Breeze tec Portable AC Review 2021: Is Breezetec Air cooler worth my money?

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breeze tec portable AC Review

Yo! Summer is near. Like they say; “A little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about” summertime comes with much expectation and enthusiasm. Kenny Chesney will say “It’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine … it’s summertime!”. Summer is the most expected holiday season in the United States and many countries too. It is one holiday asides from Christmas, that comes with lots of fun, traveling, reunions, bikinis, and of course, beach time.

As Brian Wilson will say “Summer means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, going to Disneyland, having fun. I can never in thousands of Summers, get tired of the summer holiday. Give me summer and take the cash$$. Oops! That was just a bluff, don’t try that

However, there is a ‘but’. The heat in summer is can be crazy! Like people will say, “Summer heat is proof that mother nature is Menopausal” if summer had a smell, it will be the smell of Barbeque because the sun during summer is very scorching and the weather can be very hot and can be very unbearable.

One time in California, I spent the summer holiday with my co-worker, who Invited me to California. It was a very beautiful time but folks we have a good time with sun creams had to wear very light clothes, bathe frequently and had to stay hydrated all the time. It was getting annoying but what can we do? it is Mother nature’s flex. 

What then can we do to manage the heat? Practically there are lots of ways to manage the heat that come with summer, from staying hydrated, to wearing light clothes and makeups and so. But how effective are they? This is where technology comes into play.

Technology has been an important agent in the provision of solutions and innovations that makes us smile. There are products out there like Air conditions, fans, and so on that help to provide cool air despite the harsh and hot weather. These products have been very functional no doubt, but the question is, how best can this product serve me well?

Let’s talk about fans and air conditioners. One drawback of both products is that regular fans and Air conditioners are not portable. Meaning you cannot use it all the time or take it wherever you want it to be. It is neither convenient nor accessible to be used especially if there is a power failure. Should your conditioning be dependent only on the presence of power? C’mon, it should not be that way.

Here goes a product, the Breeze Tec Portable AC. The Breeze Max AC is a portable, sleek and compact Air conditioner that aims at providing a cool and amazing conditioning experience to beat the summer heat. One striking feature of this product is that it is convenient to carry, portable, rechargeable, You don’t have to plug it in the wall and it covers a wide range.

Things are getting interesting, aren’t they? In this Breeze tec Portable AC review, we shall find out more and provide information about the Breeze Air conditioner. Finding out whether it works, the features of this product, how it works, how to use the product, benefits of using the product especially in anticipation of summer, customer reviews and feedbacks concerning the Breeze Max AC, and lots more. This is geared to make you make the right purchase decision and get value for your money.

Do you want to beat the summer heat and enjoy it in a Breeze?  then hop in, let’s go on this ride with Breeze tec Portable AC Review.

What is the Breeze Tec Portable AC?

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Breeze tec portable AC Review
Breeze tec Portable AC Review

The Breeze Tec Air-conditioning device is an effective, lightweight, sleek and portable Air condition that is designed to provide conditioning of your room, office, kitchen or any interior space, withstanding any level of heat to provide comfort to the user.

One striking feature of the Breeze Tec Portable AC is that it is designed to be small, compact and sleek. This enables its portability. Unlike a regular Air condition or Split unit, which cannot be carried anywhere with convenience, the Breeze Max can. You can take it to the mall, office, garage, use it the room and travel with it. This Air condition serves as a close pal that can accompany you around without you feeling its weight.

Amazingly, despite the size of the Air Cooler, the device covers a wide and considerable space. It can condition a substantial amount of space in your room or office but be assured that your close area and space around will be efficiently conditioned and cool and the result is not far off from that which you will get from a regular standing or hang-on- the wall-AC.

Also, another distinctive quality about this product is that in addition to being an air conditioning device, the Breeze Air conditioner is an effective humidifier and also purifies the air coming out of its vent. The Breeze Tec Air conditioner ensures that while it is in operation, it does not suck up all the humidity but ensures that the room remains humid to a considerable extent.

In terms of inhalation of clean air free of pollutants, the Breeze Tec Air conditioner ensures that the air it brings is purified, free of germs and contaminants which are not suitable for inhalation.

To know more about this innovative Air condition, scroll down, to know more.

Features of the BreezeTec Portable AC

Cools the air/ Wipes out heat:

The Breeze Max Air-condition is primarily designed to wipe out hot air and wipe out heat. During the hot weather or at the point, where the heat is so unbearable, you can turn on this device and in no time it wipes away the hot air, cools the room and the effect of whether would hardly felt. Unless you leave the area of coverage of the device.

Covers a considerable area/ space:

For a product in the size which the Breeze Max was designed to be, the scope of coverage is amazing. It is jaw-dropping, that the device despite its size, can be able to cool and condition a room, of normal length and width, an office. It might not be able to cover a banquet hall or a room of very large size. But it covers to a good extent, a large space for a product of that size.

Purifies the air:

The Breeze Max Air condition, contains a purifier and traps allergens and dust and helps to clean up the air. It eliminates contaminants in the air. Making the air as cleans as possible.

Durable Battery:

The Breeze Max Air Conditioner, has a very Durable battery that is strong and can last for a very long while. The device while functioning can last over 10hours. Also, it does not take time to get full. In a matter of minutes, the device is fully charged 

Multipurpose Utility:

The Breeze Max Air-condition is primarily an Air cooler or conditioner. However, it does more. The Breeze Max Air Conditioner can act as a fan, air conditioner, air cleaning system as well as a humidifier. It serves these functions effectively and can give out these utilities at the same time.


One quality of the Breeze Max Air conditioner is that the product is noiseless. It does not make noises while it is been used. You can be able to enjoy quiet conditioning, without worrying about the sounds it will make. This is one drawback of a conventional or regular air conditioner or fan.

Long-lasting Effect:

The Breeze Max Air conditioner provides long-lasting cooling. The effect of the product i.e the cool air it brings lasts for a long time before it clears out. It can make the surroundings stay cool for a good time before you feel the heat again. 

Cost Effective:

The Breeze Tec Air cooler is cost-effective. Compare the cost of a split unit or standing fan, with the Breeze Max AC. The Breeze Max is cheaper. Does it save cost? Of course. First of all, it is not to be plugged into a socket all the time to be used as it possesses a durable and long-lasting battery.

That is limited energy consumption attained. It doesn’t take time to charge. Thus energy conservation is still attained which will result in a reduction in bills. And one thing other kinds of cooling devices don’t have is portability but the BreezeTec has it all.

Possesses a Water Tank:

The Breeze Tec Air conditioner has a water tank, which is placed on its side. What this water tank does, is manage humidity as already stated. When the device is on and operating, it humidifies the air by releasing water into the air thereby enhancing moisture. Dry air is imperfect, especially during hot weather. So instead of eliminating humidity, the Breeze Max AC sustains it.

No hassles in usage:

The BreezeTec Air Cooler is very easy to use and handle. It is quite a simple device and does not require installation or any further technical action to support the usage of the product. Just turn your device on and adjust the pressure or if there is a need change the water tanks, and in no time your device is up and running. Alongside ease of usage, the product is very easy to maintain. It is not a very delicate device. Though it requires proper care, it requires no technicality in maintenance.


Here is the formulae; Lightweight+ Portability= Convenience. Convenience + Effectiveness= Ideal Air Conditioner. The Breeze Tec Air cooler can be handled with Zero stress. It is very convenient to use. It is not heavy to carry around. It is also not to be plugged into a socket to enable you to use the product. And it can be easily adjustable too.

Sleek design:

The Breeze Max Air Condition has a very Sleek and innovative design, unlike any regular air conditioner you know. It is designed that way to enable it to function properly.

Breeze tech portable AC Review.jpeg
Breeze tec portable AC Review

Technical Features of the BreezeTech AC include:

  • Model – WT-F10
  • Material: ABS / SilicaGel
  • Water Tank Capacity: 380mL
  • Motor Speed: 2,200rpm (low setting), 3,100rpm (middle), or 3,600rpm (high)
  • Working Current: 0.2A to 1.0A
  • Item Size: 6.69×5.98×6.18”
  • Weight: 776g
  • Working Wattage: 1W to 5W
  • Included in Box: Main body, water absorption curtain, USB charging cable, and instruction manual

How does the Breezetec Air Cooler work?

The Breezetec AC uses the POLAR TECH fan system, which aids the conditioning provided by this device. How Air conditioners work is that they make use of the system of evaporation, integrating with other systems to provide the cool air we enjoy. However in terms of operation, there is an extension to the mode of operation of the Breeze Max in the sense that the Breeze AC, adds moisture to the air, regulated temperature via its inbuilt system, and of course, cools the air.

The Breezetec Portable AC has an inbuilt filtration system, that filters the air that comes out of the Air condition. Once the air passes through the filtration system, it enters the water curtain system, which adds moisture to the air provided by the Air conditioner.

This device once it is turned or even before that it done provides for a water tank. However, it is to be stated that you can use the Breeze Max AC without the water tank. The water tank is there to provide a humidified air for consumption. 

The BreezeTec Portable AC comes in handy and is the best fit for proper conditioning. This is one you should get.

Benefits of Using the Breeze Tec Air Cooler

Enjoy your Summer: With the Breezetec Air conditioner, you can enjoy your summer as the Breeze max portable Air Condition device, helps to reduce the effect of summer heat. The device can cool your bedroom, living room, gym efficiently and provides a long-lasting effect after being used. Summer is a great time to enjoy. You don’t need to avoid engaging in physical activity or stop doing what you love because of the heat. What is Summer without activity? You shouldn’t be left behind.

Health in check: Excessive heat can cause health issues such as skin infections and even heat stroke. These diseases can be caused by very hot weather and excessive sweating. You don’t need to sweat it anymore, with the Breeze Max portable AC you can reduce the risk of being affected by the possible health challenges that from excessive heat.

Sound health cannot be traded. It is just much more valuable than gold. The AC keeps health in check. Remember, not just that the product cools the air, it also filters and cleanses what you inhale reducing the risk of developing respiratory complications.

Rechargeable: One spectacular benefit of this product, is that it is rechargeable. And its battery conservation is top-notch. The Breeze tec Portable AC being rechargeable ensures that the Air conditioner can be used all the time without restraints due to power failure as it is not to be plugged in a socket for it to operate. Also, it will help you conserve energy and in turn, limit the amount paid for electricity bills.

Ensures comfort and Removes restlessness: There is a restlessness, that comes when one is very hot or feeling the heat and there is little or no stable and content cooler. The Breezetec device provides ease and comfort to the user of the product. And helps you maintain your cool all the time.

Safe to use: Unlike any regular fan or Air condition, the Breezetec AC, is very safe to use and possesses zero hazards. First of all, it does not make use of blades, which can give you a cut or an injury. Also, it is not to be plugged into a socket to be used and that reduced the risk of electric shock which if it happens, can severely cause harm to the user.

Other benefits of the Breeze Max Include:

  • It is affordable.
  • No installation needed.
  • Friendly customer return policy.
  • Does not get damaged quickly.
  • The Breeze Max is easy to maintain.
  • It is water-resistant as well as anti-rust.
  • Can be used around children.
  • Multipurpose.
Breeze tec air cooler review.jpeg
Breeze tec Portable AC Review

How to use Breezetec Portable AC:

To use the Breeze Tec Air condition, follow these simple steps: They include:

  • If you need humidity in your air, you will have to fill the water tank.
  • Then plug in the device.
  • Connect the fan to your PC USB port or a power outlet using the included USB charging cable.
  • To start the default fan, short press the switch button.
  • Press the gear button (MODE) in order to adjust the fan’s gear. Short-press just once to change the speed to low, medium, or high

To fill the water tank follow these steps.

  • Unplug Breeze Tec , then pull up the water tank on the right side
  • Unscrew the tank’s lid, then fill the water tank.
  • Tighten the tank cover.
  • Align the tank with Breeze tech air cooler and push the tank down to complete the water filling process.

To replace the water absorption curtain follow these steps:

  •  Unplug Breeze tech, then open the top cover.
  •  Remove the water absorption curtain.
  •  Soak the curtain, replace it in the unit.
  •  Replace the top cover.

Its that simple

Does Breeze Tech Air cooler work or is it a scam?

No, it is not a scam, and Yes, the Breeze Max Air conditioner works. It provides cool air and conditioning as it claims. And suppresses the heat to provide comfort to the user in a very fast and easy way. 

As always, to discover whether a product works, we fetch opinions of valid users of the product to decipher whether the product works. We judge from customer responses and reviews. From our feedback System, we were able to fetch the opinions of valid users of the product. One of these opinions is that of Hart Davis a valid purchaser of this product and here is what he says about the Breez Max Portable AC.

“The Breeze AC works and works efficiently. I ordered this product last month and it has been serving well. I have stopped using my Split unit all the time unless on necessary occasions as this device, though very little, can cool a room nicely. Close to a regular Air conditioner.

The Breeze tech AC also lasts for a long time and this shocks me. How much the product lasts after being used baffles me. It is also easy to handle and possesses no stress in handling. It is serving me pretty well and if I am to say whether it works and I will say thus far, the Product is very effective and matches what it claims.”

Analysing the feedback gotten from customers, we found out that a good percentage over 75% of the users enjoy using the product. others complain that the product looked so technical to use especially changing tanks and water curtains. However, in respect to whether the Breeze Max Air condition, can cool air and condition perfectly, it has been given a thumbs up.

Pros and Cons of Breeze tech Air Cooler

Pros (Breeze tec Portable AC Review)

  • It is not a handheld device.
  • It is Portable.
  • 4 in one features xeazkt2a as
  • Does not contain dangerous components.
  • USB charging enabled by the device.
  • Durable material used in manufacturing the device etc.
  • Last longer.
  • Water resistant.
  • Use anytime and anywhere.
  • Saves cost.
  • • Friendly Shipping Policy.
  • • Affordable.

Cons (Breeze tec Portable AC Review)

  • It can only be ordered online. From the original site of the manufacturer.
  • It cannot cover extremely large spaces.
  • Does not come in multiple colors 

Where can I Buy the Breeze Tech Air Cooler?

You can purchase this product from the original site of the manufacturer. The site is well secured and has a well-secured payment system too. On the site, you can be able to see the product specs, relevant, prices, customer return policies etc. Also, there is a discount offer open to those who purchase the product. There are so various incentives offered by the manufacturer to valid purchasers. You can afford to miss this, order the Breeze Max today.

Prices of the Breeze Max Air conditioner:

•One (1) Breeze Maxx unit goes for $89.99 each

•Two( 2 )Breeze Maxx units go for $85.49 each

•Three (3 )Breeze Maxx units go for $80.99 each

•Four (4 )Breeze Maxx units go for $76.49 each

•Five (5 )Breeze Maxx units: go for $71.99 each

Customer Reviews about the Breeze Tec Air Portable AC: 

Here are what other consumers have to say about this product:

“I think this is another series of this portable Air Conditioner because I have used this product for a year now. I bought this Breeze Max last summer when I was surfing online for a perfect solution to beat the summer heat and hot weather. I found this product on a pop-up AD and read more about this product. It did not take time for the product to be delivered to me after I ordered the product.

In terms of efficiency, the Breeze Max is an efficient product. It has served for a long time and it is still working for me. Also, it is not a fragile product that gets damaged easily. It is made with materials that make it strong and last long. I am enjoying this product and I can say it is worth my money.”-Thomas luke

“The Breeze Max Air Conditioner works. I stay in Jigawa on the Northern side of Nigeria. This side of the country is very hot and the heat is second to none. I happened to visit a friend in Ohio after I was invited to come to stay with her. She uses this device in her home and it worked well for her. I love this product and decided to get this product when returning to Nigeria. I thought it would not work because much hotter.

The contention was whether it was a waste of time in that, a device so small as the Breeze Max would not be able to suppress the heat. However, it was a shocker to me, that the product suppressed the heat, and not just that, it was able to cool my room in a matter of seconds. Providing a very long-lasting effect. I give this product a Five 🌟. It works. Everyone should get this product.” Zainab Neil

“I have used many portable Air conditioners, but I love the Breeze Max AC because it serves different purposes. Also, the air coming out of its vents is purified. You can feel the difference. It is so refreshing. Also, the Breeze Max AC does not make noise while it is being used. It can be operated easily without hassles. I will keep on using this product. However, I would like the manufacturers to equip the device with remote control, to aid faster operation. All the same, the product works well” – Ariana 

Frequently Asked Questions (Breeze Tec Portable AC Review)

Is it able to cool my living room?

Yes, it can. The Breeze Tec AC can condition a room of big size effectively. But it has not been stated that it can cover a very large hall.

What if Breeze Tec AC isn’t for me?

Fortunately, Breeze tech has been protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee on all unused items returned back in their original packaging. To complete a return, you will need to provide your full name and the email address you used to place the order. It is important to note that any shipping and handling fees incurred in the process will be considered the customer’s expense. 

Is it okay to leave Breeze Tech all night?

Yes, Breeze Tech Portable AC has been designed to release cool air regardless of night or day. You only need to make sure that the water tank has enough water for consistent airflow. The product last for a very long time. You don’t need to turn it off during the night. It can be used all through without tripping off or suffering lags.

Where should the Breeze Tech Personal Air Cooler be placed for maximum coolness?

The AC’s unit should be near an open window to get optimum circulation. You have to keep the breeze tech Air cooler on a flat surface to prevent any damage to it.

Final remark on Breeze Tec Portable AC Review

The Breeze tech Air Conditioner matches what it claims, judging from the reviews and customer opinions. The product is cost-effective and provides an effective and efficient solution, in managing the heat that comes with very hot weather, especially the heat that we experience during summer. 

Enjoy your summertime, with the Breeze Max Portable Air conditioner. Like they say, “Do what we can, summer will have its flies” Get the Breeze Tec AC and get prepared for what this year’s summer will bring this time. Order today! 

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