Blaux Cleanse Review 2021: Why Is Everyone Going For This Bidet?

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Blaux Cleanse: Why this new product is the best option for your health and money savings. 

Toilet paper may seem harmless and all, till your 4-year-old kid rolls it all out in an attempt to be a mummy for Halloween! Not only will you lose a ton of money from the waste, but the amount of time you will spend picking up the trash will have been used to think up business ideas that will you earn you a promotion at work or better still grow your own business. Not convinced? Okay, how about this?

Do you remember that feeling of disgust, that shiver you feel, when your toilet paper rolls off and lands in the spill of water next to your toilet? Familiar right? 

Or the times your toilet paper almost made you request a hand replacement surgery because it got out of place and caused you to smear your fingers on poop? Disgusting right? What if I tell you that your days of poop smearing are about to come to an end? 

Okay, what if I told you that you do not have to spend money weekly on toilet paper? Imagine all the money you can save from a lifetime of not purchasing toilet paper. 

Also, if you are a fan of a clean healthy environment, then you just have to keep reading, cause this new technology may just be the ticket to your happiness. How pleasing it will be to have more trees around. I’m talking about reduced felling of trees to make toilet paper, and less money spent on proper waste disposal. I’m talking about the BLAUX CLEANSE! 

If you are curious about solving your toilet paper problems then this Blaux Cleanse review is all you need. 

What is a Blaux Cleanse?

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Blaux Cleanse Review

The Blaux Cleanse is a bidet that helps you wash off after doing your business. By business, I mean both pee and the other one.

It is attached to the toilet seat of a toilet and springs off jets of water that go up at an angle to hit the targeted areas and washes them off. If you want to know more about this, then keep reading.

This Blaux Cleanse Review will tell you about its technicalities, features, pros, and cons. 

Technicalities of the Blaux Cleanse.

  • Amount per unit: One
  • Shape: Semi-circle
  • Weight: 200g
  • Diameter: 30cm
  • Colour: White and Silver
  • Parts: A power dial, mounter, water jet, and metal pipes.

Features of the Blaux Cleanse.

  • A toilet friendly design
  • A rotating power dial with pictorial instructions
  • A mounter
  • A dual-action water jet
  • A small connecting pipe and long pipe
  • Mechanically powered
  • Set up yourself

A toilet-friendly design: The Blaux Cleanse takes the shape of your regular toilet seat, which makes for its installation. It is flat to its sides and so it is placed on the toilet seat which it is fastened to it. After which it becomes totally invisible.

A rotating dial: This is shaped like a cone with smooth edges that allow the hand to go around it and turn it with ease. The rotating dial is made of an anti-rust metal, which is compatible with the water-filled environment of the bathroom. The dial rotates to allow you to control the direction you want the water to go to, and the water pressure that you want. 

It is attached to the rest of the Blaux Cleanse in such a way that it hangs by the side of the toilet seat so that you easily reach for it and rotate as desired.

The body of the dial also has pictorial instructions that you can look at at a glance before setting up. At the center is the off button, which it is at when mounted and to the left is the water to go forward, while to the right is to go backward, with pressures increasing till you get to either end. 

The mounter: The mounter is the flat semi-circle attached to the power dial with two holes on it. It is white to match the color of the toilet seat, in case you are a lover of synchrony. Its two holes are where the toilet seat screws will go in and fasten the Blaux Cleanse to the toilet seat. They are wide enough to accommodate the largest of screws, so you need not worry about them not fitting your toilet seat.

A dual-action water jet: This is the part of the Blaux Cleanse that does the cleansing action. It is white in color as well to blend in with the toilet. It consists of two pipe-like structures that go into the toilet, deep enough to be at an angle that will be solely targeted at the desired areas, and high enough to not get into the toilet water. The two pipes are aligned in a way that one lies slightly in front of the other so that one springs water forward, while the other springs water backward You get to control it using the power dial. 

More so, these dual-action pipes can be adjusted to your desire. No, you need not worry about water splashing all over your behind. All you have to do is pull it to increase the angle at which it springs out the water. The deeper it goes, the closer it is to the target.

Connecting pipes: I know you have been wondering where the Blaux Cleanse gets its water from? No, it is not magic at all. The Blaux Cleanse comes with two pipes that allow you to connect from the toilet’s water supply to just beneath the power dial. The first one that is smaller, connects directly to the toilet pipe or toilet’s water source, while the other longer one connects from the smaller pipe to the hole beneath the power dial. Thus, turning the dial away from the off position allows water to flow through and into the water jet from the same supply as the toilet. 

Mechanically powered:  The Blaux Cleanse is powered mechanically by water pressure. It does not work by electricity nor is it powered by batteries. It is mechanically powered. No electricity. I commend the producers for this because it is proof that they didn’t skip their physics classes and guarantees you of their competence. It is not possible to get shocked by electricity when water finds its way to the Blaux Cleanse, because there is no electricity at all. 

Set up yourself: Yet another amazing feature of the Blaux Cleanser is that you do not need to hire a plumber to set it up for you, unlike other bathroom fixtures. What did I say about saving your money? All you need is a screwdriver and the steps are as easy as, unscrew, placing, and screwing. It also comes with its detailed instruction booklet; in case you are a fan of details. Now that you are aware of its features, this Blaux Cleanse Review 

will go on to tell you about its pros. 

Blaux Cleanse Reviews.jpeg

Pros of a Blaux Cleanse. 

Healthy Living: One of the diseases that plagued the world was polio. And one of the proven ways of its spread was poor hygiene practices when using the toilet. We know you may wonder why we are boring you with this history, besides, polio is a thing of the past. This is true of course, but you can not exclude other illnesses that these poor toilet practices cause, especially diarrheas. You might want to argue that you wash your hands after using the toilet, but how sure are you that you are germ-free. I’m sure you do not keep a microscope in your bathroom. 

How about you have no contact with the source of all these germs. How about reserving your hands for stuff like cooking and eating and leaving all our business to stay where they belong, the toilet. 

Only a Blaux Cleanse can offer such luxury. With the Blaux Cleanse, all you have to do is turn a dial and get squeaky clean. This also comes in handy for the females during that time of the month. You need not struggle with disgust and discomfort while changing your sanitary towels. With a Blaux Cleanse, you can get a clean wash before putting on a new towel, reducing the risk of infection that comes with having that area piled up for a long time. What could be healthier than that?

Cost-Effective: With the Blaux Cleanse, you do not have to buy tons of toilet paper anymore, cause you will have no need for them. Imagine how much you can save from this. Also, the Blaux Cleanse is powered mechanically, so you don’t have to spend money on batteries or on a hiked-up electricity bill. You need not spend money hiring a plumber to get it installed. It is easy to install. Why not spend money on one purchase that can last for a very long time, owing to the durability of the materials it is made of, and save a lot more from the reduced purchase of toilet paper or wet wipes as the case may be.

Wide range of users: Yet another interesting benefit of the Blaux Cleanse, is the fact that it can be used by everyone. Once, your kid can sit on a toilet then he can sure benefit from a Blaux Cleanse. It can also be used by all sexes. Once you have something to clean, then you can use a Blaux Cleanse.

Stress-relieving: This benefit comes in two forms. First of, the refreshing effect of being washed thoroughly and also the relief of the stress of cleaning incessantly with toilet paper. All the tearing, folding, cleaning while avoiding being smeared by poop are over. If you are a mum, who always has to clean kids up, and is certainly done with all the stress, then you need a Blaux Cleanse. 

Easy to use: From how easy it is to set up, to turning easily in whatever direction you want when using, the Blaux Cleanse had your back. No need for a plumber; no need for sophisticated tools, all you need is a screwdriver. The Blaux Cleanse is sure the best thing to happen to the plumbing industry if that is a thing. Of course, this Blaux Cleanse Review will not keep you in dark of the cons of this product. Keep reading this Blaux Cleanse review to find out. 

Cons of the Blaux Cleanse.

Only Sold Online: Sadly, this amazing device is not available for purchase in your physical retail stores. It is only available for purchase on online websites. And due to the fact that they are a lot of fake pages and scammers online, we advise that you purchase from a reliable source like ours. All you have to do is to clink on the link below.

Limited supply: You might be surprised to hear this, but you are the only one still holding on to the old fashioned toilet papers. Everyone has moved on already, thus the high demand for the Blaux Cleanse and limited products.Therefore, you do not need to put this on buy later; make your purchase now. 

Now, to help your curiosity about the use of this product, this Blaux Cleanse Review will inform of how to install this video. So, you can decide if it is easy for you.

How to install the Blaux Cleanse

In case you are doubting how easy it is to set up the Blaux Cleanse, we decided to list out the steps in getting it installed, so that you have no reason to delay your purchase.

1. Get a screwdriver or anything that can loosen a knot.

2. Close the toilet seat and undo the knot tightening it to the toilet seat.

3. Put the toilet seat aside and unpack the Blaux Cleanse.

4. Place the Blaux Cleanse on the toilet seat, with the holes over the part where the toilet screw was screwed in, and the power dial to the side of the toilet seat.

5. When in place, reach for the toilet seat and place over the Blaux Cleanse, then fasten the knots again.

For the water source:

6. Loosen the pipe of your toilet from its water source.

7. Fasten the small connecting pipe to it, and fasten the toilet pipe back to the water source.

8. Fasten the pipe to the small connecting pipe and connect to the hole beneath the power dial. 

You may also have concerns about how the Blaux Cleanse is used. Not to worry, this Blaux Cleanse Review got you covered. 

How to use the Blaux Cleanse

Blaux Bidet Review.jpeg

1. Sit comfortably on the toilet after doing your business.

2. Reach for the power dial.

3. Turn to the left or to the right to release water from the jet and according to the desired function.

4. Return the power dial to the initial Off position to stop the water from flowing. 

Where can the Blaux Cleanse be purchased?

The Blaux Cleanse can only be purchased in online stores like this one. It is not available in physical retail stores yet. To make sure you are not scammed by fake vendors online, we advise you buy from a reliable source like us. All you have to do is to click on the link below.

Now that you are aware of the above, you are probably curious about the price. Keep scrolling down this Blaux Cleanse Review to find out that.

Pricing of the Blaux Cleanse

One unit of the Blaux Cleanse costs $79.99

Two units of the Blaux Cleanse cost $147.99

Three units of the Blaux Cleanse cost $199.99

Four units of the Blaux Cleanse cost $255.99

Customer Reviews on the Blaux Cleanse

“The Blaux Cleanse has made me dread my monthly periods less. The truth is I feel nauseated at the sight of It. But with the Blaux Cleanse, I only bother about the towels, cause it washes everything away for me. I do not regret buying it.”

                                Charlotte, New Jersey

“The Blaux Cleanse has made me get rid of toilet paper. I am excited about this because I detest the sight of toilet paper in water. With the Blaux Cleanse, I do not have to deal with this anymore, and I’m grateful for this”.

                                Cheryl, Florida

” I love to text while taking a dip. Ever since I got the Blaux Cleanse, I don’t worry about getting poop all over my phone. The best thing ever!” 

                                  Mitchell, Maryland.

“The way the Blaux Cleanse washes my butt is refreshing!”

                             George, Minnesota.

“My son now prefers to use the toilet than poop all over the house since I bought the Blaux Cleanse. He loves it when the water splashes on his butt and looks forward to it. I can’t be more grateful for this!”

                                 Veronica, Indiana.

“The Blaux Cleanse was very easy to install. It earned extra food from my wife, cause she thought it would be complex. She kept praising my skills. Should I tell her? Probably not. But in case you need to score some points with your spouse, the Blaux Cleanse can pull it off for you.”

                                 John, Detroit.

Now in case you still have more questions about the Blaux Cleanse, this segment of this Blaux Cleanse Review aims to achieve that. Keep scrolling to find out.

Frequently Asked Questions (Blaux Cleanse Review)

1. Do I need a plumber to help me set up the Blaux Cleanse?

No. It is as easy as A, B, C. All you need is a screwdriver to set it up. Not much energy is required either.

2. Will the Blaux Cleanse make my clothes wet?

No. The water comes out in a straight line and so won’t splash elsewhere, beside the targeted area.

3. Will the pressure from the water from the Blaux Cleanse hurt me?

No. You can adjust it to your desired pressure level using the power dial. So, you are not subjected to high pressure. 

4. Where does the water from the Blaux Cleanse come from?

It comes from the water that is usually contained in the toilet basin. It flows from a pipe you would connect from the toilet basin to the Blaux Cleanse.

5. Where can I purchase the Blaux Cleanse?

It is not available in physical retail stores. It is only available in online stores like ours. 

6. How long does the Blaux Cleanse last with continuous use?

The Blaux Cleanse is made from very durable material and thus can last for as long as possible. 

Now, what does this Blaux Cleanse Review conclude about the Blaux Cleanse? 

Final Remark on the Baux Cleanse Review

You may not realize it but, doing something as reliving as taking a dip shouldn’t come with much stress at all. It should be a therapeutic exercise and one to look forward to and not get nauseated by. You do not have to stop and reach and struggle to clean. You put yourself at risk of an infection, as you hardly ever get the particles out, plus you might get smeared with poop In the fingers that you use for other stuff.

You need not worry about getting soiled up when periods come knocking. The Blaux Cleanse does the work of cleaning up for you. Taking away any nauseating feeling and keeping you safe from germs and infections.

Therefore, the Blaux Cleanse is the best option when it comes to issues of toilet hygiene. It also makes for a refreshing feel, which can come in handy after a stress-filled day. This new age of innovation and technology is all about relieving you from stress, and the Blaux Cleanse is not left out in this mission. In these times, when mental health is a priority, the Blaux Cleanse is also part of the movement.

I also won’t forget to remind you about its cost-effective benefits. No more buying of toilet paper. Also, we get to save some trees, as well move past waste disposal, thus, making for a happier environment.

You might want to hold on to familiar practices, but of what use is that if there is an option that covers up the inadequacies of the so-called familiar practice at no extra cost? Things come and go. Holding on to something, despite its problems when there is a better option doesn’t sound logical.

So, this Blaux Cleanse Review endorses the use of the Blaux Cleanse for a healthy, stress-free, and inexpensive life. Hope this Blaux Cleanse Review was helpful?

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