Blast Portable AC Reviews 2021: Should I Buy the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC?

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BLast Portable AC Reviews

Hello, how is the weather? I am in Africa on holiday. And where I am now, is so hot. Africa has no snow and does not have cold or temperate weather. It is warm and most times hot. I don’t think you will need a thick jacket here. The temperature is not for that at all. It is usually sunny too. Still wondering why it is this hot. Well, peculiarities matter.

To my United States residents, and those who live in neighbouring states, can we claim our weather is so much better? Am I seeing someone from Texas raising a hand? Don’t forget, ‘Ua latalata le taumafanafana’ as my Samoan brothers will describe it. Summer is near!!!. A period of wearing light clothes, a period of going to the beach and camping. A day of enjoying the good tidings of the sun, a period which every person waits earnestly for.

However, in as much as it will be a very bright and lovely season, the Summer season is hot! I repeat very hotly. And this heat usually leads to sweatings and inconvenience of all sort. At that time you will hear statements like; “don’t eat heavy food”, “wear light makeups”, “bathe regularly“ and a lot of DOs and DONTs, to manage the heat.

Of course, we all want to continue our normal activities, despite it is a hot time., As a lady, you still want to make up well for that event and still have that dance-off in your living room not bothering about how hot weather could be or wear that gown you would love to wear. Or as a guy, wear your tucks despite the weather. Isn’t it possible?

This blast portable ac reviews article is not intended to remind you about summer or how hot, the weather could be during summer, but to bring to you a product that will be of great help in managing the heat, that comes with summer. With this product, you can be able to continue your normal activities or wear the dresses you love. Whether you love being dressed in a suit, wearing blazers and all, or you love being kitted up in an African Ankara dress or any attire you love, you can do all that as this product cools down the heat and helps in providing comfort. This product is the Blast Portable Air Condition.

 The Blast AC is a portable air conditioner that is on the lips of everyone. This product is an amazing product which is aimed at cooling and managing excessive heat, making your immediate surrounding as cool and chilly as possible. Imagine feeling winter in summer😍 amazing right? One striking feature of this Air-conditioner is that it is portable. Also, it is to be placed on walls but to be carried by your side, everywhere you go.

And you do this conveniently. The Blast AC is aimed at ensuring that you and your room, office, or your immediate area, get conditioned any time, with zero stress. Do you want to know how I am managing the heat in Africa? Your guess is right, I am Blasting up!

What is the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC?

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Blast Portable AC Reviews

The Blast Portable AC is a very portable and well-built device, which is compact, lightweight and mobile. It is an Air Condition AC, which cools off and chases away, hot air, in a couple of seconds when switched on. It has been tested and trusted, proven to be a very effective way of conditioning your room. Making use of a system known as, the thermoelectric system. It emits to about 2.7m/s of cool air and does it no time. The product functions by sparking up the evaporation of hot air, cooling and conditioning the temperature around to be favourable and chilled. Very beautiful right?

As already stated this product is movable, small, and compact. It can fit in your small backpack. Amazingly, you can use this product in the kitchen, office, car, anywhere. Wherever an air conditioner is needed, the Blast Auxiliary AC can do the job.

The Blast portable AC needs not to be plugged in the socket when using the product. That’s one striking distinctiveness of this product. It has a rechargeable battery, which is very durable and you don’t need to plug it in a socket to use it. You can use this AC in the bathroom. 

That is not all, this product, also performs the function of a dehumidifier, cleaning up the air, to let it stay and remain perfectly fresh, handling humidity Imbalance so well.

A benefit of this product is that it lasts longer as it is made with durable materials. It is can also fit in your wardrobe or cabinet. It can also be used in the car. incase you want to conserve fuel and won’t need the car air conditioner, the Blast AC can serve. Its utility is very vast. 

The Blast Auxiliary AC has been of recent, one of the most ordered products as not conventional as rated as regards convenience in usage. I got introduced to this product by my friend who got this for me, during my first week here. This products’ utility is sure tested and trusted. Would you love to know more about this AC?. Keep on scrolling.

Features of the Blast Auxiliary AC:

Flexible: The Blast portable AC is very flexible and can serve as a fan and air condition. It is very flexible. To access these modes, you have a role to play. You can adjust the louvers to that which suit your taste. So if you feel it is getting too cold, you can adjust the AC and it becomes a fan. Not regular right?

Cleans the air, acts as a humidifier: The Blast Portable AC also acts as a humidifier. It uses water and cleans up the air, chasing away dry air, making the air very suitable for use. 

Cools the air in no time: This Blast AC cools the air in less time. Once it is turned on, wait for 10 seconds and you begin to feel the cooling effect this product brings. You don’t need to wait so long to feel the utility the Blast Air condition brings. In no time the AC is powered on does what it is made for.

Portable: This product is lightweight and moveable. It has a small size and can fit in your backpack without stress. 

Noiseless conditioning: One disadvantage about very large Air-conditioners is the noise it causes. And this noise can be very disturbing. However, with the Blast AC, you don’t need to bother about noise. No noise at all. Enjoy sound and quiet sleep with no disturbance at all.

Lighting: Another striking feature of this product, is that it come with a lighting feature. Thus, while using the Blast AC, it illuminates your room, bringing out a very colorful light. Giving a pleasant feeling, especially while you spend your night time and asleep.

Made with a durable material: This product is made with materials that are durable and long-lasting. Also, the effect of this product is very long-lasting. It defies any heat condition and lasts long enough.

Strong Battery: This product boasts a very powerful, durable, and long-lasting battery. The Blast AC has a 200mAh lithium battery. While charged, it conserves energy and does not die fast. It is one product you can trust.

Affordable: Buying Blast portable AC won’t cost you much. It is very affordable. Anyone can purchase this product. Also, it is cost-effective, because you don’t need to buy a gas cylinder or refill the gas, which are expenses you will have to bear when you use a large air condition. Compare the price of a large air condition with this portable device? There is a big difference and clear difference in cost and price. Asides from being considerably cheaper, you can be able to take the product wherever you go.

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Blast Portable AC Reviews

How does the Blast Portable AC work?

The Blast Portable AC makes use of a rechargeable lithium battery and uses a very durable and USB cable for charging. This auxiliary AC applies thermoelectric cooling. With the application of this principle, the Blast AC can be able to make your surroundings or room cooler.

It also makes use of Alternative Current (AC) and Direct Current( DC), which working hand in hand, performs the function of heat removal and conditioning. The product makes use of thermo-electric conditioning and this works to create a temperature blend. Transferring hot air into cool air.

What kind of air comes out of the vent? When the air has been converted, the AC filters the air releases clearer and refreshing air into the atmosphere. The product works perfectly well and integrates its system and parts to provide a cooler condition.

Benefits of using the Blast Auxiliary Portable Air condition:

Long-lasting effect: The effect is long-lasting and can cover a considerable space. You can use the product in a room, a hall, office. Even when you turn off this AC the effect will last very long before the heat comes again.

Safe to use. This product is extremely safe to use. It does not possess any risk of use. Also, there is less risk of electric shock. The fan is properly built, well fitted, and not loosed. It possesses no hazardous threat and can be used in the presence of children.

Filters the Air, Chases dry air away: This product cleans up the air, with its filtration system. This is beneficial because, harmful particles in the air, are not fit for inhalation or use. The Blast AC wipes out particles, ensuring fresher air.

No need for installation: This product is user-friendly and opens up for a user set-up. You can set the Blast Auxiliary AC yourself. No need to reach out to an electrician or handyman to help 

. It is not hung on the wall, so no stress for set up and no need for any expensive installations.

Can serve as a Lamp: This product can also serve as a lamp. Remember this product brings a colorful light, which can illuminate the room. Thus you can use this light to sleep or during nighttime. It is multipurpose and performs flexible functions.

Easy to maintain: One advantage of this product, is that is very easy to maintain. Unlike very large Air conditioners, this product is very easy to maintain. No need for servicing, gas refilling, cylinder purchase, etc. To easily maintain this product, just store it in an airy and organized place. There is no much hassle in maintaining this product. The product has a very durable battery. You won’t have to change batteries every time. It is very convenient to use. 

Makes your summertime enjoyable: As I said, Summer comes with its heat and hotness and this could cause a lot of restlessness among people. But with the Blast AC, you can enjoy the heat period and still enjoy the summer. Quit feeling restless, get the Blast Portable AC.

Convenient: As already stated, this product is very convenient to use. You can carry this product about. You can use this product at any time without any stress. The Blast portable AC guarantees convenience and easy usage while being used. 

Other benefits include:

  • This product is well built and compact
  • Very mobile and portable
  • Can be used everywhere, in the office, at home, etc.
  • Friendly return policy.
  • it has an adjustable grill which enhances the cooling process.
  • This product possesses rechargeable batteries and possesses a type C USB connector.
  • It is very lightweight. You can carry this AC easily.
  • Possesses three adjustable settings for easier operation.
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Blast Portable AC Reviews

Does Blast Portable AC work or is it a scam?

Yes, this product works and I am a testimony. I got introduced to the Blast Portable AC after I complained about the hot weather in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria in Africa. So Isah my new friend saw this product and ordered it for me. I have been using this product and still using this product. It works very well. I have had no issue with it. Affirmative, it is small in size, but this works. It cools the room so fast, in a matter of seconds. I still enjoy the Blast AC up till now.

Here is also a customer opinion about this product:

According to Troy a user of this product he says:

 “I never believed a device so small like this could cool my room this much, it cools so well. I bought this product last December and it has lasted very long. It is portable and I take this product to band lessons because I and my band rehearse in the garage. It works so perfectly. I recommend this product.”

The Blast AC is no scam. There are lots of positive testimonies about this product, even video reviews. Its efficiency is not contested and its efficacy, superb.

How to use the Blast Portable AC;

To effectively use this product, adhere to the following steps:

• Firstly place the Blast AC on a flat surface.

• Then with a measurement of 300mil, open the lid and fill the lid with water. Water is an important element, for this product to function.

•.Then turn on the AC. For better result, adjust the grills in your direction. You can also easily set the fan speed to your choice.

Pros of the Blast Portable AC:

  • The Blast AC is cordless. It doesn’t need to be plugged in all the time.
  • Very portable.
  • Makes use of a thermoelectric system.
  • Has a filtration system, so cleaner air is guaranteed
  • Made with durable material.
  • It is very noiseless.
  • Its cooling effect lasts very long.
  • Not restrictive. It can be used anywhere.
  • It can be easily maintained.
  • It comes with rechargeable batteries
  • It does not produce any noise
  • It is affordable and cheaper to use.

Cons of the Blast Portable AC

  • It might work effectively ln very large spaces.
  • It is not available in physical retail stores 
  • It can only be ordered online 
  • It is in limited stock.
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Blast Portable AC Reviews

Where can I buy the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC?

You can purchase this product from the original site of the manufacturer. You get to see product specs, prices and terms and conditions. There are also price coupons offered and discount offered to purchasers of this product. This product has a friendly return policy, you stand no chance to lose your money. Order today and grab the amazing offers. You can’t afford to miss this.

The price range of the Blast Auxiliary AC:

• A (1)unit of this product goes for $89.99

• Two(2)unit of this product goes for $ 179.98

• Three(3)unit of this product go for $ 202.48

• Four (4) units of the AC for a little price of $247.7

Blast Portable AC Customer Reviews

For Andrew Wilson

“I love this product. The Blast AC is one product you can bet on. I was also sceptical on whether the product could work considering its size and the fact that it could easily be set up. The zero technicality in setting up the AC sparked my curiosity and disbelief. I decided to test this product.

That was when I returned from my trip to Pretoria. I stay in Johannesburg and sometimes it could be very hot. So I took my Blast AC and switched it on. It started gradually, then in a matter of seconds, the cooling just happened. I was surprised. I would love it if they could make this product in much bigger sizes. If that is done, it will be very very perfect. Not that it doesn’t work perfectly. Enjoy this product, Andrew recommends this!!”

For Theodora

“ Fantabulous! One major thing I really love about this product, is how it brings about colourful lights and could serve as a lamp, while it cools and performs its conditioning function. I read about this product from the official website, and I was so much intrigued about it.

I ordered, not because of immediate need, but wanted to stock up. I found out that if this works, it will be good for use during to hotness of summer. The delivery was fast and they had a friendly return policy. After I tested it first, I could not box it up again. I have been using it since then. I will buy four more for my siblings. The Blast AC is the next big deal.”

For Abdullah

“I stay in Egypt and Egypt can be very hot most times. During holidays, I visited Doha Qatar for a brief holiday. And I found this product very prevalent in the hands of people and I got interested to know more. After I used my friends Blast AC, I decided to purchase mine. And since then, I have no regret whatsoever. The product is also cheap compared to the utility it gives out. A portable AC like wow, I exclaimed when I saw it. Technology is making lives better. Makes perfect sense.

For Caleb

“ I have used the Blast AC, for more than a month now. This product has become my on-the-go AC. I stay in a place, which is not in the town. We do have power issues, and you can’t use a Split unit or those big AC, because none of them retains power after the light goes off. Unless connected to a UPS. I was surfing online and found this product on a display ad. I clicked on the product. I got convinced and purchased the product. Since then, I have been using this device. And the battery lasts. So far it is charged, It will retain battery for so long.

For Ralph

“ I love this product because it is compact and does everything in a very smooth way. My experience with this product is very exciting and has been fun though I would have loved an increase in size. Asides from that, the product works efficiently. I use this product in my room in college. In my apartment, there is no hang on wall Air condition available for us. This product has been perfect for me.

And I use this product everywhere I go. There is a blissful feeling when you use this product to study. Like that cooling effect + sipping a soda. It seems my grades began to improve excessively when I started using the Blast AC. Lol. Asides from that, the product works well. And you do not need to break the bank or loosen the ropes of your purse to purchase this product. It is affordable and very enjoyable. I love this product. Get it. it works.

Frequently Asked Questions (Blast Portable AC Reviews)

Would you have to pay more electricity bills if he/she uses this device?

Not at all. This product is cost-effective, it is small and does not suck even half of the electricity a hang on the wall AC would. This product makes use of evaporation technology and has a battery that does not need so much voltage. The product does not need much power to work, it rather conserves electricity. Watch and see for yourself. 

Is there a need for professional maintenance for the Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop Air Conditioner?

As already discussed and stated, this product is very stress-free. One thing that is striking about this product, is that it is easy to maintain. You can do it yourself. You don’t need to employ the service of an engineer every time to help you in the maintenance, since there is no complexity about the device. There is also no special way of preserving or storing the product other than a dry and cool place. That is all.

What is the design of the Blast Portable AC?

This product has a well built, sleek and compact design. It is built to be small but not tiny. Small enough to perform its functions. It is also made to be portable, which is why it was made very lightweight. It is well constructed with a touch of aesthetics and can fit in and blend with furniture fittings. 

At what times would the water tank be filled?

At any time water has dried up or finished in the tank, the tank needs to be filled with water. And not just any kind of water. Clean and stain-free water. This is to ensure that the product is not contaminated by unwanted particles.

Can this product be used for personal use?

Yes, this product can be used for personal use. It mostly used for personal satisfaction. You can use this product, whenever you feel hot and need an air conditioner.

Is it possible to get this item in a store?

Oops! you cannot purchase this product from a physical store or any retail outlet. You can only order the blast portable AC online and purchase it via the official website of the manufacturer. Efforts are being made on how to make it available in retail stores. However, for now, this product is very much available online. So you if you need the Blast AC, order through the link below.

What is the return and warranty policy for the Blast AC?

This product has a friendly and comfortable return policy. Now if you are not satisfied or you feel unhappy about this product, the manufacturer gives each buyer a 30-day guarantee. Thus, you have 30 days after purchase to return the product.

For clarification, what is to be returned, is the money you used to purchase the product. The shipping cost is not returned, but your full money will be returned to you. So you won’t lose a chunk of your money. 

Is the Blast AC noisy?

If you value very quiet sleep, then the Blast Auxiliary AC is perfect for you. This product functions without making a single noise. It is very quiet and does not disturb you while in use. No vibrations at all. What you just feel, is the cooling effect of this product. Don’t bother about your sleep, the Blast AC provides zero disturbance.

Is there any need to change the water curtain often?

For durability and to ensure the product operates well, the water curtain should be changed in 3-6 months.

Final remark (Blast portable ac reviews)

The Blast Auxiliary portable AC is one product that has made accessible to everyone, a flexible air conditioning system. It is very lightweight, sleek and compact. I also clamour for an increase in size for a very wide reach. But asides from that, the Blast AC is no scam, and worth spending money on.

It can be carried anywhere. It is very lightweight and well constructed to give its utility, which it claims. The Blast Portable Auxiliary AC pumps out refreshing air from its vents. And the effect of this cool air is enough to give your room perfect conditioning. It is very brilliant and you will love this product. Order today and enjoy your summer period, without getting consumed by heat. The Blast AC is the best you can get. You don’t need to break the bank to be comfortable, the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is one affordable source of comfort you can get. Order today!!!

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