Blaux Motion Lighting Reviews: Is This Sensor Light Worth My Money?

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Light up the darkest area in your home with the Blaux Motion Lighting

Hey valued reader, what’s up, I just got an Intel, that you need good lighting, especially in your home. The information gotten was that there are places in your home, bedroom, kitchen, closet, that need lighting but due to the fact no electrical socket was provided for it, adequate lighting is prevented.. That shouldn’t be the case, because those parts of your closet, room, lobby, veranda, garage are also part of the home and need to be properly lighted up and it would be much convenient, safer, and better if areas that need lighting, get lighted up. It makes sense that way, right?

Let me cut building contractors or electricians some slack. There might be reasons why those outlets weren’t provided, and in this Blaux Motion Lighting Reviews, our focus is everything but the wiring of buildings.

However, according to my Intel, he described the inconvenience and risk this ‘technical omission’ of builders has caused you. My Intel stated how you would have to switch on the lights in your room so that you could select a dress from your wardrobe every time you need a dress, which increases energy consumption and bills, or how you would always use a flashlight to see-through areas in your closet or garage. And one area that made me realize it was a good time to search for an alternative is the risk of doing things in the dark. You can get injured, miss a step and fall, make silly mistakes, and bad decisions.

 If you relate to this you will understand the feeling when you picked a dress and couldn’t discover a fault in it, due to poor illumination and on reaching the event or the office, someone calls your attention ”Hey, your pants are torn and there is a glaring stain on your gown” and with a follow-up question, “Didn’t you see that?”. But honestly, you couldn’t see that. Imagine the embarrassment.

What can improve the situation?

Good question! In a search for a solution to meet the complaint of customers. I found the Blaux Motion Lighting very appealing, due to the fact that it reduces energy consumption, employs a motion sensor to function, and has an automatic turn-on feature. Also, one striking quality of this product, is that it is easily adjustable flexible, and can be mounted anywhere coupled with the quality illumination it provides.

Friends, it would be right to say that the Blaux Motion Lighting, is an alternative lighting system that has come to provide a solution to this problem. It is that product you have been waiting for.

I found other products that claim to provide similar service or utility the Blaux Motion Lighting provides but the Blaux Motion stands out amongst others with unique features which Will be highlighted in this Blaux Motion Review.

This Blaux Motion Lighting Reviews will examine, how this auxiliary lighting device works, its features, how to use it, the benefits of using it, customer feedback, and many more.

The holy book says that when there is light, darkness flees. Folks, let’s wage this war!

What is the Blaux Motion Lighting?

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Blaux Motion Lighting Reviews.jpeg
Blaux Motion Lighting Reviews

Blaux Motion Lighting is a portable, sleek, durable, and efficient light that can be mounted anywhere to provide quality lighting and illumination to your room, wardrobe, and in those areas where lightbulbs cannot function or where electrical outlets are not provided. It was designed to provide lighting to those dark spots in your home and in those areas where electrical bulbs can’t function due to the absence of electrical outlets.

Blaux Motion Lighting is a smart light system and can be hung on the wardrobe, wall, and mounted anywhere that suits your preference. In terms of use cases and popularity, the Blaux Motion lighting device has become popular in most American and Canadian homes with increasing orders, day-by-day.

As already stated this Lighting system does not make use of electrical outlets and does not depend on a switch to turn on. It is an auxiliary device and when charged can function with zero need for electricity. It lasts for a longer time compared to other auxiliary lighting systems. Blaux Motion makes use of a USB charging system and a durable rechargeable battery.

 One advantage of this feature in the Blaux Motion Lighting strips is that with its rechargeable battery feature and its non-dependence on electricity to function, energy consumption will reduce the same with electricity utility. bill. Wouldn’t you want to save some dough?

Blaux Motion Lighting makes use of an automatic OFF/ON system making it a smart product. The automatic turn-on system works in this manner; Once you succeed in mounting the device in your closet, wardrobe, kitchen closer, etc, the device detects motion or movement, through its motion sensor and light sensor. Thus, justifying the ‘Motion’ in its trademark name. So that when you open your wardrobe, it, detects movement, it immediately turns on.

Once you select your clothes or are done with what you set out to do in your wardrobe or closet, it turns off after 15 seconds of no movement detected. You don’t need to press a button or switch to turn this device is on. It is made to be smart and save you stress. Amazing right? I said that too.

Is Blaux Motion Lighting Large?

If you imagine Blaux Motion as one large lighting system or presume it to be big, due to its utility, so sorry to disappoint you, this Motion Lighting is one of the compact and sleek lighting devices you can find. It is very small in size, shorter than the hand of a newborn child, and smaller than the longest metric ruler. It can fit in your purse perfectly. it is very portable and designed so that you can use it anywhere with 0.0 stress and inconvenience attached.

This efficient lighting comes with great features. Below are some of its features.

Features of the Blaux Motion Lighting Strips:

Very easy to set up: This feature amongst others stood out for me in my comparison of the Blaux Motion strips with other products I found out. It is super easy to set up. Once you charge the lighting strip via its USB charging system, mount the device on any surface using the magnet and adhesive glue that comes with the lighting strip. You can mount this Lighting Strip on any surface, remove it easily, and remount easily.

Contains LED Lights: The Blaux Motion Lighting Sensor comes with a very effective LED light that is capable of lighting up any area with the brightest of lights. It comes with 10 LED Lights that function efficiently. They are also very durable as each LED light can last up to 80,000 hours according to the manufacturer. With this quality of lights, you are assured that quality illumination can be provided in your garage, closet, etc.

Durable Battery: Another amazing feature that is prominent in various Blaux Motion Lighting Reviews is the durability of the battery that comes with the Blaux Motion Lighting Strip. It can last for more hours because with its automatic turn on/off feature and smart sensor, conservation of battery life is made possible and this can increase the durability and running time of this Lighting system.

Motion Sensor: As earlier mentioned this Lighting strip employs a motion sensor that senses your motion while functioning. The device upon sensing movement or motion turns on and after 15 seconds switches off when no motion is detected. You don’t need to switch it on or off mechanically. It goes on itself, serves you its purpose, recognizes that you are done with it, and goes off on its own. You don’t need to lift a finger. This enhances its durability and prevents frequent contact with the device which increases the risk of damage.

Light Sensor: According to the product description and the manufacturer, the light that comes with this device only comes on, 

if the room is dark, preventing the light from turning on in bright areas and conditions. This way you don’t get any irritating blasts of light when you walk past your Blaux Lighting unit in a room that already has the lights on. Makes sense right?

10-26feet Sensitive Distance: This device is sensitive to motion 26 feet away from the device.. This means that if you are 26feet away from the device or top of the stairs while the device is bottom. The device automatically comes on when it detects presence however doesn’t need to be very near to the device.

Sensitive Angle 120°: One beautiful quality of this device. Is that the sensor that comes with the device? It can detect motion over a wide range of angles, allowing you more freedom when placing the lights and adjustability. This is much better than motion-detecting lights that have a narrow detection “sweet spot” and an unprecise motion sensor.

Blaux Motion Lighting Reviews
Blaux Motion Lighting Reviews

How Does Blaux Motion Lighting Work?

This motion light works in a very simple manner. Once it is set up and hung on the wall, wardrobe, closet, kitchen, garage, or any surface. It automatically comes on. And through its sensor, the Blaux motion detects movement and turns on when a movement is detected, and goes off when no motion is detected.

This device is best used in dark spots or areas. However, through the device’s light sensor, it will fail to function when exposed to bright areas in your home. It automatically recognizes bright areas and doesn’t come on unless used in a dark area or. Furthermore, Blaux Motion Lighting can recognize motion from 28 feet and motion 120° to it. The light this device contains is very bright and can illuminate the darkest of areas.

Blaux Motion Lighting Review: Benefits

Rechargeable: The Blaux Motion Lighting is rechargeable and charges quickly. It is USB adaptable and can fit with any USB charging port. The battery of this device lasts for a very long time. You don’t need to plug it into any electrical outlet and this can help minimize consumption.

Multipurpose: The Blaux Motion Lighting is a multipurpose device and can be used to provide lighting to anywhere and place w re it is used. This device can be used in the kitchen cabinet, in your bedroom, closet, wardrobe, arctic, garage. anywhere, this light can serve.

Easy to Mount: The Blaux Motion Lighting is super easy to Mount install. This device can be hung in minutes. There are no chords, nuts, screws attached to this product. It is completely cordless and Blaux comes with an adhesive on its base that enables it to stick on any flat surface. Once you peel off the protective slip at its base, you are good to go.

Made with Durable Material: This Motion Lighting is built with high-grade materials, which makes the Blaux Motion Lighting a long-lasting is made with quality grade plastic and is built with other materials to ensure that this product lasts for the longest of time.

Friendly Return Policy: The manufacturers of the Blaux Motion Lighting in their customer service package have given every customer the right to return the Blaux Motion with a full refund given to the customer if the customer is not satisfied with the product. You can return the product within 30 days of delivery and if you desire a replacement, you are assured that you will get one. With this, you are guaranteed that your money won’t be lost in a wrong purchase and that value for your money is of great importance to the manufacturer.

Furthermore, If you have any blemishes, or areas in your home that are not bright, then Blaux Motion Lighting is your best choice out of the dark. One place where you can find this product most useful is the closet, stairs, and kitchen, especially the bedroom. Most modern homes have this problem or drawback and if you live in a home described above, then the Blaux Motion is best recommended.

Those living in countries and areas that regularly observe blacks should find a basis for Blaux Motion. For such people, you can install the device in all your rooms. So when there is no darkness you can use Blaux Motion Lighting to illuminate your entire home. Blaux Lighting is easy to install which makes it perfect for anyone to use. You do not need electric motors to get the Blaux Motion Light to illuminate your space. In addition, the purchase comes with a 50% discount on the total purchase price of your regular product.

Does the Blaux Motion Work Or Is It A scam?

Of course, it works!, Blaux Motion Lighting Reviews are fully convinced that Blaux Lighting is worth investing in. Check it out; the device comes with many nice features. And what better way could there be to have these powerful LED lights emitting dark. It will not require your money because you will not need the services of an electrician to install it.

The actual manufacturer makes you an automated electrician. Creating the device also does not take as much time as installing it in just seconds. It is made of magnetic foam cables that will allow you to ride easily wherever you want; on the roof of your closet or the side of your kitchen.

The Blaux Motion Detector has an automatic sensor feature that allows you to detect when dark and when there is motion so that it can turn itself on. But if none of these lights stop. This sensor feature helps extend the life of the battery since it only turns it on and only when you need it.

The luxurious beaux light charger comes at a cheap price. Get a 50% discount and a 30-day money-back guarantee when you purchase from Blaux Portable Lighting

How to Use the Blaux Motion Lighting:

Blaux Motion Light Review.jpeg

Using the Blaux Motion Light is super easy. To use this device follow these simple steps:

  • Once you unbox the device, charge the device to its full.
  • Once the device is full, pull the strip at the base of the device.
  • With the adhesive at its base, place the device on any surface. That is all.

Blaux Motion Lighting Reviews: Pros

  • Portable and Durable
  • Efficient
  • Quality LED lights.
  • Compact and Sleek
  • Motion sensor for automatic turn on
  • Affordable.
  • Multipurpose.

Cons (Blaux Motion Lighting Reviews)

  • Limited stock.
  • It can only be purchased online and ordered on the original site of the manufacturer.
  • Can only be used in dark areas.

Blaux Motion Lighting Where To Buy

You can purchase or order the Blaux Motion Lighting system on the original site of the manufacturer through the link below. Once you click the link, you will be directed to the original site of the manufacturer where you can make a purchase. The manufacturer makes use of a very safe payment system and your details remain undisclosed. It is a safe purchase.

Price of the Blaux Motion Lighting:

• 1 Blaux Lighting Goes for $39.99

• 2 Blaux Lighting Goes for $79.99

• 3 Blaux Lighting Goes for $89.99

Blaux Motion Lighting Reviews Consumer Reports

Jill G.– Orlando, FL

“Lights that get left on is a real pet peeve of mine. A light on in a closed closet? Arrrrgh! I hate wasting money like that. These lights have been great”.

Ben W.– London, UK

“The cost of refitting our old, dark house was staggering. I’m so glad I tried these lights—they’ve saved me a boatload of money”.

Donald R.– San Francisco, CA

“I’m useless at DIY, and don’t mess around with electricity at all. These were a breeze to install, and they are bright. I’m getting a bunch more for other rooms”.

Laurence M. Los Angeles, CA

“My wife wanted to get these lights so she could see what was inside of our kitchen cupboards. Well, they worked so well there, we ordered a bunch more, and I can’t tell you what a positive change they’ve made in our lives. We put one on our back porch, a pair by the staircase, and another right inside our garage. We never knew how much we needed these lights until we started using them in our home!”

Lisa C. Tacoma, WA

“We needed more light, but living in an apartment we couldn’t install new lighting. That’s where these lights become a real-life saver – you can place them anywhere, even where there isn’t any electrical socket. Now I can see what’s in the back of our kitchen cupboards – it’s made life a thousand times easier when I’m searching for the right bottle of seasoning!”

Tyler T. Dallas, TX

“I never realized just how much time I was wasting by having to squint just to try to see what color the shirts in my closet were. The Beaux Lights turn on every time I open my closet door, and they do the same with the cupboards in our kitchen. It may not sound like much, but you’d be surprised how good it feels to fix those annoying problems in life once and for all!”

Danielle T. Albany, NY

“I used to stumble around at night trying to find my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. A couple of times I even tripped over a pair of shoes! These lights are perfect – they only activate when the room is dark, so they don’t turn on during the day. But at night, they come on the moment they sense your presence. Now I can see where I’m walking every time, and I never have to stumble anymore!”

Blaux Motion Lighting Review.jpeg
Blaux Motion Lighting Reviews

Final Remark On Blaux Motion Lighting Reviews

The Blaux Motion Lighting is an efficient product you should try out. It is a great auxiliary lighting product that provides amazing illumination. This particular product has gained over 4.5 🌟 ratings on most review sites due to its efficiency. And with this product, you are assured a lesser risk of getting injured on dark pathways in your home, closet, kitchen, garage, etc. It is a very durable product you can bank on. Order the Blaux Motion Lighting today and give your home all-around lighting.

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