Pro Compression Calf Sleeves Review 2021: Read This Before Buying!

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My first experience of working in a hospital as a nurse during a course work almost turned out completely unpleasant for me because of the leg pains and muscle cramps I experienced after every long shift. 

On a very busy shift, I could be on my feet attending to one patient after another and carrying out procedures that I would barely notice I had wasted hours on my feet and eventually when I take a break, I would come to realize that my legs were actually wobbling. Getting down from bed the next day was a nightmare due to the muscle cramps. When I came across pro compression calf sleeve eventually, I regretted not knowing about it earlier. 

 In this pro compression calf sleeves review, you will learn about compression calf sleeves and who needs to use them, the benefits of pro compression calf sleeves, customer reviews, pros, cons and at the end of the day you should be able to decide for yourself whether pro compression calf sleeve is for you or not.

What is a pro compression calf sleeve? 

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pro compression calf sleeves review.jpeg
Pro Compression Calf Sleeves Review

A pro compression calf sleeve is a compression sleeve that is worn over the calf to prevent fatigue and soreness of the affected area. Pro compression Calf sleeves feature a graduated compression level with the lowest compression area at the ankle area and the highest compression point at the calf area. The compression decreases towards the calf area to improve the venous return of deoxygenated blood to the heart. 

How pro compression calf sleeve works 

A graduated compression means that the compression increases in an upward direction being tightest at the ankle and loosest at the knee. This is to increase venous return – deoxygenated blood returning back to the heart from the lower body, and to combat the effect of gravity. This is the nature of compression the pro compression sleeve provides.  

With a compression sleeve, studies has shown that arterial blood flow increases up to 40% during exercise and 30% during recovery. This implies that there will be more oxygen and nutrient supply to the muscles and to the rest of the body.  Summarily, the benefits of wearing a pro compression sleeve can be enumerated thus:  enhanced performance through increased blood flow, quicker recovery and decreased muscle soreness, and less fatigue.  

Quality features of pro compression calf sleeve 


Pro compression calf sleeves are made from a blend of soft, cool fabrics to help relax and reduce your legs’ muscle pain. The calf-length sleeves have a graduated compression rating of mmHg 22–26. They’re made to accelerate your recovery, reduce soreness, and help lessen swelling and symptoms of fatigue 


 Pro compression calf sleeve enhances arterial blood circulation into the muscles of the legs and provides calf support for tired, aching muscles. By encouraging venous return and lymphatic drainage, it reduces swelling and helps repair broken down soft tissue. It also provides support for sore tendons and muscles and lessens muscle fatigue for a quicker, more efficient recovery. You’ll start feeling better faster with this compression sleeve. 


Pro compression calf sleeves’ moisture control properties keep you dry during a strenuous exercise by even the most active individuals. Guarantees a healthy feeling whenever and wherever you wear these sleeves. They boast long-lasting wear and aren’t hindered by perspiration. 


Pro compression calf sleeves are made to aid in recovery therapy or to help reduce swelling and inflammation caused by exertion or injury. They are essential for support during any sport, from cycling and running to golfing and tennis to football and basketball. Pro compression sleeves are a fundamental resource for anyone in the sports, fitness, medical and nursing fields. 


Pro compression sleeves are sold in unisex sizes and include a variety of patterns and colors to choose from making it a perfect fit for both men and women. Pro compression sleeves are lightweight, fun, and flexible. They’re designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. You’ll not only feel good, but you’ll look good when you wear a pro compression calf sleeve. 

Benefits of pro compression calf sleeve 

Designed to provide pressure and support 

Wearing a pro compression calf sleeve that provides a graduated compression from the ankle towards your knee will help to put pressure on your veins and encourage blood venous return to the heart even as you are training or running. In addition it is soothing on the legs and provides muscle support.   

Injury prevention 

Pro Compression Calf sleeve is useful for injury prevention such as calf cramps and strains or even shin splints though it doesn’t cure any existing injuries. It will nonetheless, provide support for the weak part and ease pains during exercise. It will help to prevent new injuries by providing muscle support and stabilization, the breathable-moisture-wicking material will keep you dry.  

Prevents muscle fatigue and cramps 

Pro Compression calf sleeves decreases muscle fatigue by providing a firm support that restricts the calf’s full muscle movements that may dispose one to tiny muscle tears. It also reduces muscle vibrations during exercise thereby eliminating fatigue, preventing muscle damage, conserving the body’s vital energy and ensuring optimum blood flow and lymphatic drainage, keeping you from inflammation. Your legs will feel comfortable and fresh throughout the whole exercise. 

Aids Recovery 

Pro compression calf sleeve also helps in recovery. Wearing this compression sleeve a couple of hours after exercise can help to increase your recovery time. Blood can stagnate in the calf after exercise, but this compression sleeve can help to improve venous return and increase arterial blood flow to the muscles, supplying oxygen and nutrients thereby reducing muscle fatigue. It also helps to accelerate the removal of waste toxins and lactic build-up and boosts the lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling and inflammation. 

Procompression calf sleeves review.jpeg
Pro Compression Calf Sleeves Review

What does the pro compression calf sleeve do?  

To put it simply, the muscles are at best to perform when there is proper arterial blood supply to them. When there is less supply to the muscles, the muscles get fatigued and become more prone to wear and tear. Studies show that wearing a compression sleeve helps to dilate the walls of  arteries and the blood flowing to the muscles consequently increases thereby enabling the muscles to perform actively since it has a rich supply of oxygen and nutrient.  

During exercise, the body produces lactic acid, a process known as lactic acidosis, alongside other waste products. The lactic acid created during exercise will contribute to the muscle pain and fatigue felt after a workout. Muscle pain and fatigue is not a sign that you have benefited from an exercise, so why not support your muscles to feel less pain during and after exercise? What helps to combat the lactic acid build up during exercise is good arterial blood flow to the muscles, and this is what a pro compression calf sleeve helps you to do.

The compression provided by this sleeve will also enhance lymphatic drainage and venous return which invariably reduces inflammation. This is how a pro compression sleeve helps to improve recovery and guarantees a comfortable exercise.  

Moreover, during a strenuous exercise, the muscle vibrates while it performs. Those vibrations can result in a tear and muscle fatigue but a pro compression sleeve will help to curtail such effect alongside keeping you comfortable as you workout. The less muscle fatigue you experience means more muscular endurance. 

How does a pro compression calf sleeve help with injury 

Pro Compression calf sleeve may be beneficial for shin splints, muscle cramps and tendinitis. A pro Compression sleeve may not cure the injury, but you could feel much better when compression sleeve supports your injury. Making your workout routine more comfortable will definitely motivate you to do more.  

Wearing compression may prevent future injury. The gentle pressure created by the graduated compression of pro compression sleeve will support your calves and keep the area protected. Pro compression Sleeve can even protect your lower leg from bumps and scrapes. Nonetheless, Compression is not a substitute for massage, stretching or proper rest of an injured muscle. 

Pros of pro compression calf sleeve 

Improved blood circulation: The pro compression calf sleeve improves the transport of deoxygenated blood back to the heart and increases blood flow to the muscles.  

It promotes faster recovery: After a strenuous exercise, the pro compression calf sleeve provides faster recovery by helping the blood remove the lactic acid that was built up in the muscle during exercise and as a result, prevents muscle cramp. 

Enhances the warm-up: Wearing pro compression calf sleeves enhances the pre-exercise warm-up by increasing the temperature of the skin. 

Reduced muscle oscillation: Vibrations on the muscles can contribute to the damage of the muscle tissues. Wearing a pro compression calf sleeve offers stability to prevent any trauma occurring in the muscle tissues. It also improves muscle efficiency.  

Improves leg power: Vertical jumpers can benefit from wearing a pro compression calf sleeve as it enhances the power of the leg muscles thus improving the quality of the vertical jump that an individual makes. 

Who needs pro compression calf sleeve? 

The goal of a compression calf sleeve is to reduce pressure on the calf muscles and to prevent injury or cramps. This is what makes it beneficial to people who are always on their feet performing one routine or the other. Hospital staff, especially nurses fall into this category. You may not have thought about it that moving from one location to the other for a long time, even if it were short distance location, is a real exercise.

It surely is, I didn’t realize that until I had to do such a job and I barely could lift my legs the next day. Wearing a pro compression calf sleeve can help hospital staff who are always at the beck and call of patients to support their muscles and prevent wear and tear. Prevent the muscle fatigue and soreness that may build up during long stretches of time, pro compression calf  sleeve can keep your limbs feeling fresh as you move from patient to patient.  

Moreover, people who work at a salon may also find a pro compression calf sleeve helpful due to the long standing accompanied with working at a salon. If you feel cramps on your calf or ankle after a long day standing, you may consider a calf sleeve as an option to combat the pains and cramps. 

Pro compression calf sleeve.jpeg
Pro compression calf sleeves review

Pro Compression Calf Sleeves Price and where to buy 

You can buy a pro compression calf sleeve from the official website. You can always check for available discount packages but it is currently sold at the following prices:

One pro compression calf sleeve at 34.99$
Two Pro compression calf sleeves at 43.74$
Three pro compression calf sleeves can be gotten at  61.23$

What is the difference between compression socks and compression sleeves? 

If you are still wondering whether you actually need a compression calf sleeve or whether you need a compression socks instead, you should consider knowing the difference between compression socks and a calf compression sleeve. This will help you decide what you should go for and what will actually be useful to you.  In some occasions, a calf compression sleeve might be more harmful than it is beneficial.  

The most important difference to note between compression socks and a calf compression sleeve is where the compression ends. A calf compression sleeve is made to start from the ankle and to stop just below the knee. It is not advisable to wear the calf sleeve for a very long time because the opening towards the ankle, where the compression starts may become restrictive to blood flow to the foot. Blood may pool at your feet and cause swelling. No one wants that to happen.  

On the other hand, compression socks only have one opening, which keeps the blood circulating at all times, no matter how long you’re on your feet.  

Why compression sleeves then? 

Both compression socks and calf sleeves will support your muscles and ligaments while you move, but compression socks are the much better choice if you plan to wear them for a long period of time. Nonetheless, a calf compression sleeve is a perfect option for a strenuous training session or an activity that requires you to be barefoot or use specialized footwear. 

How to know when you need a compression calf sleeve 

  • You workout with high-intensity multiple times a week 
  • When you race over a long time and distance 
  • You need a little extra support for fast movements 
  • You notice aches and pains during your workout that weren’t there before 
  • You have a favorite pair of low socks and want to pair them with a compression sleeve 
  • You need a quick and easy way to get in and out of your compression apparel 

Asides these, there are also other signs you can identify based on your personal experience to determine if you have to get this compression sleeve today.  

Pro compression sleeves Customers’ Reviews  

“Pro Compression are the best! 

Love these sleeves as well as their socks. As an RN these are so helpful in keeping your legs from tiring during long shifts.” 

“Nice and comfortable 

As I wasn’t sure which size I needed I bought both S/M and L/XL. To my great surprise I fit in both and they are comfortable to wear. I usually wear the compression sleeves made by CEP and for important races I definitely would choose them. But I love the new sleeves for their design and the feedback I received from my competitors was also very positive. The only fact that I’m not too happy about is that while wearing them the white elastic material in the most stretched area around the calf shows and the colors look a bit faded.” 

“Absolutely love these compression… 

Absolutely love these compression socks. I bought my first pair in 2018 and they are still going strong. I am on my feet for 12 a day and these socks take the ache out of my feet. I am type 1 diabetic and have sensitive toes. These socks have a roomy toe area, which feel great.” 

“ Thanks Pro compression for a great sock! 

Awesome service from Pro Compression. Honestly their was a little mix up in what I ordered to what I received but Pro Compression was right there to make me a satisfied customer. Even to follow up emails. As for the product, I truly love the sock. I Work and on my feet anywhere from 12-14 hours a day, my feet or legs do not swell, good support and great quality. Would definitely recommend. Thanks Pro Compression a completely satisfied customer. “ 

“Every time I have ordered your socks I… 

Every time I have ordered your socks I have been very satisfied by their quality and excellence. The fit is perfect and the sock itself offers just the right amount of compression to make working on a concrete surface and sitting at a computer for long stretches of time bearable 

I love my socks, they are so comfortable. I am a nursing student and literally on my feet for hours, so this is great to help me stay moving. I just wished I bought medium instead of small. But a size bigger than your actual size” 

Frequently asked questions  (Pro compresson sleeves review)

How do I choose my size? 

To know the size of Pro compression calf sleeve you need, you need to measure your calf circumference at its widest point. It is recommended that you use your shoe size as a secondary reference point and if you happen to be between sizes, you should size up. Nonetheless, when you want a tighter fit, it is recommended you size down. Whatever be the case and you are unable to decide which size you should go for, you may contact the customer care service of the product for advice.  

What is graduated compression all about? 

Graduated compression implies that the greatest degree of compression is at the ankle, and the level of compression gradually decreases up the calf. This encourages the blood to move upwards, from whence it returns to the heart.  

The increased venous return and blood circulation will help to rebuild broken down soft tissue and to starve off fatigue, reduce swelling, aches and soreness, and help to reduce your overall recovery time.  

How long does delivery take? 

Delivery times depend on your selected shipping method: 

• Standard Shipping: 3-8 days depending on location 

• USPS Priority: 2-3 days 

• FedEx Standard Overnight: 1 business days for most locations, no weekend delivery 

There is no shipping on weekends or holidays. Not all services may be available at times due to seasonal demand and delays.  

Do I need to have a Medical Condition to use this sleeve? 

Pro compression calf sleeves are most times recommended as a useful tool in recovering from joint or muscle-related injuries but that, however, does not make it a cure for any medical condition. This should be kept in mind even as you understand that a pro compression calf sleeve can be used by anyone who indulges in strenuous exercise or long-standing and walking shift work.  

Won’t Tight Socks Work Just as Well? 

It depends on the nature of tight socks you have. Does it offer a graduated compression? Also, why do you think you need a calf sleeve? Answering the above questions will help you to determine if you need a calf sleeve or if your socks can do. Nonetheless, Pro Compression sleeves, on the other hand, offer graduated compression that decreases as it moves further up the leg, ensuring an accurate level of helpful compression. 

How Will They Feel when I wear them? 

It is important that you understand the feeling you should expect to be sure you are getting positive results while using these compression sleeves. When you put on a compression sleeve, your leg should feel supported, while the material should feel tight around the muscle, the pressure shouldn’t be painful or uncomfortable. 

How Often Should I Wear, and Replace my Sleeves? 

A pro compression calf sleeve is a high quality compression sleeve and you can use it for as long as you want as long as it is properly taken care of. As of the number of hours you need to wear it before removing, you can wear them as long as they still feel comfortable on your legs, otherwise you should remove them. On the other hand, when you have an injury and you aren’t sure if the sleeve is becoming helpful or harmful, you should seek a physician’s professional advice for further direction.  

How should this sleeve be cared for? 

Machine washing the material in cold water will help to return the sleeve to its natural shape and maintain proper compression levels. Keep in mind that while machine washing is fine, the sleeves are intended to be air-dried. 

Importantly, though your compression sleeve should be highly durable, it won’t necessarily last forever. When the compression starts to reduce or the sleeve seems to break down, you might need to consider buying a new set. 

Conclusion (Pro compression sleeves review)

Pro compression calf sleeve is a quality compression sleeve with many positive reviews. It is good for people who perform strenuous exercise and for athletes. I definitely recommend it. 

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