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Best Dispensers

Disease-carrying organisms move rapidly from surfaces to people. They are microscopic (cannot be seen with the naked eye) and can cause widespread diseases and infections when we come in contact with an infected surface, then touch our face or mouth with dirty hands.

In this pandemic, adequate handwashing is the most appropriate way one can protect him/herself and close ones from the virus. To tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, various Disease Control institutes in the world recommend strict handwashing procedures. These include vigorous handwashing with soap and water for 20 seconds minimum, most especially if you have been outside for a long while or have sneezed, coughed, or blown your nose.

Proper handwashing with soap and running water can protect you against illnesses that affect healthy people and those that affect people with compromised immune systems. Handwashing protects you from COVID-19 and other respiratory infections, such as pneumonia, and stomach infections, such as diarrhea. A host of these infections can be catastrophic to all persons, such as older adults, people with compromised immune systems, babies, and children. These germs are transmissible and can be transferred even if one is not sick.

The recommended way of washing hands

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Handwashing with soap and water reduces more bacteria than washing with water alone. Antibacterial soap may not be necessary to use every day at home asides from the hospital setting. Regular soap and water are very effective.

Steps for washing hands effectively include:

  • The hands should be rinsed thoroughly under running water at the desired temperature. It is important to note that Warm water is not necessarily more effective than cold water at killing germs.
  • The desired type of soap should be applied. Soaps to use include but are not limited to liquid formulas, foams, and soaps with additional moisturizers.
  • Wash until enough lather forms for half a minute or longer. You must distribute the lather all over the hands and wrists. The area beneath the fingernails and between your fingers should not be neglected. 
  • Rinse and dry appropriately.
  • If a public bathroom is used, a paper towel should be used both to turn off the tap and turn the door handle when leaving.

When to wash your hands

Frequent handwashing is a very healthy habit one needs to practice every day. Make sure your hands are washed after you have been in a public place or have touched a surface that has been used by a lot of people. This is especially important during this COVID-19 pandemic. The following surfaces are often touched by many people: doorknobs, railings, Dumpsters or trash cans, light switches, gas pumps, cash registers, touch screens, and shopping baskets.

Hands should also be washed in the following situations:

  • For food cooking and eating – Hands should be washed before, during, and after cooking food. This is very implicated if one touches chicken, eggs, meat, or fish.
  • Before eating or drinking.
  • Personal care and first aid – After using the restroom, both at home or in public. 
  • After wiping a baby clean and changing the diaper. 
  • After helping a small child use the restroom.
  • Before removing or changing contact lenses.
  • After blowing the nose, sneezing, or coughing, especially if one is feeling nauseous or sick. 
  • Before taking medications, such as pills or eye drops. 
  • After sexual or any other intimate activity.
  • Before treating an injury, either on yourself or another person.
  • After tending to a person who is ill.
  • High-traffic places and dirty objects.
  • Before and after using public transportation, especially if you hold the railings on buses and subways.
  • After holding money.
  • After holding garbage.
  • Healthcare and other settings.
  • Medical personnel after treating patients.
  • Before and After attending to clients, if you work as a cosmetologist, beautician, or tattoo artist. 
  • Pet care -After giving your pet food, especially if they eat raw food. 
  • After handling animal waste. 

Best Dispensers: Hand Washing Tips

Keep your skin clean and moisturized – Of course, too much of everything is bad. It can have a lot of negative consequences. This is also the case with handwashing. Washing of hands all the time until they are dry, red, and rough implies the person is overdoing it. If your hands develop cracks or bleeds, it is a bad pointer that they may be vulnerable to infections from germs. To avoid dryness, use moisturizing soaps such as glycerin, or use a hand lotion after washing your hands.

Consider your soap and storage – Since germs can live on poorly stored bar soap, liquid soap may be a better alternative. Liquid soaps should be used rather than bar soaps in schools and daycare settings.

Use of Hand Sanitizers – Hand sanitizers can be gotten as wipes or gels. They are the best alternatives when soap and running water are not available. It must, however, be noted that they are not substitutes for handwashing. This is because soap and water are more appropriate for removing dirt, debris, and harmful germs that hand sanitizers would ordinarily not remove. Using hand sanitizers too frequently can reduce the number of normal flora on the hands and skin.

Hand sanitizers that contain at least 60 percent alcohol should be used. Ethanol and isopropanol alcohols are the most acceptable types. Use the amount of hand sanitizer recommended by WHO, and rub adequately on both hands. Make sure to get all areas of the hands, including the wrists and the collection of dirt under your nails. Rub your hands until they are dried. Have some within reach. Always make sure you carry a pocket-sized hand sanitizer with you. It will become very handy when you walk your dog, travel, or go to classes.

Hand Washing tips for kids

Getting a child to wash his or her hands well is always a daunting task, whether as a teacher, caregiver, or parent. Here are some tips and tricks that might help:

  • Pick your child’s best song and make them sing it while washing their hands. If the song is short, they should sing it twice. They can try it once in their own voice and once as a character they admire.
  • Make up a song or poem that includes all the steps of good handwashing and recite it with your child often, especially after using the toilet and before meals.
  • Make sure the sink is situated in a place the children can easily reach with their hands at home and school.

Best Dispensers Available Online


The pandemic has remodeled hand washing practices. Everyone is now very conscious about the way they wash their hands. Now, hand washing has become mandatory such that those who never took it seriously are beginning to have a change of mindset. Before leaving a particular place to get into another place, hand washing has become absolutely essential.

The purpose of washing hands is to remove all germs or bacteria and to maintain proper hygiene. The problem, however, is that the lever of the tap is touched by everyone who uses it. It can thus harbor germs.  The advent of COVID-19 has caused doctors to advise that the only prevention for this disease is to wear a nose mask and keep hands sanitized and clean at all times. This is in addition to maintaining social distancing. As several people have adopted the practice of washing hands, everyone uses the nozzle, which asks questions about safety.  

To curb these potential issues, Foamatic has developed a solution, which is a soap dispenser that brings forth soap without any kind of touch or intervention. This product is a great product that maintains asepsis, as well as reposing confidence in the eradication of the fear of contracting the virus.

It is an inexpensive product and reaps tons of benefits. It was invented to aid in getting rid of the harmful bacteria that can infect us and make us ill. The foamatic soap dispenser is automatic and can be used easily by anyone and everyone. This device is considered to be the best handwashing device of 2020 and is the best bet for public places especially.

A foamatic soap dispenser is an automatic, sensor-enabled dispenser that is made to store and dispense different hand washing liquids. It is completely touch-free and does not require the touch of any kind of button. It is made to mix liquid soap wash and dispense it in the form of foam for the purpose of washing hands whenever they come under the nozzle.

The touch-free sensor gets active as soon as they sense that your hands are getting close to the dispenser and offer a great amount of protection, creating a more hygienic and clear environment. It is actually the best effortless way of washing hands and is highly recommended in places like homes, offices, hospitals, and other public places. The foamatic soap dispense comes with effective sensitivity, great design, and appearance, and is water-resistant. It is quite a trusted product for making sure that your family is safe at all times.

Features of foamatic

Foamatic is a very wonderful product that all of its features cannot be completely exhausted in writing. Notwithstanding, this device is very easy to use and convenient, amongst other things. It is set strategically to fit any area of the house, offices, or other such places.

  1. Built I’m infrared sensors: The device comes with a fitted infrared sensor and a no-touch system. All that is needed is for the user to bring his/her hand below the dispenser and wait for the liquid to be released automatically. A lot of persons across the world can utilize the same dispenser without having the worry of spreading or contracting any kind of germs.
  2. Instant foaming system:  The liquid wash that has been poured inside this device is immediately converted into foam for people to access. 
  3. Long-lasting batteries: This product works using four rechargeable batteries that have a life span of over six months. It has an automatic sleep mode system that tips it into standby when it is not in use. This aids immensely in prolonging the battery’s life span and the device’s by extension.
  4. Large tank capacity: The dispenser comes with a capacity of 350 ml, thereby avoiding the stress of having to fill it over and over again.
  5. Highly hygienic: The hygiene of this product rests assured. Its sensors ensure there is no chance of human contact. Without touching the knob, it releases liquid, thereby helping in the prevention of the transmission of any harmful germs.
  6. Suitable for many liquids: This device is modified to release any kind of a liquid wash, from hand soaps and shower gels to shampoos, facial cleansers, and dishwashing liquids.

Foamatic: How does it work?

This device is very simple and straightforward in use. It further helps develop hygienic and safe habits, protecting you from touching it and contracting any kind of illness. It is made for absolute protection and is very comfortable to have.

  • Insert four batteries into the battery compartment.
  • Prepare your choice liquid and pour it inside the tank.
  • Next, turn on the power button. There is no need to turn it off because it enters into standby mode automatically when not in use. If there is a need to switch it off entirely, then press and hold the power button and wait for the red light to flash once.
  • A user can enjoy the foamy liquid by just placing her hand under the sensor.

Why the Foamatic?

This soap dispenser is filled with pros and makes for easy and safe hand washing.

  • Durability: Quality is the most vital point to look at when buying a product becomes necessary. This product, however, is great to use and is an excellent brass product made to serve a particular purpose, unlike other soap dispensers that might come with faulty circuit boards or stagnant sensors.
  • Water-resistant: The dispensers are normally kept near the sinks and are usually in close proximity to the water, which may result in spoiling the circuit board and the batteries. But, this particular device is completely water-resistant and is always safe to use.
  • Fast-acting but not over responsive: The inbuilt sensor is the use of this product. It utilizes infrared sensing technology that dispenses very fast and takes about 0.25 seconds to release the soap. The range of 70 mm, if maintained, is perfect for this soap dispenser. Other products with sensors are usually over-responsive and get triggered with the presence of anything. 
  • No leakage problem: Other soap dispensers leak the foam from the soap dispenser, reducing the chances of leaving out any foam from the spout. This does not occur very often with foamatic.
  • Affordable: The Foamatic soap dispenser is very cheap and pocket-friendly with its other features. It offers about 350 ml in capacity and is quite economical in nature.
  • Batteries are protected: The placement of the batteries ensures they are always protected. The foam soap dispenser has the battery slot hidden in the top unit, just above the soap chamber. This hields it from getting protecting it from getting wet and spoilt easily.


  • The product offers a complete wash and rinses within 12 seconds
  • The device is completely noiseless and is fitted with the best silencing technologies. 
  • The product is fully automatic and requires no touch
  • The device is hitch-free and easy to use.
  • Durability is top-notch, and the battery lasts long.   
  • The tank capacity of 350 ml is considered to be quite large
  • This product goes a long way in improving hygiene and good habits. It fosters a more sanitized life.
  • This product will protect you and your family from any kind of germs.
  • It is so portable that it can be mounted anywhere at home. 
  • Easy and simple to use for kids and adults.
  • The device is very handy with different liquids and ensures completely contact-free and hygienic hand washing practices.
  • It comes in a stylish and elegant design.


The only viable con about this product is that if the liquid dispenser is slanted, the liquid might flow out. Most of these soap dispensers have this problem, so it’s not exclusive to Foamatic. This product is great for daily use and hygiene purposes.

iWater Deluxe

The iWater Deluxe is an automatic water dispenser that is designed to work by the means of a sensor. iWater Deluxe can give you remarkable control over the water tap and results in significant savings on water consumption. This water dispenser has a very high rating and has received widespread positive reviews.

Features of iWater Deluxe

The iWater Deluxe has some really amazing features which include: This water saver device has some of the unmatched and par excellence features to go –

  • Powerful Two sensors that make it to functions as a super-intelligent automatic water tap that will help control your water usage.
  • The iWater has a Super slim-sized iWater Deluxe looks amazing even in a small-sized kitchen.
  • It has an incredibly fast response time of 0.25 seconds after sensing human hands. It saves you both time and energy unlike your manual dispensers
  • The iWater Deluxe has a durable battery that can be charged in 3-4 hours and works remarkably for the next six months.

How to make your order

This automatic hand wash is a very useful product. It is a pocket-friendly product, and it has always been demanded rapidly. These dispensers are available on the official website.

You can make your order right away, and orders come at a discount and come with certain discounts. The device is delivered quickly and has no shipping cost. These products are easy to order in the comfort of your home and for the safety of you and your family.

Conclusion on Best Dispensers

Washing your hands with regular soap and running water is a highly effective way to stop the spread of germs and bacteria, including COVID-19. It’s important to wash your hands before and after handling food or eating. Hand washing is one of the cheapest ways of keeping yourself clean and free from microbes.

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