Best GPS Trackers 2022: What Are Your Options?

by Steve
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Best GPS Trackers

This article will be discussing a subject which is not very common but is currently being used by a good number of people and is of utmost importance. The GPS is actually known as the global positioning system and is a model which is employed in the production of different GPS trackers.

These trackers are designed to help track the position and the precise location of different objects, structures, and even human beings. Before now, trackers were used for basically military purposes, but current advancements in technology and recent innovations have made it available for public consumption. 

The use of the GPS is currently gaining ground, especially among people who travel a lot from one location to another as a form of automatic direction. People also use GPS devices to help a friend or family locate where they are in case of any problem at all. 

Your security is very important, which is why most smartphone manufacturers have incorporated GPS tracking software in order to help you connect to another smartphone belonging to you or your friend and will help tell your exact location at all times. 

The world is currently facing many security threats, ranging from terrorism, kidnap, manslaughter, rape, and other security issues. Different individuals and companies have resorted to making devices and products which will go a long way in helping to give people the peace of mind they need to go ahead with their day to day activities. There’s this peace of mind that comes with knowing that you can be found wherever you are at any time without much stress. 

Having a GPS tracking device with you also discourages any Intending attacker or kidnapper from getting hold of you as they know that it will be easier for security agencies and your family to track your movement or your last location. 

In this Best GPS Trackers article, I will give us some tips on knowing whether a GPS tracker is good or not. I will also be recommending some really nice GPS tracking devices which have been found effective by so many users. A lot of people have already made comments and positive reviews about these products on the manufacturers’ websites, which is why I have included them as recommendations in this article. 

You can make your purchase right away from the manufacturers without hassles. Many GPS tracking devices are available both in your online and offline market, which leaves intending buyers confused about which to go for. Some of these GPS tracking devices cost a lot of money, so it’s important that you find out if the product you are to pay for is from a verified source and works just like the manufacturers promised.This article will help you know all the features you expect from a good GPS tracker and help you make an informed decision.

Features of a good GPS tracker

Modern GPS tracking devices play a crucial role in guaranteeing road safety. These systems have evolved significantly to meet the demand of drivers today, and they now include next-generation functionalities that are genuinely innovative.

The present GPS tracking world is truly dynamic and advanced, from the SOS feature to real-time fuel monitoring to the engine cut-off option that allows you to turn off the engine of whatever is tracked from your smartphone. Have you ever thought about which of these features is the most useful? No matter how advanced or current a GPS tracking system is, it will be irrelevant if it lacks the functions that your business need. We will go over the key features that every modern GPS tracking device should have in this post.

1. Location tracking in real-time

Every GPS system should have real-time location tracking as the most basic and arguably most important feature. With this, fleet managers can keep track of where their vehicles, drivers, and other assets are at all times. This enables them to respond promptly to situations and rapidly recover stolen vehicles or valuables. However, not all tracking devices currently available provide “real-time location tracking.” Some providers provide GPS tracking device updates on longer intervals, that is, three to four minutes after events occur.

2. Personalized Alerts with Customizability

Most fleet owners prefer to invest in GPS tracking systems that provide both real-time notifications and location tracking.As a result, a reliable transport fleet GPS solution should send personalized alerts on a regular and real-time basis. It should ideally be able to provide a wide range of customizable alerts, including, but not limited to: Unnecessary stoppage warnings, Upkeep of vehicles, Long periods of inactivity, Overspeeding warnings, and Route deviance.

These alerts can be extremely useful in streamlining operations, lowering operational costs, and promoting business growth. Long-term idle alerts, for example, can help reduce the quantity of fuel wasted, whereas route deviation alerts can help reduce theft.

3. Driver Behavior Analysis

it is critical that your GPS fleet tracker includes a driver monitoring feature. Monitoring driving behavior is critical for maximizing efficiency and productivity. Most importantly, enforcing safe driving habits can help reduce road accidents. A good GPS tracker should provide visibility into a variety of driving habits, such as exceeding speed limits, harsh braking, idling, and so on. With this information, you can advise your drivers or impose safety measures.

4. Providing Historical Reports

A good GPS tracker should provide you with the data and reporting capabilities that your business requires. Historical Reports can be beneficial to your business because they can help you identify areas of your business that need improvement. A good GPS tracker should be able to provide you with a history of the last 90 days.

In general, the reports should include: Excessive idling, Infractions involving excessive speed, a Summary of vehicle starts and stops, Total distance traveled, Vehicle utilization, and maintenance. Many modern GPS systems include a dashboard that allows you to view graphical reports. You can draw insights from the results of this data collected and make informed decisions. 

5. The ability to track a fleet of vehicles from your Smartphone 

People in today’s tech-centric world want devices that allow them to work remotely and on the go. Dispatch managers are looking for technology that will allow them to monitor their fleet and drivers from their smartphones. As a result, it’s critical to find a solution that works on multiple devices while providing the same experience as a desktop.

Best GPS trackers Available online

Prime Tracking 

This personal GPS tracker is a cutting-edge technology that includes a smartphone, GPS sensors, and a 4G network. The tracking device accurately displays monitoring findings in real-time. When completely charged, it can last up to two weeks or more and sends a report every ten seconds. You may use this one-of-a-kind portable device to keep track of your children’s whereabouts, elderly relatives, automobiles, and more. 

You can take the GPS tracking device with you everywhere you go. It is also dust and water-resistant. To understand more, see our Prime Tracking reviews. The Prime Tracking GPS is simple to operate. All you have to do now is follow these simple instructions. In no time, you’ll be able to locate your belongings and loved ones.

The Prime Tracking GPS is easy to use. To activate your tracking gadget, go to Prime Tracking’s official website. After you have established your connection, go to Google Play or Apple Store and download the Prime Tracking app. Finally, place your monitoring devices where you wish to monitor them and receive live information every 10 seconds.

Prime tracking characteristics

Here are some of the GPS tracker’s remarkable features:

  • Design is simple but effective – The tracking gadget is small and lightweight. Its dimensions are 2.7 x 1.5 x 1 inch (HWD), which is almost half the size of a deck of cards. The three LED status lights on this portable device indicate GPS connectivity, power, and cellular connectivity. These three lights are in the front of the building. It also has an SOS button that will broadcast your location if you are in a risky scenario.
  • Geofencing– Geofencing allows you to define a virtual boundary for your tracker. If your Prime Tracking Personal GPS Tracker exceeds your selected limit, you will be notified automatically. Geofencing can alert you if any of your possessions or assets are being tracked.
  • The time between charges – The Prime Tracking has a rechargeable battery built-in. This battery has a large reserve capacity. It can keep the tracking device running for up to two weeks if completely charged. You’ll also be notified when it’s time to charge your GPS tracker. Hence, you won’t have to continuously check to see if it’s time to charge.
  • Real-time Monitoring – The GPS tracker communicates the location of anything you’re tracking in real-time using a high-speed 4G connection. You may see where your loved ones or belongings are on a Google map with an icon. The real-time tracking is updated every 10 seconds to ensure that you get the most up-to-date information on your tracking assets.
  • Easy Setup – It’s a simple step to get started. To activate your smartphone, simply make sure it’s fully charged, enter your device’s details on Prime Tracking’s official website, and select the tracking plan you want. Then you’ll download the official prime tracking personal GPS tracker review app to keep track of your belongings and loved ones.
  • Speed Checker – When you are not driving, the Prime Tracking program allows you to track the speed of your car. This will show you who you can trust with your car. This is especially beneficial for your children who are just learning to drive on their own. You can utilize Prime Tracking to keep an eye on their speed and warn them if they are going too fast.
  • Location History – You can access up to 400 days of monitoring history using the app. This means that if you miss something, you can go back in time and monitor it. The location history provides detailed information as well as the ability to rewind, forward, and increase playback for a thorough examination.

Nerlos Locator 

The Nerlos locator is a tiny tracker that attaches to any zipper or keyring in seconds. Everything from your pet’s collar to a piece of luggage to your child’s favorite stuffed animal can benefit from it. This innovative GPS tracker is designed to help you locate any missing objects. To aid in the search, the app pins the position of your object on a navigation map. You can also use your phone to set a useful audible alarm.

The device can be wirelessly connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth. This simply means that your phone will be linked to all of your Nerlos-tagged devices. You may tag as many people as you want. There isn’t any restriction. If you’re looking for one of these tagged objects, all you need is your smartphone to see the exact location of the Nerlos-tagged object. You may also make the Nerlos gadget attached to any object beep by pressing the “ring to find” button on your phone. This makes finding it easy.

The manufacturers of this product made this locator with durable components, and you will be able to locate any item you are looking for with the many tools available to you. One of those tools is the Missing and found tool; the Missing & found tool connects you with other Nerlos users for additional assistance in locating the lost item. The Nerlos locator is compatible with both Apple and Android devices and will efficiently deliver irrespective of the brand you own. 

Features of Nerlos Locator 

You are reading this nerlos locator review to see if the tracker’s features are worth it, or perhaps you found it online.

  • An Extra Loud Alarm: An Extra Loud Alarm, The nerlos locator has a fantastic sound when compared to the competition! It allows you to hear the beeps from a greater distance and locate items more quickly.The nerlos locator also exceeds its closest competitors in terms of range, providing a greater range, making this device even more valuable.
  • Find Your Phone Feature: The nerlos locator also works in reverse, allowing you to track down your phone and other gadgets.
  • Replace the Battery: While other gadgets wear out and require replacement, the nerlos locator has a removable battery. When you choose the nerlos locator, you won’t have to worry about replacing the battery anytime soon.
  • ‘KeepNear Feature: The super-smart KeepNear feature warns you when you’re getting too far away from your belongings, ensuring that you never lose them in the first place.
  • FREE Subscription (No Fees): With the nerlos locator, you’ll only have to pay the device’s original cost, with no additional fees to consider.
  • Bluetooth Connection: The nerlos locator connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth swiftly without delay. After you purchase the nerlos locator, you get one month (30 days) to try it out. You can return the device for a full refund if you are not comfortable.

Where can I make a Purchase? 

The process of making your purchase is also quite simple and straightforward. By selecting the ‘Read More’ button on the product description featured in this article, you can easily navigate to the manufacturer’s website. The button will take you to a comprehensive overview of your chosen product, from which you can visit the manufacturer’s website. After selecting the quantity you want, you should be able to place your order.

The manufacturers also offer these products at discounts and also a moneyback guarantee. What this offer means is that you will be able to return either of these products after weeks of having them delivered to you. The manufacturers made this offer available in order to give you a form of purchase guarantee. 

So many persons shy away from making online purchases because of the uncertainty surrounding it. This offer will let you understand that manufacturers have no doubt that this product meets your expectations. This money return guarantee offer has a different amount of days. You can return any of these products to the producers and have your money returned. The manufacturers also offer excellent customer service representatives that are ready to listen to your concerns.


In conclusion, I have been able to introduce this wonderful article for us on products of great security importance and are currently helping a lot of people stay safe. I have also included features that would enable you to know whether a GPS tracker is worth your money or not; some recommendations on some awesome, verified, and effective GPS tracking devices were also included in this piece. 

The manufacturers of these products made the process of making your purchase very easy, and you can do that from the official website without stress. They have also made it possible for you to make payments from the official website without losing your card data. If you wish to buy any of the products recommended in this article, you can click on the ‘Readmore’ button to get redirected to a full article or any product of your choice. You will be able to navigate to the manufacturers’ official website from a link included in the full article. 

The manufacturers of these products offer them discounts, and you will be able to make your purchase without fear of not having it delivered to you. The manufacturers got positive about delivering their products promptly, and most users were satisfied with their service.

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