 2020 (Latest Update)

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Bow legs no more review 

Listening to this story made me truly very emotional the way that I can’t explain and now that I’m writing this review, I can’t help feeling excited because I know people will get to read this review and they will benefit from this life changing program- Bow legs no more. This review is based on the thoughts and experiences of someone, on whose story I write this review. 

 Guess before I go on, I have to take a pause to say thank you to Sarah Brown for this program. 

You will probably not understand the reason for my excitement about this program, if you have never felt so low of yourself, if you haven’t experienced poor body image, if you haven’t been body-shamed for looking different from others. It’s painful to admit that growing up in such situation, especially as a child can make one start asking questions like “have I offended my maker in anyway to create me this way or that way ?”. 

Growing up as a girl child with serious bowed legs was not interesting. Being tagged as the girl with twisted legs was something I wished it could simply pass away. Whenever I passed around people, I expected two types of reaction. The group that would say, “ Those legs can be corrected you know, go get the damn surgery done” or the kind of people that would put it this way “what are your parents waiting for. I can’t believe they really can stand seeing you like this”.  

The second group of people are the ones with no sympathy at all. The ones that would point fingers to say, “see that girl’s legs, ooh my God! This is serious”, and funny enough they wouldn’t mind being loud enough to my hearing.  You know the truth? Neither of these groups I mentioned, made me feel good. It was either mock or empty sympathy, because no one truly gave a damn. 

My mother wished with all that she had to get my surgery done. ‘If only wishes were horses then beggars would ride on them’. The price to get the surgery done was no where within reach. My mother had no support and feeding was a big problem to start with. A time came when I gave up on hoping to get the surgery done. 

I felt very inadequate and low. Nobody is even talking about confidence, because that one was somewhere within minus and zero. I was doing poorly at school, not that I wanted to, but it was hard to focus.  

To cut the seeming long story short.  When I clocked 16, I was almost done with high school, someone offered to assist financially with the surgery, people started to advise that it was too late for surgery. The whole idea of; the bones are now very strong and the procedure would be too painful, there may be risks of major complications, you may end up not walking with your legs again and whatnot. 

The feeling that I would have bowed legs like that forever was torturing. I was ready to try, whatever be the case, but got no support from anybody. I was only getting that kind of “half bread is better than none” sympathy. 

Having accepted to live like that, when I came across bow legs no more program, I thought it was scam. It sounded too good to be real, that just exercises could straighten someone’s legs. What nature of exercises could do that? I thought. 

Read through this Bow Legs no more review to know more about this program and decide if it is for you or not!

What is Bow Legs No More Program?

Bow legs no more review.jpeg
Bow Legs no more Reviews

Bow legs no more is an online program by Sarah Brown inspired by her own bowed legs story. Reading a bit of her own story, I was convinced because the author-Sarah Brown, had quite been in that corner. She simply understands what it’s like to be there. 

Sarah managed to reveal the codes of exercises that could get one’s legs straight again. I’m glad that she decided to share that with everyone that needs it and what’s even more, she was considerate with the price to make it possible for as much people that can lay their hands on it. 

So there is hope yet again 

That was exactly my feeling on discovering this program. My heart said to me, “So, there is hope yet again”. It still sounded so much unbelievable, but how much of  the biblical Thomas could I be to doubt all the testimonies from people that this program healed? How much prove did I need to believe that there is hope without surgery, when I’m seeing it with my eyes? 

 I don’t know, who is reading this that is having doubts as these, but I think you’ve got to see for yourself. They are just exercises, aren’t they? They won’t bite.  

I think this is the most interesting part of it: Zero risk! Nobody is cutting your flesh open and nobody is breaking your bones to fix it, your bones are going to be adjusting on their own. There aren’t things like complications or mistakes, there aren’t things like post- operative pains and what’s more, there is no anxiety. Applying the recommended exercises in the Sarah Brown’s bow legs no more only requires your willingness and dedication to get your legs straight again. 

Who needs this bow legs no more program? 

Guess your answer is, people with bow legs or knocked knees right? No! It’s not. The people that need this program are; 

  • The people that are not happy with their bowed legs and are willing to get it straightened by all means.  
  • People who just like I was, are willing to go for surgery even if it’s against medical advice. 
  • People who are willing to get their bowed legs or knocked knees corrected but are financially constrained for robust surgical procedures. 
  • People who have lost their confidence due to mockery from peers and others. 
  • People who aren’t afraid of trying new things and people who do not doubt like the biblical Thomas. 
  • People who can’t rock the kinds of fashion they desire because they’ll rather not show their bowed legs or knocked knees. 

Benefits of bow legs no more program 

“Why was this program not developed ten years ago?” someone asked. I asked a similar question too but I’m glad it’s not too late. There is hope yet again, remember. This program is not age selective, the exercises works for adults as much as kids. 

Affordability: This is too much of a good news for the price involved. You’re getting your legs straightened like you ever desired without any risk involved in the comfort of your home with the least possible expenses. What more can you ask? You don’t want to think of the amount it will cost for surgery. 

Zero risk: I stated it earlier and I’m stating it again. This is the most exciting part of it. Perhaps you still can’t believe it. No scars( just in case you forgot, scars could be another big issue. You may have to keep explaining “what’s that scar?” each time you meet somebody new). Other major complications could arise as well, if the surgery was not carefully and successfully done. That’s the biggest fear for people getting ready for surgery. Medical professionals confess that most of the times, pre-operative anxiety cause more harm than the main surgical procedure often do. 

No pains: The pains you will likely experience from using the exercises in bow legs no more program is simply the normal pains you feel at the initial stage of any exercise, which can be so gotten used to. You aren’t needing anesthesia for it. Trust me. 

Very natural and reliableThey are exercises backed up with research. You’re going to be taking the steps yourself, you aren’t going to need a professional to be able to do so. It’s reliable in that if you have corrected your bowed legs, there is no going back. You just have to follow what the program directs. 

Bow legs no more.jpeg

If I can afford a surgery, why not just get it done? 

It’s not just about getting a surgery done, it’s about the outcome. I read through a story of a girl with bowed legs who got her surgery done and some years afterwards, her legs bowed again and she was then taken for surgery the second time. Listen, surgery should be the last resort. Don’t listen to doctors who will tell you there is no solution to bowed legs apart from surgery. These program was actually based on a research work from an orthopedic surgeon with years of experience. Based on his research, he found a better alternative. 

What are the contents of Bow Leg No More Program?

  • How to Easily Straighten your legs, and do it all from the comfort of your own home! 
  • What NOT TO DO when trying to fix your bow legs or knock knees (hundreds and even thousands of people all over the world try this, only to end up in agony and with zero results) 
  • The reasons why people have bow legs and knocked knees, and what to do to avoid this condition altogether. 
  • The top most efficient exercises you need to know about to correct your condition, whether you have an ‘o’ curvature (bow legs), or an ‘x’ curvature (knock knees) 
  • How to strengthen, tone and define your leg muscles to support the process and accelerate your journey towards your perfect legs! 
  • My proven formula for measuring and tracking your progress. 
  • Why exercising alone is NOT the quickest route to perfect legs! 
  • And much, much more! 

This is how Sarah came about this program 

“I simply couldn’t believe what was happening… 

He went on to explain that while at a conference, he’d met a Japanese Orthopedic Surgeon called Suri who had taken on a test group of 340 subjects, 180 with bow legs, and 160 with knock knees. 

A set of surprisingly simple exercises had transformed my life, and given me the straight, shapely and beautiful legs I’d always wanted, but never thought were possible. 
And because I don’t want you to go through the same pain, embarrassment and loss of confidence that I went through, I decided to collate all of the information and exercises into one easy-to-follow program, and make everything I’ve discovered available to you”. Sarah Brown 

“It’s called Bow Legs No More™, but will it work for my knock knees?” 
“Yes! I’ve called it Bow Legs No More™ because this is the most common term to describe cases of leg curvature, but this system can be used for all kinds of curvatures, such as knock knees!” That’s what Sarah says about it. 

You could try it for all kinds of leg curvatures including knock knees. 

How long could this possibly take? 

I can’t talk much on the duration, guess the duration to see results depends on your consistency and your ability to follow the guidelines. A customer has reviewed it saying that just after three months she got amazing results. From my perspective, I think it depends more on you. 


Customers Reviews of Bow Leg No More Program

“I discovered Bow Legs no more only 3 months ago, and the results have been unbelievable. I’m sure that a lot of people will be skeptical, but I can honestly say that this has been the best investment I’ve ever made. I’m 22 and I’ve always been embarrassed by my bow legs, so to finally find a solution is amazing. Thank you Sarah!” 

Rosie Calpine – Shropshire, UK 



Shape“I have suffered from bow legs since I was a child, and I have always been told that there was absolutely nothing that could be done to fix it. I had all but given up hope before I came across bow legs no more. The exercises are simple and very easy to follow, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you so much for taking the time to put all this together.” 
Jason Jimenez – Los Angeles, US 



Shape“Don’t listen to any Doctor who tells you there’s nothing you can do about bow legs other than surgery. There is. And I’m living proof. I was told by every Doctor I ever saw that the only option was surgery, and I was very close to using up all of my savings to pay for an operation. I’m so glad that I found Sarah when I did. Who knows what state my legs would be in if I hadn’t! It’s the best investment I ever made.” 

Throughout my childhood I was bullied and laughed at because of my legs, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. The fact there is a now a real, long-term solution that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars is fantastic news for anyone who suffers from curvature of the legs. If only this program had been created 10 years ago!” 
Justin Waters – Ontario, Canada 

“As someone who suffers from quite a pronounced curvature of the legs, I have always wondered about surgery, but the cost involved – not to mention the fear of something going wrong – has always deterred me. To finally find an alternative that costs just a tiny fraction of that amount and is completely safe has been incredible. I now have so much more confidence and last week I wore a short shirt for the first time in years! It’ s literally changed my life.” 
Jessica Swinton – Edinburgh, Scotland 



“Wow! I bought Bow Legs No More only 4 months ago and the results have been amazing! My legs are definitely straighter, my posture is better, and I have more muscle definition. My family have all supported me through the process and taken photos every week, but I honestly never even imagined that simple exercises would work like this. I couldn’t’ t be happier with the results and I just want to say thank you. Seriously. Thank you!” 
Monique Alvarez – California, US 

Charlotte Powell 

  It was amazing 

This Bow Legs No More critique will be here to get you recover your self confidence and provide you with the opportunity to place your preferred garments on without being obstructed. It’s secure, unique, straightforward and relatively easy to comprehend. 

“This program is awesome! I honestly cannot recommend it highly enough. Sure, you have to put in the work, follow the program and do the exercises as instructed, but if you do all that, and commit to it properly you will get results. Bow legs has been a curse for me ever since I can remember, but now my legs are perfectly straight!” Thank you so much Sarah”.        

Francesca Baldini, Massachusetts, US 

Bow legs no more review.jpeg
Bow legs no more review

What if It doesn’t make sense to me? 

“That’s right, if for ANY reason you’re not 100% satisfied with Bow Legs No More™, or you simply change your mind, then all you need to do is send me an email (address provided with your order) within 60 days of your investment and I will refund every single penny, with no questions asked, and no hard feelings! 
These techniques have been proven to work time and time again, so I’m more than happy to put my money where my mouth is, and provide this rock-solid 60-day money-back guarantee, so that you can put Bow Legs No More™ to the test in your own time, and at absolutely no financial risk to yourself whatsoever.” Sarah Brown 

This is what expert, Dr. Austin Fragomen say about bowed legs and why it should be corrected. 

People often complain of knee or ankle discomfort as a result of this limb deformity and worry about the development of future arthritis. Some people are bothered by the sight of their own legs and do not even realize the danger that lies ahead for many of them.   

Damage may be occurring to your knee: With bowing, the knee experiences unbalanced loads that it was not designed to handle. This leads to excessive stress and tearing of the medial meniscus and articular cartilage and can cause IT (iliotibial) band pain. In the joint the cartilage fissures and delaminates until bone starts rubbing against bone. Several factors accelerate the decline of the knee joint: obesity, a family history of arthritis, and high physical activity. In other words, both overweight and fit people with bowlegs are at risk! 

Abnormal foot rotation torques the knee: Many folks who have bowlegs also have mal-rotation, or torsion, of the tibia. This means that either the feet turn inward or outward compared to the knees. In a recent review of patients that have come to our institute for bow leg correction half have had rotational misalignment. The torsion may be obvious.  

This is most obvious when these people run and their feet and legs look like a helicopter. They have difficulty riding a bicycle as the knees knock against the bike frame. This torsion twists the knee joint (and the ankle joint), causing shear injury to the meniscus and joint cartilage. 

improve function: Proper limb alignment affects the entire body in a positive way. The muscles and tendons are pulling along their intended trajectory, optimizing their efficiency. The ligaments, which hold the joints together, no longer experience undue stress. Anecdotally, high performance athletes who came to me with bowleg-related knee pain were able to return to sports at a higher level of function and performance after surgery. The best results can be expected in cases where the knee is not already burdened with arthritis. 

Correcting bowlegs may avert future surgery: Many people with bowlegs have knee replacement surgery in their future. Although knee replacement provides a good result, it is certainly not as valuable as the native knee. 

What is the Price of Bow Legs No More Program?

The price of this program is incredibly low compared to its value and this is why everyone is talking about it. The price of Bow Legs no more program is 47$.

Also, remember that when you order Bow Legs No longer™ you’re fully shielded by a rock-solid 60-day money-back warranty. This means that in the event you change your mind for almost any reason at all within that period of time, you’re qualified for the complete and prompt refund, with no questions asked.

Recommendation and conclusion ( Bow legs no more review)

Most physicians and orthopedic surgeons will tell you that the only solution to structural deformities such as bowed legs is surgery but how much of other options have they really tried to come to that conclusion? The author of this program(Sarah Brown) as you may have rightly read above, had bowed legs herself until she came across this orthopedic surgeon who recommended exercises based on his comprehensive research work. Sarah further did her own research which she eventually compiled into this program-bow legs no more.  Based on that, I strongly believe that this approach is trustworthy. People who have applied the principles contained therein have given affirmative feedbacks, so why not? 

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