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The whole world is now going crazy and scared of the deadly Covid-19 or Coronavirus. The death rates are increasing each day and there is no cure discovered yet. Do you need to panic yourself? Well, prevention is the best remedy compared to receiving serious cases. You need to focus on all possible protective facilities that keep you safe. Things could easily get controlled with TotalShield Max Review. It gets you fully protected.

The product is perfectly made by using the premium quality material that gives protection to your full face. As we all know that no one wants to be infected with any virus, disease or allergy. So, you need an effective product like TotalShield Max that protects you from any type of viruses.

No more are masks limited to wearing to ensure you take a clean breath when out in the polluted environment. You could quickly come in contact with an infected person, or you could infect other people. It has hence become of top priority given the current scenario with the spread of an epidemic that has spread like wildfire.To prevent a further spread, countries such as the United States, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, etc. have adopted this mask. It is available at an amazing Get up to 50% OFF offer. Purchase it today!

What is TotalShield Max?

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TotalShield max is a futuristically designed innovative multipurpose mask that helps people stay away from COVID-19. It is a combination of the cap, facemask and an anti-microbial visor that helps keep the virus away from the face.It is designed in such a way that any virus, bacteria or fungi cannot penetrate it to reach a person’s face. It comes with a three-year warranty period. The product is an example of prevention is better than cure.

Totalshield max review.jpg

Why TotalShield Max?

If people check TotalShield Max Review on websites, they would know why this product stands out of the herd. People have faith in the product because it looks futuristic and has a great build quality. Special care has been taken by the company to make this product widely available, usable and affordable. TotalShield Max is revolutionary, and it is a saviour in this time of crisis. Humans are social animals and preventing social interaction might be a problem for many. This product helps people talk to each other without having a fear of coming into contact with COVID-19 virus.

TotalShield Max Review: What Are The Benefits?

Here are some essential benefits of this product that you can enjoy after using it. The benefits including:

  • The product covers your mouth, nose, and ear to protect you from virus droplet exposure.
  • With the help of this product, you can keep yourself away from dust impurities as well as lots of harmful airborne viruses like coronavirus.
  • The high-quality product helps to avoid germs and bacteria. As you know, the air is a common way for allergens, viruses, and bacteria to travel. This product is perfectly designed to protect you from any type of viruses and keep you healthy.
  • When it comes to our customer comfort, we don’t compromise with it. After wearing this product, you won’t feel any irritation because of its lightweight.
  • It is not a disposable product. You can use it again and again.
  • This high-quality product provides you with allergen-free air to keep you safe from allergies, viruses as well as other infected bacteria.
Totalshield max review.jpg

TotalShield Max Review: Specifications

The disease is in the air, and to ensure healthy functioning of day to day life is essential. You do not know who may be infected; hence a barrier is always helpful. The TotalShield Max mask will ensure you have a conversation with the close friend while at the same time, be safe.

  • The mask comes attached with a cap. This cap will help it settle in place. Cap combined with the plastic barrier are about 10 inches (27cm) in width and 15 inches in length.
  • The plastic barrier is light in weight. It is also bendy and foldable. It makes it easier to be carried around. Buy this product today at an Exclusive Offer 50% DISCOUNT. It will also ensure that no bulk is added to your head.
  • It was invented to keep the droplets laced with disease-causing pathogens fall on the shield and not your face. This will also make sure that you do not sneeze and infect somebody else.
  • There are hooks provided on the TotalShield Max. A regular mask can be laced on it. It will go from right under your ear. Now you have double the protection. It will help reduce the anxiety that may arise around this time.
  • Apart from providing extra protection, you can also wear it sans your typical mask.


  • Invented by Experienced Experts in China
  • Full Protection From Direct Droplets Exposure
  • Recommended For Human Spoken Interaction
  • Covering Nose, Mouth, Eyes and Ears from Droplets
  • Recommended Full Face Shield For Maximum Protection
  • Compatible to Be Used With Traditional Face Mask

How Does TotalShield Max Work?

This product comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee. This means that you can return it if you are unhappy with it! However, since experienced experts from China invented it, you have got to put your faith in it.

The TotalShield Max has a foldable front form as a barrier. Since it is attached to a cap, the mask does not move from its place. If you are concerned with your breathing, then you should know that the cut out around the neck is big enough to let fresh oxygen in. Once the cap is in place, so will your physical barrier, the TotalShield Max.

Your nose and mouth are the most vulnerable areas. the droplets from the sneeze or cough of an infected person may fall on your face without a cover. You are immediately disrupting your respiratory organs, a common sign of the COVID-19.

No reviews of the product are currently available since it is newly launched. However, safety comes first, which makes it mandatory for us to invest in the TotalShield Max Mask.

Where to get the product or more information about it?

Many other companies are trying to copy the idea and innovative technologies used by but are failing miserably. The most direct and best way to buy it and check TotalShield Max Review is by visiting their official website, which is: They deliver the product worldwide to countries like United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Germany, Italy and France. 

What benefits do customers get?

  • The company understands the situation of panic and chaos that is going on worldwide. So, the company promises customers to get up to 50% off on the product.
  • People need to hurry as only limited stock available 
  • It also promises an exclusive offer 50% discount scheme for all international customers.
  • The company gives a satisfaction guarantee to customers and promises a full refund if the product is unsatisfying.
  • The company is so confident about their product that any problem in the product or any reason to be unsatisfied with it is dealt by a very cooperative PR and responsive customer care executives who give 30-day Money Back guarantee.
  • Customers get offers that help them buy more products for the family by offers like “Buy 2 get 1 free” and “Buy 3 get 2 free” which is extremely helpful and useful at this time of crisis.

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