Tips To Care For Your Smartphone: 9 Maintenance Tips For Your Mobile Devices

by Steve
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Smartphones are one of humanity’s greatest innovations and achievements. The advent of smartphones changed the tides when it comes to human interaction, business, values, and in fact, survival. Smartphones have greatly changed how we humans live. It will be very difficult to encounter three people without seeing one of them with a smartphone. This is an introduction to this Tips To Care For Your Smartphone.

This gadget called the smartphone had introduced a totally different approach to the case of communication, not just an upgrade to our telephone. Smartphones were made to have so many features which would make human-to-human interactions easy. The advent of smartphones has also created a large room of possibilities for development. So many companies make money by making applications and components for smartphones. The question of how smartphones have affected the way we live is rather rhetorical, as you’re most likely using a smartphone to read this article. 

The advent of smartphones works really well with the invention of the Internet. Smartphones are one of the simplest devices that enable us to have quality and fast access to the Internet and its services. Today, you can confidently save money and make money with just your smartphones. You can make video calls and have video conferencing meetings with distant people just from the comfort of your room. 

Smartphones are those gadgets that you definitely need. Whether you like it, as a student, banker, farmer, engineer, home caregiver, and in fact, anything, you can think of. A lot of smartphones are already out there in the market; some are more expensive than others. 

The choice of which smartphone to go for largely depends on the features and specifications you’re looking for and also the cash at your disposal. After the puzzle of looking for the right smartphone for yourself, you are faced with the problem of how to care for the smartphone to ensure its longevity and to ensure it serves you the way you want. So many persons suffer to get a smartphone then lose it after a week; this problem has necessitated the putting up of this piece. 

I will be giving out a few tips on how to care for your smartphones in order to ensure that you get the value you deserve. Take your time to go to this piece as you might learn a thing or two you never knew about.

Tips To Care For Your Smartphone

1. Get a Case

The first tip you are going to take from this piece is about getting a phone case for your smartphone. This is basically essential and one of the most important accessories you need to use your smartphone. Your smartphone is an electronic gadget and, because of its use, is prone to falls and scratches, which is not a very good idea. Most smartphones come with a very fragile screen which means that without a case, a bad fall is just enough to scatter the screen.

Recently, different companies have been making efforts to produce stronger and reinforced smartphone screens, but this is apparently not enough. There’s only a limit to the amount of impact your reinforced screen can take without getting damaged. Replacing the screens of most smartphones costs an outrageous amount of money. Even after fixing some of them, they never return to their initial condition. It is important that you invest wisely by getting your phone a suitable case, as this forms a shield around it.

There are a lot of phone cases in the market but it’s advisable to get a case that is strong and durable enough to absorb shock and impact. The bad side is that a phone case might make your phone really heavy, but it’s a small price to pay. The effect of having your screen shattered is worse.

2. Protect Your Screen

Getting a phone case would also provide some form of protection to your screen. Recently, there are accessories available both online and offline, and it is designed to provide an extra layer of protection to your smartphone screens. One of those accessories is a screen protector. The use of a screen protector on your smartphone is very important and can never be over-emphasized. There is no guarantee that your screen will not shatter on impact just because you have a screen protector attached to it. But again, there’s no harm in providing an extra layer of protection.

The users of different screen protectors have also recounted that their screen lasted longer than usual. Smartphones are designed to always be with you at all times, so the danger of suffering falls and impacts from time to time. Your screen protector should be able to save your screen from cracking as a result of the minor impact. It is also affordable, so it does not take a whole lot of money. You should consider getting a screen protector right after you get your smartphone or get one if you have a smartphone without one already.

3. Be Careful How You Put It Away

This is very important, especially for those living with kids. Your smartphone, just like every gadget with a screen, is very fragile. It is important that you mind where you keep it and who you leave it with. There are some practices people indulge in that, to a very great extent, result in damage or cracks on their smartphones.

One of those practices is putting your smartphones and your keys in the same pocket. Many do this without thinking of the danger; putting your smartphone and your key or keyholder in the same pocket can crack your screen. This is one of the worst culprits of bad screens in most smartphone users. It’s advisable to ensure that you keep your key away from your phone screen.

Another bad practice that greatly decreases the lifespan of most smartphones is being careless with your smartphone, especially when with kids. A little baby does not really understand the importance or the use of your smartphone. Leaving your smartphone with your child is not a very wise thing to do as he or she can easily throw your phone from the balcony. If you must give your baby your smartphone, you should do that under close monitoring to ensure that your smartphone does not get damaged or spoiled.

4. Avoid Water and Extreme Temperatures

Another important tip on how to keep your smartphone safe is by avoiding fluid or extremes of temperature. There’s a very common misconception among smartphone users, and I will be carefully talking about it in this section. You would notice that when you purchase some smartphones, they have the specifications of being water-resistant. This particular specification has led so many smartphone users to use their smartphones for swimming or while washing. 

There is a very sharp difference between your phone being water-resistant and being waterproof. Being water-resistant means that your smartphone can stand being exposed to water for a few minutes or can withstand being exposed to water of certain depths within a limited amount of time. What this means is that you can have your phone in your pocket when it’s raining without it developing a fault; it does not mean that you should use your smartphone for swimming. On the other hand, a device being waterproof means that it has an inherent ability to withstand water for a very long time. 

Most gadgets in the market and, in fact, smartphones only have water-resistant features. A lot of people are misinformed about this, and this has led them to spoil their smartphones. Keep your smartphone away from water as much as possible. It is also advisable not to leave your phone in the very hot sun. This may not have any visible adverse effects, but thinking about the long-term effects would encourage you to do otherwise. Your smartphones contain chips and other components which may not be suitable for exposure under a very hot sun.

5. Keep it Clean

The fifth tip on how to care for your smartphone is to try to keep it clean as much as possible. You might not always notice it, but most smartphones tend to depreciate when left untidy for a very long time. Dust particles can get stuck in different orifices found in your smartphone. One of those openings is your speaker; Some smartphone users have had to change their speaker or even paid a fortune for servicing because of dust particles stuck in their smartphone speaker.

Smartphones have different openings, which include your charging port your phone vent, amongst other necessary openings depending on the brand of smartphones you have. It’s important to keep your food as clean as possible by avoiding those particles. If you mistakenly drop your phone on the floor, it’s important that you try to clean out the dust particles that your phone came in contact with, as these particles can, in the long run, damage the components of your smartphone.

There are some tools that you can use to clean your smartphone. An example of such a tool that helps you clean your smartphone is ScreenKlean.The Screenklean is a wonderful innovation designed to help you get rid of and remove impurities, dirt, oils, dust, and fingerprints from the screens of our smartphones and mobile gadgets.

This tool is so good that, Unlike other screen cleaners that leave smears on your screen, this does not leave smear and smudge after being used. The manufacturers of the ScreenKlean Incorporated a Carbon Molecular Cleaning Technology that has been carefully developed to remove and get rid of dirt, oils, fingerprints, and germs.  

The ScreanKlean be used safely on any brand of gadgets and smartphones, ranging from iPhones, Android, tablets, iPods, iPods, MacBooks s, etc. You can easily use ScreenKlean to clean your tablets, digital cameras, windows, picture frames, game consoles, watches, computers, television, car screens, home appliances, mirrors, MiFi, and all the home appliances and gadgets.

Special and Unique Features of the ScreenKlean

The ScreanKlean has so many amazing features. It is unique and has many benefits that cannot be found easily in other micro-cleaners.

  • Keep your screens HD clear
  • Works on all screens
  • No scratches, no smudge, no smearing
  • 3-in-1 travel case
  • Non-toxic and chemical-free
  • Long-lasting pads
  • Fights bacteria
  • 30 days Money-back Guarantee & one (1) year warranty 

 Below are the prices of the ScreenKlean micro cleaner

  • You buy 1 ScreenKlean +S&H for $19.99
  • You can buy 2, Get one 50% Off +S&H for $49.98 (Save $9.99)
  • You can buy 3, Get 2 FREE! plus FREE USA SHIPPING for $59.97 (Save $39.98)
  • You can buy 4, Get 4 FREE! plus FREE USA SHIPPING for $79.96 (Save $79.96)

6. Streamline and Update Your Apps

We have spent a good number of time discussing how to care for your smartphone’s hardware components but what of the software parts? Most smartphones have pre-installed applications; some give you the liberty to install as many applications as possible. These applications depend on your phone storage; when left without updating, it can slow down your smartphone.

 It’s important to only install software that you need and also to ensure that you update those apps when needed. It is also important that you download applications only from verified sources; Smartphone applications serve as an avenue for the introduction of viruses to your smartphone. Installing an unsafe application can introduce a very dangerous bug that would go on to slow down and even damage your smartphone. It’s advisable to be very careful and make sure you download applications from verified sources. It’s important to also remember to update your applications periodically.

You can also set your applications to automatically update themselves without you having to do it manually. This is a much better option for persons with the necessary funding. Updating smartphones applications require cellular data, and it is understandable that not everyone will be able to afford this. This is the reason why it’s important that you only download applications you need, as it reduces the cost associated with updating them.

7. Clear the Cache

The memory of your smartphone is important. The memory of your smartphone is basically the components and the software aspect of your smartphone that is in charge of storing different data and information. When you install some applications or files, they leave additional junk files, which can slow down your smartphone. These junk files are basically not needed for anything, but when left on cleared can make you really slow. This necessitates the importance of clearing your Cache periodically as this leaves your smartphone fast and smooth.

8. Use Trusted Sources

The Internet has a whole lot of files and applications on different websites. Do not be tempted to download every file or application online without checking the sources. Some of the files and applications on the Internet were put out there to harm your smartphones. Some of these applications are incorporated with Bugs which, when installed in your smartphones, would require you to buy some applications that would help restore your smartphone to Health.

Some of these bugs were put out there by different antivirus companies to help push their products. No one loves throwing money around when he/she can easily avoid such problems by downloading applications and flies from only verified sources.

9. Expand Your Storage

This tip is not really for everyone as some smartphones come with an outrageous amount of storage space, making it unnecessary for you to look for external storage devices. But still, this is important for people with smartphones that do not really have a lot of space. There are a lot of gadgets and devices in the market that can help you get more space for your smartphone; an example of such a gadget is the photo stick Omni.

The Photo Stick OMNI is an external storage medium that can be used to store different files and pictures. This device is designed to make it easier for users to create backups of files. It makes it easier for you to keep your files from a complete loss of data. The photo stick Omni is compatible with:

  • most models of computers
  • smartphones and
  • iPad/tablets

Similar to other memory sticks, this product uses a USB to connect to the respective devices. To enable connection to mobile phones and tablets, a suitable universal plug is already included in the scope of delivery as an adapter.

The PhotoStick OMNI is available in sizes of 32, 64, 128, and 256 GB. This memory bank can store up to 120,000 photos. The manufacturers of the photo stick Omni gave it a sleek design; it is also really portable, so it does not cause space problems. The PhotoStick OMNI can be bought at the following prices.

  • You can buy a 32G PhotoStick OMNI sells for $59.99 (instead of $74.99) 
  • You can buy a 64G PhotoStick OMNI sells for $79.99 (instead of $109.99) 
  • You can buy a 128G PhotoStick OMNI sells for $99.99 (instead of $159.99) 
  • You can buy a 256G Photostick Omni Sells for $149.99 (instead of $269.99)

Conclusion on Tips To Care For Your Smartphone.

In conclusion, This article outlined nine different steps which can help you care for your smartphones. I also recommend some products which would help you keep your phone safe and can also help you get the value you deserve from your smartphone. 

The first gadget recommended, which is the photo stick Omni is a device that would help you create and conserve space; it will also help to keep your photos and other important files safe. The second, the ScreenKlean, would help you to clean your smartphone screen. Dust particles and dirt can harm your smartphone in a good number of ways. I hope you learned a thing or two in this piece. We also encourage you to tell others about the information contained in this piece. See you in our next post.

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