Blaux Portable AC Reviews 2020: Ultimate Solution to Summer heat?

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Blaux Portable AC Reviews

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With the summer season here already, air conditioning is a good purchase. But if you first find out what such a system costs, you can sometimes only bend your hands over your head. In addition, it is not only the purchase costs that are involved, but also the maintenance that such a device requires. In such a case, a small alternative is a welcome change that you can use to your advantage. We would therefore like to introduce the Blaux Portable AC to you. A device that offers the same functions as an air conditioner and costs only a fraction of what ordinary air conditioners consume.

The heat wave is here to stay. And it’s that time of year when the prices of air conditioning installations soar. Figure that the cost of installing an air conditioning unit will exceed 400 euros minimum.  And it will be even more when we’re in the middle of summer where prices skyrocket.

Air conditioning manufacturers and installers are aware of this and take advantage of user needs in order to increase their profits. we have the ultimate solution for you; the Blaux Portable Air Conditioner.

The Blaux Portable AC is one of the highest selling air coolers currently in United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Worldwide. Its gaining massive attention and there are many adverts about the product but as usual we are here to guide. Is Blaux Portable AC really worth the hype? What are the features? How do you use it? What are the goods and the bads? Where can you buy? All these will be answered in this our Blaux Portable AC Reviews article.

We implore you to stick on to this page as you will know everything necessary about this Portable Air Conditioner by the time you are done with this article.And most importantly you will also be able to make that bold decision; Should I buy the Blaux Portable AC or not?.

Alright! Let’s move!

The Blaux Portable AC Reviews!

What is Blaux Portable AC?

Blaux Portable AC Reviews.jpeg
Blaux Portable AC Reviews

The Blaux Portable Air Conditioner is a newly released personal air conditioner that not just cools your surrounding but also filters the air around you. You can carry it with you anywhere you go. No need for installation or huge electricity bills that come with usual air conditioners. Usable as a cordless air cooler, humidifier, and fan, this device is hardly just a cooler. Consumers dont even have to plug it in to keep it working, which is part of its benefit portability.

As the Blaux Portable AC is activated and providing coolness to users, it also pulls dust from the air with its powerful filter to ensure that consumers have a clean environment. While other coolers may fail on the hottest days, this portable AC continues on to keep preforming. Still, if it falters, the purchase is covered by a 30-day return policy.

The device includes a type-C charging cable, which can be plugged in wherever the user is to keep it at full power. It includes three different fan speeds, giving consumers a customized approach to their relief. It will need to be refilled, but the design allows consumers to fill it from the top with no refill basin to deal with.

Blaux Portable AC technical facts

  • Low noise operation (up to 40 dB)
  • Removable network cover (facilitates cleaning)
  • Power mode: USB
  • Nominal power: DC5V
  • Noise: up to 40 dB
  • Negative ion working power: 1 Watt
  • Duration: 8 hours in first gear, 4.5 in second gear and 2.5 in third gear

Features of Blaux Portable AC

Elegant design and Compact Size

The design, which is kept in white and grey, ensures that the air conditioner blends in perfectly with its surroundings without being unpleasantly conspicuous. Thanks to its compact size, you will hardly notice that it is standing next to you on your desk


Portable AC.jpeg
Blaux Portable AC Reviews

This is the selling point of this device. It is the feature customers like most. You can carry your Blaux Portable AC with you anywhere you go. You can use it in your office, working place, room, gym house, just anywhere you want. Thanks to the ergonomic carrying handle and the small size

Filters the Air You breathe

With Blaux Portable AC’s filters and purifying features, you’ll enjoy cleaner air whenever you use this device as it filters the air you breathe and ensure it is devoid of germs.

I don’t know about you, but I want to breathe air that’s as clean as possible. Having filters and purifiers can help remove pollutants, allergens and particles that can be harmful.

Sufficient running time

The most unique feature of this cooler is the prolonged running time. The battery is enough compatible to run the device for more than a day constantly. Thus it can be easily carried with the luggage when a long hectic journey is unavoidable.

Easy cleaning

Dirt and moisture will stick to the mesh holes. It is a very common problem faced by any cooling agent. With the help of a cloth and a disinfectant, the particles can be removed. No professional is needed to hire for the cleaning purpose. Hence the maintenance cost is saved.

Indication of power and charging

There is a LED ring provided on the surface of the cooler device. It will keep the user alert about the charging status. The full charge status is also shown on a proper basis. It is a very important criterion especially when there is no availability of charging point or any nearby station. Blaux Portable AC is engineered to give the best level of comfort to its user.

3 fan purpose

The speed of the airflow can be controlled using these fans. This will help to reduce the electricity consumption of the device. If the day is not so hot, then unnecessary blast cooling will consume a lot of electricity. A slow to medium fan speed will comfort the user as well as save electricity.

Noise Free

This is a unique feature of this Portable Air Conditioner. The noise the Blaux Portable AC makes should not be louder than 40 decibels. So you wont be disturbed during your concentrated work in the office and during your restful sleep.Unlike other air conditioners, Blaux portable AC offers you a noise free service.

How does Blaux Portable AC work?

Now, lets breakdown the working principle of this new art technology air cooler. We broke down the working principle into three. Read below:

Source of Energy

The small lithium battery of this air conditioner is similar in size of an Android device. With the help of the USB cable, it is possible to charge the AC battery just like a smartphone. The charging at a time can make the battery last for more than a day. Thus the AC is going to function even if there is a power-cut. It is considered to be a product based on a renewable source of energy.

The Cooling Principle

Thermoelectric effect is the cooling principle of this device. This refrigeration technique produces a cooling effect. The DC electric current produces heat energy on one side of the plate. This heated plate is submerged in a heat sink so that it remains in room temperature. The other side of the plate remains relatively cooler. Gradually the temperature of this side of the plate comes below the ambient temperature. When air enters the vent, it gets cooled by this effect and the AC thus functions.

Environmental Engineering Background

The filter of Blaux device kills bacteria and cleans the air. This filter needs to be replaced after a certain point in time. An ionizer is provided with the filter bed for the cleaning purpose. The diffused ozone molecules of the ionizer stick to the particles that cause allergies and pollution. Due to the attachment, the coagulated particles become heavy and fall to the ground surface. In this way, air-borne particles are removed from the incoming air. A person suffering from dust allergy must try this device as a cooling agent.

Blaux Portable AC Reviews.jpg
Blaux Portable AC Reviews

Benefits of Blaux Portable AC

Below are some of the benefits of this revolutionary portable air conditioner

  • Portable air conditioners do not require a technician for installation.
  • It cools small areas without spending as much electrical energy.
  • You will not need a lot of space to place them.
  • There are equipment with cold and heat function. If you choose one of this type, you can use it all year round, due to its air conditioning and heating modality.
  • The maintenance it requires is simple; You should only clean the filters with some continuity and avoid accumulating the humidity that will appear from the condensation when cooling the air.
  • Its installation is simple, making it easy to move to other spaces. It is not necessary to make investments in technical personnel for its placement.
  • It can be placed in the hottest spaces such as the kitchen or offices that have equipment with high emissions of heat levels (photocopiers, printers, among others).
  • Depending on the model to choose, there are some that by means of ventilation eliminate hot air at once.
  • Its placement in the different spaces does not affect the internal decoration of the rooms, since the models are small.

Blaux Portable AC is marketing the unit to people in hot climates and people in smoggy climates. If you are worried about air pollution in your area, or if you have hot or humid summers, then Blaux Portable AC may be the right product for you.

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Why do I need the Blaux Portable Air Conditioner?

This Portable AC provides you with optimum support if the summer temperatures are too warm for you. Whether you are at your desk in your home office, in the office complex or on a sun bed in the garden the compact air conditioner is designed to cool you whenever and wherever you want. Since its quite a small device, you can take it with you wherever you go. Due to the 3 wind speed levels, the Blaux Portable AC can be used to cool down quickly. So you can decide for yourself how cool it should be in your room.

Even if an air conditioning system is available, it is usually not used because it is too loud or it is too expensive. In these cases the Blaux Portable AC can help. The small, compact device appeals to young and old alike, and gender is also absolutely irrelevant. Everyone can benefit from the capabilities of the device.

The Blaux Portable AC air conditioner not only provides a cool breeze in summer. At the same time, a negative ion function is available. According to the manufacturer, this air conditioner should make it possible to reduce the excessive active oxygen. By using the ice box it should be possible to do something for your health. The reduction of the active oxygen should have a positive effect on health. The small air circulators of the air conditioner contain no refrigerant or ozone. This protects the health of the whole family. The unit is particularly beneficial for people with allergies. Not only all kinds of pollen, but also fine dust can be filtered quickly and safely from the air.

The Blaux Portable AC is also perfect for people who are looking for an alternative to air conditioning and have tried other products of this type but were not satisfied with them. As you can see, the target group for the Blaux Portable AC is very large and diverse, so it’s not easy to narrow it down.

How to use Blaux Portable AC

Using the Blaux Portable Ac is completely simple and straightforward. First of all, after receiving the Mini Air Cooler, you need to charge it. Because only with a full charge can it be placed anywhere. Once this has been done, which is usually after several hours, it can be placed in any room where cooling is required. The ice box is now filled with a few ice cubes, which find room in the tray provided. The ice box is then only switched on and can start its work.

One load of ice cubes is enough for several hours of cool air. The ice cubes melt during this time, but the cooling air is discharged to the outside so that the Mini Air Cooler can reach a comfortable temperature in the whole room. It is important to pay attention to the battery charge, which should normally also be sufficient for several hours.

If the battery is empty, the Mini Air Cooler is simply recharged with the included cable, which is included in the scope of delivery. Immediately after that it can be used again. The uncomplicated use guarantees a pleasant air, where you can work well or relax in the office.

Below is a guide on how to set it up. Just follow the steps below


Blaux Portable AC reviews.jpg

Add Tap Water.

Simply pour it directly into the top of the unit,

where it is indicated.


Blaux Portable AC Reviews.jpg

Insert the replaceable water curtain. Each one lasts approximately 6-8 months. You can easily wash it and use it again.


Blaux Portable AC Reviews.jpg

Turn it on. In seconds you can enjoy the refreshing cool relief. The cordless operation can last several hours with just a single refill.

Pros and cons of Blaux Portable Air Conditioner

I want to be fair with my review because a lot of Blaux Portable AC reviews are not completely honest. A lot of people boast about the air cooler and there’s a lot to like yet they never tell you the good and bad. There’s a lot of good and bad with every product.


  • Easy to use
  • High-performance system
  • Works with normal ice cubes
  • Excellent for at home, on the road and in the office
  • Long battery life
  • Secure handling


  • Only available online
  • Stock is limited

Customer Reviews of Blaux Portable AC

On the course of this Blaux Portable AC Reviews, we were able to gather some information on the users response to this product. Here are what some customers said:

“I always struggle with high temperatures and especially with humidity. I used to feel ill all day long. With Blaux Portable AC, the air that I breathe feels way cleaner. I got another one especially for my kids’ room.”

“The office during summer is like being at hell. Blaux Portable AC really saved me from 3 months of suffering! It’s such a small device that I can take it everywhere with me. No more sweat! The silent fan is really impressive. I can work without any distractions. 5/5”

“This is a space saving device. Sits on any desktop and very small, but produces clean cold wind. I love the fact that it has a special filter using silver to kill germs in the air. that is a big plus to have clean air”

Blaux Portable AC Price

The Blaux Portable AC is very affordable which is why people are really going crazy about it. The price of one Blaux Portable AC is 89.99$. The other available packages are 179.98$ for two, 202.48$ for three and 247.47$ for four Blaux Portable Air conditioners.

These are the discounted prizes and thats why people from United States, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and other countries are rushing the product now.

Where to buy Blaux Portable AC

This Blaux Portable AC Reviews will not be complete if we fail to guide you on the safest place to buy this product assuming you’ve made up your mind to buy. This air cooler can only be gotten online and to avoid falling prey to some fake individuals it is advised you buy this product directly from the manufacturer’s official site. Buying from the official site also gives you the opportunity to gain access to any offer available for this product.

Multiple payment options are available including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, etc. and your payment information is always secure with a 256-Bit SSL encryption.

*Update* Blaux Portable AC is currently having an ongoing promo. 
50% off your order today. 
The promo is on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you delay, you might end up missing out and paying full price.

Who is behind Blaux Portable AC?

This Portable AC is created by a brand called Blaux, which is a subsidiary of a Hong Kong-based company named Strong Current Enterprises.

Strong Current Enterprises is an ecommerce company.

You can contact Strong Current Enterprises via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone (USA): 609-414-7087
  • Phone (Canada): 778-300-0854
  • Phone (UK & Ireland): 08708 200084
  • Phone (Australia & New Zealand): (02) 8607 8316
  • Mailing Address: 68308, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

General information about air coolers (Blaux Portable AC Reviews)

An air cooler like the Blaux Portable AC aims to reduce the ambient temperature. This is done by using the physical principle of evaporative cooling. No coolant is needed for this and the energy requirement is also rather low. In a tank, water evaporates here, which must first be topped up. This produces cool air, which is led outside with the help of a fan and thus cools down the warm ambient air.

The fan ensures that the cool air mixes with the warm ambient air and thus a slow but steady cooling occurs. This effect can be intensified by adding not only water but also ice cubes or cooling elements to the water tank. However, this is not possible with all devices and must be read up in the operating instructions depending on the model.

In the end, an air cooler is an optimized fan that can produce cool air. But an air cooler is not comparable to a classic air conditioner. The air conditioner not only produces cool air, but can also quickly lower the room temperature and maintain the desired temperature over the long term.

The air cooler, often also called evaporative cooler, is thus particularly suitable for refreshment on particularly warm summer days or when high temperatures are generated by technical devices. However, these units cannot be cooled from the outside with the air cooler this requires a more complex system. If the temperatures and humidity in the room are to remain constant and independent of the weather, it makes sense to opt for a more expensive air conditioning system. If, on the other hand, you are looking for an inexpensive, quieter and energy-efficient solution, an evaporative cooler is the right choice.

A fan, on the other hand, which only provides refreshment by means of an air flow, can usually provide little cooling on hot summer days. Although it is certainly worthwhile on slightly warmer spring and autumn days, it is not suitable for midsummer, as the fan does not reduce the room temperature in any way. Compared to the Blaux Portable AC, fans are also much bulkier and heavier to transport.

Tips on How to Get the Most Out Of It (Blaux Portable AC Reviews)

In order to get the best out your Blaux Portable AC, take note of the following:

Mind Where You Place It – Choose to place this excellent device on a spot where you can easily turn it. This way, you can get a 360-degree cool air all day.

Filling The Tank – Better if you fill the water tank with cold water or include some ice cubes on it. This is the best technique if you want to get a cooler room faster.

Air Conditioning – Save electricity by turning off your larger ACs. For most room sizes, this portable air conditioning unit is quite enough.

Frequently Asked Questions (Blaux Portable AC Reviews)

Air conditioning systems come and go within the gadgets and technology industry, so it can be difficult to find clear answers to your questions about the most popular contemporary products. This section should help by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about Blaux Portable AC, as well as the company behind it.

What is a portable AC unit?

A portable AC unit is typically considered to be an air conditioning device capable of cooling an area without being installed directly into the walls or vents. Portable AC units can vary in size, and some might be difficult to move, even though they’re still portable by definition.

How do you use Blaux Portable AC?

To use this device, just plug it in and leave it alone. The Blaux Portable AC unit works to “scrub away” at the air, purifying it while cooling you off. There are only limited technical specs available on the official product website, so it’s hard to say exactly how this device functions. However, most air purifiers and AC systems all work in basically the same way.

Does Blaux Portable AC use air filters?

Yes. This device uses a dust filter which is fitted into its front. The filter is replaceable, although it’s not very clear how many of the replaceable filters are sold with each purchase on the official product website.

Who is behind Blaux Portable AC?

This device is being manufactured by Blaux, a subsidiary of Hong Kong’s Strong Current Enterprises, Limited. . We’ve reviewed a few of this company’s gadgets lately, and they’ve won relatively positive praise from consumers

Final Verdict (Blaux Portable AC Reviews)

Blaux Portable is an excellent option for homeowners who want to cut down their electricity costs and cool their homes in a more affordable manner. Although it doesn’t have the same power as a full-blown air conditioning unit, the device is adept at making significant changes to indoor temperature. But, you have to keep in mind that the device is ideal for places smaller than 45 yards.

Another great feature of the product is that it’s compact and portable. The device can fit anywhere from the corner table to your working desk and consistently provide you with cool, clean, and fresh breeze.

Blaux Portable AC has a USB port, so it doesn’t need to be near electrical ports for functioning. You can also fit this device in your car and enjoy your rides in a chilled environment. Overall, the device has plenty of amazing features and is perfect for those who want an efficient and cost-effective cooling solution

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