Alpha Heater Review 2021: Why Is It Trending In United States?

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Alpha Heater Review

Alpha Heater Review: Why this new device is making waves in the market.

Winter is coming! Relax, this is not an ad for a spin-off of the GOT series, but for something that might just let you survive this year’s winter season. Yes, we said to survive, cause what else would be used to describe a season that makes you want to put on all the clothes in your closet at once, or set up fires in your home, just to keep warm? What is even more exhausting, are the problems that come from trying to solve the problem.

Okay, how about this? Winter makes the rooms cold, so in a bid to warm it up, you set up a fire, at a fireplace. Then you have to deal with smoke, and explain every five minutes to your toddler that fire can cause him pain, while he runs back to it after. 

You might probably be thinking, “oh, electric heater it is then.” We can already foresee how loud you would scream, when your next electricity bill shows up, like the screaming from exhaustion after moving the large heavy heater from your living room to your bedroom, every day, is not enough.

However, life doesn’t have to be that stressful, nor expensive, nor cold. That is why we decided to find something that will help you pull through this winter season, while saving your money, and causing you no stress at all. This is the Alpha Heater! This new product has been making waves in the market and the team was curious to find out why, after which we decided to let you in on all our findings so that you will not be left on something that has the potential to be worthwhile.

Therefore, this article will give you all the details about this heater and let you make a decision about purchasing it. This Alpha Heater Review will give details on what an Alpha Heater is, all its features, its pros, and its cons. To find out all about this, keep scrolling down.

What is an Alpha Heater? 

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Alpha Heater Review

An Alpha heater is an electric-powered, portable heater that can heat up a room of a maximum of 350 square feet while consuming as little energy as possible. It is made of ceramic and works by converting electric energy to heat energy, while not heating up too much because of the insulating effect of the PVC. 

Technicalities of the Alpha Heater

  • Amount per unit: One per unit
  • Dimension: 15cm x 5cm x 7cm
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Material: PVC
  • Colours: White and black
  • Parts: Body, grid, control panel, power outlet

Now, this Alpha Heater Review will go further in explaining the features of the Alpha Heater.

Features of the Alpha Heater

  • Design
  • Control panel
  • Material
  • Energy Source
  • Energy Generated
  • Fast Heating
  • In-built timer
  • Automatic Control
  • Quiet Operation
  • Energy Saving

Now let’s get to the details, which this Alpha Heater Review is a big fan of, as our sole aim is to give you all the information you need.

Design: The Alpha Heater is shaped like a small cylinder and is approximately the size of two electric sockets placed together, one above the other. It is not like the regular cumbersome electric heaters that come with tires to roll them out. It can be held in one hand and carried about thus. 

The body of the heater is smooth; that is the part made of ceramic, while it has a grid in front of it, just below a control panel, and a digital display, where the heat comes out from. Then behind is a plug where you plug into an electric socket.

The PVC part is white in color, while the grid and the control panel are black. The digital display shows the temperature at which the heater is, which is also the temperature of the room.

This heater also has a proper finish as all edges and corners are well defined. Thus, it can be described as sleek. While its moderate size and weight can earn it a description of portable. 

The metal grid: This is a small basket-like structure, through which the hot air blows out, just like cold air blows out from air conditioners. It allows for the hot air to go as far as possible, hence its ability to cover a maximum of 350 square feet of room.

The Control Panel: The control panel is the large circle just above the grid on the front of the heater. It has four buttons on it, two above and the other two below. The two above are for controlling the temperature, one to increase and one to decrease. The two below include the power button and the timer button. Therefore, you can determine how hot the room can become by increasing the temperature or reducing the temperature.

Non-conducting material: The alpha heater is made of PVC. You know, that material used to make bathroom pipes. Which even though can feel warm, is not necessarily a conductor, so it cannot burn up or melt the stuff in its environment, unlike the case with some metallic heating devices. So, the sockets, which are usually made of plastic, are safe from melting down.

Energy Source: The alpha heater is powered by electricity. All you have to do is to plug it into an electric socket and switch on the power button. Then in no time, your room is heated up. You do not need to gather up wood or struggle to start a fire, just plugin. 

High-Temperature Range: The lowest temperature the Alpha heater can heat up your room to is 104 F and the highest is 122 F. This is high enough for any cold weather and is quite safe so that it doesn’t get too hot either. This makes it different from the traditional heaters where you will have to turn off the heater for being too hot.

Fast Heating: The alpha heater has the ability to heat up the room to the set temperature within 30 mins. This is quite interesting, especially when all you want to do is get warm ASAP. Time is money like they say.

In-built Timer: This is yet another interesting feature of the alpha heater. It comes with an automated timer. It runs for one to six hours, after which it stops for some time to cool off. This is a very thoughtful feature, as it prevents the heater from being damaged from over-heating. This is also helpful for when you are rushing out and forget to turn off the heater. You do not need to worry about burning your house down, as the heater shuts down on its own. 

Automatic Control: The alpha heater can turn off on its own when accidentally knocked over. It goes off and blows out cool air to reduce the temperature of the heater, so the materials around it do not have to suffer from the heat. This is useful when you have kids around that just want to pull and push at anything they can lay their hands on. 

Noiseless Operation: You can sure relate to how annoying it can be to have an electrical device that makes a hell of a noise when carrying out its function. From the air conditioners to fans, to refrigerators. This is not the case with the alpha heater, as it doesn’t make any noise. You would not have any clue that it is on, except for the heated room. We cannot overemphasize the importance of this when you want to have a good night’s rest.

Energy Saving: The average energy used up by the regular large electric heaters is 1,500W per hour. That is definitely going to take a toll on your electric bill. The alpha heater uses up a minimum of 650W and a maximum of 1200W, which corresponds to a minimum of 104 F and a maximum of 122, which is quite low and will be insignificant on an electric bill, considering the fact you will hardly ever have need to use the highest temperature.

Germ-free and Dust-free: When there is dust on the alpha heater grid, it blows out some air automatically, to get rid of the dust. Also, when the alpha heater senses a foreign body in the form of bacteria, it heats up the grill, in a way of sterilization. With this, you are sure of breathing in dust-free, germ-free, warm air.

Now, that we are done enlisting out the features of the alpha heater, this alpha heater review will go on to outline the benefits of the alpha heater, in case you missed it. This alpha heater review will spell everything out for you, so you do not need to stress it.

Alpha Heater Reviews.jpeg
Alpha Heater Review

Pros of the Alpha Heater

  • Energy Saving
  • Portable 
  • Safe
  • Wide Range of Use
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Healthy

Energy Saving: Unlike the large electric heaters that consume a lot of energy and spike electricity bills, the alpha heater consumes less energy and is very cost-effective. Why spend more when you can spend less and still achieve the desired result?

Portable: This has to be the most valuable feature of the alpha heater. It weighs less and is small enough to fit into a handbag. Hence, you do not need to purchase one for every room, you can easily take it to the room where it is needed in. You can equally take it to work and let it serve you there. Of course, you cannot compare this to the cumbersome electric heaters that you can hardly lift from its positional, not to talk of carrying them around. 

Safe: One issue that has always come with home heaters is their safety. With the traditional fireplace type of heater, you will have to worry about important stuff falling accidentally into the open fire, as well as smoke filling up the hose. With the larger electric heaters, you will have to worry about the heat melting stuff around or burning the skin of anyone making contact with it, as they are made of metals that conduct heat. The alpha heater is made of PVC material that does not conduct heat, so all the issues with melting and scalding are taken care of. 

More so, the automatic control, that turns off the heater after six hours to prevent it from burning on itself guarantees your safety. You certainly have no business with firefighters. 

Durable: Just like your PVC pipes last as long as possible, notwithstanding the pressure from the water that runs through it, so is the alpha heater able to withstand strong forces, and last for a long time. Isn’t that what we all wish for our different devices.

Efficient: The alpha heater blows up hot air enough to cover a room of 350 square feet. And it is able to do this in a minimum time of 30 minutes. The grid also has the ability to blow out the air as far as possible and, in all directions, so that the room is evenly heated up. More so, you can determine the temperature you want by using the buttons on the control panel. This is all you can ever need in a heater, thus making the alpha heater a very efficient one.

Easy to use: This is yet another beneficial part of the alpha heater. It is very easy to use. You do not need to go through the stress of starting a fire or pushing a large device to find a spot that does not get in the way of your racing kids or block your view from the television, all you have to do, is plug into a socket and switch on.

Healthy to use: Besides being safe to use, the alpha heater also ensures your safety. It blows away all the dust on it, while the grid acts like a mini-sterilizer that heats up to get rid of bacteria. So, you can be sure of inhaling clean fresh, warm air. 

Now that you are aware of all its pros, it is only honest to let you in on its cons as well. This alpha heater review will not hold that back from you, hence it is the most honest alpha heater review you will see out there. 

Cons of the Alpha Heater

  • Only used in Outlets
  • Not Water-friendly
  • Not for all ages
  • Limited Supply

Only used in outlets: The alpha heater review, besides consuming lesser energy than its counterparts, also has a high voltage and thus should not be connected through adapters or extension sockets, as it will burn it. It should be plugged only directly into a wall socket. 

Not water friendly: Just like every other electrical device, the alpha heater is not water-friendly and starts a risk of damage and electric shocks if left in contact with water or humid environments. So, it is not to be used in bathrooms and kitchens.

Not for all ages: Even though the alpha heater is made of non-conducting material, it still has the potential to feel warm and so kids should not be allowed near it. Also, the mere fact that it is an electric device, calls for extra care.

Limited supply: Due to high demand for the alpha heater, considering the impending winter season, there might not just be any left if you wait a day longer.

Well, that’s about it for the pros and cons. Next up on this alpha heater review is to inform you on how to use and where to purchase the alpha heater.

Alpha heater review.jpeg
Alpha Heater Review

How to use the Alpha Heater.

This is done in three easy steps.

  1. Unpack the heater
  2. Look for a direct power source like a wall socket and plug-in.
  3. Switch on the heater using the power button on the control panel.

Where Can You Buy The Alpha Heater?

The alpha heater can only be purchased online from online stores. It is not available in physical stores. But we advise that you buy from legit websites like ours, to avoid being scammed by fake pages. You can do so by hitting the link below.

Now, you are aware of where to purchase the alpha heater, you are probably curious about the price. You are probably scared of the price considering all the benefits. This alpha heater review will let you in on the prices as stated on their official website, with no extra charges added.

Price Of Alpha Heater

One Alpha Heater costs $49.95

Two Alpha Heaters cost $94.91

Three Alpha Heaters cost $134.87

Four Alpha Heaters cost $169.83

Five Alpha Heaters cost $199.80

Now, in case we have not covered all your concerns, this Alpha Heater Review has a segment where we give answers to all the frequently asked questions. Keep scrolling down to find out.

 Frequently Asked Questions about the Alpha Heater

Can the alpha heater heat up the entire house?

The Alpha Heater covers a maximum area of 350 square feet.

Can the alpha heater be plugged with extensions and adapters?

No, it should be plugged directly into a power source, as the extension cables and adapters are not strong enough to carry its voltage.

Does the alpha heater consume much energy?

The Alpha Heater uses a minimum of 650W and a maximum of 1200W, which is way lower than the regular large electrical heaters.

Can the Alpha heater burn down the room?

No. It is made of insulating material that does not conduct electricity nor heat and has an automated controller that turns it off when it gets too hot.

Where can it be purchased?

  The alpha heater can only be purchased online from online stores. It is not available in physical stores

Now that we are done with that, this Alpha Heater Review will show what some customers who have purchased and used the Alpha Heater have to say about it.

Alpha Heater Review Consumer Reports

“I bought the alpha heater last week after I saw my co-worker use it at work. I used one night, when I was not sure of the weather, I can strongly say that it is worth all that it cost me. It keeps the room evenly warm and I have no doubt that it will be very useful this winter season.”

John, NYC

“I work on the topmost floor of a company and it gets cold most of the time. I always take the Alpha Heater with me to work, and it serves me and my co-worker effectively. This amazes us because our office is a large one. I plan to buy more for my apartment.”

Joyce, Maryland

“The Alpha Heater is so invisible and I’m grateful because my four-year-old doesn’t get to see it to play with nor bump into it. It is definitely the best for a home with a lot of all kids.”

Diane, Texas

“This Alpha Heater is the most convenient gadget I’ve seen before. Shout out to the producers!”

George, Seattle

Final Remarks on the Alpha Heater Review

The Alpha Heater is clearly an innovation that aims at solving a problem with the most minimal effort possible. You do not have to suffer from frostbites, nor flu this winter season. You also do not need to go through a lot, trying to keep warm. The Alpha Heater, with its efficiency, is sure to serve you right this winter season. And what is more amazing is that you do not have to sweat to do this, and that is what this 21st century is all about. It is high time we git rid of the difficult way of solving problems and switch to an easy and safe life. No one ever won an award for suffering the most.

It may cost money, but considering its unique features, it is right to say that you will be putting your money in the right place. Besides, it is way cheaper than spending money treating flu or treating injuries that result from bumping into large heaters or getting burnt by them. Be a wise penny.

Now that’s about it. If you are seeing this, then you are at the end of this Alpha Heater Review. Congratulations on making it to the end of this Alpha Heater Review. We really hope it was helpful.

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