Shine Bathroom Assistant Review 2020: Read Before Buying!!!

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Shine Bathroom Assistant Review

We all start preparing for the day in the bathroom, but how are we expected to prepare ourselves for the world, when the room we use isn’t prepared for use? Whether your day includes dropping your kids off at school, a big meeting at work, or even a first date, it starts in the bathroom, at least for most people. The state of your bathroom may go a long way to determine your day. 

How many of you hate cleaning your toilet frequently? I know it sucks. I personally like to use it but I don’t like the part of cleaning, so I can’t be less Happy with an alternative. That’s why am here writing about a gadget  that promises to help-shine bathroom assistant 

Considering that our day begins in the privacy of this room, the state we find it can either turn us into instant vocalists or drastically ruin our day. Broken pipes, leakages, and unpleasant smells are the last thing you need when preparing to take on the world. 

The bathroom is one part of the home which gets a lot of traffic. There’s always an unavoidable business to be done there. However, despite serving us in numerous ways, it demands our attention too, to keep it clean, which unfortunately is the last thing anybody likes to do. Funny enough this demand seems unavoidable because a dirty toilet can give you a height of discomfort you never wished for. 

However, in this review I will be discussing shine bathroom assistant, a gadget which promises to automatically clean your toilet in the least harmful way. Read through the review to enable you make informed decision. 

What is Shine bathroom Assistant? 

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Shine Bathroom Review

The Bathroom Assistant automates toilet cleaning and maintenance. Keeping your toilet clean without the use of harmful chemicals. 

The Shine Bathroom Assistant also uses its A1 called ‘Sam’ and determines the cause of toilet problems. With the Shine Unlimited plan, consumers will receive free toilet repair kits with in –app guidance so that consumers can fix their toilet without having to wait around and pay a costly plumber. In the US 1-in-5 toilets are experiencing a silent leak that wastes up to 200 gallons of water per day and these leaks contribute to over 1trillion gallons of water wasted. Shine invites customers to join us in our mission to reduce wasted water while saving hundreds on plumbing bills. 

The Shine Bathroom Assistant creates a clean atmosphere in the bathroom by automatically cleaning and removing odours. Rather than using dangerous chemicals, the device uses electrolysed water technology to break down build up. The battery, which lasts for six months, requires no plug-in, allows users to put their outlets in the bathroom to other uses. The device can be placed anywhere, provided that the spray bar can reach the rim of the toilet. 

Shine’s immediate goal is to flush away the old, ecologically unfriendly way of cleaning toilets; and to provide the tools to detect when something is not working right in the plumbing, even helping you fix it without calling out a plumber. 

Why you need Shine bathroom Assistant 

The longer-term vision is to apply technology and science to rethink the whole bathroom to put less strain on our natural resources, and to use it in a way that lines up with what we want to do as consumers, using this first product to test that market. 

“Bathrooms are evolving from places where we practice basic hygiene to where we prepare ourselves for the day,” said Chris Herbert, the founder and CEO of Shine. “Wellness and self-care will be happening more in the home, and this is a big opportunity.” 

When it comes to keeping at home clean, there are few tasks as unattractive and unpleasant as cleaning a toilet bowl. While there are many products on the market that help to keep this porcelain throne clean, all the products have a single trait in common – they don’t eliminate the elbow grease users need to wash it. The cleanest households can still have grimy toilets, which could be the result of calcium build up or the number of people sharing one bathroom. Still, the use of the Shine Bathroom cleaner can improve the task for every member of the household. 

Shine provides a unique service to customers – it’s instantly and automatically cleans toilets. As the device cleans, it eliminates odours to keep any bathroom smelling substantially cleaner. Though other products require users to apply highly toxic cleaners, Shine doesn’t use any chemicals at all. With no toxic substances in the bowl, consumers don’t have to worry if their mischievous pets or curious toddlers will it be at risk. 

However, this machine isn’t just a cleaner. Along with its cleaning abilities, this device is able to easily detect any possible water leaks from the toilet, potentially saving the owners thousands of dollars in repairs. 

Specifications of Shine Bathroom Assistant 

Shine’s toilet attachment is battery operated and comes in three parts: a water vessel, a sensor and spraying nozzle that you place inside your toilet bowl, and a third sensor fitted with an accelerometer that you attach to the main line that fills up the toilet’s tank. The vessel is filled with tap water (which you replace periodically). 

Shine uses sensors to automatically clean your toilet with electrolyzed water, a non toxic cleaner that is as effective as traditional bleach. Shine cleans the entire bowl, including hard to clean areas like under the brim.  

Shine uses sensor technologies and connected apps to monitor water usage and detect problems like silent leaks. The Shine A1, Sam, can even determine the cause of leaks and provide an app guidance and repair kits so you can fix your bathroom without the plumber.  

Who Is This Product For? 

 The Shine Bathroom Assistant is meant for any consumer that wants to keep their toilet (and the rest of the bathroom) cleaner on a regular basis. 

How Does It Work? 

Shine Automatic Toilet Cleaner is undeniably a Life saver when it comes to home automation. Shine automatically cleans your toilet by using Electrolyzed Water Technology  that uses no chemical but is extremely effective against bacteria. Shine is smart, it can be controlled with your Smart Phone or Voice Assistant like Alexa. Once u give  a Command on the App or attempt to flush, shine fills up the toilet bowl with electrolyzed Water Technology. 

That water is passed through a special filter that electrolyzes it (by sending a current through the water) and then sprays it with every flush to clean and deodorize. Shine claims this spraying technique is five times as powerful as traditional deodorizing spray, and as powerful as bleach, but without the harsh chemicals: the water converts back into saline after it does its work. (And to be clear, there are no soaps or other detergents involved.) 

The upkeep and maintenance of Shine is fairly minimal, even further reducing the amount of time consumers have to spend cleaning this constantly used room. With no electricity or extra tools needed, Shine can be placed anywhere that is near the toilet. After adding water and the included cleaning pod, the device infuses the water with electrolytes, which is why it doesn’t require any chemicals. Even at a leisurely pace, Shine only takes about 2 minutes to install in any bathroom. Every single purchase comes with six months of free pods, as well as a rechargeable battery that last six months. 

Now that the setup is done, Sam App will take care of the rest. It will automatically clean your toilet, after every flush. The app will alert you in case of any leaks and it will also keep a track of water you use in order to save your penny. 

You can simply command the app and let the smart bathroom assistant do the work for you 

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Shine bathroom assistant review

Features of Shine Bathroom Assistant 

  • Automate Cleaning & Deodorizing – Shine automatically cleans & deodorizes your toilet 
  • Chemical Free – Shine cleans without chemicals using electrolyzed water technology, leaving microscopic build up no place to hide 
  • Automate Maintenance – Say goodbye to calling strangers. Automate toilet maintenance with Shine’s AI, Sam. With Sam, you don’t have to guess what’s wrong or pay hundreds for a simple repair you could do in minutes. 
  • Quick and easy to install –  Fully-compatible with any toilet, and installs in just minutes without tools or getting your hands dirty 
  • Elegant design – Designed by award-winning industrial designers, the Bathroom Assistant will look sleek and unobtrusive in any bathroom. 

How to Install Shine Bathroom Assistant

Setting up is a quick and easy process you can manage alone since no screws are needed. You simply place it on the Toilet, fill its tank with water, and insert the eco friendly cleaning pod.  

Additionally, your maintenance bill is significantly reduced through Sam, Shine A1, and your exclusive plumber. Besides cleaning, he detects leaks, overflows, tracks water use, and diagnoses problems. 

What makes Shine bathroom Assistant special 

You need this product for many reasons. First, Shine saves time and energy. It automatically cleans your toilet and deodorizes your toilet simultaneously. Shine detects water leaks and it is also a Chemical free cleaning device . You can’t do but have this device. Shine makes it easier to keep a bathroom clean and smelling fresh for household members and guests. The sleek white design works with any bathroom decor without clashing, and users can leave it alone and forget about it between pod changes. it may be a little expensive, but it can save the user hours of scrubbing (which is probably worth the money for many people). 

 Shine is an automated toilet cleaning device that eliminates the need for scrubbing down toilet bowls with other products. This device uses no harmful chemicals and requires no extra effort on the part of the user. 

Found only at, the Shine Bathroom Assistant is the automatic toilet cleaning robot that does all the scrubbing and effortless maintenance one could dream of. The Shine Bathroom cleaner also detects water leaks and automatically deodorizes, all without the use of chemicals and a 90-day money back guarantee. 

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How Strong Is Shine Bathroom Assistant? 

Shine is very strong. It lasts for a very long time. It has 6 months Rechargeable Battery. The water added lasts for a month and so does the fully recycling cleaning pod.  

The Bathroom Assistant can be installed anywhere near your toilet and is compatible with any toilet that has an external inlet pipe available. The Shine Sensor easily clips onto the water inlet pipe. It then sends data to your device by sensing the water much like how a stethoscope is used to listen to your heart. We use an electrolyzed water solution to clean your toilet–and it’s chemical-free. It’s as effective as bleach, and we have the third party independent lab tests to prove it. Also, electrolyzed water has been proving its power for decades being used as a cleaner and disinfectant for foods like sushi in Japan. 

Benefits of Shine Bathroom Assistant

Shine has so many benefits. 

 The Simplicity of use is the most convincing element of shine. It is easy to use. It takes 2 minutes to install. It tracks water and has six months Rechargeable Battery. It flushes away the old way of cleaning toilets.  Many individuals have numerous tasks facing them each day, of which most of the times, it gets difficult to accomplish. How advisable is it then to spend a significant period of your day cleaning your bathroom while you have other more important needs waiting for your attention? An assistive device as this, that makes cleaning of bathroom simple and easy is definitely a pro! 

It is aiming to force you out of your toilet cleaning tasks. ‘No need to get down and dirty cleaning your toilet with Shine Bathroom Assistant.  No tools or wall plugs are needed for its plugging. You can place it anywhere near toilet.  You can add water and cleaning pod. Then Create Electrolyzed Water. 

Shine Bathroom Assistant Customer Reviews 

‘So many customers have so many good things to say about this product. According to one ‘Having Shine take away my most dreaded chore is my dream come true. And in regards to the environment, it’s shocking to learn how much water is wasted from toilet leaks.  Shine is my new best friend and happens to be saving our planet too’  

Another customer has this to say ‘Wow! The potential of Shine bathroom has…eliminated the toxic chemicals used in cleaning a house full of boys! You have made this so simple and eco friendly. Thank u Shine!  

Another has this to say ‘Alexa, clean the toilet.’ Need I say more? From a working mom that shares a bathroom with her two boys and husband, Shine is amazing!!’ 

Another customer has this to say ‘With Shine, I can be assured the water isn’t running and being wasted… I can also be easily assured that all my toilet bowls are consistently being sanitized and deodorized with an environmentally safe product.’ 

“We were impressed by Shine’s vision for a bathroom to better prepare us for our day head and saw a massively overlooked opportunity in the bathroom space,” said Taylor Tyng from Entrada Ventures. 

What Makes It Better Than Others 

Alongside the cleaning features, the second part of the bathroom assistant is Sam, an AI on your phone. Linked up to the hardware and sensors, Sam identifies common toilet problems, such as leaks that trickle out hundreds of gallons of water, by measuring variations in vibrations, and when it does, it sends out a free repair kit to fix it yourself. 

The Shine Bathroom Assistant creates a clean atmosphere in the bathroom by automatically cleans and removes odours. Rather than using dangerous chemicals, the device uses electrolysed water technology to break down build up. The battery, which lasts for six months, requires no plug-in, allows users to put their outlets in the bathroom to other uses. The device can be placed anywhere, provided that the spray bar can reach the rim of the toilet. 

Where Can I order Shine Bathroom Assistant?

Currently, the only way to get the Shine bathroom assistant is with a pre-order, as the shipments are not yet going out. For $124.99, users will get a Shine device, a rechargeable battery, and the six cleaning pods. Even though this product is on pre-order, consumers can get up to four Shine bathroom assistants in their order right now. All purchases are covered by a 90-day return policy. 

You can get this device directly from the manufacturers. By doing so, you can be rest assured of getting a good one.  

Frequently Asked Questions  (Shine Bathroom Assistant Review)

How do you install and use Shine? 

After placing the device close enough for the spray bar of the device to reach the rim of the toiler, users simply add water, insert a cleaning pod, and leave the A1 to do its work. The device can be controlled through the mobile app which comes with the initial purchase. For detailed instructions of use, visit the official product website.  

How does Shine Bathroom Assistant work? 

Shine uses A1 technology to provide a comprehensive, automated toilet cleaning service. The device detects odours and works to neutralize them using its A1, automatically cleans the toilet bowl when grime builds up, automatically detects and maintains leaks, and tracks water usage. Using no harmful chemicals, shine makes use of electrolysed water technology to clean toilet bowls. 

Is there a return policy for Shine? 

Unfortunately, such a policy is not readily available. Consumers should research to verify that they will be satisfied when they receive their product. 

How would you introduce and use Shine? 

In the wake of putting the gadget close enough for the splash bar at the edge of the worker, clients just include water, embed a cleaning unit, and leave the AI to accomplish its work. The gadget can be controlled through the portable application which accompanies the underlying buy. For point by point directions of utilization, visit the official item site. 

How does Shine Bathroom Assistant work? 

Sparkle utilizes AI innovation to give a thorough, robotized latrine cleaning administration. The gadget recognizes scents and attempts to kill them utilizing its AI, naturally cleans the latrine bowl when grime develops, consequently distinguishes and looks after breaks, and tracks water utilization. Utilizing no destructive synthetic concoctions, Shine utilizes electrolyzed water innovation to clean latrine bowls. 

Is there an arrival strategy for Shine? 

Sadly, such an approach isn’t promptly accessible. Shoppers should research to confirm that they will be fulfilled when they get their item. 

How does Shine power itself? 

Sparkle utilizes batteries that keep going for as long as a half year, which implies that clients don’t need to utilize a significant module outlet for the gadget 

Conclusion  (Shine Bathroom Assistant Review)

 It’s important that we support our lives in every way possible. Using assistive gadgets will not just help save our energy but help us to optimize it and spend our time doing more important things. There are quite a number of these devices today to help mankind and reduce stress or avoid them completely. In the case of Shine bathroom, we can spend less time and energy giving attention to the bathroom which should be our servant any way. 

The Shine Bathroom Assistant is meant for any consumer that wants to keep their toilet (and the rest of the bathroom) cleaner on a regular basis. The device is easy to set up in any bathroom, and the long battery life ensures that users can set it up and just leave it alone. There are no chemicals to replenish and no maintenance is required from the user. Instead, after downloading the app, consumers can simply cross their bathroom cleaning chores off of their ‘to do list. I believe it’s worth a try anyway .

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