Caresole Knee Sleeves Review 2020: Does this Circa Knee work?

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Knee pain is a common complaint that affects people of all ages. Knee pain may be the result of an injury, such as a ruptured ligament or torn cartilage. Medical conditions — including arthritis, gout and infections, also can cause knee pain. Knee pain is the most common musculoskeletal complaint that brings people to their doctor. With today’s increasingly active society, the number of knee problems is increasing. Knee pain has a wide variety of specific causes and treatments. 

Nonetheless, temporary knee pain is different from chronic knee pain. Many people experience temporary knee pain as a result of an injury or accident. Chronic knee pain rarely goes away without treatment, and it isn’t always attributable to one incident. It’s most often the result of several causes or conditions such as arthritis, tendinitis etc. 

Due to these several conditions that effect the knee and cause pains. The knee sleeve is meant to provide support to the knee, provide stability and increase blood flow so as to alleviate pains. The use of knee sleeves is on the rise as doctors usually recommend them to people with knee pains and for post operative healing. 

Moreover, knee sleeves are in high demand by athletes due to the numerous knee injuries that occur. Athletes need to wear these sleeves and prevent possible injuries to the knees. 

Injuries, sports accidents and wear and tear as we age can leave us with painful, weak knees which stop us from undertaking sports, exercise and favorite hobbies and activities. By wearing knee sleeves, you are aiding a faster recovery. 

In this Caresole knee sleeves review, we hope to provide you all the necessary details, pros and cons of this product to help you determine if it meets your specification of a knee sleeve. Why not read the complete review now? 

What is Caresole Alpha knee sleeve? 

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caresole knee sleeves review.jpeg
Caresole Knee Sleeves Review

Numerous people are suffering from chronic nail pains. This product is from a US-based company, Caresole. The company has come up with a new innovative and patented compression knee sleeve technology that is totally changing the way knee pain sufferers treat their osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis and other knee ailments. Already thousands of people around the world are using them. 

There is often a misconception about knee pains. The idea that restricting movement around the knee area will help you relieve pain. In the real sense of it, what it does is increase your pain and make the joint less active. The creator of this sleeve understands how this works, and has created a lasting solution to hour knee problems. He had previously created a knee sleeve to combat his own knee problems, and now he has dedicated his life to creating knee sleeve for people who are currently going through knee pains like he was. 

Moreover, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis or many other joint aches that leave your knees feeling stiff, achy and unstable –  can be classified as chronic knee pain, which painfully are being suffered very often by people these days, especially the elderly ones. Caresole Alpha knee sleeve aims to address these issues and allow knee pain sufferers take back their lives. 

Caresole Circa knee sleeve is perfect for those who would like to get back to a pain-free life while protecting and supporting their knees – without costly doctors visits, risky surgeries or expensive pain treatments! 

Through proper shock absorption, joint support and advanced stabilization technology, Caresole Circa Knee Sleeves relieve and protect your knees from discomfort and inflammation, resulting in the elimination of knee pain.  

Benefits of Caresole Circa Knee sleeves  

With the varieties of knee braces in the market, deciding which one is suitable for you may not be an easy task, especially without the necessary information about these products. The following is what makes Caresole Circa Knee sleeve stand out: 

Premium Quality & Extreme CompressionCaresole Circa knee compression sleeve applies stable pressure across your knee joint. The knee compression sleeve for men provides full support and comfort without limiting your mobility. The knee protector with tight and breathable compression fabric maintains joint stability. The knee sleeves for men/women special fabric gives you a smooth and soft feel so you can wear them all day long! 

Comfort Wrap Support and Pain ReliefThe knee sleeve is ideal for every day use, provide all-day relief, limiting pain and Joint Injury. The knee sleeves for men/women also prevent injuries and reduces inflammation. You can wear this compression knee sleeve for running, cross-fit, yoga, pilates, walking, soccer, basketball, volleyball, at work. Get back to enjoying your activities. With Caresole knee sleeve, still maintain your peak performance 

Caresole Alpha Knee sleeves are comfortable  

An important consideration to make while choosing braces, is the comfort. In the first place, you’re using a brace because you want to alleviate pain or discomfort, so you definitely don’t want to add to it by choosing the wrong brace. The Caresole Alpha Knee sleeve is designed with elegant materials that are safe, comfortable and effective. With rf he Caresole Alpha Knee sleeve, there is no fear of rashes or skin reaction as may be the case with inferior materials. 

Caresole Alpha Knee Sleeves don’t need constant re-adjusting. Another usual concern about braces is the fitting and adjustment. Some knee braces are slithered down or up thereby making it very uncomfortable for the user. Caresole Alpha sleeve is perfectly structured with pads for both the anterior and posterior part of the knee to keep the knee comfortable and fitted in.  


Caresole Circa Knee Sleeves are very sturdy since they are made with durable fabric that retains its stability after several washes. The components inside the material has a high tolerance for tension and water-rinsing. Moreover, maintaining this sleeve becomes very simple. Unlike most other sleeves, Caresole Alpha Knee Sleeve retains elasticity and compression after multiple washes 

Advanced Technology  

Caresole Alpha Knee Sleeves are resilient when it comes it retaining its elasticity. The pressure points don’t lose their strength even after continued daily use. Coming to the technology used in the sleeve: it is comparatively more advanced than any other alternative in the market. The viscoelastic pad and meniscus wings on the sides, sets the sleeves apart from all other products in the market. No other knee sleeve offers as much technology. 

One size- fits all 

Cares ole knee sleeve was made to fit everyone irrespective of size due to its perfectly elastic nature. So, your size or fender is completely immaterial as the product will fit you anyways. The sleeve will slide comfortably to fit your knee just the way you want it. The company claims that the sleeve will fit anyone, no matter their size, and the effects will not vary from size to size.  

caresole knee compression sleeve.jpeg
Caresole Knee Sleeves Review

Caresole Knee Compression Sleeves quality features  

  • Ideal for pain relief 
  • Gives excellent hold 
  • Easy to use 
  • Breathable material 
  • Comfortable to wear 

skin-friendly tissue: Made of knitted fabric: breathable, moisture permeable and soft. The bandage consists of a material that was produced by Bauerfeind and is very skin-friendly. This material means there is no problem wearing the bandage every day. 

integrated stabilizationA strut is integrated on each side of the bandage, which is intended to promote stabilization. However, it is still so flexible that it does not restrict. 

viscoelastic Omega Pad: surrounds the knee and relieves pain in the knee. This element is a material that adapts to the body contours of the leg and thus creates an optimal fit. This immediately gives the knee a better grip. 

meniscus wings: The wings attached to the side of the pad also additionally cover the meniscus, which always needs special support in the case of knee pain in order to recover as quickly as possible. They also provide effective pain relief when walking. 

When is this Caresole Circa knee sleeve used and who needs it? 

For pre and post surgical knee support 

The design of Caresole Alpha knee sleeve allows the knee to achieve full range of motion due to the neoprene material used. Full range of motion is a pivotal movement for the knee joint, and once the knee is injured the joint’s range of motion is immediately jeopardized due to the body’s natural response to injury: swelling. Swelling is defined as any abnormal enlargement of a body part and is the body’s immediate response to injury. Applying ice, resting the knee in an elevated position, and compressing the joint with a Caresole knee sleeve reduces swelling which causes the knee to be very stiff. 

Ranges of motion exercises are a large part of the early knee rehabilitation process. Range of motion is difficult to achieve post injury to the knee because the body immediately begins to protect the knee from further injury by limiting voluntary movements. However, with the use of a knee sleeve like the Caresole Alpha knee sleeve, it’s much easier to navigate this condition. 

Orthopedic doctors suggest wearing knee sleeves pre and post-surgery to reduce swelling around the injury.  

Caresole Circa Knee Sleeves is also used for chronic pains like in osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis etc. 

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, affecting millions of people worldwide. It occurs when the protective cartilage that cushions the ends of your bones wears down over time. Although osteoarthritis can damage any joint, the disorder most commonly affects joints in your hands, knees, hips and spine. 

Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage that cushions the ends of bones in your joints gradually deteriorates. Cartilage is a firm, slippery tissue that enables nearly frictionless joint motion. Eventually, if the cartilage wears down completely, bone will rub on bone. 

Generally, people over sixty are likely to suffer from the condition. However, constant and frequent stress on the knees or severe injury to the knee can result in an early development. The manufacturing company ensures that their product can combat the effects of osteoarthritis or any such condition, by giving a solid support to the knees and provide constant compression therapy for the pain. An early use of Caresole Alpha Sleeves reduce your chances of getting your knees worn out.   

Caresole Knee Sleeves is by Athletes  

Knee injuries are very common among athletes at every level. However, knee sleeves are frequently seen on professional and college athletes, but why? Knee sleeves protect the knee from further injury and damage. They’re generally made from high quality rayon and breathable elastic, are worn over the knee, and usually slide on over the foot. Athletes prefer knee sleeves that are snug to the joint. The fit of knee sleeves is very important because it helps to provide compression to the knee. Compression helps to increase blood circulation to the injured joint. Blood circulation helps to aid the recovery process. The fit also helps the joint to regain stability as the injury begins to heal overtime.  

For everyone  

Caresole Alpha brand Knee sleeves do not need to be worn all the time, but there is some great benefits for those that wear them during their workout. When running, jumping, or doing knee-centric weightlifting like dead lifts or squats, a knee sleeve can be the perfect companion to not only help you perform safer and longer, but can prevent that familiar old post-workout soreness. Research has posited that the use of knee sleeves prevents excessive horizontal displacement of the knee during squatting, which is why it’s good to wear knee sleeves for our regular workouts to support the knee. 

Why choose Caresole knee sleeve? 

In addition to preventing serious injuries, Caresole knee sleeves also provide a valuable compression element that improves blood flow to the area while simultaneously reducing pain both during and after performance. Compression is vital for high intensity workouts because it increases blood flow which promotes a speedy and thorough recovery. In the simplest terms, a knee sleeve prevents pain and swelling during and after exercise. 

The Caresole knee sleeves are constructed from neoprene material and can easily slide over the knee. The sleeve also provides increased proprioception (or rather the ability to feel the location of your joint via your nervous system), added warmth, and reduces patella movement. Not only does the sleeve aid in the mechanical support of your joints, it also increases your proprioception making it more difficult to injure yourself. 

For people who lift weights, when you lift a heavy object and increase the weight of the object over time, you are literally grinding the kneecap onto itself. Those who experience progressive tendonitis often develop the condition because of this process. One study showed that nearly one in twenty Americans over the age of fifty have artificial knees. Athletes and weightlifters experience this issue with much greater frequency. 

caresole circa knee sleeve review.jpeg
Caresole Knee Sleeves Review

Caresole Knee Sleeves Customers reviews 

A lot of customers have given their positive feedbacks about this product although some customers are not satisfied but people who used this product and are extremely satisfied put up their reviews. Below are some of the testimonies 

“I have tried many knee braces and sleeves over the past 30 years. This is the only one that ever actually worked. Now maybe it’s just because of the type of problem I have and the type of sleeve this is, but it’s been miraculous. I have knee pain for over a week, put this sleeve on for an hour or 2 and it’s gone. I’m not sure how that can get any better.” 

I was skeptical about buying after reading some reviews 

I was skeptical buying after reading some reviews, but continued to go through and try Caresole’s insoles and Knee sleeve. I’m surprised at how much support the knee sleeve gives me! The compression of the knee sleeve is comfortable while walking my grandkids around. I had a knee replacement a year ago and showed my doctor the sleeve and he approved that it would help my recovery, and get me back to feeling 100%. I rarely write reviews, but I only had positive experiences with Caresole, and they’re customer service answered me quickly. I also wear there insoles everyday! Amazing products. 

FANTASTIC product!!! 

I finally received the knee sleeve. It was worth the wait!!! I am a skeptic and never order from social media ads. So glad I ordered this! Most of my knee pain is at night; esp. when rolling over. Getting out of bed in the mornings is excruciating. I have used the knee sleeve for 2 days and nights. I have gotten 2 very good nights of sleep AND doing daily activities with little to no pain!! I have a torn meniscus after slipping in mud walking to my kayak almost 8 weeks ago. Since I believe your body has the ability to heal itself. I decided to not to have surgery, believing “tincture of time” is my remedy. This sleeve is the answer to last bits of discomfort I have. Thank you! 

Great product + good service. 

My experience is completely different from that of most of the other reviewers. The sizing is admittedly weird: the “Men’s” size corresponds roughly to a “Medium”, compared to other knee sleeves I have used, although the package says “XL”. My experience with the product, and their customer service response has been excellent. 

Happy with the purchase! 

After reading all the reviews I was worried after I ordered insoles and a knee sock,im glad to say after 2 and half weeks I’ve received both and am very impressed with the goods Thanks 

Where to buy Caresole knee sleeve 

You can order the Caresole Knee Sleeves currently only on the website of the manufacturer. It only requires a an acceptable credit or debit card to make a purchase as this is the only payment method accepted at the moment. In return you can be sure to receive an original product and not a fake by purchasing directly from the website.

The manufacturer is currently offering a discount promotion. The savings range from 35% to 55%. For the biggest savings you will need to buy more products to receive more discounts. However, individual products and sets in smaller quantities are also available. 

Read the manufacture’s terms and conditions to find out more information about the delivery and shipping policy. 

Frequently asked questions (Caresole knee sleeves review)


Knee sleeves have a range of benefits for cross fit athletes. They help to protect against future injury and to protect previous injuries from worsening. They have a compression element, which increases blood flow and circulation, therefore reducing pain and swelling during and after a workout. They do this by keeping the area warm, limiting patella movement and increasing proprioception.  


Knee sleeves do NOT need to be worn for all weightlifting exercises. If the knees are not the primary source of lifting, then they will serve no purpose. Sleeves do provide support for squats, snatches and clean and jerks. If you have suffered from a previous injury, leaving the knees weak, then sleeves can be a great support and can prevent further injury. We normally find that cross fit athletes purchase knee sleeves after a year or so, as up until that point they are simply building up the weight they lift, but you will know when the time is right for you. 


The knee sleeves should have a good firm fit, but should not be cutting off your circulation! If you are between sizes, we do recommend you size down in knee sleeves as they do slacken after a couple of wears, and you don’t want them to be slipping down mid-workout!  


First things first- prevention is key! To avoid mildew (and other nasties) from growing in the first place, try to avoid throwing your sleeves in your gym bag and allowing them to fester between sessions! Allow them to air dry inside out after a session. If necessary (depending on how often you work out) throw them in with a normal load of laundry and allow them to fully air dry before their next use. 
If that doesn’t quite cut it… 
Boil you knee sleeves in hot water for 5 minutes then remove the pan from the heat. Add a small amount of non-bio soap and allow sleeves to cool in the pot. Rinse through and allow to air dry. 
And if that fails…time to bring in the big guns! 
A dual edged sword to beat mildew- heat and distilled vinegar. Bleach and chlorine based cleaners can possibly weaken the textiles of your sleeves so best to avoid these. Heat a large pot of water, and pour into a bucket with 2-4 fl oz of distilled white vinegar. Leave sleeves to soak for 10 mins, throw in with a normal load of laundry and chlorine free detergent. Allow to air dry…. Voila! 


To clarify, a knee sleeve is not the same as a knee brace. The latter is designed and used to protect a prior injury or condition from further endangerment, whereas a sleeve is designed to protect against future injury and risk of damage. We recommend you seek medical advice if you have a previous injury before commencing any form of strenuous exercise – best to be safe! 


Blood clots can be caused by many different things, such as genetics, mobility, age, weight etc. However it would be almost unheard of for a knee sleeve to cause a clot on its own. Clots frequently form due to immobility and poor circulation, and if you are a cross fit athlete, you likely have great circulation and will definitely not be immobile! Knee sleeves are meant to be close fitting, but are certainly not tight enough to restrict your circulation. If you have a venous disorder or a family history of blood clots, you need to speak to a medical professional before undertaking any form of strenuous exercise.  

Conclusion and recommendations  (Caresole knee sleeves review)

In this summary, I like to point out that there are differences between knee braces and knee sleeves since a lot of people use them interchangeably. In simple terms, knee sleeves help to prevent future injuries by supporting the knee joints and preventing excessive displacement of the ligaments but knee braces help mostly in post injury. However, knee sleeves are used by athletes and weight lifters but care should be taken still, to master the appropriate techniques to avoid over dependence on knee sleeves. 

On the other hand, Caresole Alpha knee sleeves is made of quality, breathable materials that meets all the requirements of a quality knee sleeve. It’s comfortable and durable with elastic materials that makes it one size fits- all. this sleeve has a viscoelastic omega pad that provides optimum comfort to the joints. The meniscus wings allow the extra pressure to relieve and give a gentle massage to the painful area. 

The other knee sleeves do not have this much technology and comfort and usually leads to rashes around the area. The meniscus wings are also designed to reduce knee pain, especially during wear, while the soft “Hoffa” pads help your knee run by reducing pressure on the painful areas. 

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