CoolAir Review 2020 (Latest Update): Should I Buy?

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Summer can be great, but long hot days in the brutal heat can quickly become intolerable, particularly when you’re trying to work, relax, or sleep… No matter what you do, heat can easily find a way to make your living space a dehydrating, sweaty, and uncomfortable nightmare.

Sound Familiar? All of us love the relief of a nice, cool breeze on a hot day outside. We’re used to feeling it in cars, shops, and hotels. After suffering in the uncomfortable heat getting some fresh cool air feels amazing.

Why not extend this feeling to your home or workplace?

Traditional AC units are outdated. They are expensive to install and even more costly to run. They look ugly and are difficult and dangerous to clean. You can’t even move them around the house with you or take them outside!

Fans can be cheaper, but they only blow around the air – what if the air is too hot already? Its actually making you feel worse when the hot air is moving around your hot room! Plus they are VERY noisy.

Thankfully, there is this amazing new device called CoolAir! It is an innovative alternative to AC or fan that cools your space. It allows you to keep cool no matter where you are without the need for a plug socket.

CoolAir is already trending in United States, Israel, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and worldwide. But is it really worth the hype? Is it worth your money? Does it really have those features you are looking out for? The Pros? The Cons?. Stay on in this article, you will find answers to these questions by the time you are done reading this CoolAir review. You will also decide for yourself whether you should buy CoolAir or not.

Entering CoolAir Review!! Lets dive in

What is CoolAir?

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CoolAir is a three-speed portable air conditioning unit that helps you stay cool while saving money. Using an air conditioner 24/7 costs a lot of bucks especially if you use the bulky ones that take so much space. But the CoolAir device is the best alternative to ACs. And it’s a powerful and efficient replacement for the traditional fans.

It is a compact and lightweight air cooler that can be placed in any corner of your space. This Lightweight cooler can cool the area around it in just 10 minutes. If compared with other coolers, this cooler is cost-effective and energy-efficient. Unlike other coolers, you can use CoolAir for 24/7. By consuming less power and electricity, it won’t dig a hole in your pocket. This cooler is the best alternative to the traditional one.

With many other coolers, you have to be very vigilant and keep monitoring the water level in the tank. But you don’t have to with CoolAir as it will automatically switch off when the water level comes below a certain level. Refilling the tank is also very easy just open the door at the top of the cooler and fill roughly 300 ml water in it and close it.

CoolAir by design is portable in nature. It is so lightweight and compact that you can carry it with you on your holidays and anywhere you want. Besides its compact size, this cooler is this much efficient that it can cool down your home or office or garage. So with this cooler, you can beat the heat anywhere you want. It is an energy-efficient cooler which doesn’t increase your electricity bill by consuming more power and energy.

Besides cooling CoolAir also clean the air around the area. With a 300ml water tank, it humidifies the air around and that too without making any noise. Unlike other coolers, it does this work silently and efficiently. So it also helps you in cost down as with this you don’t need to buy another humidifier.

It is not enough; this cooler has more to offer. Apart from cooling and humidifying, it also helps in purification of the air. There is an evaporating filter fitted inside the cooler. This filter helps in trapping airborne and pollutant particles. After traping the particles, it aloos the fresh air to go outside. There is also a moonlight setting option that comes in 8 different colors. These lights will help you at night, and some colors are so soothing that will make your body relax.

You can place the device anywhere including your bedroom, bathroom, living room, and office area. It is so convenient to use the cooler that you can place it in any corner of your room and it will fit the space well.

CoolAir Review

CoolAir Specifications

Dimension174 × 170 × 170mm
Speed20 Speed Settings
Water Tank Capacity750 ml
Power SupplyA USB port for easy power supply.
LED lighting8 different LED moonlight setting.
Fanthree-speed controlled fan

CoolAir Package Contents

CoolAir Review.jpg

Below are what you get when you unbox your CoolAir package:

  1. Air Cooler
  2. 1 USB Power Cable
  3. 1 Instruction Guide
  4. “I love CoolAir” sticker

The Air Cooler is pretty lightweight. It is not exactly a small device, but it is pretty easy to fit anywhere. The USB cable is 33 inches (approx. 83 centimeters) long. The instruction guide contains 12 different languages to guide you on the usage. This also tells us that the CoolAir is shipped around the world.

What are the standout features of CoolAir?

The device has several amazing features, which set it apart from the rest of its competition. We have listed down some of these characteristics in the following:

Quietness and Portability

One great feature of this device is that it operates without creating any annoying noise. Many homeowners purchase fans to cut down their energy use, but end up regretting their decision as most fans make too much noise. The device will continue to add moisture in the air without creating wafting mist or any unnecessary noise.

Moreover, the device has a compact size, and you can carry it anywhere you need it. The device has dimensions of 6.7×6.7×6.7 inches, so you won’t have any problems trying to make space for the device.

The device also has a USB jack, which you can plug-in into your car, your computer, or your laptop. Therefore, it doesn’t need to be near an electrical socket to function.


CoolAir AC has an extremely sleek design, which complements its cooling prowess. The device is a pleasant addition to any room. Homeowners can use its 7 different built-in LED lights to adjust lighting according to their mood.

In addition to that, the device has an LCD display, which is bright and easy to read. The feature allows users to perform operations on the device with ease.

Fast Cooling

Although the device is small and seems to be too simple to work, it is deceptively effective.  CoolAir AC can start cooling your home within 60 seconds. The device has three separate fans, which allows it to kick start the cooling process without wasting time. You can utilize these fan settings while you are working, playing sports or sleeping.

Seven Built-in LED lights to match your mood

CoolAir Review.jpg
CoolAir Review

The coolair device has the unique feature of having multiple built-in LED lights you can use. You can use any of the LED lights that matches your mood or just the LED lights you like the most at the point in time. It gives that amazing moon light feeling.

Damn, you might even want to use each LED light for each day of the week. It’s all up to you.


Traditional air conditioning systems can consume up to 3500-5000 watts. Naturally, if a device consumes this much energy, it is bound to increase your energy bills. On the other hand, CoolAir only uses 350 watts of energy, which is at least ten times less than traditional air cooling systems!

Budget Friendly

We cannot stress this enough – the device is extremely cost-effective. Even if you consider the initial investment, the device is much cheaper than traditional cooling units. While many traditional devices cost up to thousands of dollars, CoolAir will cost you dozens of times less.

The company offers generous discounts to its users, and users can get their hands on the device at a 50% discount. The total cost of the device ends up being less than $100 after discount. That’s not all; you will also save yourself on high installation costs and heavy repair that often come up with large AC units

Water to provide energy

Unlike what is obtainable in your traditional air coolers, this particular device makes use of water to provide you with that refreshing source of cool air. It simply means that you won’t have to think and bother about gas leaks, soldering pipes and refilling gas all at a high price.

This water tank can be effortlessly filled as it has a capacity of 750 mls and lasts for more than 8 hours before needing a refill.

How does CoolAir Work?

In this CoolAir review, you will learn that this mini air conditioner only needs water and a little bit of power to help you stay cool for eight long hours. Isn’t it so easy to use? Moreover, it resembles a standard air conditioning unit. Well, a smaller version exactly. The only difference is that you don’t need to go through complex installation nightmares, unlike actual ACs.

Rather, you just have to fill up its internal tanks with water. Then, plug the device with either a wall outlet or a USB port, for example, a power bank. After that, expect the hot air that surrounds to cool in just a few minutes.

The CoolAir device can purify, cool, and humidify the air around you. It is the perfect instrument you need if you want to create a better and more personalized space that suits your needs. Moreover, it comprises a mood light setting that features 7 different soothing colors that offer a wide range of options to set the perfect tone for you during night and day.

So, how does it work? It is quite simple: It pulls the warm air from the area where it is placed using its evaporative water filter then fills the place with clean and cool air that provides definite comfort.

The best thing about this small, sleek, and portable air conditioning unit is that it fights an incessant battle against summer heat with a continuous cool air production without actually producing an annoying machine sound. It is just amazing that a powerful AC can be small, lightweight, cost-effective, and ultra-quiet too. It’s one of the most effective and low-cost solutions to beat hot days and nights.

Benefits of CoolAir

  • This device that produces very cool air is equipped with a 3-speed fan that can be manually controlled. It simply means that there are appropriate settings for you depending on the intensity of the air you so desire.
  • It consumes less power and is powered using a USB Cord. It simply means you would have no need look for those rare charging cords for your device in case you misplace the one that comes with it.
  • This device does not stop in just providing cool air. It equally humidifies and purifies your air thus assures you of a clean and ever fresh air in your room.
  • Unlike products that make use of costly gas to generate cool air, the coolair device makes use of water. All you need do is to fill its integrated water reservoir which lasts for a reasonable amount of hours before needing a replacement.
  • Another great feature is the fact that it is lightweight, compact thus making it fit to occupy any small space in your home. It’s portable nature makes it easy to be carried around for travels.
  • With its seven different LED lighting moonlight setting, it gives you that freedom in setting the colour that matches your tone and personality for the day.
  • No one would ever want to get a device that puts their health at risk. This is not the case with the cool air device as it safeguards you from some health issues. As you might know already, our body partly shuts down to rest. This is a vulnerable moment and a chance for allergens as well as risky substances to go inside our body. Once put in your room where you sleep, your cool air device will efficiently capture and filter polluted air hence keeping you safe and far from falling for germs.
  • Cool Air traps impurities in a systematic way, targeting airborne particles which circulate in the air and hold on to it. This air cooler comes equipped with a filter that works this way. It eliminates airborne particles, thus avoids the worsening of allergens, asthmas as well as respiratory issues.
  • Cool-Air also helps in providing you a longer life span. The effects of air pollutants stay in the air for many months and even years as well. The continuous functioning action of CoolAir at home, in your office or private facilities, will continuously provide the most security for your wellbeing.
  • The issue of air pollution is getting worse as the years come by, and our body requires all the help to combat these impurities. Cool-Air is a simple, cost-effective as well as readily accessible solution to keep your home free and safe from pollution.
CoolAir Review.jpg
CoolAir Review

Who should buy CoolAir?

Buying CoolAir can be a vital step towards a happier and healthier family. Thus, anyone can buy and benefits from having this product.

Keep in mind that all of us prone to allergic and respiratory issues. We feel uncomfortable during hot weather thus affects our productivity. Thus, anyone can buy and benefits from CoolAir. This is particularly beneficial to those who are working in a stuffy, tight office or cubicle. If you are living in a small apartment near a factory or along the road, you surely need this one. Always keep in mind that health is wealth.

State of the art CoolAir is ideal for families most especially if there is one member of the family experiencing from respiratory issues or prone to allergic. This is also very beneficial for babies as they need a cool and comfortable place to sleep. This also comes equipped with a colorful mood light that is attractive to kids. This air cooler makes sure that you have a cooler place to rest.

If you are searching for a consistent source of fresh, clean, and cool air, then consider CoolAir. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting in the living room or at the workplace wherein heat is unbearable, you must consider CoolAir. Aside from being very effective, CoolAir is also very cost-efficient.

To help you more about CoolAir, let us summarize some of the things you can get from buying this product:

  • This is easy to use. All you need to do is to follow the simple steps
  • Cools air faster. You can notice a significant effect upon plugging in the unit. However, the results depend on the size of your rooms. Since this machine is ideal for small spaces, the results noticed in just a few minutes.
  • It has a 3-fan speed that can be adjusted manually. It works silently, thus doesn’t contribute to noise pollution. The relaxing mood light features allow you to fall asleep fast.
  • This is portable and compact. You can place it anywhere you want or take it with you wherever you go.
  • It comes with a water reservoir that can last for many hours of using.

How To Use CoolAir?

There are very simple steps to follow-

  • Unwrap the CoolAir carefully and take out the device out of it.
  • Place the cooler in your bedroom or anywhere you want it to be.
  • Fill the tank by opening the door at the top of the cooler. Fill 300ml of water or equivalent ice in it.
  • After doing all of this just plug in the cooler.
  • You can also plug in the USB port for the power supply.
  • That’s all you can now enjoy the cool and fresh air coming out of the cooler.
  • You can change the setting of the cooler like fan speed and moonlight anytime you want.
  • Refill the tank after every 8 hours
CoolAir Review.jpg

How to Maintain CoolAir?

Maintenance of the cooler is very easy, in fact there is nothing as such to maintain. Keep in mind these point while using the CoolAir

  • Always remember to refill the tank. Refill the tub after every 8 hours. Never turn on the cooler with an empty tank.
  • There is an evaporative air filter that requires cleaning periodically. With dirt and pollutant particles, it will dirty often. So, Clean it for its long life.

How long can CoolAir last?

We use the product first and after that, we provide a review on it. With normal cooler, you have to refill the water tank in an hour or so that is a task in itself. But when we tested CoolAir for its water taking capacity and cooling capacity, we noticed that in 4 hour period it consumes only half of the water tank. And the room was completed chilled. This means it can further work for 4 hours in a row till the water tank gets emptied. That’s amazing right?. You have to refill the water tank on an average after 8 and a half hours. So, CoolAir has good capacity and can run continuously without consuming much water.

Some tips of using the Air Cooler in the right way-

  • To cool the room quickly placement of the cooler must be like it will be easier for you to move it. CoolAir hardly took 10 mins to cool down the room but for better results place it in the right corner.
  • Fill the tank with ice chilled water so that the cooler will take less power to cool down the room. Moreover, with chilled water, it will cool the room faster.
  • The display panel comes with different LED light options. There are 8 color options you can choose from.
  • For better results when you switch on the cooler try switching off other cooling devices. One will save you money and second is CoolAir will work better

Pros (CoolAir Review)

  • Fast CoolAir offers many benefits that make this cooler a good choice compared to conventional cooling.
  • It has a multi-colored LED light. Just turn on any light and set the mood in the room.
  • This device converts cool, used air at home or workplace into cool winds that you can enjoy on hot summer days.
  • The heater refreshes the air around you, making it easier to breathe even on hot days.
  • You can store it in your car and take it to your workplace or install it at home.
  • It can be easily connected to the USB port.

Cons (CoolAir Review)

  • Restricted range
  • Doesn’t work in places with high humidity
  • Only available online

CoolAir Customer Care Support

For further queries about the product you can send your questions directly on their official email account: And if you want to reach Hyperstech CoolAir’s customer service, you may connect to the team via the following numbers:

  • For international: +44 20 3808 9234
  • For Brazil: +55 15 98147 1395

Customer Reviews of CoolAir

Here are what some customers said about this device:

“I am always warmer than everyone else in my office. We have a centrally controlled system, and I was sick of always being too hot. A friend recommended CoolAir to me, and I haven’t looked back! I can control the temperature of my own personal space without affecting anyone around me. It’s amazing!”

“We live in Germany and have NO AC so the house can get a bit hot. Wherever I’m at in the house I bring it with me and it definitely cools me down. For colder results put ice in the back of the try and fill in with water. I would definitely recommend to others!”

“I struggle to sleep without white noise at night. CoolAir is so small and compact that I can take it with me whenever I have to stay away for work. The mood lighting setting is an extra bonus, which helps me relax enough to fall asleep in an unfamiliar hotel room”

Where to buy CoolAir

Get your CoolAir today by placing an order through the manufacturer’s website. The company is currently giving new customers a 50% discount on every purchase plus free shipping. So if you order the air conditioner today, you will not only get it for a reduced price, but they will also deliver it to you at no extra cost.

CoolAir Evaluation and Recommendation

Because of it’s numerous positive properties, it is a useful buy for the coming hot summer months. Particularly the individuals who have gotten little help from their past air conditioners or fans can hope to get more rest and cooling.

The Cool Air also offers even cleaner and better mountain air in the middle of your office, your home, so you’ll not only be refreshed, but even healthier. With other humidifiers you often only breathe in the warm air that is swirled up, but with this humidifier you get pure freshness.

Next Steps

If you successfully read everything up to this point, kudos to you. But more importantly, that means you belong to either of two camps.

Either you’re still on the fence with CoolAir and you’re not too sure if it’s something you should buy. For these people, unfortunately only you can make that decision for yourself. So just think about and make a decision. My opinion is that the price is low enough, the guarantee and the return policy is in your favor so there is really no risk to you trying out this amazing device.

The 2nd group of people is those who are interested in getting the CoolAir and taking advantage of their sweet bargain prices. For this group, I’d say you should act quickly and secure your CoolAir before prices go back up. You can purchase by clicking on the button below.

If you are interested in getting the CoolAir you should click the button below to see if the discount is still available.

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