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GuideLight Reviews

When you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, you either painfully step on the toy cars your child left in the hallway or you fall into the door frame before haphazardly reaching for the doorknob. As your pupils adjust to the light when you finally reach your destination, the quick rush of bright light hurts your eyes and causes you to squint. 

The entire time, your bladder is screaming at you to go the restroom as quickly as possible. If this situation arises for you nearly every night, it might be time to install a night light in your home. We go into great detail about nightlights and a special choice for you to assist you in making the best decision for your home.

An alternative to leaving lamps or ceiling lights on all night is to use night lights. An electrical outlet is usually directly connected to a little bulb that serves as a night light. A night light emits a gentle light during the night to help with finding the stairs or corridors and to reassure young children and newborns. There are many brands of nightlights that are offered by local and internet merchants, so you could be unclear about which brand to go for. In these GuideLight Reviews, we will be evaluating a special kind of night light called the GuideLight.

The creators claim that this product outperforms standard nightlights, and anyone can quickly and easily install GuideLight, a night light and outlet cover, in their home. Simply attach the outlet cover on top of an existing outlet to add an LED pathway light and an automatic night light to your home. Read on to find out everything there is to know about Snap Power’s GuideLight and its plethora of functions.

What is GuideLight?

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An award-winning, patented route lighting system with an integrated LED nightlight is called the GuideLight. The night light is made by Snap Power and looks like a regular electrical outlet. It is simple to light up corridors, bathrooms, bedrooms, and other areas of your home thanks to the gentle glow that each GuideLight generates throughout the entire building. 

Automatic motion detection is also a feature of GuideLight. You may set it up such that it stays dark when not in use and turns on when someone approaches.The makers of GuideLight have already sold over 4 million units. The product has received over 13,000 reviews, with an average rating of over 4 stars. A 12-month warranty is included with every purchase.

They are quickly attracting persons from different homes due to their refined, high-quality, appealing appearance and surprisingly low operating costs. Of course, there are other elements that contribute to their success besides quality and price. GuideLights have already received praise and a number of clients due to its cutting-edge automatic on/off feature, amazingly low energy costs, and remarkably simple installation.

Thanks to this feature, GuideLight is automatically switched on at night and off during the day. This conserves energy while keeping your lights on whenever you need them. If you have to trip over a nightlight to turn it on, what good is it? GuideLights only have an annual operating cost of less than 10 cents because to its special power-saving feature. Anyone can install them because they are secure, easy to use, and only take ten seconds (even if you have zero electrical experience).

GuideLight Reviews: Features

GuideLight offers all of the following advantages and features:

  • Elegant Design: GuideLight looks great in any type of house. Unlike some night lights that protrude from your wall, GuideLight fits in flawlessly without detracting from your décor. With any wall color, its white, neutral aesthetic integrates seamlessly. It can be fairly expensive to have your interiors decorated, thus the manufacturers made sure that the pathway light will mix in with any interior design. GuideLights are unquestionably a pleasant addition for anyone who relies on nightlights or just wishes to spruce up their house in a fashionable way.
  • Installation in a Few Minutes: GuideLight may be set up in a few minutes. Simply unscrew the existing electrical outlet with a normal screwdriver, then set the new GuideLight on top. GuideLight simply attaches to your line without requiring any electrical installation.
  • Enhance Nighttime Visibility and Safety: GuideLight can improve nighttime visibility and safety, making it easier to use the bathroom at night, lighting up a child’s room, and spotting hidden hazards while navigating your home at night.
  • Supported by a 1-Year Warranty: If you find any manufacturing problems with your freshly purchased GuideLight within the first year of operation, you may request a replacement under warranty.
  • Good customer satisfaction: GuideLight, which has sold over 4 million units as of this writing, is one of the best-selling nightlights online. With almost 13,000 reviews, GuideLight has a 5-star rating. Most customers are happy with their GuideLight and the way it works.
  • Space-saving: Traditional nightlights are large and take up a lot of room. The special quality of GuideLight is that it simply replaces the cover on the electrical socket you already have, giving you the convenience of a nightlight without taking up any extra room. Electrical outlets already exist in your home, and GuideLight turns them into practical nightlights. For minimalists and people with small houses, the GuideLight is a wonderful solution because of its portability—no complicated installations are required with the GuideLight!
  • Long-lasting: The LEDs from GuideLight are designed to last up to 25 years before they need to be replaced. There is no need for batteries, lights, or constant charging of the device. You only need to install it and leave it on your wall for up to 25 years to benefit from long-term nightlight coverage.
  • Make Beautiful & Safe Dark Corners in Your Home: For your gloomy places, GuideLight gives soft illumination. Everywhere you require nighttime lighting, such as the tops of stairs, the library, the string room, bathrooms, children’s rooms, and other places, you can install GuideLight. Some nightlights are way too bright, while others provide just the proper amount of illumination without being too harsh. They emit an excessive quantity of light, which can render you blind at night. GuideLight emits a soft illumination that provides you with the necessary vision without jarring you awake.
  • Smart Technology: Would you like GuideLight to automatically turn on when someone moves nearby? The nightlight will turn on automatically anytime it notices activity nearby. This is yet another feature that sets the GuideLight apart from the competition. Installation of GuideLight is simple and can be finished in a matter of minutes even without electrical experience or DIY knowledge. If you know how to use a regular screwdriver, GuideLight can be installed fast and simply. The outlet can be fitted in a matter of seconds, so there is no need to hire an electrician.
  • Reduce Your Electricity Bill: When not in use, GuideLight’s automatic shutoff feature automatically conserves electricity. An annual electricity cost of less than 10 cents per GuideLight allows for year-round operation.
  • Automatic Light Detection: In addition to automatic motion detection, GuideLight now provides automated light detection. Night or day, the brightness of the nightlight will appear to be constant in comparison to the surroundings since it will be at its lowest when the room is completely dark and will progressively decrease as the room gets darker.

GuideLight Reviews: Directions for Use

GuideLight is completely different from traditional nightlights, which are big, take up valuable outlet space, and require fresh bulbs! Installing it over your outlets merely takes a few seconds, and it has provided peaceful light for many years.

Simply remove your existing wall plate and snap GuideLight into place; no wiring is needed. LEDs provide excellent illumination as opposed to nightlights, which take up socket space and are ugly. Even better, GuideLights automatically turn on at night, so there is no electricity waste.

With GuideLights, the dark areas of your home become more attractive and safe. Your home is illuminated by GuideLight using a patented design. It may be plugged into any electrical outlet without the need for batteries, lights, or professionals. If you lack technical expertise or DIY skills, you can still install GuideLight in your home.

Simply unscrew an existing electrical outlet from your property, then screw GuideLight into its place to install. For a a Step-by-Step Guide to Installing GuideLight

  • Step 1: Turn off the main power 
  • Step 2: Remove the standard outlet cover.
  • Step 3: After situating the GuideLight, snap it into place.
  • Step 4: Use the screw to tighten the GuideLight outlet cover.

The GuideLight has an integrated automated sensor that turns the light on at dusk and off at dawn. As a result, users do not need to manually swap out gadgets. The lighting also does not require any upkeep or bulb replacement.

There is no need to modify the wiring for the outlet. GuideLight provides straightforward illumination without the need for batteries, charging, or other electrical effort. Instead, it uses the socket to draw power. Each night light made by GuideLight has a 25-year lifespan and can be fitted in just a few seconds.

GuideLight is designed to make dark regions of your home more attractive and secure. For instance, some individuals install GuideLight in bathrooms or bedrooms, while others do it at the top of stairways. GuideLight can be set up to run continually. As an alternative, you may set it up to automatically detect motion, which will help you see the ground and avoid obstacles while moving around at night. Overall, GuideLight aims to be the most innovative night light ever made.

GuideLight Reviews: Benefits

  • Cheap: In addition to the money you will save by not having to rewire your home, each GuideLight has an annual operating cost of less than 10 cents, as we have mentioned. Products that are identical in terms of design and usefulness cost hundreds more.
  • Secure your house at night: At night, you’re more likely to run into a wall or trip over your pet. Additionally, you’re more likely to trip and fall. Being seriously hurt while stumbling around in the dark is not enjoyable. Thanks to GuideLight’s automatic activation, you won’t have to be concerned about looking for a light switch, waking up your loved ones, or harming yourself in the dark.
  • Quick, useful, and easy to install: Nobody wants to leave a challenging rewiring project in the hands of an electrician. You shouldn’t have to pay that additional money! You may achieve the same results with GuideLight at a far lower cost. The results are of a professional level and will impress your visitors for years to come. It snaps into place in a matter of seconds.
  • Good for the aesthetics: Unlike a traditional nightlight, the GuideLight does not require space to be cleared in an electrical socket. You can continue using the same two outlets after installing GuideLight because GuideLight has no effect on how those outlets operate electrically. Get rid of those plug-ins and swap them out for a more effective option! GuideLight is built inside the outlet cover, so you may use both of your outlets. Nothing has to be unplugged here.
  • Electricity-saving: GuideLight’s automated on/off feature automatically saves energy while ensuring that your home is always safe and attractive.The LED lights from GuideLight have the ideal brightness.they give out a soft glow that offers you the visibility you need without waking you up or drawing attention to yourself. Furthermore, the bulbs last up to 25 years!

GuideLight Reviews: Pros

  • It is easy to install and needs little maintenance.
  • GuideLight uses patented “Snap-and-Go” technology and runs on 120V outlets and light switches.
  • By automatically going off, the nightlight is said to require less energy and reduce electricity waste. The nightlights’ annual charge has been set at 10 cents.
  • The GuideLight LED bulb has a 25-year expected lifespan.
  • There is no need for an additional outlet to operate the GuideLight.
  • It is little and doesn’t take up much space.
  • The GuideLight generates enough light to help with nighttime navigation without rendering the user blind.
  • High grade for fire safety 
  • An impact-resistant ABS material
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee and a 24-month warranty are included with every GuideLight.

GuideLight Reviews: Cons

  • The LED nightlight is only available in neutral white.
  • GuidLight cannot be used in non-standard outlets or switches controlled by switch outlets with split circuits.
  • The only place to get GuideLight is from the official website.

GuideLight Reviews: Pricing 

At the moment, the GuideLight is offered for purchase on the manufacturer’s official website. Currently, you pay the following when making an online purchase:

  • You can buy 1 GuideLight for  $24.99 
  • You can pay $59.98 for 3 lights plus free US shipping
  • You can pay $89.97 for 5 lights plus free US shipping
  • You can pay $119.96 for 8 lights plus free US shipping

Duplex (which has circular borders around the electrical outlets) and Décor are the two types of GuideLight (featuring a rectangular shape). You may combine various forms of lights if you buy a lot of them.

GuideLight Reviews: Refund Policy

A 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered with every GuideLight. Your item must be in its original packaging and condition in order to qualify for a refund.

All GuideLights also come with a one-year money-back guarantee. If your GuideLight develops any manufacturing problems within the first year of purchase, you may file a warranty claim.

GuideLight Reviews: Further Details

GuideLight was started by Jeremy Smith, an electrician with more than 40 years of experience. He installed hundreds of safety lights during that time, and it was a long-consuming, expensive process that involved rewiring, new electrical box installation, and even wall demolition.

One day after a particularly difficult installation, Jeremy had a simpler solution that would be considerably simpler and less expensive for everyone to implement. but continue to produce the exact same amazing result.

Following years of study and development, GuideLight was developed, enabling thousands of people to utilize safety lights of expert quality at a fraction of the price and effort!

The company that makes GuideLight provides prompt shipping to Canada and Mexico. You can reach the GuideLight customer service team in the following ways: The postal address of Snap Power GuideLight is 426 East, Unit D at 1750 North, Vineyard, UT 84059.

GuideLight is ETL listed in the US and Canada, and the company developed its product in partnership with safety engineers and UL experts to meet and surpass UL regulations. All company items are additionally tested by nationally renowned testing laboratories.

The website is managed by The GiddyUp Group, Inc. The company works with the makers of products like GuideLight as an online retailer. Making a purchase via the manufacturer’s website is the most effective way to support the artists.You can contact GiddyUp in the following ways: Address: 20 N. The GiddyUp Group, Inc. Ventura, California 93001, United States Email:

GiddyUp is steadfastly committed to safeguarding the privacy of both your and your customer’s personal information. By using the Service, you recognize and agree that their  Privacy Policy governs how GiddyUp collects, uses, and discloses this personal information.

By publishing updates and modifications to their website, they reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to modify, add, remove, or discontinue any aspect of these Terms of Service. It is your duty to often check our website for updates. Any modifications to these Terms of Service that are posted after you first use our website or use the Service indicate your acceptance of those modifications.

GuideLight Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the LEDs on GuideLight last?

Before the GuideLight needs to be replaced, the LEDs can last up to 25 years.

How much does it cost to operate a GuideLight?

GuideLight’s average annual operating cost is roughly 10 cents (depending on your local cost of power).

How are GuideLights turned on and off?

GuideLights’ built-in light sensor turns on and off the LEDs automatically. They should be brightest when the room is completely dark and progressively dim as the light level in the room rises. Only when the environment is very dark will they stay on.

Should you replace your current nightlights with GuideLights?

Yes, if you still use plug-in nightlights, have little ones running around, or have gloomy areas in your house.

GuideLights will serve the same purpose as nightlights, but with a much nicer look and at a much cheaper cost (or better). Due to all these cutting-edge features, GuideLights have rapidly increased in popularity since their release. By clicking the link leading to the manufacturer’s official website, which is included at the conclusion of this article, you can get yours right now.

The GuideLight , ETL is it included?

Yes! The highest safety standards were followed in the design of GuideLight, which is ETL listed in the US and Canada. The manufacturers work with safety engineers and UL employees to develop their products in order to meet and exceed UL requirements. Every single one of their products is tested by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories to ensure that it complies with UL standards. They use Intertek as their testing laboratory, and each of their goods bears the Intertek/ETL logo.

If they are plastic, do they present a fire hazard?

Because the GuideLights are made of high-temperature, impact-resistant ABS plastic with the highest fire safety standard, there is no need to worry about sparks or unwanted conduction.

Is there a money-back guarantee available?

If for any reason you’re not entirely happy with GuideLight, you can easily return it. Returns/Exchanges To be eligible for a return or exchange, your item(s) must be in the same condition that you received them, in the original packaging, and with all of the components included. Please refer to the aforementioned return policy for further details.

What happens if my outlets are horizontal?

No problem! The item can be mounted horizontally and still work flawlessly. Just be careful to install it so that the bottom of the plate lines up with the ground side of the outlet! Many customers have already done this and love it!

What color are the LEDs?

Neutral-white-colour LED lights are used in the GuideLight.

Which kind of electrical outlets work with GuideLights?

Devices using GuideLight are only compatible with 120V light switches and outlets. They cannot be used with switches controlled by switch outlets with split circuits or non-standard outlets (outlets with the breakout tab removed).

GuideLight Reviews: What Do Users Think?

GuideLight is a patented design and has sold over 4 million units to date. GuideLight additionally boasts more than 13,000 internet reviews, with an average rating of 5 stars and a ton of helpful remarks from pleased customers. Here are a few online reviews left by actual clients:

“Great addition to your home!” I was a little skeptical of this doing what it said. But my curiosity got the better of me, and I ordered a two-pack. All I can say is this is one of those things that make you think, “why didn’t I do this sooner”? Super easy to install, and you really cannot tell there is anything different from a regular plate. The amount of light they throw off is really just perfect. Installation is easy. I like them so much I’m going to order some for my mother, who is 92 years old. I suggest you buy at least two, and you, too, will be surprised and happy with the results! – Tom D. 

GuideLight Reviews: Summary

Although the use of nightlights is nothing new, you were previously limited to brands that offered fewer functionality than the GuideLight. In addition to wasting too much electricity, your typical nightlight wastes one electrical socket. Those small plastic items are also not particularly beautiful. A new “smart nightlight” has, however, been launched by a cutting-edge lighting company, and the internet is going bananas over it.

Aside from illuminating your hallways, the new nightlight is easy to place over the top of your electrical outlets and creates a peaceful, bright glow that improves the look of your home.

Although this concept has been around for some time, it was rather expensive and time-consuming to implement because it required rewiring your home’s electrical system. But these brand-new nightlights, referred to as GuideLights, are not only considerably more cost-effective and effective at illuminating dark areas, but they are also straightforward enough for anyone to install in under ten minutes and don’t need maintenance once they are in.

They are well-liked by savvy homeowners, parents, and other people in addition to those who wake up at night, where they have quickly gained popularity. If you’re looking for a classy way to illuminate dark areas of your home at night without spending hundreds of dollars to rewire it, GuideLights might be the ideal choice for you!Thanks to its straightforward installation process, automatic lighting, and other cutting-edge features, GuideLight enhances visibility throughout your home without requiring an electrical outlet. Click the following link to go to the official website.

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