Hoarder TP Game Review: Is it worth it?

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Hoarder TP Game Review

Have you ever wondered whether a tissue roll could do more? Have you ever thought , what can a tissue roll do aside ending inside the hole of the water closet. Personality I have tried many possible ways to find out other ways a tissue roll, could be of value. In that process I found out something exciting about how you can use your extra tissue roll , which can become a source of entertainment and fun.

If you fan of basketball you would love this game. I bring you a mini basketball ball. Actually I call it mini because the basket or where you throw the tissue roll is kind of a waist level basket in form of the toilet seat . It is a game which has been played by a lot of people and has caught our attention and we have decided to compile a review for you.

This game is the Hoarder TP Game. TP meaning Toilet paper. You want to know how toilet paper can bring the fun. Then chill with me. This Hoarder TP Game review will examine ,how the game looks like, How to play the game, what exactly the game is, are their advantages of playing the game, is it really a source of entertainment,  Why you shouldn’t play the game, if there is. And most importantly, customer or player reviews about the game. So wait! don’t throw that tissue, you might have a rethink after your read this. So let move.

What is Hoarder TP Game

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Hoarder TP Game Review

It’s a fun game where you wear an inflatable toilet bowl rim and people throw ‘TP rolls’ through it to score points.Theperson with the highest successful throws and points wins the game. It is a fun game, which was very much played during the intense lockdown period and it is played among families . As we are in a time of pandemic and many sit at home orders are made the Hoarder TP Game, provides hours of quality entertainment for you and your loved ones, helping you socially isolate and stay safe.

One amazing thing about the product is that it makes us of an inflated toilet bowl rim so after that game you can remove the air and store the rim. It much fun, because unlike the basket ball when the net is hung on a pole , the toilet rim is worn around the waist of another player. Very simple way of catching fun.

Also a lot of people can play the game whild observing socical distancing as once the rim is tied or worn on the waist of the other player. You can stay 2 feet apart and still  make a throw. It is also a game to test your aiming skills. Do you want to improve your aiming skills you can try this game.

The Hoarder Toilet paper game has found a very fun way , maybe quite silly way  where your toilet paper can be used. But one thing that is sure is that the Hoarder TP Game is a sure way of relieving stress, emotional and mental stress as well as keep your body active.

Features of the Hoarder TP Game

Perfect for beating those isolation blues: Men we all can testify that the isolation and shelter at place orders are more than tiring. Very draining and has really taken all the vibe in us and made us not really interested in practically anything. However, this game helps to keep the body warm and. energized. And through this activity hops into the home and this might help loosen you up a bit and chase away the feeling of isolation.

Hours of entertainment for you and your family: Really it is a big-time source of entertainment, cheap and can provide entertainment for a reasonable good time. It can be played by the family as well as friends. It doesn’t make use of any battery so it cannot die down. It is played mechanically and you can catch so much fun and laughter while playing.

It is Appropriate for all ages: kids, adults, seniors: it is suitable for all ages for all sexes,for all classes, for the middle aged, for children and elderly. It has no age limit and can be played by everyone.

It Easy to clean: No hard time cleaning, just get your clean wipe and clean the dust stained on the toilet bowl rim and in less than ten seconds. Everything is done.

One size fits all: The Product which is the inflated Toilet bowl rim claims that the rim can fit for all sizes.

Outstanding Quality

The product is of immense qualities  and Thearder TP Game provides hours of quality entertainment for you and your loved ones, helping you socially isolate and stay safe.

No-Hassle Returns and Friendly Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your Hoarder TP Game for any reason, there is a return option to return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Quick Delivery , No time Wastage

Hoarder TP Game ships direct to the address of your choice for convenient shopping and gift-giving.

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Hoarder tp game review

How does the Hoarder TP Game Work

It is not rocket science and very quite basic. Once the you inflate the toilet seater or toilet bowl rim you tie it or hook the rim around your waste and stand some feets apart from the other player. The other player who is holding the Toilet paper has to throw the toilet paper into the Toilet bowl or rim hole. That’s how it works.

Benefits of playing the Hoarder TP Game

The following are the benefits of playing the TP Game . It encourages:

Physical activity and exercise to enhance body fitness: While playing the Hoarder TP Game, you put your body in motion and activity. This helps to enhance body fitness and you engage your muscles, tendons and ligaments too.

Bonding and Family time. A family who plays together stays together as the Cliche goes. As already stated, it can be played with family members, and this can improve the relationship and bonding among family members.

Ease of Mental stress, improving mental health: Sometimes what our mental health needs, is a bit jiggy activity to relieve us from the mental stress acquired during work, school, etc, or from events happening around us just like the pandemic. Playing the Hoarder TP toss game, can loosen you up, relieve you of some stress make you enjoy the moment, and make you feel a lot better 

Modification : The game can be modified in any way the players choose. You can either decide to play throws, or play catch, or handball, or ball in the hole. whichever, the players choose the TP toss game is not resistant to modification.

Improves Body Health: Physical games that involve moving your body, encourages body fitness and body fitness improves physiological health. You can be able to burn calories and sweat when playing the game. And this permits the body secretion of waste products. And this can improve the health and activeness of the body.

Improves concentration, attention, focus, and aiming skills: To succeed and win in playing the Hoarder TP game, you need maximum concentration, calculation, with attention and focus fixed on the Toilet bowl rim and through different trials, you tacitly improve your aiming skills as well as the ability to make an effective throw. You see your whole body is at work in this game.

Other benefits from this product is that.

•The velcro strap ensures that one size fits all.

• You can use the game to improve the mental health of your children and make them to enjoy the period and avoid worrying.

•Easy to inflate. You’ll be playing for the throne in no time!

•Just wipe it down with water or your favorite cleanser for easy cleaning.

• you can use this game to engage your children and reduce how often they scatter the house

•You can Use or play the game at home, or at the office party, or your dorm room. It’s a great party game.

Hoarder TP game review.jpeg
Hoardder TP Game Review

 How to Play the Hoarder TP Game:

For Adults: ( 2+ players Maximum)

  • Each person takes a turn to throw a TP roll.
  • The player with the toilet seat sits or stands 10 feet away from the throwers.
  • Each person takes a turn to throw a TP roll.
  • For every successful throw, the person wearing the toilet seat must take a drink.
  • Each player Takes turns wearing the toilet seat.

For Children:

  • Choose a player to wear the toilet seat.
  • The player with the toilet seat stands 8 feet away from the players with the TP rolls.
  • Each player takes a turn throwing their TP rolls.
  • For every successful throw, the player gets 1 point.
  • The player with the most points after 5 rounds wins the game.

Tied after 5 rounds? Three-minute overtime! Blindfold the players and whoever gets the most throws in during the overtime period wins.

Does the Hoarder TP Game work or Is it a Scam?

No it is not a Scam if you wonder. The game really provides the entertainment and relief it claims to.provide.itis really a fun game and provides the enjoyment really . Here is a review from Blake Hamilton who played the game with his wife and daughter.

” I never knew that I could have fun with a. Toilet paper roll, who would think that. I got introduced to the Hoarder TP Game while searching on the internet about fun game I could play during the lockdown period here in the UK. I can say I have no regrets playing the game. Why should I? I enjoyed playing the game with my wife and daughter. It has also enables us  we join  family time and encouraged bonding between father and family ,I began to see he crazy side of my wife. Now that work has resumed ,I still play the game with my family during game night and after work. It is really superb and amazing, I must confess”

The game as already stated helps with your mental health and stress here is also a confession by Sarah Dunlop attesting to the Hoarder TP Game.

“This game is really exciting and funfilling, we were CoVid 19 fatigued , that I what I call overwhelmingly tired about the whole Corona Virus. We practically disassociated with anybody, stayed indoor for month. Socialisation who stalled. This began to mess me up so much mentally and emotionally . I was literally mentally worn out. I became indifferent to everything and was so dull. I called my best friend , told her , about how I really needed a mood booster .

More like a game to play to make me loosen up. She asked me if I had money to spare for video games and stuff. Literally, we were all money constrained to we wanted very affordable and Cheap mean to have fun. She introduced the Hoarder TP game to me. But I regarded it lame at first. She convinced me and told me that her cousins play the game and it all jiggy and fun filling. I decided to give it a try.

When I unboxed it and found out that we are to tie the Toilet bowl rim around our waist I was so excited. Like this is the silliness I desired . The game is very silly , funny but really entertaining. I play it with my husband up till now. It is so easy, and helps relieve you of Mental stress , making you enjoy your time and puts you in a better state. I can give this product a six over five ,because it worths it.

Good, “clean,” family fun. We bought this on a whim, as we’re getting pretty bored being inside so much. But this game solved that problem! We play it with the kids at least once a day. The kids are always wanting us to play it with them. I never thought in a million years we would get so much use out of it, but here we are.

Shelly P. – Detroit, 

 From the confessions of users, you can feel the excitement about this product. It works , it is modifiable, it is easy , it is a family bonder, it is fun filling, it is therapeutic and very entertaining.It is really that game you want to play

Advantages of the Hoarder TP game.

Kids Love This Game

If you have been around younger boys you’ll know they’re absolutely obsessed with potty humor. Feed that interest with this game they are guaranteed to love. Get in on the action and make #2 your #1 choice for at-home entertainment. You’ll be so ‘relieved’ you did.

Adults Love This Game, Too

Sure, adults can have hours of fun playing the Hoarder TP Game. But adults love this game not just because it’s fun but because it lets them have some time to themselves while their kids play! Watch a show, or catch up online with some friends while you enjoy a care-free afternoon. You’ll know right where the kids are.

This Throne Game Will Actually Bring Your Family Together

Your whole family will enjoy this exciting, competitive game and you’ll get so much closer playing it together. The Hoarder TP Game requires no previous experience. Just inflate the toilet seat and the TP rolls and it’s ready to use. It’s easy-to-clean, long-lasting fun, and it’s one-size-fits-all so absolutely everyone can get in on the action.

 Improves social skills:

The Hoarder TP game can also be played by many players. It  enables many players to engage in a particular game simultaneously. As such, there is constant communication between the players which in turn results in the development of meaningful as well as casual relationships among players of the game.

This helps players meet new friends while also strengthening bonds with their old friends.

Relieve stress. 

Playing the Hoarder TP game  is fun and can trigger the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.

Keeps  you feeling young and energetic. 

In the words of George Bernard Shaw, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” Play can boost your energy and vitality and even improve your resistance to disease, helping you function at your best. This the Hoarder TP Game makes you energetic and you get to feel your oldself as an adult. And makes playing feel real good.

Fosters relationship and Trust between Partners. The Hoarder TP Game, when played together by couples help to Foster relationship between parties and trust. You get to understand your partner very well and feel the bond. Games generally help to Foster relationship and closeness.it is a good way of encouraging romance and love amongst couples. Get your partner to play the Hoarder TP Game.

Hoarder tp game.jpeg
Hoarder TP Game Review

Disadvantages and Drawbacks of playing the Hoarder TP Game:

There is no much disadvantage or drawback from playing the TP Game. However we can pick out some grey areas.

• No specifications as to the strength of the inflated Toilet bowl rim. Can it be easily deflated.

• It is only available online , not in a physical store.

• it doesn’t come in different colours. No much color variety.

• No specifications on how to inflate the Rim as well as whether it comes with valve.

• it claim of having one size fits for all is questionable , can the rim adapt to players who are fatter, bigger or obese.

  Customer Reviews about the Hoarder TP Game:

The following are more opinions and Reviews of users of the Hoarder TP Game.

Ok, I have two small boys and all they ever do is make poop jokes. They’re obsessed! So I knew that they would love this game. Well, they sure did. All they do is run around the house with these on and throw TP ‘rolls’ at each other and make obscene noises. Perfect for younger boys.

Mark K. – Columbus, OH

Jane Rodriguez-

I picked up one of these as a joke for my roommate, but who would have thought we play with it all the time. It’s actually really fun and we come up with different rules for different days of the week. It’s the little things like this that makes this isolation much more bearable

Mark H. – Boston, MA

We can’t believe how much fun this game is and how much we use it as a family. Our isolation blues are gone and this game provides us with a lot of silly times together. Love it.

Michelle T.– Seattle, WA

My boys love poop jokes. So this was definitely the game for them, very fit for the. They are so much in love with it. What  they do now is run around the house throwing TP rolls at each other and making obscene noises. Yeah, little boys love it.

Jennifer M. – Sacramento, CA

I originally got this for my kids and they love it, but it seems my husband is completely fascinated with it. He’s been telling his friends that once this isolation thing is over, then watch out! They’re done for. I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but I do know the kids will be using it lots until then! Maybe I should pick up another set. It’s pretty popular around this household.

Hoarder TP Game Price and where to buy?

One good thing about the hoarder tp game is the fact that it is very affordable. It has gained wider popularity in the United Staates, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and other countries. The price list is as follows:

One Hoarder TP Game is sold at
Two Hoarder TP Game is sold at
Three Hoarder TP Game can be gotten at

However, it is important to know that these are discounted prices and might go up anytime soon. it will be advisable to get yours now before the price goes up. As per where to buy the products, we usually advise our audience to buy products directly from the manufacturer to avoid falling prey to fraudsters and to also give you access to any discount available for this product. You can get yours now by clicking the green button below.

 Frequently Asked Questions (Hoarder TP Game Review)

 How is it played?

It is pretty easy to play and the process of playing is not hard. But the mode of play is different for adult and children. 

When playing as  Adults: ( 2+ players Maximum)

•Each person takes a turn to throw a TP roll.

• The Player with the toilet seat sits or stands 10 feet away from the throwers.

•Each person takes a turn to throw a TP roll.

•For every successful throw, the person wearing the toilet seat must take a drink.

•Each player takes turns wearing the toilet seat.

When the play involves Children:

•Choose a player to wear the toilet seat.

•Player with the toilet seat stands 8 feet away from the players with the TP rolls.

•Each player takes a turn throwing their TP rolls.

•For every successful throw, player gets 1 point.

•Player with the most points after 5 rounds wins the game.

•Tied after 5 rounds? Three-minute overtime! Blindfold the players and whoever gets the most throws in during the overtime period wins.

Is the Game Boring?

No it is not . And it is modifiable, so you can change the game type and game play to suit your choice and enjoy the fun. It is very enjoyable.

How do you place the Toilet rim?

You tie the toilet rim around your waist because that is where the Toilet paper provided would be thrown into. Make sure that it is not to tight and not to loose but very fit for you.

Is it affordable?

Yes it is very affordable, everyone can buy it, check site for details and order.

Does it relieve stress?

It involves a fun activity and helps you burn out fats, merry with family and also helps relieve stress and makes you feel a lot better.

I am an Adult, Can I play?

Yes you can play, it is a game meant for all ages. You can enjoy yourself by playing the Hoarder TP Game. It is not age discriminatory infact adults are the one who mostly engage in this game as it possesses and attractive silliness

Do I have to drink a juice?

Yesoo, the game demands that the looser of the game has to drink a juice. So you are also hydrating while playing. Great right!

 Closing Remark (Hoarder tp game review)

Men I had fun doing this review for you. It was like I was playing ths Hoarse TP while writing this review. I encourage this game for you to play and have fun. Games are essentially good for your phus6 as well as mental well being. The Hoarder TP Game though so simple and also silly has been explained and if we deduce rightly, it is not just a game but Unifier, a cognitive game, a bonder, a game that ensures and fosters relationship. It is a game that every family should engage in. 

Mind you, we would love to know your experience and opinion about the product and game  when you use and play. Tell us whether , it really met what it claims and what we encouraged. Our drive is to provide all available information about products to enable make the right purchase decisions. As your satisfaction is our priority. Gracias!

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