ArcticBreeze Review 2020: Should I buy this Personal AC?

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ArcticBreeze Review

The constant rising of the global temperature could mean that you are likely going to experience much heat this summer period. The summer heat can cause some kinds of discomfort and distress to you if you do not take solace in a cooling device. The summer heat can make you feel restless, rendering your body system uncomfortable. Wearing a frown won’t make the summer heat desist from baking your skin. What would you do? 

Most of the few wealthy individuals among you might choose to utilise customary Air Conditioners. However, Air Conditioners are costly to introduce and  really expensive to maintain. As troublesome as they are, they are impossible to be moved  around or taken outside the house! They are always installed in one place. 

The second alternative is fan. It is much agreed that fans are not costly, yet they are the worst to be trusted in a period of hot weather. This is because fans merely blow around the air. This basically means that your fans will be blowing back the hot air it gets from the hot weather to your heated self. A pitiable scenario! The only thing left for you to do is to get burnt if possible! 

Now, that period of scorching weather is almost here. With this prediction of how hot our global temperature is constantly getting, who knows what this summer will bring? Your guess is as good as mine!

Of course, summer can be extraordinarily enjoyable but how do you intend to manage the merciless warmth or heat that comes along with it? Install an Air conditioner or purchase a fan? Saying Yes to this answer won’t provide the much-needed solution you want. On one hand, installing an air conditioner will require a good amount of dollars. On the other hand, buying a fan means that you will rot in heat because it will just continue to blow back the heated air which you want to escape from. 

From the above situation, you can see that you are confronted with a third choice! The choice of finding the much needed solution to the coming summer heat. It won’t be good if you are left to do the thinking alone. You might never get an answer and therefore, your problem will continue to linger. So, I say to you, stress no more! 

A lasting solution is here already.  It is called ArcticBreeze. ArcticBreeze is an inventive, high-innovation, moderate option in contrast to conventional AC or the regular fan. As an astonishing new gadget, it permits you to keep cool regardless of where you are without the requirement for a fitting attachment.

So, when summer traps you inside your home trying to roast you with heat, you will be sure to make your home a chilly zone with “Arctic Breeze” if you will purchase one. 

So this profound ArcticBreeze Review will x ray Arctic Breeze Air Cooler in the most simple and detailed manner. It will explain what ArcticBreeze is, it’s benefits, pros and cons, customers reviews, it’s uniqueness and why you should buy one today. 

Alright! Lets get started! Arcticbreeze Review!

What’s ArcticBreeze? 

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Arcticbreeze review.jpeg
ArcticBreeze Review

Arcticbreeze is a compact cooler that humidifies and cools the room where it’s situated. As a portable air conditioner, it pulls warm air from the room through its evaporative water medium which then makes it possible to fill any space with cool air. And you are expected to change the water shade inside the ArcticBreeze for every six to eight months in order to keep it clean for natural air.

The compact, eco-friendly Arctic Air device utilizes Hydro-Chill evaporative cooling technology to draw in hot air and pass it through a wet filter, which then exits the other side as cool, refreshing, dehumidified air.

It is a lightweight cooler which is specially designed to cool small rooms quickly and constantly with clean air. It has an individual cooling unit that is perfect incase you need to decrease the introduction to overabundance warmth and dry summer air, leading to improved profitability. 

The function and satisfaction Arctic Breeze offers makes it to be unique. It is ergonomic, compact and portable and does not increase your electricity bill. So, take the fear of increased electricity tariff out. 

It’s portability makes it possible to be easily about. So definitely, you can carry the device to anywhere you wish to go without stress yourself.

Be reminded that ArcticBreeze is never an air conditioner. It’s rather an air cooler. 

While an air conditioner cools the room air from a closed circuit that is cooled by gas, an air cooler works in an open circuit of water, normally cold, softening the temperature and humidifying the air.

Specifications of ArcticBreeze Air Cooler 

ArcticBreeze compact portable cooling device has the following specifications to its advantage: 

  • Dimension  –  174 × 170 × 170mm
  • Water Tank Capacity   – 750 ml
  • Speed    –    20 Speed Settings
  • Power Supply  –  A USB port for easy power supply.
  • Fan   – three-speed controlled fan
  • LED lighting  –   8 different LED moonlight setting

Special Features Of ArcticBreeze Cooler 

  • Efficient and fast air cooler system
  • Power from standard 12V USB connector.
  • Perfect for Room and Desk Air Conditioning
  • Up to 8hrs working mode 
  • Zero disturbance since it makes almost no sound
  • Humidifier for dry rooms.
  • Compact and thus, does not consume much space 
  • Lightweight and portable 
Arcticbreeze review.jpg
ArcticBreeze Review

Items You Will See When You Buy ArcticBreeze! 

  • Air Cooler
  • 1 USB Power Cable
  • 1 Instruction Guide
  • A sticker that reads: “I love CoolAir”

Benefits of Buying and Using ArcticBreeze Air Cooler 

  • This unique air cooler does not consume much electricity. So, you won’t be troubled about increasing your electricity bill. Everything is under control. Also, the cooler is powered using a USB Cord. This means that it won’t be hard to find a new cord in case you misplace the one you are given when you purchase it. 
  • Aside from the function of providing cool air, ArcticBreeze air Cooler also humidifies and purifies the air you breathe. By implication, you are assured of a clean and ever fresh air in your room. 
  • ArcticBreeze cooling device is designed with a 3-speed fan which has manual control options. This implies that you can definitely adjust the settings to suit the intensity of the air you want. The air won’t just come without your desire. So, you can adjust and readjust the intensity until it matches your desire. 
  • ArcticBreeze device makes use of water to generate cool air and so no need for gas.  All that you are required of is to fill its water reservoir. When the reservoir is filled, it will last for a reasonable amount of hours before you will need to refill.
  • There is no need to map out big space for keeping it. ArcticBreeze Air cooler is compact and lightweight. It’s compact nature makes it fit to occupy any small space in your home
  • ArcticBreeze is portable which means that it is easy to be carried around. In case you want to change location or residence, you can easily carry your ArcticBreeze device to your new home. 
  •  It’s seven different LED lighting moonlight setting gives you the chance to select the colour that matches your tone and personality for the day.
  • No one would ever want to get a device that puts their health at risk. This is not the case with the cool air device as it safeguards you from some health issues. As you might know already, our body partly shuts down to rest. This is a vulnerable moment and a chance for allergens as well as risky substances to go inside our body. Once put in your room where you sleep, your cool air device will efficiently capture and filter polluted air hence keeping you safe and far from falling for germs.
  • ArcticBreeze traps impurities in a systematic way, targeting airborne particles which circulate in the air and hold on to it. This air cooler comes equipped with a filter that works this way. It eliminates airborne particles, thus avoids the worsening of allergens, asthmas as well as respiratory issues.
  • ArcticBreeze also helps in providing you a longer lifespan. The effects of air pollutants stay in the air for many months and even years as well. The continuous functioning action of ArcticBreeze at home, in your office or private facilities, will continuously provide the most security for your wellbeing.
  • The issue of air pollution is getting worse as the years come by, and our body requires all the help to combat these impurities. ArcticBreeze is a simple, cost-effective as well as readily accessible solution to keep your home free and safe from pollution.
ArcticBreeze Review.jpeg
ArcticBreeze Review

Pros of ArcticBreeze air cooler 

  • It admits cold or warm water to cool the environment. 
  • It permits scented water, generating a lasting air freshener effect.
  • Energy efficient system, much cheaper than an air conditioner.
  • It is very easy to transport and does not require installation. It’s portable and versatile. 
  • Most appliances with an air cooling system consume less electricity than air conditioners. ArcticBreeze is also a very low consumption device, which works with a 12V adapter.
  • In addition to this, it can be used in any room and even taken to other places when traveling.

Cons of ArcticBreeze air cooler 

  • Many people do not understand the difference between an evaporative cooler and an air conditioner. 
  • It is available only on the manufacturer’s website 

ArcticBreeze Is An Evaporative Cooler Not An Air Conditioner: Don’t Mistake The Two 

Since customers say different things about this product, I have strove to give you the best impression so far. In doing so, I chanced upon this incredible piece that will make you understand what ArcticBreeze air cooler is all about and what you are to expect it to do. Knowing this will put you in the right frame of mind and enable you to make the best decision of buying ArcticBreeze for yourself. 

Chris, writing from the United States said that ArcticBreeze air cooler is an all star evaporative cooler. It’s not the same as an air conditioner. He said to have bought 5!

The people that 1 star ArcticBreeze Aircooler do not understand evaporative cooling. They are expecting a little AC unit that blows cold air. That’s not what this is. It’s a big improvement over a regular fan. The water in the filter evaporates and cools the air several degrees depending on the weather. If there is a lot of humidity, not much water is going to evaporate, thus not much cooling. With dry air, more water can evaporate and you can get some impressive cooling. Since I have a Solar system on my yacht, I am always looking for low power ways to cool things down in the summer. I have some science background and read all about evaporative cooling. It was actually the air conditioning system of the Pharoahs! In a perfect world, an evaporative cooler will cool the air down to the “wet bulb” temperature. You can get an App on your phone to calculate what that temperature is from your weather report using temperature and % relative humidity.

The article I read says most evaporative coolers have an efficiency of 85% or better, so your cooler will get most of the way down to that wet bulb temperature. It can be only 6 degrees cooler in humid weather, and over 20 degrees cooler in dry weather. I bought 5 for my yacht, 2 in the bow, 3 in the stern. They do a good job and they are very low power. I have a pretty large solar system and I can run them on battery power. I can keep them going 24 hours a day if I need to. Nothing beats a full on air conditioner, but these guys are fun. It’s tough to keep up with the Texas sun in August when it’s 100 degrees out. It would normally turn an enclosed cabin into an oven in minutes. I can’t say these guys make it cool in the heat of the day, but what they can do is make it reasonably warm. You don’t sweat much, and you can stay inside indefinitely without being miserable. I tried two of them in my car. If you park under a tree in the shade, then put up the windshield visor, you can actually sit there and read or whatever and not burn up. It’s pretty fun! What they really do best is at night. 

Normally it would be like 80 degrees in the cabin, and I have spent many a night tossing and turning because it’s no fun trying to sleep when you’re too hot. It’s been a fact of life for me as long as I’ve been a boat owner. These guys can knock off that last 10 degrees and it’s really nice. It’s a cool balmy breeze like you’re at the beach. By 3AM you are looking for a blanket so you don’t get a chill! I really like making a cocktail and listening to some island music with the LED mood lights on. It’s a great time! You can close your eyes and you are in the Carribean! In the house, for that room that’s a good 10 degrees too hot, these guys do a great job too! Your air conditioner has already taken a lot of the moisture out of the air, so you are ready to go. I find myself using them at home to get that cool balmy sleepy feeling and I am out like a light… plus my trip to the ocean can happen as soon as I turn out the lights!

Arcticbreeze review.jpeg
ArcticBreeze Review.jpeg

How Do You Use the ArcticBreeze?

At the point when you need to start the cooler, begin by including water directly into the highest point of the gadget. 

It’ll be turned on and it will stop when the water runs out or when the battery dies.  

Around six to eight months, you should try to replace  the water shade inside the ArcticBreeze, in order to keep it clean for natural air. The tank takes a 300ml water limit and is Minimized. By supplanting the water shade, it will guarantee you can keep up the ideal temperature. 

Why is ArcticBreeze So Special and Unique?

  • It’s ergonomic in structure and it is compact. Therefore, you can take ArcticBreeze with you wherever you go. 
  • It can be utilized even at places without access to electrical outlets and it is cordless for additional versatile accommodation.
  •  ArcticBreeze Aircooler is a definitive summer contraption because it will ensure that you are cool while sitting at your gallery, outdoors, cooking, working in the carport even when temperatures are extremely high.
  • You can utilize it likewise during the night without spending a fortune on power bills. It will keep your room spotless and cool and this is the point at which you’ll see how significant that is for a decent night’s rest.. 
  • its cost and low running expenses. ArcticBreeze is a savvy gadget that devours little vitality and has an Advanced Proximity Sensor that consequently kills the unit. 
  • It’s cordless and you don’t re-fill the tank. You just have to empty the water straightforwardly into the unit for charming, humidified air.
Arctic breeze review.jpeg
Arcticbreeze Review

Customers Reviews of ArcticBreeze 

“I was visiting a family member in New York and her house doesn’t have central air like we do in the south. This unit was pointed at my face all night and kept me very comfortable while I was sleeping. Got hot when it did run out of water. Perfect for me because I am pre-menopausal. Hot flashes could be better with this machine but I am not fully menopausal. 

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.” (Lisa W., New York) 

For mature people from hot countries!

” I get a great chuckle from the review downers on this item, one young man expected it to keep an aluminum camper very cool in direct sunlight! Items like this have been used since 1932 that I am aware of, and explanation for idiots is as follows: In the depression years, only the very rich could afford air conditioning. The rest of us used a bucket of water with a family water dipper for drinking by the back door or any door in the home behind screens that had a breeze. The water stayed COLD and the room behind the family water bucket stayed COOL AND NO ONE CAUGHT A COLD. This is NOT an air conditioner (for the idiots), it is a ROOM COOLER! I was born on 8/8/1932 in the desert in Eastern Washington.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.” (Richard W., Camano Island, WA) 

“Bought one at Bed Bath & Beyond after being bombarded with the TV commercials. Hacks from other reviews were to wet and freeze the filter before each use. Bloody clever – works like a (really small) charm. When it’s hot in the room, just point it to the small area you want cooled. It really won’t cool down a room, nor should anyone expect it to. But it is smaller and less noisy than a table fan. It’s ok…I would recommend it to a friend who understands that it is not an air conditioner!” (Lynwood S., Colorado) 

“I love the Arctic Air cooler. It sits on my desk about a foot away from me, and I use it only on extremely hot days when my two conventional window air conditioners in my room aren’t cutting it (they are lower-BTU units because I have small windows). When it says 95 or hotter outside, I’m fairly uncomfortable in my room at my computer. When I run the Arctic Air, which sits just to the left of my keyboard, I’m quite comfortable (which is saying a lot because I’m a pretty big guy and I keep it as cold as possible in here). I used this unit last year when one of my ACs broke, and bought a replacement filter when it started heating up again outside this year. If this unit ever breaks, I’ll be buying the new Arctic Air Ultra. Keep in mind, this thing works best when you are in a low humidity environment.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.” (Reid M., Lexington, SC) 

“My office is at the front of our house where the afternoon sun shines in. It gets warmer than the rest of the house so I thought this would be a great thing to help keep me cool! It’s AMAZING. I was really surprised at how long it produces cool air, and it’s small enough it doesn’t take up a bunch of space! Highly recommend it, and I love it.” (VegasLL, United States) 

What is the price of ArcticBreeze?

The Arctuc Breeze is a mini air cooler that does not cost so much but still gets its job done properly and efficiently. This is one of the reasons this device has gotten so much attention. It is very affordable and still performs wonderfully well.

However, these prices are as a result of an off fire sale discount promo currently going on as at the time of putting up this review. One thing we know is that offers like this don’t last, so it would be wise to pick one now especially with the money back guarantee policy and warranty currently applied to it.

Where can you buy ArcticBreeze?

First and foremost, I always advise my readers to always make purchase of products like this one from their official website. There are reasons we believe this is in your best interest. First and foremost, it is the safest and most secure place to make your purchase. Second, you stand to enjoy whatever special discount offers that the manufacturer gives her customers and most importantly, you will enjoy warranty and the manufacturer’s money back policy.

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Conclusion (Arcticbreeze Review)

Cooling a wide space is the expertise of the high-end traditional air conditioning units. However, this is not economical at all. What we need is an excellent air cooling device that can cool the air where we are. This way, we can save an enormous amount not only on money but also on electricity.

A personal cooler like Arcticbreeze is the perfect device to do the job. Not only that it can make the air cool where you need it the most. But also, it has a lightweight and compact design that can fit perfectly in any space and environment.

This device is trending now in United States, Canada, UK,Australia and worldwide. People are subscribing to it due to its characteristics such as cost-effective and affordable. And simply relieving you from the heat of summer makes it the best mini air conditioner. Grab yours now!

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