ForeverPen Reviews 2022: Is It A Scam?

by Steve
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ForeverPen Reviews

There is a pen for everyone, whether they are writing notes at school or at the office, making a shopping list, or recording their most private thoughts. We all have a favorite pen that we use when we want to be precise, put our thoughts on paper, or simply make someone happy with a lovely gift. We use them interchangeably every day and have plenty of them in our desk drawers.

How does one choose from ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, fountain pens, and rollerball pens to discover the ideal pen, taking into consideration the color and kind of ink as well as the pen’s shape, body, weight, and balance? Here is our recommendation on how to locate the one who will go along with your most lovely writing endeavors.

Consider first which type of pen will serve you and your needs the best. If you need to write a lot and quickly without blurring the page, a ball pen would be a great option. On the other hand, if you want to be artistic and create calligraphy or pen art, an ink pen or a fountain pen would be a better choice. A gel pen might prove to be your best choice if you’re a student if you want to write more fluidly.

Another consideration is the pen’s design. Plastic bodies are not particularly durable because they can break when dropped. However, a metal body could withstand numerous drops. But that’s not all; the material of a pen can also represent social class. Because it demonstrates their status and professionalism, many people in high positions want to use expensive pens. While investing in plastic pens makes sense if you’re a student who frequently loses his writing instruments.

Another important factor to take into account is the grip. In your palm, certain pens could feel bigger or smaller than others. It’s possible for a pen without a rubber grip to smear while in your hand. The aforementioned elements are all significant, and it is clear that each of the various types of pens mentioned above has a flaw of some sort. What if I told you that a pen combines the advantages of utilizing the pens described above? Finding a pen when you really need one is challenging. Additionally, it can be irritating to sign important documents just to find out that your pen is out of ink afterward. These conditions lend itself to the employment of ForeverPen.

The name “ForeverPen” refers to a pen that will always have ‘ink’. The makers claim that it is the tiniest pen ever made, and because it is inkless, it will never run out on you. Keep it in your zippered pocket or attach it to a keychain to ensure you never lose it. This ForeverPen Reviews will go through the ForeverPen’s features, specifications, customer testimonials, and other key details. Please take your time to read this article thoroughly because you can find a hidden treasure.

What is the ForeverPen, exactly?

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A cutting-edge pen called ForeverPen uses silver point technology. The ForevePen is made by World’s Tiniest, a company dedicated to creating the smallest, most practical items for everyday use while also making sure they are environmentally responsible. Their most recent product is a tiny pen that is intended to be carried around discreetly at all times.

According to different ForeverPen Reviews, the ForeverPen is a mix of silver and a different metal of your choosing and can write without ink on any surface. Its layout makes it easy to attach to a variety of items, and its diminutive size guarantees that it won’t get in the way.

World’s Tiniest is the name of the firm that manufactures this pen. They have been creating and designing little products for everyday usage. The company produces the little objects you use on a daily basis. They also continue to promote environmental sustainability. The ForeverPen, their most recent creation, is transportable. Put it on a keychain or place it inside your wallet. Take it out whenever you need it.

The ForeverPen is made of durable metals like silver, so it will last longer than you think. Don’t worry about anything else because this pen doesn’t ever need to be refilled. Additionally, it is magnetic, so it won’t roll off a metal table.

ForeverPen Reviews: Features

One of the most widely available items in virtually all walk-in stores and offline retail establishments are pens. The ForeverPen  must therefore have attributes that are unique to it in order for someone to choose to order it online and wait for it to arrive. According to our study, the ForeverPen is indeed extremely unique and has a lot of functions, which warrants the online attention it is receiving. The various attributes of this fantastic product will be discussed in the section below, along with reasons why it is superior to your other options.

  • Silver Tip: The only part of this pen that cannot be changed is the silver tip. You can choose between grade 5 titanium, copper, brass, or brass for the remaining part of the tiny body. The sole difference between these metals is their hue. They are sturdy and won’t easily crack or lose their color.
  • Multi-Tool: Although its main usage is as a pen, it can also be used to rip envelopes and puncture boxes. This pen can be used when you need a strong, pointed tool for cutting, tearing, or punching holes. The pen is a very reliable and useful tool.
  • Smudge-Proof: When using a conventional pen, one very typical issue is the smudges they leave behind when you touch them after use. If you’re a pen snob, you’ll be glad to hear that this pen has an anti-smudge body. You can hold it and handle it as much as you wish without leaving any signs of fingerprints thanks to the ink. Despite the fact that you would want to clean the body frequently, it doesn’t get dirty easily.
  • Features across All Surfaces: You are not required to use this pen exclusively on paper. It works on any surface, whether they are made of plastic, wood, or cardboard. However, stay away from using the product too regularly on rigid or hard surfaces if you want to lengthen its lifespan.
  • Durability: Despite its small size and lightweight, this pen can survive the worst conditions because it is composed of durable metal and silver.
  • It is simple to attach: Due to the small hook that is built into its base, you may attach it to anything you like. You can attach it to the belt loop on your pants, the coat or pair of jeans zipper, or even both. Furthermore, the loop won’t easily break even if you pull on it.
  • Comfort and precision: You will be surprised at how cozy the pen feels in your hand despite its diminutive size. The pen is also very well balanced, so even if you hold it loosely, it won’t fall out of your hand.
  • Resistant to Fire: Even if it could be a basic feature of a pen, fire resistance is undoubtedly a benefit. In any case, if this pen comes in contact with something hot or burning, it will just get hot instead of melting. You can take it out, let it cool, and then use it to write again. It is just fire-resistant, not fireproof, therefore if it is exposed to the flames for a long time, the damage caused by the fire will be noticeable.

ForeverPen Reviews: Benefits 

The ForeverPen offers a plethora of advantages, and from what we could see, numerous verified customers attested that the device met their needs. The following are some advantages of acquiring the ForeverPen:

  • Portable: What surprises me the most is how small this pen is—less it’s than an inch long. ForeverPen is indeed only 0.99 inches tall. The maker did not specify its weight, but it is so light that you won’t even notice it in your wallet or on your keychain. The producer used very solid silver to craft the nib. It won’t last very long, though, if you use it on solid, concrete, or hard surfaces. The manufacturer only offers titanium, brass, or copper for the rest of the body.
  • Create & Build: Because of the ForeverPen’s exceptional durability, it is essentially resistant to severe or harsh situations. Its developers intended for it to last forever. If you treat this pen right, it will serve you for a very long time. Avoid writing on uneven, non-flat surfaces, and protect the silver tip from further pressure. No matter how much you write, a subtle gray tip will always be visible. The best feature is that no pressure at all is necessary. Because the pen can write on any surface it touches, you must be careful not to draw lines randomly on any surface.
  • It is capable of almost anything: The ForeverPen is a revolutionary multi-use inkless pen that was designed to be the smallest and hardest pen in the entire globe. The ForeverPen is surprisingly easy to grip and use despite its small size. It has a solid silver composite tip that can produce more than 500 pens’ worth of inkless writing. Even better, it also serves as a multi-tool! With the tough Grade 5 Titanium from ForeverPen, you can open boxes and accomplish much more.
  • Reliable: You can rely on ForeverPen to be there for you whenever you need it to write about anything, anywhere, and at any time. It writes on a considerably wider range of surfaces than standard pens, including paper, wood, glass, metal, and plastic. Additionally, it is long-lasting. It also requires no effort to write due to its design and easy-marking silver composite tip, and it works in all weather conditions, including underwater! Anywhere, in any weather, on practically any surface, you can write.
  • Unquestionably Made to last for Life: The ForeverPen’s Silverpoint technique allows it to write for an eternity, and because to its superior materials and cutting-edge construction, it can also last an eternity. ForeverPen’s Grade 5 Titanium gives the pen a luxurious aesthetic in addition to making it waterproof, fireproof, and extraordinarily strong. Additionally, it will still be able to write even if it gets dirty. It was really made to last for a very long time. 
  • Always by your side: ForeverPen makes sure it’s close at hand when you need it most with an integrated keychain loop. ForeverPen has you covered whether you’re building a house or writing contracts. ForeverPen offers benefits beyond writing. It works well for other chores that require a strong, pointed object, such as opening boxes, poking holes in objects, and other similar ones. It’s the perfect everyday carry!
  • Environmentally-safe: Traditional pens generate a lot of plastic trash and dangerous materials. These materials are not used in the lifetime-capable ForeverPen.

ForeverPen Reviews: How Does It Operate?

You must be wondering how it works given all the features and the absence of ink in the pen. You probably don’t know that silver was used by artists in their creations. However, as graphite was an affordable and widely available substitute, it quickly gained popularity. ForeverPen takes you back to a time when silver was the only kind of money available to authors and artists. Silver was used by the manufacturers to create a little pen that would outlast your other selections and substitutes.

It is also fairly typical to get writing supplies just to find out later that they are of poor quality and therefore useless to you. ForeverPen has received great feedback from a variety of users, and we think you’ll find this to be extremely helpful. If you’re looking for a dependable, convenient, and inkless portable writing device, the ForeverPen is a good option. With proper care and storage, this pen can last a lifetime. As soon as you obtain the pen, you must attach it to a keychain to prevent losing it.

If you’re looking for a portable writing instrument that is sturdy and won’t stick out awkwardly in your pants pocket, the ForeverPen should be on your radar. Because this little pen is less than an inch long, you may put it in your pocket without standing out or appearing odd. It is also designed with a tiny loop that you can attach to various things, such a keychain or a zipper tab, to make it simple for you to have it with you at all times.

ForeverPen Reviews: Pricing 

The manufacturer’s official website, to which you may will a link at the end of this page, is where you can buy the ForeverPen. Because the manufacturers have simplified the ordering and payment process, the majority of customers won’t have any issues at all. You have a variety of payment choices, including using your credit or debit card. 

There is no concern about losing your personal card information because the manufacturer’s website is also quite secure. The following costs apply to purchasing ForeverPen right now:

  • Cost of 1 ForeverPen is $29.99.
  • $71.97 for 3 ForeverPen with free delivery to the USA
  • 5 ForeverPens cost $99.95 with free shipping to the USA.

The ForeverPen Manufacturers deliver to almost all countries of the world including the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

ForeverPen Reviews: Pros

  • Versatile: Although the ForeverPen only has a fixed solid silver composite tip, you can choose the materials for the pen’s hilt. Select from brass of naval quality, grade 5 titanium, or high purity copper. Whatever substance you choose, it will be strikingly strong and have a distinct hue.
  • Multipurpose: Although writing may be the ForeverPen’s main use, it also has other applications. It is even more practical to keep close by because of its pointed tip, which can be used to tear open or break up crates. However, be careful that doing so repeatedly can shorten the instrument’s lifespan.
  • Smudge-Proof: ForeverPen’s nib is completely smudge-proof, so there won’t be any fingerprints or other smudges left behind by your hands. This is fantastic news for all of you neat freaks out there.
  • Works on a Variety of Surfaces: This pen writes fast and smoothly on any surfaces, including those made of paper, plastic, wood, and cardboard.
  • Outstanding Durability: The ForeverPen’s build with silver and other robust elements allows it to readily withstand even the harshest situations without compromising how well it works. The ForeverPen was unquestionably built to last thanks to its solid silver composite nib and your choice of superior titanium, copper, or brass. If you treat the pen well, you can use it for a very long time because its unique resilience makes it almost impenetrable to even the harshest environments. The material you select will determine the color of the instrument’s body, and the silver tip has a muted gray hue.
  • Sleek: The base of this tiny pen has a tiny hoop that allows you to attach it to almost anything, like your belt loop, keychain, jewelry, or even the zipper on your coat. Copper has a somewhat more orange hue than titanium, which is a bright silver, while brass gives off a sort of golden glow. With that, the ForeverPen is barely an inch long; there isn’t much room for style, but with its simple form and the variety of colored materials, it looks lovely and offers a high degree of personalization. The pen is pretty stylish and has a small hook on its body that allows it to be hung from various items.
  • Comfort and accuracy built-in: When you first see the ForeverPen, you might be concerned about how convenient its small size will make writing with it. Fortunately, it is remarkably easy to use despite its size and was built with accuracy and balance in mind.

ForeverPen Reviews: Cons

  • Limited supply
  • Those with exceptionally large fingers could have a little difficulty utilizing it
  • The manufacturer’s website is the best place to make your purchase.

ForeverPen Reviews: Returns and Warranty Policy

The creators of the ForeverPen want you to enjoy using them since they are proud of them. On all of their products, they offer a 30-day return and refund policy. If you are unhappy with a product you purchased from them or find a flaw, you have 30 days to return it for a refund. If you have any inquiries regarding returns for items purchased through authorized retailers like Amazon, please contact them directly.

To the extent permissible by applicable legislation, products acquired through unauthorized shops are not covered by the return policy. If you choose to return a portion of your transaction, they will credit your account for the full amount of each item’s purchase price. If you decide that you’re not totally satisfied with your ForeverPens during the first 30 days, you can return them for a full refund or exchange. Send an email to to start the return or exchange process with the manufacturers.

If you need to submit a limited warranty claim and it has been more than 30 days but less than a year, please send them an email at Products must be returned in brand-new condition with the original packaging in order to be eligible for a refund. Products that have been opened or used cannot be returned for a refund. Our return policy only applies to orders placed on the official website of the manufacturer. At this time, World’s Tiniest does not provide return shipping labels.

ForeverPen Reviews: What Are Users Saying?

“This is a MUST for everyone in the office,” said David L. I’m losing track of how many times this has saved me. You always have your keys with you, therefore it is always there.

You could want more than one, Carolyn K. My husband received this as a gift, but I ended up removing it and getting him another. The pen writes pretty nicely and doesn’t fade or rub out, which is unusual for me because I rarely carry anything to write with. The only tool on your keys? Definitely not recommended!

ForeverPen Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

Does it really go on forever?

No, according to the rules of physics, but we believed that since it lasts as long as 500+ ink-based pens, the name would make the point. We’re confident that you won’t need to replace it anytime soon or possibly ever!

Is it easy to write with ?

Of course! The ForeverPen is just as easy to use as a traditional pen for writing. The silver composite tip is designed to make straightforward marks, while the titanium grip gives you just enough room to establish a strong grip.

What materials does it contain?

The tips are created using a non-poisonous silver composite (your replacement for ink). Titanium grade 5 is utilized for the body. The ForeverPen is free of lead and other dangerous heavy metals.

Is the ForeverPen TSA safe?

You can bring it with you on your journey as long as pens are allowed. It has no blade and is equivalent to other metals, such as your house keys.

Is a warranty available?

The manufacturers offer a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee for any manufacturing defects.

Is there a money-back guarantee available?

If required, just send your ForeverPen back within 30 days (unopened). Even if shipping fees are involved, you shouldn’t be concerned because it’s rare you will need to return anything.

How big is it?

Of course, the ForeverPen is portable and small. 

Is it simple to lose?

According to evaluations from many customers of this product, unlike what one might assume based on the way it looks, it is actually quite difficult to lose the ForeverPen. Due to its attachment to your keychain, the pen is constantly in your possession and never gets lost.

Why is there a hole on the pen?

The pen may be attached to anything thanks to the hole, including keys, a carabiner, etc.

The tip (nib) will it run out or wear out?

Since the “ink” is applied as tiny bits of silver while it writes, the silver tip needs to be used continuously for the equivalent of 500 pens before it wears out. Even those who routinely take notes won’t get close to this!

Conclusion on ForeverPen Reviews

Given what we now know about the ForeverPen’s features, technical specifics, customer feedback, and other significant information, it is simple to draw the conclusion that this is a worthwhile purchase. One of the most commonly purchased products is writing supplies like pens, pencils, erasers, etc. Many people easily lose theirs or constantly run out of them.

The pen’s robust metal body and silver composite tip make it incredibly durable, and because of the silverpoint sketching technique it employs, it never needs an ink refill. Larger hands could have some trouble comfortably gripping the ForeverPen, even though balance and comfort were taken into consideration throughout the design. 

However, that is actually to be expected with a pen that size. The ForeverPen is superior to your other options when it comes to small pens and is unsurpassed in that regard. Clicking the link below will take you to the official website of the manufacturer, where you can purchase yours straight immediately.

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