Silent Snore Review [May 2020]: Best Anti Snoring Device Israel, UK, United States, Worldwide?

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silent snore review

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Snoring is a very big problem to many persons. It keeps on disturbing your sleep. One thing about snoring is that it does not affect only you, it affects your partner as well and it can be very annoying. it makes your partner’s life a living misery. When you are always awake even though you are not aware of it, you are deprived of sleep and are tired throughout the day. Not having a good quality sleep will not let you go about your daily routine properly. You will always be fatigued and tired. Any work you do, you will not be able to do well because you are too tired to give it your complete attention.

Sadly, many people just live with the consequences of this lack of sleep. In fact, many people who snore don’t even know they’re doing it until a partner says something to them. In some cases, it can cause arguments and rifts in a relationship.Most people believe that snoring is harmless, an annoyance at the worst. However, it is actually more severe, snoring can be bad for your health

So, if the problem of snoring is worrying you the most, we have a solution for you, a really good one! But before we dig into it, let us all first understand what snoring is and how it needs to be dealt with. Read on.

What Is Snoring?

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Many have the habit of snoring occasionally, and there’s nothing really to worry about it on the health front. Snoring is caused when one isn’t able to move air freely through the throat and nose while sleeping. This ends up vibrating the surrounding tissues and a snore is caused. People with floppy tissues or people who’ve too many tissues around the throat or in the nasal cavity are the ones who end up snoring while sleeping. Even the position of your tongues plays a role in this. If you have the problem of snoring every day, it can lead to irritability, fatigue, and can also lead to many health problems.

What Causes Snoring?

What exactly causes snoring? It can occur for any of the following reasons:

  • Age: It is said that as one approaches middle age, the throat gets narrower, and even the muscle tone decreases and this causes you to snore. While one cannot help with the problems of aging, changes in lifestyle and good sleeping habits can prevent snoring.
  • Being Overweight: Poor conditions of the muscles and fatty tissues of the body could lead to snoring. Even if you’re carrying more weight across your neck or throat can also cause snoring.
  • Sinus And Nasal Problems: Stuffy nose or a blocked airway makes breathing, especially the inhalation difficult for many. This creates a vacuum in the throat and it results in snoring.
  • Smoking, Alcohol, And Medications: Doing these can lead to an over an increase in our muscles relaxing and might cause snoring.
  • Sleep Posture: Your sleeping positions can relax your throat way too much causing airways. And this leads to snoring.
  • Sleep apnea: Snoring is considered as one of the symptoms of a serious disease called sleep apnea. Therefore, if you find yourself suffering from sleepiness or are feeling over-fatigued, then, it’s an indication of a breathing problem or sleep apnea. If you snore in the following ways, it could be a certain problem:
  • You choke or gasp while sleeping
  • Fall asleep inappropriately, for example, during a meal or a conversation
  • You snore very heavily and loudly. And are often tired during the day.

Sleep apnea is a common condition that affects millions of people to varying degrees. This is when sleep is interrupted throughout the night due to breathing difficulties. One symptom of this is snoring

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Silent snore review Israel

Why is Snoring Bad?

Apart from the fact that snoring keeps the person from getting decent sleep, it can also be miserable for anyone else in the same room or the same bed. They’ll be disturbed by the racket throughout the night and will struggle to get the restful sleep they need. 

Just consider the following effects of lack of sleep, not just on the person snoring, but also on anyone else in the vicinity:

1. Tiredness and Fatigue

You may experience a poor night of sleep now and then, but be able to catch up the next night. The problem for snorers and those who love them is that there is never any catch-up. All of that snoring results in a lot of sleep deprivation and fatigue. It tends to be the kind of lethargy that many people live with every day and blame on modern living and stress.

2. Lack of Focus and Concentration

When a lack of sleep builds up, it will inevitably affect our ability to concentrate. This can have wide-ranging effects, from not concentrating when driving to not being able to focus at work or school. Clearly, the impact this can have has the potential to ruin a career or even cause loss of life.

When the brain suffers from lack of sleep, we experience microsleeps. This little sleep may only be for a second or two, but this time the damage may have been done. For example, a truck driver who suffers from these microsleeps can run off the road or cause an accident.

3. Affected Reflexes

Studies have actually found that people who are sleep deprived perform just as well in a car as those who have been drinking. That is to say, they lack focus, make poor judgments, and lack reflexes. When reflexes are affected, it can have devastating effects.

4. Altered Moods

We all know someone who doesn’t get enough sleep. They tend to be irritable, get angry more than usual, have emotional outbursts, and may even cry a lot more. This is what snoring can do to a person and it’s not pretty.

How can you treat Snoring?

Given how prevalent it is, it’s no surprise that the majority of people simply live with the consequences. They go about their lives mostly unaware of the effects of sleep deprivation and live their lives that way. In some cases, a person may request surgery, but this can be expensive and painful.

In other cases, a CPAP machine may be recommended. This is similarly expensive and is so noisy that it can still keep the other person in the room awake anyway.

Can you imagine how this affects relationships? There are some marriages where both people sleep in separate rooms because one of them is a terrible snorer. To make matters worse, all of the exhaustion and moodiness can make home life quite difficult, and this not only impacts the person who snores, but also everyone else in the house.

The good news is that if you snore, you may not even need surgical intervention. You may not need one of those expensive CPAP machines either. Silent Snore is a product that promises to all but eliminate snoring without the need for an expensive fix. But does it really work? Here’s our Silent Snore review:

Do Anti Snoring Devices Work?

Anti-snoring devices have mixed reviews. They work on some people, and some people find them irritating. The reason why some people find anti-snoring devices annoying is that it is tough to sleep when you have an external object attached to your body. As far as the question of an anti-snoring device working or not, it depends on what kind of device you are using. A particular device will work for some people and may not work for others. It needs to be molded inside your mouth.

The best kind of device to use, and it will not irritate you too much, is something like Silent Snore, a nasal device. It is similar to a tiny nose ring that is placed inside your nose. It is lightweight, and there is no molding. You just have to take it out from its case and place it inside your nose. The snoring device does work.

If you are struggling with the effects of snoring, we recommend the SilentSnore Anti snoring device

What Is Silent Snore?

Silent Snore is a small, piercing-looking anti-snoring device that you simply pinch in your nose. It is made of silicone and contains two magnets. These magnets gently open your nasal cavities, so you can sleep better and more restorative.

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Silent snore Israel, UK, United States

It is a small, gentle snore stopper that effectively fixes your snoring problems and makes your nights more restful. The therapeutic magnets contained in it are quite beneficial as notified even by the Traditional Tibetan Medicine.

Stand Out Features of SilentSnore

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Silent snore review
  • Stop Snoring Naturally Our Anti-Snore nose Clip has been scientifically designed to maximize airflow through the nasal passage and can cease snoring.
  • Safe & No Side Effect The anti-snoring device Made with soft medical grade silicone. Odor-free and BPA free.
  • Easy to Use Insert gently into the nose and it will work. No need for a long list of directions.
  • Comfortable to Wear & Fit Perfectly The soft and enhanced silicone gives a comfortable feeling
  • Hygiene Case Included Packaged in a reusable plastic case to keep the Anti Snore nose Clip clean and free of dust. Also, perfect to use as a travel case.

How Does Silent Snore Work?

So, how can a silicone device that looks a bit like a small nose ring stop snoring? The Silent Snore works by propping open the nasal cavities. On the end of each of the arms is a small nodule that works to keep the nostrils open during the night.

What we found curious was the inclusion of tiny magnets inside the bulbous ends of the Silent Snore. According to the Tibetans, magnets are supposed to help stimulate the nerves. In this case, the magnets may work by stimulating the nasal cavities. Whether you believe this or not, the fact is that the inclusion of the magnets won’t be an issue.

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Once the nasal cavities are opened up, breathing becomes easier at night. Thus, the snoring is alleviated to the point of either a very mild growl or not being there at all. We think the Silent Snore would be especially beneficial to someone who suffers from a deviated septum, as it would open up the nasal airways and make it easier to breathe during the night.

In use, the Silent Snore couldn’t be easier. It’s a simple matter of pinching both sides of it and then inserting it into the nostrils. The bulbous ends will rest exactly where they need to without any further intervention. 

Is It Safe To Use Silent Snore?

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Silent snore review

Do you still have doubts about whether Silent Snore is safe for you or not? It is totally safe to use! As mentioned earlier, the silicone material which is used to make Silent Snore is extremely gentle on the sensitive skin around the nostrils. There would be no wound when you use this to open your nasal cavities. The silicon rests softly inside the nostrils. All you need to is place it inside your nostrils and enjoy a peaceful and a goodnight’s sleep. A lot of people are using Silent Snore Israel, UK, United States, Canada and Worldwide.

Who Should Use It?

Anyone who has a snoring problem can use Silent Snore, or at least try it out. Those who have spent excessive amounts of money on machines and other anti-snoring devices may find that the Silent Snore is exactly what they’ve been missing.

Of course, there are people who have very serious disorders, such as one form of sleep apnea, that should always see a specialist and will require medical intervention. In serious cases like this, Silent Snore won’t be of benefit.

Silent Snore Review: Why is it more popular than other anti snoring devices?

Silent snore is trending in Israel, United States, UK, CANADA, Australia and worldwide but why is it so! Read on for some exciting features that makes silent snore popular.

Extremely Comfortable 

It is general thought of people that when something will be inserted in their nose, it will definitely be uncomfortable. Infact that will hamper sleep as well. But with SilentSnore there is no such problem as the device is highly comfortable. Since the device is not intrusive, it sets in perfectly in the nose. There are therapeutic magnets inside the device and this prevents falling out of the device. The silicone ring which is there in the device is made of soft material for comfort to the nose.

Easy On Use

SilentSnore device is highly convenient to use. The silicone ring just needs to be pushed in the nostrils and snoring is reduced right away. It just takes one second for placing the device in the right place in the nose. There are no other additional attachments in the form of straps etc.

Helps in Getting Deep Sleep 

Getting deep sleep is important for refreshing and rejuvenating the body. But snoring might hamper such sleep drastically. But with SilentSnore, it is possible to prevent snoring completely and get good night’s sleep without any disturbance. With deep sleep, the body repairs, recovers and builds muscle tissues along with replacing cells.

The Device is Hygienic 

It is obvious that since SilentSnore is inserted inside the nose, it needs to be kept in proper place. This is the reason, the device is provided with a reusable plastic case, which can be washed and cleaned. The device can be stored in this case and be protected from dust and dirt. The case is sterile. It can be soaked in warm water before using and even after that.

The Device Can Be Used During Exercise

It has been seen that many people pant greatly when they reach optimal levels while exercising. During exercise SilentSnore can be used so that the airflow is maintained to the lungs as needed. This device helps in keeping you going even during rigorous exercising so that you don’t go out of breath.

Quality materials are used in the making of SilentSnore 

This is one of the most important reasons for which Silent Snore has gained popularity. The silicone which is used in the product is of the highest quality and is nontoxic in nature as well. The silicone ring has a very soft texture and after using for 1–2 times, you won’t feel it is there. Even the plastic box in which the device is kept is of great quality and durable.

The device is suitable for all 

One of the best things about SilentSnore is that it fits people of all age groups, with different face cuts and structures and so on. Infact there is a single uniform device, which is suitable for both men and women.

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Silent snore review UK

Silent Snore Review: What are the Benefits?

The most significant benefit of Silent Snore is that you get a good night’s sleep. Your partner is also able to sleep peacefully. When you get adequate sleep at night, you prevent a lot of health problems.

Snoring is one of the symptoms of sleep apnea. When you are not able to sleep at night, you get medical problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, fatigue and loss of energy, to name a few.

You are not able to go about your everyday work since you are too tired to work and give it your complete attention. This can damage your career. Given below are the benefits of using silent snore-

  • You get adequate sleep at night.
  • Your partner can sleep properly.
  • You can focus on your work the next day.
  • Have more energy to go about your everyday work.
  • You are not always tired.
  • Not snoring helps save your relationship, which can break due to excessive snoring.
  • Your body gets sufficient oxygen.
  • Using a snoring device and getting adequate sleep helps to prevent a lot of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and others.

How do you clean and maintain Silent Snore?

You need to maintain and clean your nasal device after every use. This device comes with a small shelf pot in which you should place it after every use so that it does not get dirty. The device is easy to clean and can be used again and again.

Silent Snore is manufactured using silicone gel and is environment-friendly. It is also lightweight. The small magnets at the end of the ring are also light weight and help you sleep peacefully. They help open up the nostrils, thereby allowing air to pass through the passage and the nasal cavity. The nasal cavity remains open and does not close when you are in a deep sleep. When the nasal cavities are open, there is no snoring since air can pass through easily. As your able to sleep better, your health problems come to an end.

Where can you buy Silent Snore?

A lot of persons has been asking where can you buy Silent snore in Israel, United States, UK, Canada, Australia, worldwide. It is easy! Read below!

Silent Snore can be purchased from the official website only. There are many offers on the official website itself. One can apply discounts on the official website while purchasing. One can avail up to 50 percent of discount which makes Silent Snore a good investment when compared to other anti-snoring devices. Go buy it today and grab the offer.

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Silent Snore Review: What are customers saying about it?

While writing this Silent Snore review, we checked out other online customer reviews to see if other users had good experiences with the product. We have included some snippets below, so that you don’t just take our word for anything!

Bonny – “I have a big snoring problem, and I ordered Silent Snore to help me with this problem. But I cannot sleep with anything like this attached to my nose. It is not the problem of the device because it helped me as long as I was using it. But it is my problem that I cannot have an external object on my body when I am sleeping. It irritates me and disturbs me, but the few times I used the product, it worked well.”

Kelly – “This anti-snoring device is tiny. It looks like a horseshoe except that i use it as a nasal device. It helps me with my snoring, and I can go out with my friends and stay overnight without being embarrassed about my snoring habits.”


Anonymous – “I did not trust this product too much from the reviews but decided that I would give it a try since I was fed up of my snoring. And I am glad that I decided to order this product because it works very well. It was a little uncomfortable when I attached it to my nose, but otherwise, it is okay. I used to wake up at night just to check if it is still there or what has fallen now. But the device stays there in place. According to the manufacturer it is held in place with the magnets at the end of the ring. I have had a snoring problem ever since I gained weight, and after using Silent Snore, my problem has gone away. My husband says that I don’t really snore anymore.”

Silent Snore Review: What are the Frequently Asked Questions?

What makes people snore?

Not every snorer sounds the same – there’s the freight train impersonator, pneumatic drill, and wounded walrus to name but three – and it turns out that people snore for a variety of reasons. So why do some of us snore and not others
‘When we are awake, we have enough muscle tone to keep our airway open,’ says Oko. ‘But when we sleep, we lose muscle tone and the tongue, throat, and roof of the mouth relax, causing the loose tissue in the throat to sag, which narrows the airways.

What is snoring a sign of?

The primary symptom of snoring is unmistakable – the often loud, harsh or hoarse noises that you make while you are asleep. Other symptoms may include waking up with a sore throat or dry mouth. If you have any of the following symptoms you may have sleep apnea Excessive daytime sleepiness.

Is snoring a sign of bad health?

Health Risks Associated With Snoring. Habitual snorers can be at risk for serious health problems, including obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea creates several problems, including Long interruptions of breathing (more than 10 seconds) during sleep caused by a partial or total obstruction or blockage of the airway.

What is the main cause of snoring?

Snoring is caused by vibrating tissues within the airways of the nose and throat. The vibrations that cause snoring are caused by turbulent airflow through narrowed airways. Snoring is affected by the stage of sleep, sleeping position, and the use of medications and alcohol

What are some of the best cures for snoring?

Snoring is a serious issue, not only for the person but also for the partner staying with him/her. However, there are some great cures for snoring. Some of the most important ones are as follows:

  • Try sleeping on your side
  • Losing weight is crucial if you are overweight
  • The head of the bed must be raised
  • There might be structural problems in the nose, which should be amended
  • Take care of chronic allergies
  • Use external nasal dilator or nasal strips
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol before going to bed

How effective is SilentSnore in treating snoring problem?

SilentSnore is an anti-snoring device, which is placed and adjusted in the nose of the person. There are two very small magnets in the device, which help in opening up the nasal holes. Snoring problem is fixed with the help of this device and one can get sound sleep without any problem. The nasal cavity remains open with use of the device.

How safe is it to use SilentSnore? (Silent snore review)

Using SilentSnore is absolutely safe. The materials used in the making of the device are of high quality like silicone and they are soft on the skin of the person. There is no itching or irritation from use of the product inside your nostrils.

What is the procedure of cleaning SilentSnore?

All anti-snoring devices, including that of SilentSnore needs proper cleaning and maintenance. While cleaning the device, proper hygiene should be maintained. The best is to use a toothbrush, toothpaste and some warm water. The cleaning should be done minimum two times in a week. This not only ensures cleanliness of the device but also enhances the longevity of the device significantly. Another thing can also be done for cleaning SilentSnore. It can be soaked daily in warm water so that the external dirt, dust and other particles are washed off. An ultrasonic cleaner is also available for removing any kind of microbe from the surface of the device.

What is approximate longevity of SilentSnore? (Silent snore review)

Generally SilentSnore functions really well for about one year. However, there are other factors which decide the longevity of the device. Duration for which the device is used, type of the device, quality of the device, material used in the making of the device and device maintenance are some of the factors which help in ascertaining the longevity of SilentSnore.

From where can I purchase SilentSnore?

SilentSnore can be purchased only online. The device is not available in any general store on in medical stores. If you want to buy the product, you have to reach the official website of the anti-snoring device and place online order right there by furnishing all the required details. The product will be delivered at the given address within the stipulated time frame.

Are discounts offered on purchase of SilentSnore?

Yes, discounts on SilentSnore are offered from time to time to customers. Infact, discounts of almost 50% are also provided on the device, which brings down the cost of the device significantly. Buy today and grab the offer right now.


The fast-paced lifestyle we live in makes us prey to various sleeping problems and snoring is one such. If left ignored, then this harmful problem can turn our health tables to worse. Silent Snore is a tiny device that looks like a piercing septum ring. Using this will help solve your snoring problem in a jiffy and the most harmless manner. So, stop cribbing about the problems snoring is causing to you. Go buy Silent Snore and do those sleepovers at your friend’s place which you miss the most. Also, save your partner from any further sleepless nights because of your snoring. Go, grab your Silent Snore device NOW!

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