ThePhotoStick Omni Review 2021; Is The Photo Stick Omni Worth The Hype?

by thegadgetoffice
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ThePhotoStick Omni Review: Does it worth my money?

Put your Video and Audio files in a safe place with just one click!

Having lots of fun stuff contained in your computer system sounds great until it gives you storage concerns. We most time feel proud to have lots of photos, audio, and video files on our PC or laptops. It is very nice having the latest songs and trendy movies or having a rich bank of memories with friends, family and so on. Although that is so cool, it would be much cooler if you properly store them well, preventing loss and if those memories stored on your computers could live for the longest time and can be properly sorted and fetched when needed.

So I had my fair share of ‘losing it all’ recently after the lifting of the lockdown order, after a long time indoors due to COVID 19. During the lockdown, I had to suspend my job in Texas and took up a remote job online so I had every good reason to remain indoors with my family in Wisconsin.

And you know, everything was strange having to stay home not just for a day, but for weeks and months. But like the wise men will say, every disappointment is a blessing, I discovered that I had not spent time with my family for a very long time. For years to be precise and if there was a time I did that, it was when I was locked down with them. A crisis turned circus, right?

I decide to enjoy every moment with my family, my wife Nina, and my three boys. We did a lot of things to make the stay indoors and for our mental health. I didn’t want my little boys to feel that everything has sunk, although everything was just quick and draining. We took so many pictures together, made videos of the crazy games we played. Videos during family game night, kitchen sessions, study time, movie time and so many events.

We made sure that every time was well captured for memory’s sake. There were audio records of my wife breaking down because she was fed up with being locked up, she missed her parents and wards she catered for at the school she worked. And my kids praying to God for mercy. It was all recorded so that we could come together as a family and watch how we fought through hard times.

That was the plan until I lost it all…

Yes, I lost everything, the audio files, records, the amazing videos. Everything was all gone. I wasn’t careless at least I am sure of that. It happened that I got a flash drive to store the transferred files on my Desktop for presumed long time storage. So each time I transferred a file from my camera to my PC, I immediately transfer them to the flash drive.

This was going on well until the Fire Nation attacked!

If you watched Michael Dante’s and JM Animation’s ‘Avatar, The Last Air Bender’ well, you will agree with me that the fire nation was very ruthless and destructive. They were the most feared. Same with my flash drive which got visited by its fire nation, Virus.

The Virus corrupted the flash drive and within a short time I could not open the files anymore and I couldn’t see most of them again. That was very pathetic, painful was a vague word to use. How do I break the news to my family…

Well, fast-forward to today, okay let’s go a little back in time…

 I got angry, my boys and my wife felt defeated. I felt so sorry and angry with myself. Then I decided that before I get another external storage device, an angel must convince me to buy one.

I never used a flash drive for a long time, managed the storage in my PC, had no back up which was very risky. I didn’t bother to buy a new flash because I felt every flash drive out there was a scam and virus-infested, used hard drives instead even though I faced huge challenges using them, even though It was clear that over 140,000 hard drives crash every week in the United States, but I didn’t care.

Until I laid my hands on Photostick OMNI

As there are bad people, there are also good people. That is the same case with products. Bad products exist, good ones also exist and there are also outstanding products, which I classify the Photostick Omni under.

I was given the Photostick Omni by my colleague Kelvin who wanted to try out something new at least for another time and since then I have had no regrets using the Photostick Omni flash drive or external storage device. It has a large space to contain as many files as capable including audio, photo, and video files and it goes a step further and helps you sort these files easily, arranging them in the best format for easy search and sorting. It is very reliable, cost-effective, durable, reliable, and virus-free. It is also built to withstand being corrupted by external destructive agents, the fire nation of computer devices including flash drives.

A lot of users encourage the use of the Photo stick Omni, to store files and the Photostick Omni has gained lots of customer reviews in various Photostick Omni Reviews. Due to its efficiency and its amazing features, Photostick Omni has been adjudged a sure bet.

However, in this Photostick Omni Review, we would go further to examine the Photostick whether it worts your money as well as provide all the needful information you need about the Photostick Omni. We shall examine, how it works, what it is, how it works, the benefits of using the Photostick, customer reviews, and many more. So that you can be properly informed about this flash drive or external storage device that is gaining so much traction and attracting so much patronage, you can make the right purchase decision.

Folks, if you are ready to get ThePhotoStick Omni review started, stay with us, it promises to be an interesting read.

What is ThePhotoStick Omni?

Table of Contents

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ThePhotoStick Omni Review

ThePhotostick Omni is an outstanding external storage device that has come to improve the quality of digital storage. The Photostick Omni, automatically finds, stores, and saves up to 60000 photos and videos and it completed this action within seconds, and with just one click.

The Photostick Omni storage device is a portable, compact, lightweight, and sleek storage device that was designed to store files in the best manner.

It is also a file organizer that organizes files stored according to where they fit. The PhotoStick Omni works with many computers and stores files from different computers. And you don’t need to worry, files collected for storage are well sorted out and organized by the Photo stick. When you save memories from more than one computer, The PhotoStick Omni organizes photos and videos for each computer with the name you gave it when you first set up your computer device.

The PhotoStick instantly scans every inch of your computer, scans every file and folder for your photos and videos. Then automatically downloads and saves all your photos and videos to The PhotoStick. The memory system is very safe and secure. Furthermore, The Photostick detects duplicates and automatically saves a single version, thereby maximizing storage space.

As already stated, The Photostick Omni can store over 60000+ files and has a 128Gigabytes capacity. With this, you can store all your pictures and videos without worrying about space. And for a device that can store 60000+ files, you are assured that you have at your disposal, a haven for photos, videos, and general files.

Here is another feature I found to be very helpful: The PhotoStick OMNI will find and store more than just photos and videos.

It also makes documents, voice memos, and music files — more than 100 different file types — and organizes them all for you automatically on the stick.

Bonus: This makes it easy to fix this scary “Save On Strength. Please delete files to provide space.” message of departure. Just plug in The PhotoStick OMNI and you’re good to go!

PLUS… The PhotoStick OMNI is NOT useful ONLY when it comes to supporting your photos.

Also, one striking quality that the Photostick Device possesses, is speed. The speed of transfer and collection is one which you can’t find in any regular flash drive. And instead of the drag and drop which is a normal process in the transfer of files, it is not needed while using the Photo stick. When the Photostick is inserted into your computer, it displays on your computer screen and an icon pops up that reads ‘GO’. Once you click the ‘GO’ icon displayed, immediately your files transfer. This activity happens in the shortest of minutes.

One thing that makes the Photostick Device stand out is its affordability  Unlike hard drives which are very costly, the Photostick OMNI storage Device is rather cheaper and very affordable for all. It saves you the time and energy of searching for files and it is very durable. You won’t need to be changing flash drives all the time.

The photo stick device is proven to work better and more efficiently than most of the hard drives out there because it is not prone to damage, falls and is made of durable materials to allow it to last longer. This device can hold thousands of files safely and is still priced at half the price of the hard drive you can find there.

Photo stick Omni is convenient to use coupled with its portability. It is compact, in the perfect size, and very light. You can take the Photostick Device anywhere you like with ease.

Features of the Photo stick Omni:

Fast function: One great feature of the Photostick Omni is that it functions very fast. It is very quick in transferring files and posses zero lags in its function. Just swipe the photo stick into your device and within seconds your files begin to transfer in sonic speed. And according to Photostick OMNI reviews, the Photostick while collecting these files immediately sorts them out for proper organization.

Comes with an App: The Photostick OMNI comes with an application available for both mobile devices and computers, Windows, IOS, and Android devices. This app works with the Photostick OMNI and helps in the sorting and organizing of files collected by the device. It also helps in the speedy transfer of files. Once you insert the Photostick, you will set an option ‘GO’ once you click the button, files transfer immediately.

Adaptable with various mobile devices: Another great feature of the Photostick OMNI is that is it works with any mobile device.ThePhotoStick OMNI works on: All Windows computers, All Mac (Apple) computers, All smartphones (iPhones, Android, iOS, etc.), All tablets (Galaxy, iPad, etc.)

Easy to Use: Also the Photostick OMNI is super easy and convenient to use. Although built together with software, syncing with mobile devices is very easy to use. Ultimately the basic function of this device is stored in the most efficient and stress-free manner. As a user, you are just expected to slot the device into an adaptable port and that is all.

Large Storage: The Photostick OMNI has very large storage and can store up to 60,000 files. However, from various Photostick OMNI Reviews 2021, Photostick has been said to have the capacity to store 120,000 files and has 250GB storage. This space is more than enough to store thousands of your audio and video files without space running out easily.

Durable: The Photostick OMNI is very durable. It is made of high-quality materials that enable the Photostick to last you for a very long time.

Safer to Use: This portable external storage device is very safe to use. It is virus-free, the manufacturer ensures that with double checks. It is safe for your use and your device does not stand the risk of being corrupted by a virus.

ThePhotoStick Omni Review.jpeg
ThePhotoStick Omni Review

How does ThePhotoStick Omni work?

Using this device involves the following steps:

Step 1: Insert the Photostick Device into your computer( works for both MacBook and Window devices too)

Step 2: Open the program

Step 3: Click GO and that is all.

One advantage of this product is that instead of spending hours saving, selecting, organizing, and searching for files, with just one click, you can do all of these in a matter of minutes.

It is important to note again an outstanding feature of the Photostick Device, which remains speed. The speed of transfer and collection is one which you can’t find in any regular flash drive. And instead of the drag and drop which is a normal process in the transfer of files, it is not needed while using the Photo stick. When the Photostick is inserted into your computer, it displays on your computer screen and an icon pops up that reads ‘GO’. Once you click the ‘GO’ icon displayed, immediately your files transfer. This activity happens in the shortest of minutes.

Benefits of the Photo stick OMNI:

There are many benefits to using Photostick especially if you are very concerned about the longevity of your files on your computer. Using this device can help you save your files for a longer period. It is safe to use and viruses cannot easily destroy them. It can store more than 20000 files and more and can help you create a history of your best memories or events, those events in pictures, which you can not afford to miss.

Additionally, if you want to keep the formatted file system or you want the formatted file format correctly, Photostick should be your first call point. When you use this device to collect files from mobile phones, computer systems or laptops, or different computers the device automatically organizes the collected files according to different sources. Unlike when you use a standard flash drive. It is software that allows Photostick to create a structured set of files.

Also, one amazing feature that Photostick owns, is the speed. The transfer and collection speed is one that you can’t get in any regular flash. And instead of drag and drop which is the normal process in transferring files, it is not required while using the Photo stick. When Photostick is installed on your computer, it appears on your computer screen and an icon appears that reads ‘GO’. Once you click the ‘GO’ icon displayed, immediately transfer your files. This process takes place in the smallest minutes.

Another advantage of using Photostick is its low cost and high quality. Unlike laptops that cost a lot, Photostick is cheaper and more affordable for everyone. It has been proven that the PhotoStick device works better and more efficiently than most of the hard drives out there because it is not prone to damage, falls and is made of durable materials to allow it to last longer. This device can hold thousands of files safely and is still loaded at half the cost of the hard drive you can find there.

The technology behind Photo Stick is impressive. It comes with built-in software that quickly locates files, scans the entire computer, and copies those files on a Photo Stick device. You can control the device on any computer.

It can also be used to transfer files from one computer to the next. Photo Stick will be the bridge between them, and you can put files from one computer on the stick, take the stick with you and insert it in one of the computers. This can be very convenient if the two computers are not close together.

What about duplicate files?

With the PhotoStick OMNI, there is no cause for worry about duplicate files taking up space. The PhotoStick OMNI eliminates these duplicate files and properly sorts your files. This gives room for more space, lessens confusion while finding files, and encourages speedy selection. Most flash drives do not have this feature.

It can also search for files that you could not find yourself. You may have corrupted files on your computer and are unable to find them. They may be in the wrong folder, under the wrong name, or stored in the wrong place. Photo Stick can retrieve those files and add them to the device in a few minutes.

Many people compare Photo Stick to your hard drive or flash. Although similar, PhotoStick OMNI stands out. Photo stick OMNI is what we call “smart storage”.Photo Stick manages to store your files efficiently and easily, eliminating the hassle and burden.

The device helps you search for files easily. You don’t need to waste time checking for files and folders using the normal CLICK AND OPEN process, which can be very tiring. It saves you this stress by performing the role of a file manager.

Other Benefits of the Photo stick OMNI include:

Durable and efficient— PhotoStick OMNI is sustainable and efficient. The device is built to last with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Easy to use: Using ThePhotoStick OMNI is easy. You need to plug it into your computer and let it view, recover and store your images safely.

Best for older people: This device can be used by older adults since it does not require them to memorize any login data. The method of use is very simple.

No monthly payments: Unlike most storage devices that need to renew your subscription period, or service providers will suspend your account.

It does not take any time at all: It takes a few minutes for PhotoStick OMNI to search and download all your photos and videos. Unlike other USB storage devices which sometimes take hours to load a small number of files.

Saves any file type: PhotoStick OMNI can store photos and videos regardless of format. It can store all documents and other file systems.

Works on its own: With ThePhotoStick OMNI, you don’t need to change any parts or connect them to the internet. PhotoStick OMNI restores photos and videos all on its own and preserves them in case of loss or lack of space.

ThePhotoStick Omni Reviews.jpeg
ThePhotoStick Omni Review

Pros and Cons of the PhotoStick OMNI:

Pros (ThePhotostick Omni Review)

• Fast function.

• Can store large files.

•Phtotostick possesses USB 3.0 interface for up to 4800 megabits/second transfer

•The device performs numerous functions. It finds, sorts, and backs up the data automatically

•It has a compact design for better portability

•It has a  universal adapter.

• Comes with a very wide space.

• Doesn’t duplicate files

• Makes sorting, identification, and arrangement of files easier.

• Fits in a mobile phone and other compatible devices.

• Very affordable.

• Recommended for storing official files.

• 40% Discount offered.

Cons (ThePhotostick Omni Review)

• Limited stock: Due to high demand, limited PhotoStick OMNI is available for purchase.

• PhotoStick can only be ordered or purchased on the original site of the manufacturer.

• Not available in physical stores.

Where To Buy ThePhotoStick Omni

To purchase Photostick, place an order through the link below which will direct you to the original site of the manufacturer where you can make a purchase. On the site of the manufacturer you can, find extra information about the Photo stick OMNI if you have not been convinced by Photo stick Reviews. The manufacturer makes use of a very safe payment system and your details remain undisclosed. Order the Photostick today, while stock lasts.

ThePhotostick OMNI Price

A 32GB ThePhotostick OMNI goes for $59.99 each.

A 64GB ThePhotoStick OMNI goes for $79.99.

A 128GB ThePhotoStick OMNI goes for $99.99

A 256GB ThePhotoStick Omni goes for $149.99

ThePhoto Stick Omni Reviews Consumer Reports

Here’s what customers have to say about PhotoStick OMNI

“I don’t believe in these storage devices. It feels like they’re advertising the impossible things like automatic ‘distribution’.Anyway, my perspective on ThePhotoStick OMNI changed when my son got one for himself. I have never seen him with surprise. The bottom line is, the device works like a charm.- Boris

“I lost all my data from last year’s phone. It was an expensive car and I didn’t realize it could die on my own. After I got my new phone, I immediately ordered PhotoStick OMNI.In the past, I have read beautiful reviews about it. As expected, all current photos and videos are stored securely. I update it from time to time to keep up to date.”Kevin Neil

“The name ThePhotoStick OMNI caught my attention as soon as I came across the review. Incidentally, I was considering a cloud backup service at the time. After seeing this USB driver, I thought why would you pay a monthly fee when I can buy more space now? So, I got 256 GB and it gives me amazing service.”Bryan Ken

“I got all my photos, screenshots, and downloads from my phone, tablet, and laptop. It’s fun. I have found many phones have died over the years and a lot of data is on them. I don’t trust the archive or just save the pictures on the device, google takes ALL my, and I don’t know where they are. This stick is worth every penny, ”Sharon said

“A great way to find all your photos. It found over 13,000 images, and once the copy was removed, I was left with 8000+ images. I’m happy I didn’t have to do it myself !!!. Copies are made by looking at the file names, not the photos) Storage Capacity – 8,000+ photos (and some videos) only take up about 6% of PhotoStick’s capacity. (18.7GB out of 117GB) Images can be edited by Name, Size, Location, or Date. You can create folders on a stick to help organize images. You Can Print, Save or Delete Photos “Mark T

The Photo Stick Omni Review.jpeg
ThePhotoStick Omni Review

Frequently Asked Questions (ThePhotoStick Omni Review)

What computers can I use to transfer photos and videos from the device?

Almost all major devices. Android, iPhone, and iPad Supported Android Devices: Compatible with all Samsung, LG, Motorola, and HTC phones using Android OS 6.0 or newer. Support for iOS devices: Compatible with all iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches that have a Flash port. Requires iOS 10.13 or later.

How can I start using ThePhotoStick Omni?

By first installing ThePhotoStick Omni into your computer, you can easily transfer all your photos and videos to your device. It is compatible with almost all modern computers running Windows or Mac Operating Systems. Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.Mac: Mac OS X Version 10.6 and later.

1) Download and Launch the FREE “ThePhotoStick Mobile” App

2) Plug the adapter into your phone or tablet and allow you to search for files

 3) Plug the USB stick into your computer and securely transfer photos and videos (Optional) Plug in your computer to remove photos and videos from your device!

What size file is used when we say 128GB type can store 60,000 images?

The image bar uses an average size of 2MB image file for compression. We chose this size for our calculations because of the approximately 8MP image size stored on the scale. JPEG format. Some file sizes are larger, such as camera RAW files, movie files. MOV and.MPEG4 and photos are taken with cameras that can take pictures more than 8MP, so the number of images that can be stored on PhotoStick Omni may vary.

Can I use ThePhotoStick Omni as a backup?

 Of course, you can. Many people use ThePhotoStick Omni every night to make quick and easy backup to ensure that they continue to protect their memory.

How long is the delivery time?

The manufacturer delivers on time. However, because of COVID-19, the order takes 10-20 days depending on the country order is from.

Final Remark On ThePhotoStick Omni Review

The Photostick OMNI is an external storage device, you can trust. Photo stick goes a step further in improving storage technology and with the incorporation of software/App, a more effective arrangement of files in your PC, mobile phones, tablets, etc, is enhanced. If you are looking for a device to store your files for a long time, the Photostick OMNI is that product that can serve. It keeps everything safe and if you can’t afford to lose important files, stick with the Photo stick. Order Photostick today and give your files a haven.

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