UV Cleanizer Zoom Review [May 2020]: Best UV Light Sanitizer Robot World’s First Bacteria Killing Machine

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UV cleanizer zoom review.jpg
UV Cleanizer zoom review.jpg

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The rapid spread of germs such as corona virus, bacteria and other organisms has made us to be more conscious of the hygienic nature of our environment. Getting in contact with dirt in the course of performing your daily duties is almost inevitable. This dirt contains germs that may be life-threatening if not properly curbed.

Home chores demand a lot of physical contact with items such as brooms, utensils, cutleries, etc. Without your knowledge or suspect, such items may be carriers of deadly infections. The office or any other work environment is no exception.

To prevent the unbudgeted costs that would be incurred through treatment due to germ or bacterial infection, you must act proactively against such. The solution lies in UV Cleanizer Zoom, a robotic device that cleans and disinfects your environment, killing almost 99.9% of germs. Read through our UV Cleanizer Zoom review to find out why you need this product to fulfill your dream of ensuring an infection-free space.

What is UV Cleanizer Zoom?

UV Cleanizer Zoom is a portable bacteria killing robot that uses UV-C rays to kill germs in the fastest and most efficient way. Its small size allows you to carry it along whenever you wish since germs are always everywhere. UV Cleanizer Zoom was developed by Infection Prevention Technologies (IPT), a well-established company dealing with bacterial cleaning devices.

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The device is also designed to prevent the spread of airborne viruses, kill dust mites, cockroaches, and any other insect. Its portability enables it to cover cornered surfaces that can’t be reached through manual sanitization. To enhance maximum sterilization, the device is installed with regulators that control the amount of light emitted depending on the ease of penetration.

Many people like this device because, unlike other chemical sanitization products, it is non-hazardous and can be used around children.

With the utilization of advanced technologies, disinfection using UV-c light is an additional feature incorporated in this product. This can be used for cleaning not only in houses but also in hospitals and hotels. The smooth operation makes the product more user-friendly.

The Ultra Violet Bed Sheet Disinfect product works in three modes for advanced cleaning-Under Blanket mode, handheld mode, and Power bank mode, with the help of 18 sensors used for fulfilling various functionalities. The battery power and recharging also helps in the active working of the product. This product will surely protect you from harmful organisms.

UV Cleanizer Zoom: Specification

  • Device- automatic cleaner
  • Mode- (dual) Robotic and manual
  • Battery- Chargeable (lasts for 3 hours)
  • Cleaning time- 30-60 minutes/room
  • 18 sensors with UV light
  • Vanishes up to 99.99% germs

Modes of UV Cleanizer Zoom

UV cleanizer zoom review.jpg
UV Cleanizer Zoom Review

The UV Cleanizer Zoom has three modes to kill bacteria and disinfect the room. Here are they

  • Under Blanket Mode – disinfects under the blanket, it helps in killing all the insects and germs from the bed as it crawls all around the bed and sanitized every corner of the bed.  
  • Powerbank Mode – it has an inbuilt battery of 3700 mAH, so when you are not using the robot for sanitising it can be helpful in giving your gadgets a kick start as it acts as a power bank and allows you to charge your phone and other devices. 
  • Handheld Mode – disinfects gadgets like phones, laptops, etc. Well, we touch a lot of things around us when we are working or doing anything. We don’t know what we are getting into, we wash our hands, but we seem to forget that we always transfer germs and viruses to our phone and laptop. Hence it helps you stay protected from harmful bacteria and let you be safe.  

How to use UV Cleanizer Zoom?

UV cleanizer zoom review.jpg
  1. After receiving the device, put it on charge for about 6 hours.
  2. When you want to start cleaning the surface, select the mode- Robotic or manual and then switch on the power button.
  3. If you select Robotic mode, then it will automatically start moving. And if you choose the manual way, then you will have to keep pushing it.
  4. Once the cleaning is done, you can remove the dust tank and clean it
  5. Make sure to keep this cleaner in a dry place.

There is a Limited Stock Available With Free Shipping, so place your order right now to get this cleaner at the cheapest rate ever.

Why is UV Cleanizer popular?

Although there were vacuum cleaners already they needed human movements. And thus the robotic cleaner came in the market place. Are you aware that with UV Cleanizer you also get Satisfaction Guarantee?

This means that if you are not happy with the product and would like to return it, then you can send it back to the company in 30 days and you will get a refund. This is one of the biggest reasons that people are trying out this device. This claim is covered under the company’s 30-day Money Back Guarantee policy.

Another reason that people prefer such automatic cleaners is the busy life. Day-to-day routines have become so hectic that people are choosing alternatives to time-taking actions like cleaning. As this cleaner is automated, a person can perform other tasks while it cleans

UV Cleanizer Zoom Review: What are the standout Benefits?

Modern Technology At Its Best

There are plenty of gadgets on the market that make life easier, but the best ones are often the products that keep you safe.

UV Cleanizer Zoom uses UV-C lights and 18 sensors to kill the likes of dust mites, germs, bacteria, and other invisible nasties. This will allow you to rest easy, knowing you are protected.

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UV Cleanizer Zoom Review

Incredibly Clever

One glance at the simple-looking device and it is hard to believe that it can be so intuitive. It uses sensors to guide itself to the edge of your bed, turning so it never falls off.

These sensors help it to navigate its way around your home and bed, making sure it covers all surfaces to leave the area hygienic.

Changeable Modes That Work

Because the technology is new, a lot of other models aren’t able to give you added features. UV Cleanizer Zoom is built a little different.

With two timers, you can set the clever device to cover an area for either 30 or 60 minutes.

However, if you want to choose a specific area, then you can strap it to your hand and move it around, getting into those tight corners and kill the bacteria.

This allows you to go over pillowcases, blankets, hotel beds and beyond before you rest in them.

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UV Cleanizer Zoom Review

Lightweight Yet Very Sturdy

You often hear about the horror stories of travel where people have taken a closer \look into the cleanliness of hotel rooms.

Some stories are truly shocking, which is why it is important to kill the bacteria in a room that isn’t yours.

Because it is so light, UV Cleanizer Zoom is easy to keep in your travel bag.

Weighing at just 320 g, for many people, it is the first thing to go into their suitcase before leaving home.

Despite this, it is a remarkably sturdy device that feels like it can survive the knocks and bumps that such devices often endure.

It Has Loads of Added Features

If you are choosing to clean your furniture and bed linen the old fashioned way, the only function such a method serves is cleanliness.

Whilst this is important, it is limited in what it offers. UV Cleanizer Zoom is useful because it also doubles up as a power bank.

Charging other 5v devices at the same time. This saves you a lot of time and effort trying to find a power source for your other gadgets.

This includes mobile phones so even if you forget your charger when at a hotel, the UV Cleanizer Zoom can be used to save the day.

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A Long Battery Life To Last For Hours

Some rooms appear dirtier than others, but it’s the bacteria and germs you can’t see that should be the biggest concern.

Even in a larger space, UV Cleanizer Zoom can help to make sure it is as hygienic as possible.

With 3-hour battery life, it can cover a lot of ground, using UV technology to kill bacteria in big rooms.

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UV Cleanizer zoom Review

A Versatile Product

To give your bed a thorough clean, you will need to put in a lot of work.

Getting under the sheets, on top, and everywhere in between can be a chore.

Because UV Cleanizer Zoom is robust and powerful, it can be placed under your duvet and it will use its sensors to cover all areas.

As long as the surface is relatively flat, it’ll make light work of large beds.

UV Cleanizer zoom review.jpg

A Safe Way To Rid A Room Of Bugs

The usual methods of eliminating bugs and bacteria involve harsh chemicals.

Even washing bedding at high temperatures itself can be bad for the environment.

Although those methods often make surfaces clean, the chemicals from cleaning products can do damage in their own way. 

UV Cleanizer Zoom represents the future of cleanliness. Because it uses UV technology it is environmentally friendly and better for human skin.

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UV Cleanizer zoom review

Use It On Any Surface

Because of the handheld mode, this smart device can be smoothed over the surface of hotel room items such as the TV remote, hairdryer, desktop surfaces and beyond.

This helps you to clean the most common areas to house bacteria.

Also, it is great for killing bacteria on kids’ toys, keeping the whole family safe.

Is UV Cleanizer Zoom Scam?

Well, many times a question arises; Is UV Cleanizer Zoom scam? No, it is not!. You can believe on this by understanding its working. Let’s understand more about its working method.

It helps in sterilising the entire room, from where you are sitting to what you are holding to what you are breathing. It is the best health companion. And as they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. All it wants is 30-60 minutes to protect you from harmful diseases.

It is extremely easy to maintain and use, all you gotta do is start it, and it will do all the work. It can be your work companion, your travel companion, as it is very compact and small so you can carry it everywhere with you. And it is super lightweight too. 

Protection is a surety as it kills maximum germs and leaves the room in the best-sterilized version that you have ever seen. After UV Cleanizer Zoom has done its job, everyone in that room is safe and is actually breathing healthy and fresh air. It comes with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Isn’t it the best robot you can find? Limited stock available with free shipping!

Why Do I Need UV Cleanizer Zoom?

Would you rather incur huge hospital bills for the treatment of infections that you would otherwise have prevented? I guess not. UV Cleanizer offers you the comfort of living a healthy life as well as cutting on unbudgeted costs.

This device is suitable for anyone regardless of age, gender, or social status. In this industrial revolution era, environmental pollution has become rampant, and it’s upon us to take care of ourselves. UV Cleanizer Zoom is capable of disinfecting 99.99% of germs and bacteria from our space.

Rooms that experience constant human turnover, such as public toilets, may be tiresome to clean. Manual sanitization of such places may also not eradicate all the germs, thus the need for a UV Cleanizer Zoom. This device requires only one operator and covers more space than humans. Getting yourself a UV Cleanizer Zoom will, therefore, not only guarantee you quick cleaning of your surroundings but also prevent the infection of diseases.

UV Cleanizer Zoom Review: What are customers saying?

Well, one question has earlier answered; Is UV Cleanizer Zoom legit? Yes, you might not even trust over our answer. However, you will start believing on this by understanding the point of view of customers about this product.

Across the social media and also, over several websites, we found customers are happily sharing their experiences about this product. Their reviews about this gadget were positive. Indeed, one can order it without any doubt as to the company also offering the Satisfaction Guarantee feature.

Where Can I Buy UV Cleanizer Zoom?

You can get this robot cleaner at the manufacturer’s official website and comes with a discount of up to 50% for its new customers.Get UV Cleanizer Zoom With 50% Discount and Free Shipping Worldwide!

UV Cleanizer Review: Frequently Asked Questions

What is UV Cleanizer Zoom CleanseBot?

UV Cleanizer Zoom CleanseBot is an automated smart cleaning and disinfecting robot using UV-C lights to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria with no mess and no chemicals.

How much is a UV Cleanizer Zoom cleanse bot?

Cost For UV Cleanizer Zoom cleansebot is Pledge $99 with 50% Off.

Is there a light killing germs?

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a disinfection method that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) light to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.

Who invented UV Cleanizer Zoom CleanseBot?

UV Cleanizer Zoom CleanseBot is a portable robotic hotel room cleaner that’s now in production following a crowdsourcing campaign that raised nearly $1.5 million — clearly there’s a lot of germaphobes out there. “My wife and I came up with the idea for CleanseBot when we were on vacation,” co-creator Tom Yang tells CNN Travel.

Can UV Cleanizer Zoom kill bacteria?

In simple terms, when bacteria or another type of microbe is directly exposed to certain types of UV light, the DNA (its fundamental building block) of the cell is damaged, preventing it from replicating. If a cell cannot reproduce, then the cell cannot cause infection, which is how UV light kills bacteria.

Final Verdict (UV Cleanizer zoom review)

As the products are designed using the latest technology, it has made people’s work easier. Like washing machines have become a significant help in a lot of households. Similarly, oven, baker, all of such items have made cooking easier.

This automatic cleaner is going to be of great use and thus we recommend our readers to invest in this one

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