Inheat Review 2020: Should I buy this Mug Warmer?

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Inheat review

You know that feeling right? The feeling of starting your day with a sip from a hut cup of coffee. The feeling too of taking a break from work to have a cup?  

For me, sipping my coffee while it’s hot has not just become a routine but a therapeutic one. It’s reviving! And so it’s for most people. Perhaps, it does explain the “no workplace without coffee “of today. 

However, there is a little problem with this favorite ritual. You pick up your morning cup of coffee and go about your morning routine for a few minutes. You take your first sip of the day, and to your horror – the damn thing’s gone cold! Just after a while,  I’m pretty sure this is not how you want to start your day. If only you knew how to keep coffee hot properly… 

Hot coffee does have a pretty relaxing effect. First of all, it makes a great break from the work day while you do the balancing act of keeping your full cup away from your keyboard. When your drink is hot, you get the benefits of slow savored sips, warm mugs, steam carrying all those delicious smells directly to your sleepy brain. And a lot of people register steaming coffee as a sign that it’s been brewed fresh. Case closed. Hot coffee is good. 

Now, I found a device that can help us achieve that much, which is Inheat mug warmer. Reading this review of Inheat will help you to understand how this product works and to decide if it’s what you need. 

What is Inheat mug warmer? 

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Inheat Review

Inheat is a mug warmer smartly designed for the best results with keeping your coffee at your preferred temperature. Noteworthy is the fact that it has additional feature, unlike other mug warmers you may know. It can wirelessly charge your phone with its Qi-charging technology.

Keeping coffee hot can be a real hassle especially in certain environments but that’s simply what Inheat is out to help you achieve. It’s an electric mug warmer, that simply works by connecting it to a power source and placing the Inheat mug over it. No hassles! Have I said that it’s very smart and portable. You’re sure going to find out all about it in this review. So read on! 

How does Inheat mug warmer work? 

The warming and charging unit of InHeat uses a wireless Qi-charging technology to make their device work, but what does that mean? Qi is simply a type of interface, and it incorporates inductive charging to be effective. Essentially, the battery is powered up by an induction coil, which then converts into electricity for the battery after it creates the energy. There’s no need for cables or any other electronic connection to make it work, though the device will need to be near the pad to charge since qi charging doesn’t reach very far. 

The electromagnetic field is not large, which works to the user’s advantage as it will not negatively impact the user. To make this process easy on the user, the phone can even be placed directly on the charging pad to increase the power. 

With that said, to heat up you coffee or any beverage, just connect the Inheat device to a power source and place your mug over it, to heat-up. 

Specifications of Inheat 

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Inheat Review
  • Rimmed 3.5-inch plate & Noiseless Heating 
  • 4 foot long cord 
  • Qi Wireless Charging for Android & iOS smartphones 
  • 8 Hours long Heating mode 
  • Sleek Design 
  • Compact InHeat specific Mug 

Benefits Of Using inHeat Warmer Mug 

Drink warmer –  

It keeps your coffee or tea warm at all times. You can work as much as you want and you don’t have to worry about your drink getting cold. Thanks to its advanced functionality, it reassures you to have a warm drink all the time. 

Phone charger –  

It charges your smartphone all the way to a 100% full battery. Your morning routine will be much easier knowing that there is a device making sure your smartphone has a full battery when you’re ready to leave. It uses Qi charging technology to keep your phone fully charged, so it’s always ready for when you need it the most. 

Wireless charging – 

Loaded with Qi charging technology, enables this device to have the wireless charging designed by Wireless Power Consortium, The Inheat uses the inductive charging to keep the drink hot and battery charged. 

Harmony with iOS and Android Device – 

People go for different platforms and keep changing it, but this is enabled with both. One can choose an apple or any other android brand for the same. 

Attractive Design – 

Aesthetically pleasing and super attractive this product catches the eye for sure. It is formulated with high-quality material works smoothly. Definitely smart! 

4 Foot-long Cord – 

The In heat mug warmer comes with a 4-foot long cord for your utmost convenience. Just plug in to a power socket and you are good to go. 

8 Hours long Heating Mode – 

It offers a heater mode that lasts you a total of 8 hours in a single time. Thus, your coffee mug can be kept heated for 8 hours.  

Shape usb coffee mug warmer

How to Use the InHeat electric mug warmer? 

  • Put your coffee in the InHeat coffee mug. 
  • Plug the charger head to a socket. 
  • Place your In heat coffee mug on top of the heating pad. 
  • Leave for some time. Enjoy your hot coffee. 

Features of Inheat mug warmer  

Portable Design: Forget all about water heaters, electric kettles, and stove warmers. With InHeat, users can get their morning coffee/tea piping hot without having to move even a bit. This feature is especially handy for those people living in colder regions where temperatures can drop down to extremely low levels at night (sometimes to as low as -8 degrees) as well as early mornings. 

Fast Heating and Charging: According to the official company website, InHeat comes fitted with an extremely high-quality wireless charging unit that is able to spur one’s battery levels to full within a matter of few minutes (depending upon the capacity of one’s phone battery). Not only that, the heating element contained in the unit is quite powerful and can warm up one’s favorite morning beverage within a matter of seconds 

Guarantee: Each and every purchase of InHeat comes backed by a full refund guarantee in case users are not satisfied with the utility of the device or its build quality in general. That being said, if one does have an issue with their InHeat unit, a refund has to be initiated within a period of 30 days from the date of placing an order. 

Discount Deal Available: The manufactures, always offer beautiful deals as well as discounts on their site. There are also packages to chose from depending on your needs, that even offers more discount options.  

Smart Design: A look at it should tell that much. The Inheat innovation is modern with a very sleek design. Portable and smart. Suitable for home and office use. 

 Positive Reviews: A lot of customers have given their feedbacks, which are mostly positive as can be seen in the office website of the company. Nonetheless, Inheat is generally getting recommendations and acceptance globally. 

Pros of Inheat mug warmer 

➢    Prevents wastage of coffee in case it gets cold. 

➢    Can reheat without the use of a stove but with the help of electricity. 

➢    Less effort and can be used by simply plugging in the cord or switching ON . 

➢    Uses less fuel as compared to using the pan and stove. 

➢    Can be used on a table top or wherever convenient with a power source. 

➢    Comes with auto shut-off and temperature control features that prevent heat damage and also lets you set the temperature of the coffee as per your taste. 

➢    Comes in a variety of colors that gives you the option of choosing one as per your choice. 

➢    Have basic settings to the time delay a cup of coffee. 

➢    Is a must have if you like to sip on your coffee through the day and are looking for a quick fix to heating at regular intervals. 

Cons of Inheat Mug Warmer

  • Can only bhe gotten online.
  • Stock is limited
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Inheat Review

Who needs Inheat mug warmer and phone charger? 

Unfortunately for the coffee lovers, the sad thing is “Coffee doesn’t stay hot long“. At some point, you’re going to reach for that coffee mug to take another sip, only to discover that it has become lukewarm or even cold. The flavor goes down alongside your satisfaction. 

Chances are you won’t realize your unfortunate neglect until your eyes catch that still and tepid mug, now much less appealing than it was when it was nice and hot. 

In most cases, people pour the substance down the drain and forget about making another cup. When the heat goes, so too can the taste. But what if this didn’t have to happen in the first place? Fortunately for those of us who are either forgetful or like to stretch out our enjoyment of a hot drink, electric heat has made it possible to keep hot drinks hot, no matter how long you leave them unattended. 

Now no need to worry about the cold and stagnant coffee. You can have a fresh and warm coffee within a minute with a wise investment. Guess what? The wise investment is an Inheat coffee mug warmer with Qi wireless charger, that will not only keep your coffee hot but charges your phone as well. 

You can buy a device called Inheat mug warmer, which can keep your coffee, tea or any other kind of hot drink at a constant desired temperature with the help of a small electric heater. 

Although you can spend hundreds of dollars on a smart mug warmer, you don’t have to. The Inheat Mug Warmer is a budget-friendly option for keeping your cup of coffee at your preferred drinking temperature. It’s super easy to use. Simply switch the device on using the toggle on the power cord, then place your cup on the warmer. It will stay at a hot temperature until you switch it off. 

Why Inheamug warmer? 

With a greater variety of coffee drinks available comes an influx of coffee drinkers. A 2017 study showed that drinking coffee regularly could improve life expectancy. The findings of this study may have led to a boost in coffee drinkers. After these results were published, the National Coffee Association discovered the percentage of daily coffee drinkers increased from 57% to 62% in the course of a year. 

With an increase in coffee drinkers out there, it is not surprising that coffee is becoming more popular among younger generations.  Now, the point is how people like to drink their coffee. Some people prefer their coffee hot and nothing less. So, how do they get to achieve this, in certain temperatures? 

I heat mug warmer ensures that your beverage stays the perfect temperature all the way to the last drop for full enjoyment. It comes in a perfect package with a cup warmer and a wireless phone charger. The ideal device made with top-notch level technology will make your life ten times easier. 

Thanks to its modern design, you will be able to take it everywhere with you. The heating base that comes with In Heat will turn on only when the mug is on it. This way, you won’t accidentally touch it and burn your hand. It is completely safe! 

In Heat is extremely easy to use as well. All you have to do is attach the power cord to the In Heat base. Then, proceed to connect the other end to the adapter or a USB port. Finally, place the In Heat mug onto the center of the heating base for warming. You can also place your phone and wirelessly charge it. It works perfectly with any Qi-enabled device. 

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Inheat Review

Does Inheat truly work? 

The way InHeat works is every simple. The base is the main working part of the product. It can heat up the included smart mug, but it also works as a Qi wireless charger. 

When I was first learning about this product and reading InHeat reviews, I couldn’t find much information on how the heating process works. Now that I have some experience with the InHeat coffee cup warmer, let me explain. 

The base uses induction heating to keep the mug warm. It keeps your drink at the ideal temperature to preserve its taste.  

One great feature that I first learned about in InHeat reviews is that the base has a sensing technology that prevents overheating and will power down automatically when the cup leaves the base. I like that this USB powered mug warmer won’t stay on when my cup isn’t resting on it. Otherwise, that’s a pretty serious fire hazard. 

When you’re not drinking coffee or tea, you can use the base as a charger for your phone. As other InHeat reviews have pointed out, the transition from heating to charging is seamless. If your phone is Qi-enabled, you can use this product to charge up your device. 

Another thing I want to point out in my InHeat review is that the charging function is smart. It can detect when the phone is fully charged and automatically power down. 

Inheat Mug Warmer Customers’ Reviews 

Leanna Amberly 

To whomever made this, thank you thank you! Combining two of my favorite things ever is genius. 

Even to this day my friends and relatives still send me a link to this product and they always follow-up with a “oh my god this is exactly what you need”. Honestly, I couldn’t agree more, and that’s why I got it lol. 

Lotus Richard 

IN HEAT IS MY FAVORITE! I always bring it with me everywhere I go. It is so lightweight, compact, and portable. I’m literally able to store it anywhere I can. I mean, having it with me just makes me feel ease. 

I just wish I found out about it sooner…. 

Brendon Marjory 

I love getting up early in the morning, but I refuse to call it a morning unless I’ve had my coffee. 

When I wake up, I like to sit down and write my to-do list for the day whilst drinking my coffee. I usually have a long morning routine, because in the morning I like to do my accounting job for specific companies that require daily check-ups. 

Usually, I always would end up with a cold coffee, and cold coffee just doesn’t do it for me, yuck yuck! 

As I said, without coffee I can’t function at all! So my lovely wife, surprised me for my birthday with this product. She said it is exactly what I needed, and she never was more right than at that moment (I hope she doesn’t see this lol) 

In Heat made my morning routine better than ever! I now finish all my work stuff and other personal things whilst having a warm coffee at all times. 

Monique Vargas 

I absolutely love In Heat. I can work a fulltime schedule and my coffee would still be warm. I love it! 

Jewel Peters 

I definitely recommend this gadget to everyone. For this price, it’s a steal! 

Timothy Scarbrough 

In Heat made my morning routine so much easier. I love the fact that it charges my phone to 100% every time. 

Why you need that drink hot 

Holding a hot drink can even make you friendlier. An experiment conducted at the University of Colorado Boulder, published in the journal Science, found that “participants who briefly held a cup of hot (versus iced) coffee judged a target person as having a ‘warmer’ personality (generous, caring)”. These people were asked to hold a hot coffee or an iced coffee belonging to someone before being introduced to them – they had no idea that holding the drink was even part of the test.

And the results were just as the researchers had hypothesized, partly based on a body of research into the significance of the insula being the part of the brain in which judgments about others are formed, and also where we process warmth, as in the agreeable temperature range. A person’s perceived warmth of character, along with their competence, says the study, “accounts for a large proportion (82%) of the variance in people’s evaluations of social behaviors”.

Psychologists also reckon the effect is to do with positive associations from early parental warmth and its associated nourishment; it could even be a womb thing. Hot drinks run deep. 

Imbibing hot liquid can be cooling and warming. If you’re hot, it may warm you up a little, but when it reaches thermosensors in the esophagus and stomach, these react as though the entire body is as hot as the drink, and turn up the sweat flow so much that, provided your clothing allows it to evaporate, you’ll end up cooler than when you started. 

Where Can I Buy InHeat mug warmer and what’s the price? 

The most convenient and hassle-free way of making a purchase is via the official company website. You can visit the official website at any time to find out if any of the available deals is for you. 

There are currently four deals that users can choose from. 

A single InHeat device is available for a base sum of $89.00 

Two units are available for $157.48 

Three devices are available for a 52% discount — $202.48 

Four devices are available for $247.47 

As mentioned in an earlier previously, each purchase comes with a 100% money-back guarantee (30 days) if users aren’t happy with their purchase. Also, in case users have any doubts regarding the product or its functionality, they can get in touch with the manufacturer either via email — — or by calling on the following number — 855 378 9408 (only available for American and Canada TF residents). 

Last but not least, payments can be facilitated via a host of safe and secure avenues such as PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Discover, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions (Inheat Review)

 What cell phone models are compatible with InHeat? 

Users can charge Android or iOS phones. Since it offers wireless charging capability, users won’t have to worry about finding the right connector to make it work. All the user has to do is place the phone on top of the pad to create a connection and start powering the battery. 

Does it work with my Android smartphone? 

It works with every Qi-enabled smartphone, android, or iOS. 

Is it durable enough? 

Yes, it is very durable against falls. Also, it is waterproof, antiseptic, and wear-resisting. 

Does it come with instructions? 

Yes, the instructions manual will be included in the package. 

While it might be helpful if this device worked with any mug, it does not. Instead, the creators include a black porcelain mug with the device, and it is the only one that works with the unit. The charging pad even comes with a lid to keep the mug warm for longer and to allow the user to travel with it. 

How risky is the warmer to the user’s safety while not in use? 

Not risky at all. The InHeat warming charger can tell when the mug is not on it, ensuring that the user doesn’t get burned if they accidentally touch it. 

How long can the coffee mug be kept safely on the heating pad? 

Even if the user leaves their coffee all day long, the device won’t remain on for more than 8 hours. Admittedly, having a coffee sit on direct heat for this long probably won’t give it the most flavorful taste (like a coffee pot that is left on for hours), but the device won’t break or damage anything. There’s a built-in mechanism that prevents the mug from becoming too hot. 

What if the user doesn’t like the performance found in this device? 

The creators behind InHeat offer a brief 30-day window to see if the product meets the user’s needs. If the user decides that the benefits provided by InHeat are inadequate for their needs, they can send it back within this window for a full refund. If customers are using a PayPal account for the purchase, the shipping fees for returning the product are covered. 

Conclusion (Inheat Review)

The Inheat mug warmer is a worthy investment for anyone who likes to have a hot coffee. It also has an additional feature of charging your phone. How smart! You can try it out today. 

Meanwhile, there is a 30-day money back guarantee. No risks at all. 

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