Barx Busyball Review 2021: Is this Barxbuddy Busyball best for my dog?

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barx busyball review

Barx Busyball Review:

As pet owners, it is not a lie, that pets want attention. In fact, they are very much attention-seeking than we are. And once attention is withdrawn, they get restless, engaging in all sort to suit their attention need and that can turn out to be very messy. However, we feel that Pets should understand that as much as we love playing with them and keeping them company, we all have things to do and deadlines to meet too.

And since this can’t be explained to them in the language we understand, we have no choice but to just abandon them, put them in their kernel, get the food and leave for work, for the games, to see a movie, and all.

My dog Squeaky always loves a cuddle and he is covered with fur. A cuddle with Squeaky is always soothing. He also loves the warmth. So I am at the couch watching soccer, he rushes to my laps, signaling that is cuddle time. We get cuddling and I say ”Oh Squeaky, you are a very good boy, and a baby one at that, do you want some cuddly cuddles?” giving him a good caress of his fur. Nevertheless, pets too can be addicted to attention too.

For instance, whenever I don’t want to play with Squeaky, he goes around flocking around me, making noises and barking, he can even pee on my carpet oh. I feel he is saying “Bro I wanna play, wherein the name of Neptune, do you think you are going to?” One time I resisted the cuddle move, he rushed to my plate of noodles placed on the side table and pours it on the floor. Imagine that!. Though Squeaky messes up, he is still a very good boy, but Charley, never get him annoyed

If you are also having problems with attention-seeking pets and you want to keep them company without you being present and without leaving them bored, then there is a toy for pets, you should try out. Virtually every pet owner is going for this toy as it is automated, tear-resistant, and well designed to keep your pet company. This product is the Barx BusyBall

The Barx BusyBall, is an automated ball with a motion sensor, serving as a toy that serves as very interesting company to your pets. It is an interactive toy that every pet will love. Colorful and bite-resistant. And most especially very easy and convenient to use and play with. 

Oh ye pet owners, let’s assemble! Let’s see whether the Barx BusyBall is that solution that will help us get our me-time back. Interested? Let’s dig into barx busyball review!

What is the Barx BusyBall?

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Barx busyball review

The Barx Busy Ball is a tear resistant and scratch resistant toy ball that is designed to keep your pet company. It is a soft ball which is very safe for your pet and aims to ensure that you pet can get engaged, while you get work done. One amazing feature that stands this ball out is it’s ability, to move on its own. Yeah it can literally roll from point to point on its own. How possible? The BarxBusyBall, has an in-built motion sensor. 

To make it more interesting and exciting the ball moves rolls in unpredictable and random patterns. In the sense that the ball doesn’t jus go back and forth. But back-forth, forward-Sideways, sideways-sideways. How interesting is that to my pet? It is very interesting and fill in the atmosphere with activity for your dog. If you play catch with your pet, particularly a dog, you will find out the interesting thing about playing catch, is not your dog bringing the stick or ball back to you, but the chasing of what is thrown.

Now here is the hack. Instead of you using your physical strength throwing the ball,which can be tiring, the BarxBusyball helps you with that, as it it is programmed to move to any direction. And it runs even as your pet chases it. Much activity created for your pet.

Are you then worried about the safety of your pet?  what if while chasing the ball, your pet gets stuck, or exposed to the risk of injury, or goes near dangerous zones? The BarxBusyBall, recognizes this concern and bridges this gap. As already stated, this product is built with an intelligent motion sensor, which does not only aid motion, but also detects obstacles and prevents your pet from getting stuck.

For instance, if your pet plays indoors, the ball can detect a dining chair in front and shift direction, so that your pet doesn’t go there. If your pet is playing outside, it can detect a manhole or a ditch, it can detect a pothole, fire, stack of woods, and any obstacle, which can get your pet, stuck or injured.

Furthermore, the BarxBusyBall is fitted with colorful lights. This light turns on when it is being touched and detects the presence of your pet. The lights are very attractive and draw the attention of your pet. And not just one light, the BarxBusyBall produces a wide variety of lights and very beautiful. Every pet should be attracted to it, I was also attracted too. Of course! I am still a pet too, to my mama papa

The BarxBusyBall is very easy and convenient to use. It is waterproof and made with non-toxic materials and very easy to clean. You just need to wipe the ball. Also, this product is food-grade plastic and healthy to chew. So your pet is not exposed to injuries or effects due to any harmful chemicals. 

It is an amazing companion for every pet and ever available one at that. Are you enjoying the adventure? Let’s dig in more!

Features of Barx BusyBall Toy:

• It is lightweight and compact: The BarxBusyBall is small in size and can fit in your pets’ mouth and can be carried by on the mouth of the pet. It is not heavy to play with. It is not like any regular ball, it is literally filled with very little air which aids its motion and makes it very convenient to use. Also due to its size, it can be carried anywhere by you, the pet owner with minimal and no stress. It does not consume space and very comfortable.

• It is a smart Ball: Charley, this is no regular ball. It is automated and technological-driven. It has an in-built motion sensor, a smart reaction technology, which detects the presence of your pet, as well as a feature that makes the ball emit colourful lights. Due to its automotive feature, the product can move in randomised patterns, creating a fun filled and engaging activity.

Durability Ensured: This product is made with a durable plastic material that is scratch-resistant and waterproof and can be able to last for a long period of time. It is also built to withstand pressure, you don’t need to worry about the bouncing and rolling of the ball. And can withstand such pressure.

Possesses LED lights: The BarxBusyBall comes with LED lights. And emits lights of different colours. It makes use of RGB LED lights, of different colours, which has well-timed and we’ll map out flashing modes. These LED lights help to provide a colourful feel while playing and gives your pet mental, physically filled and full filled exercise.

Detects Obstacles Sharply: The BarxBusyBall also cares for the safety of your pet, in as much it enjoys its company. It detects pitfalls, dangerous paths, objects, etc which can become a risk or hazard to your pet. Preventing your pet from getting Injured. How does it do that?

Now imagine Squeaky, is playing with a ball that moves in random patterns, and in front of it is a hole, the ball would automatically detect it from afar and change direction to a very safe area or comes to an abrupt or gradual stop. So that the pet would change direction as it chases the ball or reduces its speed.

Effective Charging system: This product makes use of an effective charging system. It makes use of a USB charging system. Not to worry, the product can get charge with any USB charging system. Just plug it in and the Ball charges with no hassles.

Fast Charge+Long lasting Battery capacity: Unlike other gadgets, this product does not take time to charge fully. This product charges within 1hour 30minuites. And with constant power, you can get this product working anytime. In addition to that, the BarxBusyBall can last for a long time even when used. A single-hour charge can last up to eight hours and more. You don’t need to plug it or charge the Ball all the time. It is not limited by defective battery makeup or low battery capacity. It is very much ready for use.

It possesses a very sleek and attractive design: The BarxBusyBall has a very sleek design that is very ergonomic. Its design is aesthetic and very attractive. 

Easy navigation: The BarxBusyBall is a very easy product to navigate, it requires no app to operate it or any console to operate it. It can turn on, on its own, and move on its own, without being propelled. Also, you don’t need to throw a slobbery ball again, the product keeps itself going.

Waterproof: The BarxBusyBall is waterproof and cannot be destroyed by water. No need to worry if it gets into the pool or falls into the Bathtub. Just wipe the water from the Balls’ surface and the ball is good to go.

Other features of this product include:

  • It is entertaining and sustains activity.
  • Works on its own.
  • The randomized movement pattern never repeats.
  • Possesses zero chemicals.
  • Comes in multiple colors.
  • No stringent maintenance needed.
  • Portable
  • Technical features about the BarxBusyBall include:
  • Operating Temperature: 0-40°C, 32-104°F
  • Battery: Li-Polymer, 3.7V, 300mAh
  • Charging: USB cable (1 hour until fully charged)
  • Processor: ARM Cortex-MO processor
  • Weight (including battery): 200g (0.4 lb)
  • Diameter: 77mm (3.5 in)
  • Sensor: 6-axis MEMS motion-tracking
  • Material: Polycarbonate and TPU: The shell of the BarxBusyball, is made up of a fusion of hard polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane, contained in the inner and outer shell.
barxbusyball review.jpeg
Barx busyball review

How does it work:

This product works this way:

This product is being twisted to reveal its charging port and it’s ‘on’ button. When this product is turned on, the product emits light to signal it is turned on. Its motion sensor is being turned on and it adapts and reacts and moves in a different direction on its own.

The built-in awareness detector keeps the ball rolling/bouncing as long as your pet is interacting with it. Once your animal friend is tired, the ball shuts off. Waiting for another playtime. It prevents pets from putting on too much weight, getting bored and frustrated, and releasing pent-up energy in destructive ways.

The BarxBusyball also enables a firm grip. In the sense that the BarxBusyball is not slippery in its surface. Thus, your pet can be able to grab this ball with ease and play with it.  And with the aid of the fur, a turgid grip is enabled.

This product also has adaptive modes . The ball automatically alternates between rolling and bouncing for an exciting game of fetch whenever your dog is feeling playful. Once your pup tires out, the Busy Ball will go into a default “rest” mode until your dog wants to play with it again.

Benefit of Using the BarxBusyBall:

• Available Companion:

The BarxBusyBall is what I term an available companion. We can’t be available all the time for our pets. We all have things to do and our personal business to meet up to. Also we don’t want to leave our pets so lonely and bored. How then can we strike that balance of providing a companion or playmate to your pet as well as you having your time?

This BarxBusyBall, comes to provided that available companionship to your pet. It serves as a playmate to your pet. It is an object, it does not get tiring, it does not have groceries to get or work to catch up with. It is there to keep that companionship, providing fun at all times.

• Creates a Me-time:

The aim of BarxBusyBall is to enable the pet owner to have time to do work and personal business, retrieving the lost time from attention-seeking pets. Since Squeaky started making use of the BarxBusyBall, I began to have much time for myself and do personal stuff, while I watch Squeaky play.

Of fact, Dogs love this ball, so Squeaky is not an exception. The BarxBusyBall, engages your pet and gives it something to focus on. You don’t have to bother losing time to satisfy attention-loving pets all the time, with this toy you can have a Me-time which is very important.

Eliminates Separation Anxiety:

I recently found out that those gestures your dog makes or those sounds your pet makes when you are leaving the house or sitting still are symptoms of animal separation anxiety. This product being a companion to your pet, helps to eliminate the anxiety that comes from being left alone or the feeling of being neglected.

• Keeps your pet physically fit:

Asides the fact that the BarxBusyBall, aims to keep your pet company, it also keeps your pet physically fit. C’mon what then is the running around for? As your dog or cat, chases the ball, it keeps the pet physically fit, making bones stronger . As a joinder, it also boost mental fitness. Playing fetch, requires precision, clarity and allacrity, all this activity, helps to boost the mental health capacity of your pet, making your pet smart and sharp.

• it is safe:

The BarxBusyBall is safe to use by your pet. It possesses no toxic chemicals and it’s surface are not sharp and provides a safe method of play for your pet.

• It can be used anywhere:

This product can be used anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. But preferably, it should be used outdoors to avoid, due to a wider space for play for your pet. When the product gets messy, it can be easily wiped, even washed, and rinsed, as the product is water-resistant, its surface doesn’t retain dirt and it is not a sensitive product

Multipurpose Utility:

Okay, this is something I tried out, looking at the size of the Barx Busy Ball, it is small in size lightweight, and looks like a tennis ball. Your guess is right, I used it to play tennis one time. The ball is pressure-resistant, bounces so well, and does not get damaged easily. Though it is on

e part of the listed utility of this product, you can use the product to play lawn tennis. You can get one for yourself and for your pet also. Just exploring other ways this ball could be used though. If you want to try this out make sure you don’t turn it on. You can also use this product to play human games too. Throws, catch, and other fun ball games.

Other benefits of the BarxBusyBall include:

  • It is easy to use.
  • Helps to tire out your pet 
  • It comes in many beautiful colors.
  • The manufacturers provide options for customized balls.
  • it is very affordable.
  • Fast Charging and retains power.

How to Use the Product:

Using this product is very easy to use. For easy use, follow this simple steps:

• Twist the ball to see the power button and turn it on, as well as the to see the charging port.

• Adjust settings.

• Place it on floor. To test it place your pet close to the product. It is expected that the automatic sensor begins to roll and move when it detects your pets presence and when your pet touches it with its paw or nose.

• Once it detects it, the product begins to play, running in random patterns, emmiting its lights.

Furthermore to clean this ball, you can be able to open up the ball and clean. That should be done carefully though. No further action needed to use this product. If you are not clear enough, you can study the manual or user guide that comes with the product pack.

Does it work or is it a Scam?

The BarxBusyBall works works perfectly and not just us saying so, many pet owners have testified to its efficacy and utility. It does what it says and has brought about a relief to pet owners as pet owners can have time to focus on work, meditation, study and activity that requires quietness and no disturbance of any sort.

We undertook a survey to find out the response of pet owners after issuing out online surveys where 85% love the product. We decided to go to homes of owners who used this product and get their direct response. We started with out next door neighbors and here are some their responses.

“Jack this works totally, you are making a review right? get my name on it. I have been enjoying this product. Remember I texted you about how the work from home thing, is not working for me and how I wanted this pandemic to whisk away, due to disturbance at home, especially from Brad my dog. Suprisingly, this ball has kept B so busy, that I can get my time in my inner room and work. My honest review, is that this product works perfectly. Don’t tell me you don’t use this for Squeaky cos I am gonna break your head(laughs)” Daniel Joe

“ Big J ( what I am called in Wisconsin) This product is one of the most simple solutions I have used in a long time. I ordered this product last week. All I can say this product is one of the most innovative products I have used. It is also fun you know. My dog here loves it very well. It plays with a lot of time.

It also brings out colorful lights too and beautiful sounds. I pray my dog doesn’t love it more than I  cos this ball is so interesting to play with from what I have seen. Kudos to the manufacturers by the way. I wish I can order for my little kids also. You know they are not heads too, to an extent ( laughs)- Maria Costa

Most of the responses were from dog owners, but we intentionally wanted to still find out if what works for the dog will work for the cat. Fortunate the ball works for both. Owners who had cats as pets affirmed to the fact that, though cats are not really as disturbing and active as dogs. The attractive nature of this ball still subsists. Most owners gave thumbs up, they affirmed that it still got the attention and focus of their cats and also serves as a good distraction to them also.

This product is very effective from my surveys and from personal use. It also last for a long time and works perfectly. It really works, not a Scam.

barx busyball reviews.jpeg
Barx busyball Review

Pros of the BarxBusyBall Toy:

  • It works on its own. No need for human effort.
  • It is safe to use.
  • It is tear-resistant and water-resistant.
  • It is hands-free.
  • It is affordable and reusable.
  • It is compact in size.
  • Durable and doesn’t get damaged easily.
  • Friendly Customer return policy associated with the product.
  • Comes at 55% discount
  • Friendly shipping plans.

Cons of the BarxBusyBall Toy:

  • It  doesn’t replace human relationships 
  • It is only available and ordered online.
  • It cannot be used by all class of pets

Where can I purchase the BarxbusyBall Toy?

You can purchase the product from the original site of the manufacturer through the call to action feature in this site, which links you to the original site of the manufacturer. The manufacturers are also offering a 55% discount on each purchase and lots more incentives. You can’t afford to miss this. Get this product today!

The price range of the BarxbusyBall Toy:

Here are the various price ranges of this product:

1 BarxbusyBall goes for $45.99

2 BarxBusyBall goes for $69.99

 BarxbusyBall ultimate bundle goes for $89.99

Customer Reviews of the Barx Busy Ball Toy:

Here are other customer reviews of this product:

“ I am a new user of this product and my pet a 7-month dog which j love so dearly has been making good use of it. From my observation, this product is a very nice company for her. I am a nurse and work long shifts. I leave my dog with a housekeeper. But no one can keep my dog company as I do. But due to my schedule, I won’t be able to do that. Thanks to this ball, Amara can be able to play with something.

Also, I’m hoping this will let me be able to keep my puppy who is 7 months and no matter what I have and/or still am trying, still will not stop barking, jumping, and biting on people. She doesn’t bite hard but, we know it’s not acceptable behavior. And I live here anyway. Thank you so much! I figure this is my best chance to train her” so I can keep her!”- Fatima K

“This is the best thing I ever had my pit bulls use to jump and bark nonstop after use in this she is so sweet now I don’t have to worry about her knot in me down or hurt me. Thank you so much for this BarxBuddy. I ordered one for my son he has a bully also gave my niece the email address she has a pit, Thank you so much”. – Katie Veron

“ I ordered the barx busy ball to quiet my barking dog. It is a work in progress as he is stubborn. But I have noticed a significant difference. So it is working, just slowly. I live in town so having a barker does not sit well with the neighbors. They have noticed a difference not only with my dog but with others in the neighborhood as well. So we know it is working! Plus the treats are helping so much to train him.

He loves them. He is now coming back to me when told to come. This is breaking his concentration on the barking behavior and teaching him if he is good he gets scratches and a small treat. I had tried everything before I found you guys. Thank you so much!”- Jason 

“We bought this barx busyball for our dog, to keep him occupied when we don’t have time to play with him. Our dog tends to be afraid of a lot of things, but warmed up to this ball in minutes. The ball is big enough that our 25lbs dog can’t chew it. So for any small and medium size dog durability shouldn’t be an issue. The ball has multiple different motions from rolling to a slight bouncing motion” Tyler

Frequently Asked Questions (Barx busyball Review)

What happens if my Busy Ball breaks?

Unless your dog is a T. rex or very viscious, it is  highly unlikely he/she will be able to destroy the BarxBuddy Busy Ball—AKA they’d need jaws of steel! But if for some reason your Busy Ball breaks or the internal components fail, please reach out to customer support and we’ll promptly send you a replacement. We’ve got your back like that!

What happens if my dog doesn’t like it?

Having tested the BarxBuddy Busy Ball with our own furry friends and getting incredible feedback from our customers, we’re confident that 99.9% of all dogs will LOVE the Busy Ball. If for some reason your dog doesn’t enjoy the automatic game of fetch the Busy Ball creates, and you decide it’s not the best toy ever, you’re protected by our 30-day 100% money back guarantee. Just send us an email to let us know, and we’ll help take care of the rest.

How long does it take to receive my BarxBuddy Busy Ball?

We will be so excited to welcome you to the BarxBuddy family when you place your order today! Orders are generally shipped within 24 hours of receipt. You’ll receive an email confirmation of your order and another email with your tracking information, once your order has shipped. Most orders will arrive at your home within 7–10 business days, but some locations may take just a little bit longer.

Final remark (Barx busyball review)

The BarxbusyBall is one toy you should get for a pet. It is very safe for them and it is a very effective tool or instrument to have your me-time. This product also serves as a very effective and available companion for your pet. It is affordable and very durable. This product has gathered a lot of positive reviews as to its utility. It is one product popularly found in American homes currently and the testimonies gotten from pet owners have been positive. Don’t hesitate, order yours today!

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