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GlowBowl Review

GlowBowl Fresh is the best! Now you’re here, welcome to this perfect GlowBowl Review of all GlowBowl Reviews! You have to read through to discover all you need to know.

It’s past midnight and you’re so heavy on your sleep, probably yesterday’s work stress still has you stifled in bed. Boom! You suddenly feel an urgent need to offload liquid from your body.

Drink enough water, they say. Now you have to deal with the effect of so much and you don’t want sleep snatched away from your eyes. It continues as a nightmare — there’s so much water everywhere, and you succeeded in carrying some. Kudos to you!

Soon, you disappear to a different land where there’s no water, now you have to drop the one you’ve been carrying. Don’t! It’s a trick! Your nightmare is hugely connected to your nightlife and you’re about to wet your bed! This is where you become great and summon the courage to rise to your feet. You’re definitely the next-rated hero!

Stumbling in the dark to find your bearing to your toilet, you can’t control your feet smashing on every corner or edge you walk across, not your fault, it’s freaking dark! The thought of switching on the light is exhausting. How bulb lights travel so fast and consume dizziness is a fact well known to you. But you can’t help it.

Faced with two options: First, you could walk shakily in the dark until you arrive at your toilet, in which case you end up with a wet carpet or floor. Or you could turn on the light and chase away sleep from your eyes for the rest of the night!

But with GLOWBOWL, all your worries are nonexistent! No need to switch on all the lights so you can locate your toilet. Your sleep is also secured because of GlowBowl!

Now you’re wondering — What is GlowBowl? What are its functions? Why is it so important?

Well, wonder less! You’re about to find the answers from this outstanding review of GlowBowl Fresh!

GlowBowl Revealed!! (GlowBowl Reviews)

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GlowBowl Reviews: GlowBowl Fresh comes with a nose-pleasing air freshener!
GlowBowl Fresh

It’s a good thing you came across one of the exceptional GlowBowl reviews, the most accurate of all GlowBowl Reviews! Welcome to the world of possibilities! GlowBowl Fresh is a patented invention that simply allows you to navigate your toilet space at night without spillovers.

GlowBowl Fresh is not just a lightning device, it is more! This device comes with a built-in air freshener that is located just at the right place. It leaves your space smelling nice and fresh.

Over time we’ve had to share our toilets with people — ranging from our better half to our children, to friends or visitors. Without proper care, we could find spills of liquid on the toilet seat or carpet. Ewww!

But with GlowBowl, all these mistakes can be prevented instantly. The vibrant and beautiful colors enable you to locate the toilet and use it in the proper way it was invented for use. No spilling, no damage!

It’s about to get lit! The GlowBowl Fresh is not the regular bulb that comes with a switch for you to turn on and off after use. NO. This outstanding device has a motion sensor that detects gestures immediately.

This simply means that once you walk into your toilet space, the GlowBowl automatically turns on, and once you go out satisfied with nature’s call, the GlowBowl turns off. This kind of experience is brand new!

GlowBowl Fresh is made up of 13 colors to brighten up your day. You can either select your favorite color or choose the carousel mode that switches up the different colors in 4 seconds and adds life to your toilet space. Also, the brightness and dimness can be adjusted if you find it necessary. GlowBowl is designed for your comfort.

Attach GlowBowl to the corner of your toilet with the light piece protruding inside the toilet. GlowBowl is made from an ultra-water-resistant material and can be cleaned with your usual cleaning tools and liquid.

With great battery life, GlowBowl will leave you smiling out of your toilet (you’ll have to control this joy). The air freshener scents like pure bliss! Little confession? Sometimes when my day is gloomy, I walk down to my toilet space just to get a grasp of the feeling that comes with GlowBowl — A refreshing feeling that lasts so long and makes you merry.

Again, you cannot be confused with GlowBowl. Unlike other devices that come with complex formalities that need to be accomplished before use, GlowBowl comes with clear directions for easy guidance, even children will understand them! This device is a complete package for you!

Not done yet! The producers of GlowBowl Fresh are probably the nicest people on Earth! With every purchase of GlowBowl, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee just for you. This means that if you are not satisfied with your GlowBowl, you can always return it within 30 days of purchase with no questions asked!

GlowBowl is the device every Tom, Dick, and Harry is hyped about. It is a savior for the old and aged. It is a blessing to children, and it is happiness to adults. Everyone needs a GlowBowl. Everyone!

Features of GlowBowl Fresh (GlowBowl Reviews)

The features of any device are what make it unique and recommendable. GlowBowl fresh has proven very effective in this regard by being unique in style, quality, and purpose. All other GlowBowl Reviews fail to critically expose these details! Below are the features of this impressive device:

  • 13 Vibrant colors to light up your toilets
  • Built-in air freshener
  • Motion Sensor For Active Gesture Detection
  • Adjustment of Brightness/Dimness
  • Clear Directions For Easy Guide
  • Great Battery Life
  • Ultra-Water-Resistant Seal
  • Amazing Carousel Mode
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

13 Vibrant Colors To Light Up Your Toilets

GlowBowl is made from 13 vibrant colors, some of which include blue, purple, red, white, and orange. These colors can be bright or dim, depending on how you like them. These 13 LED colors are the most beautiful thing you’ll experience, they illuminate your space, giving you that radiant effect for your convenience.

If you love vibrant colors and LED lighting for your home, desk, or space, check out this amazing review of an amazing LED Lighting Device.

Built-In Air Freshener

Yes! This is one of the amazing features of GlowBowl that will make you hyped about it. GlowBowl comes with an air freshener that will last till forever for you. The aroma is like running through a field of enchanting purple lavender, immersing yourself with the tantalizing scent, never ceasing!

I once had my little cousin use my toilet. He came out smiling so wide I felt he might get a torn lip-edge. I asked for an explanation for the all-of-a-sudden smile. Guess his reply? Well, I’ll spill: “Your toilet makes my nose happy.” I couldn’t stop laughing and being proud of myself for getting GlowBowl Fresh!

The GlowBowl is placed in a position where the air freshener is mostly needed. This is your opportunity to have the most sparkling, neat, and ecstatic-scent toilet in the whole wide world!

Motion Sensor For Active Gesture Detection

Unlike random LED bulbs that require you to press an on and off switch every time you need or do not need light, GlowBowl has an automatic motion sensor for active gesture detection. Immediately you or anyone moves into your toilet space, the GlowBowl LED light turns on, and upon exit, it turns off.

This helps in many ways. It helps to save and prolong the battery life and emphasizes doing the right thing at the right time. With the GlowBowl on when no one is using it, that’s a waste of purpose. GlowBowl was invented and designed for you, that’s why it automatically turns off when YOU aren’t there. Quite amazing!

Adjustment of Brightness/Dimness

As human faces are different, so is our susceptibility to light. While some people prefer bright and luminous light, others like it when the light is dim, giving you a sensational happy feeling. I fall under the latter category and I’ve always been a fan of dim light since I was a kid.

You would have figured out that this was one of the features that got me attracted to GlowBowl Fresh. You can easily adjust the brightness of your GlowBowl by reducing it or you can adjust the dimness by increasing it. GlowBowl is indeed all about your comfort!

Clear Directions For Easy Guide

Most devices leave the users confused about what to do, whether to cross the Ts and dot the Is or carry out the opposite. Very stressful! Some are filled with many procedures and Dos and Don’ts without HOW to implement them.

But GlowBowl is different. It comes with clear directions and guidelines for easy use. No hassle or confusion with GlowBowl. Get yours now!

Great Battery Life

Most people purchase products and the only thing they can say after long use of it is the number of times they’ve changed the battery. Hectic! GlowBowl has a very long-lasting and effective battery. Simply, the battery life is great and will serve you for a long time!

Ultra-Water-Resistant Seal

GlowBowl is made from an Ultra-Water-Resistant seal that can be cleaned with your usual toilet liquids. You don’t have to worry about it getting damaged from direct contact with water, your GlowBowl is safe! This will further prevent any unexpected splashes or shock from taking place. Use GlowBowl today and enjoy maximum comfort. Remember, no hassles attached!

GlowBowl Carousel Mode

Amazing Carousel Mode

Yes, super amazing! GlowBowl has a 13-LED light feature of beautiful colors. You can either select your favorite color and let it embellish your toilet space, or you can select a carousel mode. Once you press the button and cycle through the colors until one of the LED colors in the rotation starts blinking, you are in carousel mode.

The carousel mode cycles through each color every 4 seconds for a lively effect. Also, children really love this effect and it keeps them happier than ever. It’s more amazing than it sounds!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

This is so cool coming from an outstanding product with amazing features! Every purchase of GlowBowl comes with a 30-day cash-back guarantee with no questions asked. This is for the sake of trust and customer priority. If you have a problem with your GlowBowl, you can always return it within the first 39 days of purchase. So you don’t have to worry about GlowBowl not meeting your expectations.

See Why Customers Love GlowBowl! (GlowBowl Reviews)

“This is the coolest thing ever!!”
I purchased a GlowBowl a few months ago for my home. After the simple installation my family was in love. They are the greatest, no bright lights to turn on and my grandchildren LOVE them soo much as the bathrooms are never dark anymore. Today I purchased 10 more for gifts for friends and family that LOVE them. Thank you for the absolute best bathroom idea!!! — Jerrilyn K.

“My young boys love it!”
I am a father of 2 boys, my oldest is 5 and he loves it, he wont be scared going to the bathroom at night. My youngest who is 16 months was trying to touch the colors, he started laughing. I think it will work for potty training too. I am very happy with it. It does everything that it says. — J.D.

“Buying several more…totally worth it.”
What took so long to come up with this invention? My first order, I purchased 6 of them. Just placed my second order of 10 more. They make great presents for such little amount of money! Don’t take my word for it. You will be happily surprised. — Michele B.

“Much better quality than old versions”
The colors are much more vibrant. Easier to set your color on this newer version. It doesn’t have to be pitch dark to set your colors or view the colors, like the old ones. Remember, it only works in the dark, so to try out the motion sensor, it has to be dark. I have had 3 of these type of devices.

This one seems to be the nicest. And the colors are better. I like it because my husband doesn’t have to turn on the bathroom light at night to use the toilet. You can also adjust the dimness or brightness of the light on this device. Something I didn’t have on old ones. The directions are written clearly and it sets up and works as the directions say. I highly recommend it. I hope it lasts a long time, the others didn’t last a whole year. We will see. So far, it’s promising. — Valerie Hoffman

“Works Great!”
I’m old and have to get up in the night occasionally to pee. It’s reassuring to see a softly lit toilet bowl as I make my way in the bathroom. When I first get up, I’m a little unsteady on my feet, so there’s a great safety factor, too. The Glowbowl is much better than a night light for me, as the constant light can outline the door and keep me awake. Hard to explain, but having a soft, pretty light come on as I approach is kind of fun. Bravo Glowbowl! — Diego John

“I love it. Battery life and Motion detection is great.”
I can give this product a 10 star. I have had it for about a year and only changed the battery once. (I rarely share my toilet except I have a guest which is not very often, that could also contribute to the battery life) I also do not keep my toilet cover open so the motion light can go off easily. The motion detection is very active too. I also rarely use my bathroom light because this brightens up good enough to see. — Zuri

Goodbye To Late-Night Worries, GlowBowl Saves All!

Do you know that light and its propensity leaves a huge effect on your body system? Yes. Wide exposure to light during the day and especially at night can negatively affect your health.

GlowBowl Reviews: Health Benefits

GlowBowl is not just a random device for your toilet bowl or an air freshener for your restroom space. No! This device is more than that. GlowBowl Fresh has efficient health benefits attached to it. Studies have shown that exposure to unnatural lights can lead to depression most times.

Your bright lights being turned on in the middle of the night to allow you to pee won’t do you any good health-wise. It has a scientific way of disrupting the innate production of Melatonin, a body hormone that stimulates sleep. This is because the Circadian Rhythm which controls the sleep-wake cycle is naturally activated by light.

But with GlowBowl, you can pee directly in your toilet bowl with the required amount of light being provided there alone. No discomfort to your health, no biological negative effect! The Melatonin in your system at the point of using your restroom will still be intact. Lights are necessary for humans to see, but to be effective, they have to be placed in the right places and at the right time. That is why I choose GlowBowl Fresh over anything else for my restroom!

Additional Info on GlowBowl Reviews

GlowBowl does not only brighten up your toilet bowl with 13 vibrant LED lights, but it also comes with e replaceable air fresheners. All you have to do is slide the air freshener inside the bottom part of the GlowBowl and enjoy the ecstasy that results from it.

GlowBowl Fresh is very affordable! Considering all this device offers to users and customers, it is worth more than the price. Think about the Lavender air freshener… think about the fact that GlowBowl has health benefits attached for you. GlowBowl Fresh fits every toilet perfectly well, try and see!

The GlowBowl patented design allows the 3.5″ flexible arm to attach to any toilet! GlowBowl can be used out of the box, no hassle at all! You can easily control the brightness of GlowBowl with the 5-stage dimmer, very easy.

GlowBowl detects movement easily to automatically turn the LED lights on/off. This saves the battery life of your GlowBowl.

Thinking About the Perfect GIFT To Give Someone?

GlowBowl is the perfect gift to give to your loved ones! Even the producers are aware of this, that’s why more than 1 order will be individually boxed for easy gifting.

GlowBowl Fresh currently offers a limited discount on its official website. With the constant rush of this product, you should hurry and partake in the benefits!

Order GlowBowl Fresh from the official website now!

Pros (GlowBowl Reviews)

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Works right out of the box
  • 13 beautiful colors to brighten your bowl
  • 2 replaceable air fresheners
  • 3.5″ flexible arm for your toilet seat
  • Ultra-water-resistant lead
  • Great battery life for long-term satisfaction
  • Very affordable price
  • 30-day cash-back guarantee

Cons (GlowBowl Reviews)

  • Works with long-lasting batteries

Glowbowl Frequently Asked Questions

If I Buy More Than 1, Will They Come Individually Packaged?

Absolutely yes! Each GlowBowl Fresh comes in its own box, individually. This is to make everything easy for you, especially when giving them lit as a gift.

What Does The Air Freshener Smell Like?

The GlowBowl Air Freshener is very unique and will add life to your space! The aroma is like running through a field of enchanting purple lavender, immersing yourself with the tantalizing scent.

Is GlowBowl Fresh Easy To Clean?

Yes! The GlowBowl Fresh was made with an ultra-water-resistant seal to enable you to easily clean the unit with everyday cleaning supplies.

Is It Water-Resistant?

Yes! As mentioned above, GlowBowl Fresh is made with an ultra-water-resistant seal to keep out any unexpected splashes. This is why you can clean it with your usual cleaning supplies, including liquid.

What Colors Are Included?

There are 13 vibrant LED Colors that come in each GlowBowl –

  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • White
  • Aqua
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Green
  • and More!

Select the perfect one for your bathroom or have a party with the Carousel Mode!

When selected, the Carousel Mode will rotate through all 13 LED colors automatically – changing colors every 4 seconds. GlowBowl is more than perfect for you.

How Do I Change the Color?

You can select from one of the 13 bright LED colors by continuously pressing the button on the front, stopping on the color you want to use. Find the perfect color to match every toilet in your home!

How Do I Get Into Dimmer Mode?

This is as easy as it sounds. Simply press the dimmer button to turn the light on. While the light is on, hold the button until it blinks. Now cycle through the 5 dimmer levels until you reach your desired level of brightness!

What Is the Carousel Mode?

Carousel Mode cycles through each color every 4 seconds for your very own light show! Find a color to match every bathroom!

To enable the Carousel Mode, simply press the button and cycle through the colors until the LED blinks. Once one of the colors in the rotation starts blinking, you are in Carousel Mode!

Will I Have To Pay Any Additional Customs, Duties, or Vat Fees When I Receive My Order?

Depending on your country, it is possible that you will be charged one or more of these fees when you receive your order.

How Long Does Delivery Take To Countries Outside of the U.S.?

Orders are shipped out FAST, but carrier transit times can’t be controlled. For orders outside the USA, it is advised to allow 7-12 business days for your order to arrive. Delivery times will vary based on country.

Is GlowBowl Fresh Worth the Price?

Yes, yes, and yes! With all its features and amazing functions, GlowBowl is even worth more than the price. It’s everything you need to keep your toilet in perfect shape! Below are the discounted prices of GlowBowl Fresh:

  • One GlowBowl – $19.99 + Shipping Fees
  • Buy One Get One Free – $17.49 Each + Shipping Fees
  • Buy Three Get Two Free – $11.99 Each + Free US Shipping
  • Buy Five Get Five Free – $10.00 Each + Free US Shipping

Final Verdict (GlowBowl Fresh Reviews)

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Keep your restroom smelling nice all the time. You can auto-rotate colors every 4 seconds or fix it to your favorite color! Do you have aged loved ones who you really care about?

Are you always clustered with children who won’t just successfully find their bearing when peeing at night? Or do you naturally love nice things that serve their purpose without stress?

Then you have one thing to do. Relax, move further and click on the next link to order GlowBowl Fresh for yourself!

We’re all tired of seeing droplets of liquid at the front of our toilets when clearly the ceiling isn’t leaking! The thought of turning on the light after getting up in the middle of the night with sleepy eyes is frustrating.

The worst is when you can no longer go back to your most cherished sleep because of the effect of bright light. With GlowBowl Fresh, all these complaints will become past tense.

Zuri, one of the amazing users of GlowBowl Fresh, says proudly: “I can give this product a 10 star…”. GlowBowl has changed lives for good and will continue putting lovely smiles on the face of people. Get the motion-activated GlowBowl Fresh now.

Yeah! Hurry up!

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