Awesome Fohm Reviews 2022: How to Stay Hygienic After Toilet-Use

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Fohm Reviews

Fohm Reviews 2022

Turn your toilet paper into flushable wipes with the Fohm toilet dispenser. Its motion sensor enables foam to be released on your tissue paper without you having to touch it.

Have you ever thought of this: Why don’t you use dry towels to make your body clean? Why must you get in physical contact with water to keep your body clean?

The answer is simple— dry substances on dry surfaces cause chafing, especially on sensitive skins. This is friction that results from rubbing a dry surface on your dry skin. It’s BAD.

That is why you use your towel on your wet skin, not when your skin is dry. Now, let’s apply the same logic to your fecal area. People generally don’t like talking about this but damn that. Your hygiene and comfort are involved here!

Fohm Reviews

Most people use ordinary TP after defecating and carry on with their business with remnants in the fecal area. This is very unhygienic and can cause some infections in the body.

Yes, you can say “that’s not true! I’m super clean” but think again. You’ve got no eyes down there, that’s the more reason to take adequate precaution and care.

Aside from the health benefits attached, Fohm Toilet Dispenser is also safe for your toilet pipes, unlike disposable wipes that are a major cause of plumbing issues. Fohm Toilet Dispenser turns your TP into a disposable wipe.

This product is 100 percent hygienic, free from alcohol and unnecessary scents, contains no paraben or sulfate, and so it’s the skin perfectly.

Despite being a recent invention, more than 20,000 people are already using Fohm, and it’s been featured in Buzzfeed, Bloomberg, Vice, and many more.

When it involves your hygiene, you should be concerned. Health issues have become so prevalent that we need to take extra care of ourselves, and this is where Fohm comes in — Offering the best fecal solution!

Fohm Reviews: What is Fohm?

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Fohm is a product that helps you smoothly clean your fecal area to perfection, especially after defecating. It is different from your ordinary tissue papers and disposable wipes in various ways.

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With Fohm, all you need to do is place your tissue paper under the dispenser. It’ll proceed to release a relaxing foam on the TP, which you’ll use to clean the affected area of your butt. Easy peasy!

Fohm Reviews
Fohm Reviews 2022

Fohm was invented out of a desire to cure a defect. Before this invention, the issue practice was to use the TP on the fecal area, dry as it comes. But this does nothing more than smear the fecal substance around your back area.

More advanced but less intriguing, we could use a disposable wipe on the fecal area. But your toilet pipes faced the damage. No matter how nicely worded the advert makes the wipes “disposable and flushable”, the truth is that wipes are never safe for our toilets. They BLOCK the pipes, and you have to spend so much money on repairs which can be frustrating.

Way more than advanced, you may think Bidets are a better alternative to TP, but, unfortunately, continuous and excessive use of Bidets is scientifically proven to cause Anal Pruritus and Anal Incontinence (AI).

All thanks to Fohm, life and hygiene protection have been made easy. People can now carry on with their businesses with the confidence that there are no remnants in their fecal area.

Fohm Reviews: The Brain Behind the Brand

Fohm was launched in New York City in 2019 by a husband & wife team. They wanted an effective flushable wipe that was truly safe to flush. 

Fohm Reviews

Each year, hundreds of millions of pounds of microplastic-based flushable wipes are manufactured, shipped around the globe, used once, and then discarded. 

The wipes don’t fully disintegrate, and they live on to damage your plumbing, your town’s water infrastructure, and your waterways, where they’re ingested by marine life. 

Fohm eliminates the need for non-woven material, by turning your toilet paper into a wet wipe that’s legitimately flushable. It’s better for your pooper, your pocket, your pipes, and your planet.

Fohm Reviews: How Does Fohm Work?

The beautiful thing about Fohm is its simplicity. Fohm is very easy to use and requires no rigorous procedure. All you have to do is place four favorite tissue papers under the Fohm dispenser. Fohm’s motion-activated sensor will enable a perfect dollop of fluffy foam to be released on the TP.

The viscosity foam sits on your TP without being absorbed by it. Fohm transforms your TP into perfectly intact wet wipes. It gives the skin around the fecal area a warm satisfaction of cleanliness.

Fohm Reviews: How To Use Fohm Dispenser

Using Fohm is effortless. Unlike using Bidets which require special physical postures and certain settings to clean properly, using Fohm on your TP is the best form of self-care you can give yourself.

Fohm Reviews
Fohm Reviews: How to Use Fohm

When you buy a Fohm dispenser, it comes with 3M strips for easy mounting on your toilet wall. It works perfectly well on your painted wall, tiled wall, and laminated wall, but not so well on your wallpapers. 

Follow the steps below to use your Fohm dispenser:

  • Press the bracket and 3M strips against the wall
  • Let the 3M strips set for one hour
  • Slide the dispenser onto the brackets
  • Get your favorite tissue paper
  • Place it under the Fohm dispenser
  • Enjoy your toilet experience 

Everything is as easy as listed above. Fohm is just the best and I can’t wait for you to try it yourself! From fixing it on your wall to dispensing its fluffy foam on your TP, Fohm is an excellent choice for your butt hygiene.

Is Fohm Safe? Is it Worth the Price?

Yes, Fohm is totally safe and worth the price in different ways. This amazing toilet dispenser costs less than your regular disposable wipes. With $40 you can get 1000 refreshing wipes of Fohm, but to get an equivalent 1000 wipes with your disposable wipes, you need at least $70.

Fohm will do away with any future expenses you’re bound to make from damaged toilet pipes caused by disposable wipes. Fohm is truly a comforting product that everyone needs to have.

Fohm is not only affordable, it can help you avoid paying $3,000+ to fix plumbing damage or even $10,000+ to fix the septic damage usually caused by flushable wipes.

Below are the price varieties for Fohm, and they are hugely discounted:

  • But 1 Fohm for $54.99 (not $64.99)
  • Buy 2 Fohm, Get 1 FREE+FREE USA SHIPPING for $128.98 (not 194.97)
  • Buy 3, Get 2 FREE+FREE USA SHIPPING for $194.97 (not 324.95)

Fohm Reviews: Are There Benefits?

Yes, there are so many benefits attached to using Fohm and this is what makes it special. Fohm is the best because it:

  • Is Great for Sensitive Skin
  • Is Easy to Use
  • Saves Tons of Money
  • Is Hygienic and Safe
  • Is Plumbing Friendly
  • Has an Aesthetic Design
  • Saves the Planet
  • Works With a Motion Sensor
  • Has a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee 

Great for Sensitive Skin

Fohm is great for sensitive skins and keeps it refreshed all the time. This is because Fohm is made of ingredients that are gentle, safe, and well-rated by the EWG’s Skin Deep database.

Most people get skeptical when they see a new skin product, probably because of previous sad experiences like chafing or rashes. Fohm is nothing like that. It has sold more than 20,000, not minding that it’s recent. Fohm is the best!

Easy to Use (Fohm Reviews)

I’ve never seen an amazing product like Fohm that requires no rigorous protocol. Fohm is very easy to use — You don’t even need to touch it!

Once you place your tissue paper under the Fohm dispenser, you’re good to go.

Saves Tons of Money

With the regular flushable wipe, you spend around $0.07 for one use, but Fohm is only $0.04 for one use which makes it less expensive.

Fohm makes you save a lot of money for other things you might need. Come on, Fohm is not all you need to be clean (you need your quality TP too!). But with Fohm on your priority list of needs, your cleanliness around the fecal area will be unmatched.

Hygienic and Safe

When choosing a product that will come in direct contact with your fecal area, you should choose a brand that’s pH-balanced and free of fragrances, parabens, and sulfates.

While others come with fragrances that allure the nose, those are unsafe and unhygienic for you. This is why Fohm is uniquely different. It has a gentle effect both on your skin and on your health.

Plumbing Friendly

Unlike your “disposable” wipes that damage toilet pipes and leave you spending a lot of money on repairs, Fohm is flushable and safe for your pipes.

This also explains its affordability — Think about spending more to purchase wipes, it damages your pipes, then you spend a lot to save the day. Yikes! You should avoid such stress with Fohm.

Aesthetic Design

Fohm has a sleek design that leaves you smiling while seated on your toilet seat. It makes you appreciate making the right decision by purchasing Fohm.

I wouldn’t sleep on a product that achieves excellence in both quality and style. Fohm is that product.

Saves the Planet

Here is a fact — one Fohm cartridge replaces 7 pounds of wet wipe waste. Why do we have to use wet wipes that end up destroying our planet’s ecosystem?

Wet wipes pollute the water and cause damage to wildlife once they get into the waterways. This is the reason why you should get Fohm to make the environment safe.

Works With a Motion Sensor

Fohm is touchless. This means that you don’t have to touch it to use it. All you have to do is place your TP under the Fohm dispenser. It quickly dispenses your ever hygienic foam to keep your fecal spot clean.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your Fohm product, you can always return it hassle-free, no questions asked.

There are no risks attached to purchasing Fohm. In the event of this, the hospitable customer service team (who are real humans) will be willing to attend to you.

Fohm Reviews

Fohm Reviews: What Customers are Saying

“Great replacement for wipes!”

I wish I had found this years ago! We switched from flushable wipes after an expensive plumbing clog, and this works even better. It’s much more hygienic since it’s touchless, and it’s more convenient to use since it’s right next to our TP holder. It just works perfectly. I Have incredibly sensitive skin and this has been very soothing and has helped with irritation. — Marie, Verified buyer

“Save Money”

This is nice instead of wipes. I like gadgets. — AJ, Verified buyer

“Glad I purchased it!”

I have sensitive skin and this does not irritate. No more “flushable” wipes! — Lynn, Verified buyer

“Great thing to add to the bathroom!”

Easy to assemble and works great! Much better than using and disposing of wipes. — JK, Verified buyer

“A Proper Way of Cleaning Your Bottom End”

I was excited to try the product, since I figured it would provide a safe and effective way of “cleaning up” vs. my family’s previous method which was using those “flushable wipes.” When the Fohm product arrived, I quickly installed it and asked my family to try it.  They found it to be easy and even somewhat fun to use, and I love the fact that the device is completely touchless. — M. Pickering, Verified buyer

Fohm Reviews: Here’s Our Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fohm septic safe?

Yes, it is 100% septic safe. It’s readily biodegradable, not antibacterial, phosphate-free, and 98% plant-derived.

Is the foam like soap? Does it need to be rinsed off?

Our cleanser is a no-rinse formula, just like a baby wipe or flushable wipe – so it doesn’t need to be rinsed off. However we do recommend wiping it off with a piece of dry TP, so you don’t leave the bathroom with a damp tush.

Will Fohm irritate my skin?

Fohm is designed to be gentle on even the most sensitive skin. It’s pH balanced and free of fragrances, which can be a common irritant in wet wipes. If you have a known skin allergy to any topical ingredients, please reference the ingredient list to ensure there are no known allergens.

What are the ingredients?

No matter what you wipe with, you should always choose a brand that’s pH-balanced and free of fragrances, parabens, and sulfates. You’ll thank us later. Our formula is made in the USA, and every ingredient we use in Fohm is gentle, safe, and well-rated by the EWG’s Skin Deep database. Ingredients: Water, Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate (coconut derived), Hamamelis Virginiana, (Witch Hazel) Extract, Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Algae Extract, Gluconolactone, Polysorbate 20, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Chamomile) Flower Extract, Sodium Benzoate, Lauryl Glucoside, Citric Acid.

What wall surfaces can I attach my dispenser to and how does it attach?

Fohm comes with 3M strips, which work well with painted walls, tile & laminate. We just don’t recommend it for wallpaper. Setup takes 2 minutes.

Can I recycle the cleanser cartridge when it’s empty?

Absolutely. Our refill cartridges are made from PETG plastic—the most recyclable kind!

I lost my charger, help!

The charger is a standard Micro USB cable. It’s the same type of charger used for a Kindle or Roku stick. Just search Micro USB on Amazon and you should be able to find a replacement charger for a few bucks.

I just recharged my dispenser, and now it won’t work—help!

First, make sure you’ve unplugged your dispenser after charging. Then, make sure you turn the dispenser back on by pressing the power button for 3 seconds.

Won’t adding Fohm to my toilet paper make it fall apart?

We would have a pretty crappy business if we made people’s toilet paper crumble in their cracks. Fohm uses a high-viscosity foam that sits on top of your toilet paper — preserving its integrity and your dignity. The result feels just like using a wet wipe. Your butt will not even notice.

How do refills work?

Your initial supply of Fohm will last for around 6 months (per person). All refill information will come to you via email if you are interested in ordering more!

Is Fohm also safe to use on the female genitalia, to clean after peeing? Will it cause UTIs or similar infections or reactions?

Fohm is designed specifically for your butt, not for feminine cleansing. The typical vaginal pH is slightly acidic, and this delicate balance can be easily disturbed therefore Fohm is not recommended for feminine cleansing.

What about the little bit of Fohm that remains on the tip? Does it harden? Is it safe to use if it hardens?

Any little bit of foam that remains on the tip after dispensing evaporates, it does not harden.

Is Fohm safe to flush in my RV?


Is the Fohm dangerous to ingest for animals or children?

The motion sensor has a 3-inch sensing distance. If you find that a pet or young child can reach the dispenser, you can keep the dispenser turned off when not in use by pressing the power button, and only turn it on when using it. If ingested, please contact your doctor or veterinarian.

Is Fohm safe to use if I have Hemorrhoids?


I lost my setup instructions, how do I set it up?

Not to fear! Check out the Setup Video:

Is there a money-back guarantee and/or warranty?

Yes. We offer a no-hassle, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we are happy to help you with a return. We want you to be happy!

Final Verdict (Fohm Reviews)

Fohm’s 98% plant-derived foam is formulated for you to have the best experience down there. It leaves with a refreshed confidence that your fecal spot is clean and healthy for the day’s work. Gone are the days when people walk around with remnants of feces in their fecal area.

When there is a solution without side effects, you should embrace it immediately. Fohm requires no stressful process to use. Once you fix the adhesive grip on your toilet wall and attach your filled Fohm dispenser, you’re good to go.

Don’t even bother asking whether your tissue paper is going to tear up, it would have been a non-existent product if that were the case. Fohm uses a high-viscosity foam that sits on top of your toilet paper without being absorbed by it. You’re safe.

Each cleanser cartridge of Fohm lasts around 6 months per person, which makes Fohm more affordable and convenient to maintain. It is even possible to get automatic refills shipped to you.

You’re not clean enough — With over 20,000 Fohm dispensers being sold, you shouldn’t miss out on this. Fohm is not only safe for you but also safe for the environment. It is better than wipes or bidets and offers the best hygiene.

Fohm is also safe for your toilet pipes and will not damage them like “flushable” wipes. With Fohm, there is no future spending on repairs which oftentimes are not done well.

Decide to protect yourself and your environment today. Get Fohm and stay refreshed!


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