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 The Medici code reviews

Is it true that you are carrying on with the existence you’ve for a long while, still itching for a change? Or on the other hand, have you sunk unto the norm?  

A large portion of us have an ambiguous thought of what we think we merit. At the point when life veers away from that way we have discreetly set for it, we frequently become disappointed and vexed. “For what reason is this event?” we wonder. This discontent can be ground-breaking; it can spike us to make change.  

In any case, discontent is a twofold edged blade.  A significant number of us wind up turning our dissatisfaction and upset against ourselves, disrupting any likely achievement. We begin imagining that we merit better, and we may work somewhat harder for a couple of days, yet rather than make a move and make progress toward enduring change, we drop directly, withdraw to where we think we have a place – in our vocations, our accounts, our connections, our wellbeing, our overall feeling of prosperity.  

Fear is one of the biggest traps that keeps people from taking action. We all have fears – fear of rejection, fear of failure, success, pain, the unknown. If you do nothing, that fear will remain exactly where it is, blocking your path. You will not move and you will always live in fear. You might not do any worse, but you also won’t do better. And that fear will always be present in the back of your mind, pushing you away from your goals.

The lack of action gives the negativity time to poison your thoughts: “It’s a good thing I didn’t try. I never would have made it.” This fear-based negativity, when allowed to spread through your subconscious mind, will seep into everything you think about yourself, as well as everything you do. 

The only way to deal with fear and reprogram your mind is to face it head-on. You must look it in the eye and take action in spite of it. Are you afraid of failure? Look at it this way: Failure is an education. If you do something and fail, you will know what doesn’t work. You’ll be able to take a more educated, informed approach when you try again. You’re better off than where you were before. 

Reprogramming your brain means breaking through negative chatter like “I can’t.” Think of it the same way you would build muscle at the gym. At first, it will seem difficult and perhaps even taxing. But if you start small and try it again every day, you will gradually become stronger. And before long, it will become an effortless habit. 

Imagine a scenario in which you assumed dynamic responsibility for your psyche and diverted your attention on making your life a magnum opus. Imagine a scenario in which you reinvent your brain to plan a day to day existence that gives you satisfaction, happiness and energy.  

Your brain is the way to progress and you have the ability to figure out how to reconstruct your inner mind. On the off chance that you need to carry on with the existence you want, at that point it’s an ideal opportunity to choose, to submit and to determine. It’s not what we can do in life that has any kind of effect – it’s what we will do. Furthermore, there’s no better an ideal opportunity to assume back responsibility for your psyche and set your sights on something better straight at this point. 

What is the Medici code? 

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Medicicode Reviews
The Medicicode Reviews

The Medici Code by Anthony Medina discloses to you that there’s an imperceptible power that takes into control what administers your life, which controls what your identity is, your specialty, how you do it, what you think, and how you see the world in an extremely dynamic way and handles and processes all the data you expend.  

That undetectable power is known as the Neurons; little associations that make up your cerebrum and controls how you show things throughout your life.  

They control all the things you could show, as unrestricted love, riches and satisfaction of shortage, neediness and misery. 

Anthony Medina built up The Medici Code which comprises of sound tracks with sound scenes which can loan you to synchronize with the Theta influxes of the cerebrum (making it more powerless to changes for your psyche mind) alongside the privileged insights of the Medici’s family just beneath the surface, sufficiently calm to not upset your cognizant brain yet uproarious enough for your inner mind psyche to get them, and in this manner, reconstructing your psyche mind.  

The Medici Code comprises of three weeks of guided listening, alongside three tracks of 17 minutes each, and each track ought to be listened every week: can loan you to synchronize with the Theta influxes of the cerebrum (making it more powerless to changes for your psyche mind) alongside the privileged insights of the Medici’s family just beneath the surface, sufficiently calm to not upset your cognizant brain yet uproarious enough for your inner mind psyche to get them, and in this manner, reconstructing your psyche mind.  

How does Medici code work? 

The Medici Code works with the mysteries joined with the hundreds of years old accomplishment of the Medici Family. The privileged insights act in your brainwaves to talk straightforwardly to your psyche. It makes you reconstruct your psyche picture in which the painter is making.  

This framework diverts your experience of reality from one of shortage to one extreme plenitude. The mystery code appeared in this program at last permits the painter to cover up the old, restricting convictions that kept you stuck for long years.  

This groundbreaking framework uncovers a work of art of wealth that is normally founded on new, incredible convictions. All should be possible without anyone else where nothing is conceivable without your steady mentality. Having a learn of everything essentially makes you sidestep the moderate, question filled cognizant brain.  

This program causes you to get to the most intense piece of your cerebrum called the psyche mind. The Medici’s code vibrational frequencies that make the painter in a quick and simple manner to open the lock.  

This framework basically reconstructs the user to paint a representation of plenitude into basic, where failing to have enough cash will be a thing of past. It makes you reinvent another truth of yourself and can encounter the change in the direct. It offers you a more huge degree of wealth and boundless innovativeness you can discover it as the simplest method to think. 

 What you will get with Medici code. 

Quick-start Guide: Helps you kick-start and gives you a background on which to follow,  as you start the program proper so that you can feel at home as much as possible. 

The Empire Tracker: One important thing is to be able to keep track of your progress, that’s the only way to determine how far  you go. Based on that, the empire tracker helps you to record the progress you will make with the program itself. 

The Medici Shield  this 5-part program, valued at $99, Anthony aims to help you open the way and allow freedom, power, beauty, influence and unlimited potential flow into your life. 

Pure Sleep Prime–  Beautiful audios which will help you relax and get a beautiful sleep. This audio track is aimed to help you tamper your brain into Delta wave state and help you achieve, according to Anthony, a better sleep. 

Anxiety Buster  Another beautiful audio is the one hat will help you relax and get rid of anxiety. This audio track is designed to help you get-rid of the anxiety, according to Anthony. 

What is contained in Medici code 

WEEK 1:FOUNDATIONS –Foundations is a 17-minute audio program. The author believes that this program will ensure that within the first week, your foundation will be free and untainted by old haunting beliefs. You will be free from self-destructive and self-sabotaging mindset. You will be fresh and all-new, your brain will be relaxed and you’ll be ready to progress to the next week. 

WEEK 2: APPRENTICESHIP – This is a 17-minute audio program as well. You can play this every day in the second week to start seeing a new you. This program will make you the captain of your own destiny and the creator of your own abundance. It will wipe out all the negative and fill you with all the power in the world as Anthony claims. 

WEEK 3: MASTERY – This is a 17-minute audio program too! You just need to press ‘play’ and listen to the sound waves every day in the third week. Mastery takes you to a whole new level where you are no longer just building a foundation of abundance but becoming a master of manifestation. 

The author claims that after this three weeks program, you’re going to become an entirely new person as your thought processes will improve and you become a more relaxed person filled with insights and brand new ideas. 


What if it doesn’t make sense to me? 

Anthony Medina also makes 3 promises that, if not fulfilled, you can ask your money back: 

  • Within the first 24 hours of having started the program, you will see a sign that you’re on the right track. 
  • You’ll meet a guide that will help you on your way, and that guide could be a family-member, a business partner, or someone else. 
  • After three weeks of using the Medici code, you will experience a Renaissance of abundance in your life. 

Anthony Medina offers you a 60-day period where you can return it for a full refund if you’re not satisfied. 

Why should I get Medici code? 

The program promises to help you discover the following; 

  • This program will expose your mind to what has been in there that you’ve never accessed but after this program, you will be discovering the exact way of unlocking your greatness with high speed. 
  • An interesting aspect of wealth creation revelations. Your mind will be exposed and you’ll become more aware of your unlimited capacity to create wealth. You can experience a renaissance where you can create your wealth that surpasses everything you have ever dreamed of. 
  • You’ll learn how the subconscious works and the tricks to get the best out of it. This program teaches you the secrets to the painters in your subconscious mind in which it is 500,000 times faster than any conscious thought. 
  • You’ll be exposed to your previous dangerous habits of negativity and how your brain subconsciously is drawn to negative things more than the positive. You will learn about the painter inside has been subconsciously programming you to paint a scarcity portrait, lack, fear and poverty. 
  • After your exposure to the codes, you’ll begin to experience super abundance all-round. By having the secret code into your life, you can finally make it possible to unlock your unlimited abundance. 
  • Having understood how it works, you can manage your thoughts just the way you want it, to give you the results you desire. With this program, you can easily recommission the painter to paint the portrait of abundance, success, peace, success and confidence. 
The Medicicode Reviews.jpeg
The Medici Code Reviews


  • The MediciCode is simple, easy to follow a three-week program. 
  • It is recorded with beautiful relaxing music and nature sounds. 
  • This program is coupled with subconscious programming to clear out resistance. 
  • It offers you great abundance, freedom, power and unlimited potential. 
  • It makes you lead on the right path in yourself. 
  • In just weeks, you can experience a renaissance of abundance. 
  • This life-changing program will simply reprogram your neurons fire and sync. 


  • The Medici Code is entirely online.  Based on that, it may not be accessible to many since it requires internet enabled devices to access. 
  • It may require you to get a headphone which means extra budget for people who do not have the device before. 

The science behind the Medicicode 

It is based on the power of two revolutionary numerological breakthroughs. 

#It works on Theta Tone principle 

 Simply put, when your brain is producing theta brain waves, you will feel deeply, deeply relaxed. 

Kind of like being a calm, serene Zen meditator. Or similar to when you’re on a lilo at sea, just gently bobbing in the ocean, with the sun beating down on you. 

Or when you roll over in bed early on a Sunday morning, delight in realizing that you don’t have to get up to go to work, and go back to sleep immediately with a huge grin on your face. It’s all awesomeness and happiness and chilled-out-ness all round. 

Even the most chilled amongst  us could do with a heightened sense of inner quiet, where the “monkey mind” brain gives up for a while and just lets us be. 

Dr Thomas Budzynski, one of the world’s foremost authorities on bio-feedback, said that theta brain waves produce “a sensation of detached relaxation” with “results ranging from… drowsy, (hypnotic) like states, to vivid, holograph-like images”. 

Now, I’m not too sure if I’ve seen holographic images, but I do know that when I play with theta binaural beats I often get vivid, powerful pictures in my mind – ranging from real memories to psychedelic spectrums of colors to powerful visualizations of my future. It’s a lot of fun. 

Now, let’s finish our bit on relaxation with another quote from Dr Budzynski. He says that brainwave entrainment tools 

“promote a state of relaxation – at the simplest level people report that they feel pretty relaxed and pretty good. It seems to have a tranquillizing effect for individuals who are quite anxious and high-strung. It tends to quiet them down for three to four days after a session” 

Another brilliant thing about the theta state that it appears to be very useful for learning. This is a very good thing – because not only does learning feel nice, but typically people who continue to learn after school / university are more well-rounded, and arguably are more 

#Reprogramming the Brain:  

Every moment of our lives, our brain’s neurons are constantly making new connections, strengthening old connections or weakening existing connections. The pattern of firing of our neurons gives us our experience of the world. It can also unfortunately run unhelpful behavior patterns for many years on ‘automatic’, something we have all experienced with difficult, hard to break, bad habits. 

When you reprogram your brain, you interrupt the autonomic neuronal patterns that are no longer relevant to your life today, and you set up new connections and patterns to provide the successful results you are looking for. 

The brain loves to solve problems and achieve goals.  Once a difficult problem has been solved, the brain releases highly pleasurable endorphins, which encourages the brain to repeat the behavior, strengthen the new connections and weaken the less useful old ones until they disconnect altogether from lack of use. 

Ask yourself, if you knew how to reprogram your brain, where would you start? With your intellectual development? What about achieving peak mental performance and concentration? If you are a more spiritual person, would you perhaps focus on achieving an awakened mind? 

The brain is programmed to be more sensitive to unpleasant news and thoughts. Therefore, we are more inclined to tune into negative news, worries and events. Our brains react more quickly and more powerfully to negative versus positive information. Biology and survival of the fittest has adapted our brains to be very alert, vigilant and self-protective.

The problem with this, however, is that our brains are somewhat “lazy” and do not like to work any harder than they have to. Circuitry in the brain is wired over time to repeat itself consistently and efficiently. Therefore, if we complain, think negatively, worry and are always on guard, our brain becomes very efficient at doing this effectively and quickly. This will then become our default behavior. 

A negative, worrisome and complaining person can be difficult to be around. In addition, it is difficult for one to live such a negative and vigilant lifestyle. Research from Stanford University also shows that complaining shrinks a part of the brain that is critical to problem solving and intelligent thought.  

Hence, the makers have made audios that bypass your ears audibly, but plenty loud enough for your subconscious mind to absorb. When combined into a 12-minute audio program, The Medici Code lets you manifest the life of your dreams. 

The Medici Code Price

While the usual price is $97, you can buy it at just $27 today. Also, you get three bonus gifts.

  1. The Medici Shield
  2. Pure Sleep Prime 
  3. Anxiety Buster

These cost about $99, but you can get them for free if you buy The Medici Code System today.

On buying this system, you will get instant access to it. You can download it on any device. It is a digital program and the audio tracks aren’t available offline. You can only download them.

Frequently Asked Questions  (The Medici Code Reviews)

How do I know that The Medici Code work so well? 

This program promises to be effective in that it uses two “neurological breakthroughs” that can help consumers expand their minds. Users learn how to utilize the Theta Tone to relax the brain and how to use their subconscious to their advantage. The techniques available in The Medici Code are found in an audio program to easily assimilate the changes in the user’s mind. However, I believe how it works for you depends on your minds disposition towards the program. 

How do the manifestation techniques in this program surpass others like it? 

As the creators of this program explain, the subconscious is responsible for the majority of an individual’s outward behaviors and inner beliefs. So, if there are negative stuffs in your subconscious, there are chances you will exhibit some negative attitudes. In The Medici Code, consumers will learn to take advantage of The Painter and manifestation through it, which is said to be the only way to get results. The program is relatively easy to understand and follow, making it possible for anyone to take part in it. 

Why do I need to reprogram my brain? 

You can reprogram your brain to achieve more focus on the things that truly matter — your goals. 

In today’s world, entertainment and distraction is the boss. Open-office environments, push notifications, and unbridled technological accessibility have eroded many of people’s ability to focus. As a result, many people find themselves stuck, with no idea how to break out. 

Your subconscious mind has immense power in controlling your life experiences — from the types of food you eat to the actions you take each day, the level of income you earn, and even how you react to stressful situations. 

Every bit of it is guided by your subconscious beliefs and interpretations. 

In short, your subconscious mind is like the auto-pilot feature on an airplane. It has been pre-programmed to follow a specific route and you can’t deviate from that route unless you change the directions programmed into it first. 

The “subconscious” is the part of your mind that operates below your normal level of waking consciousness. 

Right now you’re primarily using your conscious mind to read these words and absorb their meaning, but beneath that mental focus, your subconscious mind is busily working behind the scenes, absorbing or rejecting information based on an existing perception you have of the world around you. 

This existing perception began forming when you were an infant. 

It rejected nothing while you were young because you didn’t have any pre-existing beliefs to contradict what it perceived. It simply accepted that all of the information you received during your early childhood was true. 

You can probably see why this becomes a problem later in life. Every time someone called you stupid, worthless, slow, lazy, or worse, your subconscious mind just stored the information away for reference. 

You may also have received messages about your potential in life or limitations you’ll face based on your physical abilities, skin color, gender, or economic status. 

By the time you were 7 or 8 years old, you already had a solid foundation of belief based on all that programming from people in your life, television shows you watched, and other environmental influences. 

Now that you’re an adult, you may think that you can simply discard the hurtful or untrue messages you absorbed during your early life, 

but it’s not quite that simple. 

Remember that all of this information is stored below your level of conscious awareness. The only time you become aware of it is when it limits your progress in creating a balanced, successful and productive life. 

Have you ever tried to achieve a goal and kept sabotaging yourself at every turn? Maddening, isn’t it? It’s important to know that you’re not defective or doomed to fail no matter what you do. 

More likely you’ve got some old programmed messages that conflict with the new conditions you want to create 

Conclusion  (The Medici Code Reviews)

There are times when our brains really get congested with things- new ideas, goals and numerous activities, that some times we get so stressed. At moments like this, the brain needs to relax, reprogram to enable it carry out future tasks effectively.  

There are times when we set new goals but half way into carrying them out, it seems we get too lazy to continue. The brain lacks the necessary motivation to work. You may be wondering why that happened? Most of the times it could be due to the several negative things in our subconscious. 

The medici codes promises to help people get relaxed again in situations like this and expose the subconscious to more positive aspects that will help you achieve more. 

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