Masermi Review 2021: Are these LED Lights worth it?

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masermi review

Masermi Review: The Big break in the lighting space.

Have you ever thought of how you can improve the state of your room and make it so lovely and attractive? Then you have to consider lightings which is an important aspect of making your room look nice and attractive. Sometimes the brighter the better or rather, the more the colours, the better it can be.

One important finding I have discovered is that the nature and state of your room as per how beautiful it influences a lot and tells more about you. It can help attract people to you. And can help to make friendship times and hanging out very fun. Imagine a situation where you invite a date to hang out with you and your room is glowing with all beautiful lights in many colors, glowing in different shapes and dimensions enhancing the aesthetics. Trust me that could be a very important plus.

Another issue is the cost of lightings. Yeah we all want out rooms to beautiful, but can they be affordable. We’ll need no worry because a new dude landed in light city and has learned to prove it’s worth in improving lighting and aesthetic. This product is the Maser Mi LED lights.

This is a USB LED light that claims to make your rooms shine and glow a lot better, without you breaking the bank .The Manufacturers of the Masermi LED lights claim that the MaserMi is the perfect option for those who want to increase the ambience of their room. The Manufacturers of the Masermi Mi LED lights have recognised that Investing in professional lighting setups is expensive, bulky, and , too much work. The Masermi as already claims that the Masermi is an  easier way to get a good light show without breaking the bank.  You want to know more about this product? then hang on.

This Masermi review shall provide all information you need about this product. What the product really is, the features of the product, how to use the product, is the Product a Scam, Pros and Cons of the product as well as customer reviews about this product and lots more. If you are ready to light things up, then get ready to Maser mi some lights. Okay, I will work on the Catch lines, sounding kinda lame right?  Lol But let’s head over to the business of the day. 

What is MaserMi LED lights?

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Masermi Review

MaserMi is a USB-compatible, LED night light projector that can project patterned night lights onto any surface- including the walls of your room or your car roof. It is a tiny cylindrical LED light device- so tiny that you can completely close it within the palm of your hand.

It comes with a small, completely flexible USB cord attached to it which makes it 360-degree rotatable. There are two color models: red and purple – I’d suggest getting both so you can switch between them according to your mood, or combine the two for a double-dazzle effect

The projector is fitted with a rotating tip that passes the light through filters which give the starry, patterned night sky effect. This gives so much more of a pop and show than a plain light would, resembling the effect created by a disco ball lamp.

These awesome lights are portably compact and ideal for on-the-go use. Take the atmosphere to your next get-together or anywhere your heart takes you! The MaserMi works with any standard USB and it is designed with 360 degree rotation so you can experience the fun in any angle! It’s also lightweight, flexible, and can be used with multiple lenses that cast different patterns. You can even plug it into a battery bank so you can take the show anywhere you go!

These LED lights are so popular because they are the easiest way to enhance your atmosphere no matter where you are. If you have a USB connection, you can have a brilliant colored ambiance that is guaranteed to impress everyone. You don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars for professional-looking mood lighting. It’s right here with the MaserMi

Features / Characteristics of the MasermI LED lights:

This product comes with amazing features and Components. The various characteristics include:

 Perfectly Accentuated Lighting You Can Take And Use Absolutely Anywhere: The Masermi LED light is well built and reliable lighting and very convenient too. It works so well and provides the same lighting effect as if you are using other expensive lights. It works better and can be used anywhere, in the room, car, bar, studio. It is so much packed with very much utility.

Different Colours for the perfect mood: The Masermi LED lights can also be a friend too who can react to your different moods. It comes with a wide range of colours and can be adjusted to fit in the mood and countenance of the Use. If you are sad, or happy, goofy, or sober, the Masermi light can be that friend that can be by your side to see you through your countenance.

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Masermi Review

Multiple patterns to choose from Yesooo, If the light comes in just one pattern, it will be considered boring right?  The Masermi LED lights can shine and glow in multiple patterns and in different shapes, dimensions, and sizes, and in different movements. It is just made and aesthetically created to provide beauty whenever and wherever it is used.

Convenient USB Operation: it works with a USB. You insert the chord of the device inside the USB port. You can use this device pretty much anywhere. If you have access to a USB port, then you have perfect mood lighting at your fingertips. It doesn’t matter if it’s a laptop, a wall charger, a port in your car, or even a portable power bank, you’ll always have access to perfect mood lighting anytime.

Flexible 360 Degrees Rotation: We are not talking literally about angles here. We are talking about the modifiability and adjustability of the device. The device is very flexible and can be adjusted upward, downward at any side you want. It can be reduced, increased, and projected to a surface. It Can be modified easily to suit the user’s preference. 

Use it anywhere: As already stated earlier, it comes with vast utility and no restrictions in place and geography. Wherever light is needed and can be used,  the Masermi LED lights can also function there. It can be used anywhere. Class, studio, room, living room, theatre, for parties etc.

Safe for kids: In addition to the Masermi Mi LED lights being safe for kids, it can also meet their aesthetic needs. It comes with very adorable and charming colors, that every kid would love. It is compatible with the child well being. You can use the light to provide a warm feeling at home and also for bedtime. Imagine telling a bedtime story about Cinderella to your daughter with the Masermi LED lights on providing lovely colored lights, in different shapes and dimensions and in different appearances. Dude, that kid is going to sleep in no time! it makes the moment beautiful with your kids. Masermi LED lights are just that which you should buy.

How Does the Masermi LED lights work?

Are you curious about how the device works, you should know that it is not rocket science. How it works, is pretty understandable. The MaserMi LED lights works though and with a  USB connection. It is very simple, wherever you have access to a USB port, you can make use of the Light . Also it is not fixed only to your home ,this little light can go any where with you. This essentially means it can go anywhere, wherever you carry it to. You can insert the cord  to any USB device whicheve it may be. including your laptop, phone, wall charger, the USB port in your car, a portable battery bank and any other device.

Also one striking feature or make up that enables the Maser mine light  work effectively is it Adjustability in pattern . Meaning you can modify the patterns.Since the MaserMi ceiling night light projector comes with a wide range of patterns, you can switch between them. There js no need for you to have to go through the hassle of detaching the tip and changing the lens either- all the filters are built into the tip and can be switched by simply rotating it.

Furthermore, the flexible cord that the Masermi LED lights possesses makes it possible and allows free, 360-degree stationary motion. That means you can bend and position the cord in whichever direction you want:

You can place it Upwards to get the most pronounced effect and bathe the whole room in lighting.Place it Sideways at a wall to get a slightly subdued effect, or to light up a particular corner

You can move it around till the angle is just right for you, and once you have set it up, the cord will stay firm in that position until you decide to change it again.

There is no hassle understanding how the MaserMi LED lights work. Once the MaserMi LED  lights is plugged in  it immediately illuminates your room Then you as the user,  can adjust it to colour  and mode of projection of your choice. I will state again, it isn’t room key science . And as of utility it is built to illuminate your room not just like any electric of florescent bulb, but to enhance the aesthetics and give the sphere which it is used a beautiful makeover.

Doe the Light shine bright or is it just dull? A lot ask this question, well the Maser Mi comes in very amazing colours which different radiance levels , yes it comes with brighter colors and sober colours too. However it made that it can suit every moment and mood. The Maser mi is a product which is compact but possesses multifaceted utility.

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Masermi Review

Benfits of Using Masermi LED lights

The following are benefits which can be derived from using the MaserMi LED lights. They  include:


The product makes use of USB operation. And quite easy to set up. It is not a large device or that which is very technical to handle. Also it is mobile and light weight. It poses no incovenience to the user. It is a nice device , stress free but offers a full pact utility.


It costs almost nothing compared to professional lighting equipment (which usually costs a fortune). This Manufacturers of the Masermi LED lights have made it part of their mission that the users get quality lighting, which is very affordable , not requiring the users, breaking the bank. You don’t have to worry on cost , it can be afforded by every person. So what are you waiting for !

Versatility and Multifaceted Utility. 

We love this product because if it’s versatile nature. It is a product which can function and adapt very well ,Zone in different locations  .it is manufactures and packed into a compact design, with a range of patterns available to choose from. You can take this device practically everywhere you go; there is hardly a place you won’t have a USB port at hand. At the very least, you can plug it into your phone with a USB connector.


This we can affirm that though it is a delicate pproduc, it is very reliable and durable. It is built with materials which can enhance durability of the LED lights. The material is very strong and can withstand pressure and unstable temperatures. This is why we consider that this product is also fit for kids and  you should get a MaserMi for your kids, reasons  is that, it is built with durable material, hence it won’t break if they play around with it a bit, and it is completely safe too. You do not have to be overly cautious about leaving it near your kids.

Long lasting and Efficient

Also it is important we examine the life span of the LED lights as against other forms of lightings.The components of an LED of which the Maser Mi LED light is not exempted,  and the way that they generate light significantly extend the lifespan of these bulbs and help improve how long they can last. LED lights are much more good. Where other bulbs’ lifespans are shortened through both proper and improper usage, the LED bulb’s low heat levels, durability, and energy efficiency make it possible for it to outlast other types of bulbs by thousands of hours.

If you analyse,the important parts of a light bulb, such as the filament, weaken over time, which causes the bulb to burn out. But lighting’s , such as the Maser Mi LED lights, hardly burns out and does not weaken,the same way that other bulbs do; instead, the amount of light they produce decreases gradually in what is called “lumen depreciation”. The lifetime of an LED bulb is based on how long it takes for the lumen output of the bulb to decrease to 30%, so it will likely last longer than the average rated lifetime hour listed on the box if you don’t mind or don’t notice the decreased illumination.

 Energy Conservation and efficiency

The Maser MI LES lights conserves energy and manages energy spread Effectively. Most LEDs are associated with their high lumen output per watt, LEDs are capable of conserving and transforming  about 65% of their energy into light. This makes them much more efficient than other bulbs, which waste a lot of energy by turning it into heat.

In contrasting the Maser MI KED light zone with other bulbs, It takes only a 6 watt LED bulb to produce the amount of light that a 40-watt incandescent does, and their lower temperature also makes them safer to operate. In comparison, incandescent bulbs can get so hot that they should be kept out of reach of children who might burn themselves, and they have also been known to cause fires if they accidentally come into contact with flammable materials, such as curtain fabric. However, the Maser Mi LED light, is very safe for children and conserves energy effectively.

Sharp brightness and intensity

The Maser Mi LED lights are capable of emitting a good level of sharp  brightness. If you wonder whether the Master Mi LED lights can shine brightly, then it wont be out of place to let you know that the the illumination effect  and the  brightness that comes with this product is so breath taking. It doesn’t  just only shine brightly. But aesthetically brightens it and makes it sharp and beautiful. You really need to try this for yourself. This device is can perfectly lighten up a room with the same intensity and effect as two florescent bulbs. It is really amazing.

 Wide range of Colours: I will say this aspect of Maser Mi LED light ,is the icing on the cake. Infact this is what will be described in the Pidgin parlance, as the “Oga Kpata Kpata of them all” This is the reason why the Maser mi LED lights  stands out. The. Maser MI LED lights comes in wider range if colors, both primary and secondary and tertiary colours with a blend of the three classes of colours to produce beautiful designs and colouration or coloured lights. The Maser MI LED lights is very vast in colours , all the colors from black white, green,yellow, pink purple all blended together and produced to suit every moment. I could say that  Aesthetics is the engineer of the Masermi LED lights.

Reliability and Durability

The Maser Mi LED lights  are  very durable and you can bet that it can last long for you. As already stated, it can withstand pressure and  operate safely in colder temperatures and hotter temperature and can withstand more impact and vibration than other light bulbs . This stability makes the Maser LED lights ideal for use in areas that will be subject to temperature fluctuations, unstable  weather as well as other impediments that can hamper proper lighting or durability of the lighting devices.

 Instantaneous illumination and Lighting.

This is what a lot love  about  the Maser Mi LED light. Bringing out it’s best without  hesitation. For some bulbs and light ,You turn  on a light to look for something, but you have to wait a few moments before you can see anything, or you’ve already found it before the bulb has even reached its maximum light output. Or you are frustrated by the dimness and laxity of the light as well as slow response. However the Maser Mi LED is sharp and instantly lights your home bringing out it’s full quality without hesitation. It is always ready for the job. Instantaneous lighting is one plus you can obtain form using this product.

Directional lighting

One important benefit of using the Maser Mi LED lights, is that you can influence the direction of the light or illumination . Most LEDs emit their light in one direction rather than all around As a user of the Maser Mi LED lights, you can focus The light in the direction of your choice . The directional nature of their output makes ths Maser Mi LED light,ideal for Optimal lighting and satisfaction. 

Note : ( Reason why the MaserMi LED light is perfect):While an incandescent bulb operates by heating its filament to a temperature that produces light, the Masermi  LED lights, emits electromagnetic energy as light when electrified. By turning energy into light instead of heat (rather than using heat to generate light), LEDs are able to operate at a significantly lower temperature than other types of light bulbs.

What little heat LEDs do generate is dissipated by a special heat sink, which is designed to absorb any heat and disperse it safely away from the diodes. While the actual fixture or base can feel warm to the touch, LEDs themselves don’t emit infrared radiation in their beam, meaning there is no warmth to it. This makes them optimal for use in heat-sensitive areas, such as displaying artwork because they won’t cause fading or other heat damage to paints or dyes.

LEDs run cool, but because of the way they dispel the heat they do generate, some designs should not be kept in enclosed spaces as this will cause the bulb to degrade and shorten its lifespan. Always make sure to check the packaging or product specifications for instructions on where a bulb should or should not be used.

Masermi Review

Other benefits from using that product include but not limited to:

• Possesses a sleek Design 

• it is lightweight and very portable.

• Can be used anywhere.

• Good for hang outs , video games and dates. It enhances the moment.

• Good for sleep. Not bright and not dull

• It can be easily stored.

• Friendly Return policy,No hassles in returning the product.

• Quick delivery when you order the product.

• Discounts are offered.

How to Use effectively, the Maser MI LED lights:

To use the Masermu LED light is not difficult. What you have to do is to unbox it and check if it is really the product you got. Once you do that you find a good USB port and insert the chordof the  Masermi LED light . Once the chord is inserted, the device is turned on , the. You can be able to adjust to the features you want as well as the mode of display and colour. The basic thing you need to do is to fine a strong USB port and insert thr Masermi LED light chord  inside the chord . That is the first call of action.

Does the MasermI LED lights work , or is it a scam?

You wonder if this product work right. Yeah a lot of praises have been showered on this product. Does it actually work. The answer is in affirmation, it does work and works effectively. In order to affirm that here is a confession by a customer.

I love this product, it is very nice and provides illumination perfectly. It comes with so amazing colours. I made use of it during a hang out with my friends in Friday night and the what the MasermI LED Lights did to my room was epic. It is very easy to use. You just a need a USB port that is all. It is a lovely device everyone should check this product ou~Williams Blake

Here is another opinion of a Customer

The MasermI LED light I will say is very efficient more that I expected. I saw it online, read some reviews an decided to try it out. I love the fact that you can handle.and control the device. You can make sure it is not too bright or not too dull but perfect. The product is amazing . I also use it in my car and in my music studio. It seems that I write more when I use the lighting. It is aesthetically created , for beauty to enhance beauty.i give it to the manufacturer- Sharon Macbyrne.

The device actually works . It is not a scam and provides the utility it clams to provide. It illuminates perfectly as well enhance the aesthetic quality of any place it is used. It is really that cool kid it claims to be.  

Pros/ Advantages of the product.

• it has a simple and compact design.

• it is lighter weight.

• it makes use of USB connection and can be connected with any device.

•Powerful, stunning light display

•Versatile: different pattern lenses to choose from


• Low  and affordable price

•Safe for children

• Very  portable

•Flexible: 360-degree rotatable

•30-day money-back guarantee. Friendly return policy.


•It Is not chargeable or battery-operated, 

•One needs a constant USB connection

•It is delicate and fragile.

•There is this query that it is a bit restrictive as customers find it hard to change it to their favorite colours or patterns

•It is Only available online

Customer Reviews about the MasermI LED lights

Liam J. – Baton Rouge, LA

This LED light is much more versatile than I thought it would be. It works great in your car, or your bedroom or wherever, but it also works great as a simple night light anywhere in your home. It’s powered by USB so I can use it pretty near everywhere, and have I mentioned just how small it is?! Fits anywhere and the kids love it! They each want one for their own rooms!

Jenna E. – Portland, OR

I picked one up of these LED lights for my boyfriend as he was always complaining about the lighting in his room when we were watching movies. He’s not complaining anymore! Just plug it into his computer, angle it away from us, and we have the most perfect (and romantic!) lighting for us to relax in. We get so much use out of it.

Alex R. – Boston, MA

The perfect little thing to take my car ambiance up a giant notch! Seriously, I just plug the light into my USB and it completely bathes my car interior with the most amazing colorful light patterns. The pictures online don’t do this justice; it’s way better in real life. I love it.

Masermi LED Lights Price and where to buy

The price list for Masermi LED Lights is as follows:

One masermi light is sold at 19.99$
Two can be gotten at 39.99$
Three masermi LED lights can be gotten at 44.99$

However, take note that these are discounted prices and might go up anytime soon. So it will be advisable to get yours now if you are interested in getting this product.

The safest place to buy the masermi LED Light is from the official store of the manufacturer. The link below will direct you to the official website of the manufacturer where you will be sure of getting the original version of this product.

Frequently asked Questions (Masermi review)

Can the MasermI only be used in the room?

No it can be used in your room , cars, party, studio, toilet etc.

Can it provideWide range of colours?

Yes it does so, it Colours your room car, party, beautifully and provided ambience.

Is it affordable?

It is very much affordable and can be purchased by anyone.

Conclusion (Masermi review)

The MasermI LED light is a very good product and from the reviews and opinions of  users , much point to the positive in affirmation of its utility and efficiency. How about you try one for yourself. This review is geared towards providing all available information to aid you make the right purchase decisions. As your satisfaction is our drive.

We assure 85% satisfaction from this product. However feel free to reach out when not satisfied. This is what we do. Gracias.

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