Perropal Nail Grinder Review 2020: Is it Worth it?

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Perropal Nail Grinder Review

Nail grooming for pets especially dogs is one aspect that is a big hassle both for the pet owners and the pets themselves. Before now,  many pet owners found their way straight to the vet house to spend money in order to get their pets’ nails groomed as it was a difficult thing to carry out in their homes. The idea of taking the pets to the vet is something the pets do not like as much as having their claws cut and it’s neither convenient for the owners too, but due to the risk involved in cutting to the ‘quick’ using the traditional nail clipper, pet owners would rather not take the risk.  

With the advent of nail grinders, things became a lot easier for pet owners as they can now stay in the comfort of their homes to get their best friend’s nails groomed in the least painful way, without spending money elsewhere. Nail grinder is no doubt a better alternative to clippers as it makes the job more refined and do not leave your pets’ claws with sharp edges as the traditional clippers would. 

However, the nail grinder technology has also undergone exponential growth to something even more refined like the Perropal product we are here to review. 

Perropal pet Nail grinder offers beautiful, and advanced features that will even make your pets’ nail grooming easier. Read the complete Perropal Nail Grinder review to find out more about this product. 

What is the Perropal Pet Nail grinder? 

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Perropal Nail Grinder Review

 The PerroPal nail grinder aims to make the activity of grooming your pets’ nails easy. Since the activity is far from easy when you’re cutting your pet’s nail with a trimmer, the PerroPal pet nail grinder makes it super simple. The device only has one button, which you have to press to make it work. Upon pressing the button, the grinder on top of the device starts to rotate at an adjustable speed, which you can then use to grind the nails of your pet. 

 PerroPal allows you to take the stress out of maintaining your pet’s claws.  Too long claws can interfere with hygiene and worsen injuries, but PerroPal makes it possible to groom your dog’s claws much faster, without having to visit a grooming salon.  Groom your dog’s claws safely and in the comfort of your home by ordering today! 

The product has a grinder attached on top of it that is gentle when you’re grooming the nails of your pet. It becomes your dog’s best friend because it gets rids of the anxiety that comes with trimming your dog’s nails. The PerroPal nail groomer also reduces your trips to the vet because various pet owners decide to take to their pets to the vet whenever they have to get the nails of their dogs trimmed. These occasional trips to the vet can be expensive and can take a lot of time from your daily activities. 

Perropal Nail grinders shorten the nail bit by bit, as opposed to cutting them off in chunks. This is slower but safer, and it doesn’t require as much hand strength. They don’t create splits or splinters like clippers can, and instead leave a smooth nail that’s unlikely to catch on anything or accidentally scratch. 

Perropal Nail Grinders are also good for dogs with dark nails, where the quick is difficult to see. But not all dogs are comfortable around the noise and vibration of a grinder—and the friction can cause the nail and the bit to heat up, so you need to take frequent breaks. 

How Perropal Nail grinder works 

It’s also worth considering that the PerroPal nail groomer will make life safer and more convenient for various pet owners around the world. Because the task of cutting the pet’s nails is so difficult for some pet owners, they don’t manage to do it at all. This leaves their pet with long nails that can not only injure the pet but possibly a human, too. The PerroPal Nail grinder has a button that works at just one ‘press’. There is an option to regulate the speed even as you gradually groom your pet’s nails. 

Another interesting feature of the device is the option to change the speed of the grinder. This can be important when you’re cutting different parts of the nail. The top of the nail is always the hardest so when you’re cutting the top, try to keep the grinder at its maximum speed. However, when you’re cutting the corners of the nail that come in contact with the skin, try to keep the speed slow, so you don’t harm your pet. The device also comes with an LED that you can use to understand when the device needs to be charged. 

Also, another beautiful feature is that the PerroPal pet nail grinder can also be used for grooming the nails of pets other than dogs. You can also use this device to trim the nails of cats, but make sure the speed of the device is set at the appropriate speed. 

Why use Perropal? 

Long, unkempt nails is ugly, but not just that, after some time they can harm your dogs (also your floors). At the point when nails are long to such an extent that they continually contact the ground, they apply power once more into the nail bed, making torment for the dog (envision wearing a too-close shoe) and weight on the toe joint. Long haul, this can really realign the joints of the foreleg and make the foot looked straightened and spread.  

Once more, this isn’t only a stylish issue, it’s a useful one: Compromising your dog’s weight  distribution and normal alignment can leave her more powerless to wounds, and make strolling and running troublesome and agonizing. This is particularly significant in more seasoned dogs whose stance can be drastically improved by scaling back ignored nails.  

In outrageous cases, congested nails can bend and develop into the stack of the foot. Yet, regardless of whether they are not that wild, long nails can get torn or part, which is excruciating and, contingent upon seriousness, may be treated by a veterinarian.  

Also, at long last, unattended nails make an endless loop: Because the extra-long nails connect with his paws agonizing for the dog, he abstains from having them contacted, which prompts disagreeable nail-cutting meetings, which causes both human and other dogs to evade them, which prompts longer spans between manages, which prompts more pains as a matter of fact.. 

 The various PerroPal reviews online have made it clear to potential customers that it has an exemplary delivery system. You’ll get your device within a few days of your delivery. 

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Perropal Nail Grinder Review

What Makes Perropal unique? 

In the past, a lot of pet owners trip to the Vet. to have their pets claws groomed but the real deal now is that, the activity isn’t worth it because it’s something you could do in the comfort of your own home if you had the device to make the job possible. Previously, dog owners did not have much of a choice because their only option was an annoying clipper that dogs have feared. But now, thanks to the PerroPal electric dog nail trimmer, pet owners can perform this activity in their own homes.

The PerroPal pet nail groomer takes away all the stress that is associated with the activity of trimming your pet’s nails. Not only will this device make the task enjoyable, but it will also make your pet trust you. Also, the device has a feature that regulates speed, which is just perfect for sensitive dogs. You don’t want to traumatize them at the start. 

What you will get 

PerroPal electric dog nail grinder can be bought through its official online website. But make sure that you don’t get fooled by the counterfeit products that are sold online using the same brand name, go to the official website. To make sure you’ve bought the official PerroPal electric dog nail trimmer – make sure you get these items when you order the nail grinder: 

1 x PerroPal Nail Groomer 

1 x USB Charging Cable 

1 x User Manual 

Benefits of Perropal Nail grinder 

Reduces your pet’s nail grooming anxiety 

PerroPal’s Nail Groomer takes the stress out of maintaining your pet’s nails and claws. Nails that are too long can be painful and hinder your pet’s ability to properly groom and scratch themselves. Fortunately, PerroPal turns what could be a scary nail grooming experience into something much more pleasant. 

This electric pet nail grinder was designed having in mind your pet’s needs and is 100% safe, enjoying a diamond bit grinder which protects your dog’s delicate nail nerves from injuries. No pain or discomfort for a stress-less experience! 

Save money! No more costly nail cutting appointments 

Are you tired of spending your money on expensive dog grooming salons each month? Would you like to make sure your pet enjoys a painless, no-stress nail clipping experience? The Perropal dog nail grinder is the perfect solution! 

Easy to use on dogs, cats and other four-legged friends. 

Unlike similar products on the market, this powerful dog nail grinder will help you groom your pets’ nails as painless as possible. It has all the sophisticated designs to help you achieve the best nail grooming for your pets. 

Quick and humane 

The Perropal dog nail grinder is a must-have accessory for all responsible pet owners who understand the importance of maintaining well groomed, healthy nails. With Perropal and all it’s beautiful features, your dog will enjoy an ultra-comfortable, painless and non-traumatizing nail grinding experience in the comfort of your own home! 


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Perropal Nail Grinder Review
  • Can be used on: dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and other house animals; 
  • Rechargeable battery with large autonomy; 
  • Replaceable sanding drums 
  • Variable speeds 
  • Non-slip grip 
  • Built-in LED detail light 
  • Removable grinding guard with detailing hole 
  • Package includes: nail grinder, USB charger cable, instructions manual,  

How to Use Perropal Dog Nail Grinder 

  • First accustom your dog to the sound of the grinder. Do this by turning on the grinder and offering him some irresistible treats. This way, he can begin associating the sound with a pleasant reward. 
  • Make sure dog is in a comfortable position. Carefully place the grinder onto the nail, choosing the appropriately sized port when using a nail guard. And please start with the low speed. 
  • Only grind a small amount at a time. Grind across the bottom and then carefully in from the tip of the nail, smoothing rough edges as you go. Rewarding your dog every single time you do one of the steps. 
  • Hold the dog securely with his paw extended. Always be prepared to stop temporarily if the dog struggles, and you need to position him again before proceeding. 
  • Working on one nail at a time, gently apply the grinder to the bottom of the nail tip, and slowly bring it up and around to the top of the nail tip. When you reach the top of the tip, work back down to your starting point again. 
  • Repeat this process several times until you’ve removed the sharp tip, but not so much that you grind into the quick and make the nail bleed. 
  • When you’ve taken off as much length as you need to, gently apply the grinder in a circular motion around the tip several times to polish it smooth. 
  • Make sure your best friend gets the best possible care with this professional nail grinder! 

Why Nail grinders is best for your pets’ nail grooming. 

  • Grinding is virtually painless when it’s done properly, although your dog may need to become accustomed to the vibration of the grinder head against his nails. You can get a nice, smooth tip that looks quite natural, rather than the jagged tips that many trimmers leave behind. 
  • A Closer Cut: A Nail Grinder, allows pet owners to achieve shorter results than if they were using a traditional set of clippers. There is also less of a chance of hitting the ‘quick’ in the nail. This also results in longer times between trimmings. 
  • No Sharp Edges: Using a Nail Grinder won’t leave sharp edges like traditional clippers. This results in fewer scratches when your excited pup sees you after a long day and reduced damage to floors, furniture, or clothing. 
  • Less Pressure: A Nail Grinder puts less pressure on your dog’s nails, resulting in a more comfortable and docile pup. 
  • Less Splits: A nail grinder gives a smooth edge to your dog’s nails. This helps your dog as it prevents their nails from getting caught in carpets or other furniture. It will also help you especially if your dog tends to jump up on you because smooth nails don’t cause as many scratches as compared to sharp nails. Splits, or shards, are common when using traditional clippers. However, when using a grinder, the risk of uncomfortable splits is drastically reduced. 
  • Thick Nails: A Nail grinder is perfect for pooches with thicker nails. Where traditional clippers might struggle, a Nail Grinder will easily smooth out and round thick nails without fail. You may find it difficult to clip your dog’s nails with a clipper if they are too thick. In that case, the nail grinder is very helpful as it will grind down even thick nails. 
  • More comfortable: Dogs are not comfortable with getting their nails trimmed. If your dog has had a bad experience with clippers in the past and has got hurt then he might get anxious when you use a clipper to trim its nails. When you use a grinder, you can ensure that you avoid cutting the ‘quick’ area of the nail and prevent any hurt to your dog. 
  • Easy to Handle: 

If you are a new pet owner then you will find it easier to use a nail grinder for trimming your dog’s nails. When you use a nail clipper you have to be very careful while you trim your dog’s nails or else you may hurt your dog. Nail grinders are comparatively easier to handle and use. 

 Nail trimming is one of the most arduous things for many dog owners, especially if you don’t own the correct equipment. 

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Perropal Nail Grinder Review

Where to buy Perropal Nail Grinder

Perropal Nail Grinder can be gotten at a very affordable price and that is why people are going for thIs product in France, the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom. It can be gotten directly from the official website. We usually advise our audience to buy products directly from the manufacturer. This will ensure you get the original version of the product and also give you access to any offer available for the product.

You can click the greeen link below to buy directly from the company,s official site.

Perropal Nail Grinder Customers Reviews 

“I have two dogs, one puppy and one 13 year old. The PerroPal Nail Groomer works great for both of them. No fuss from either pet. The biggest thing is that I don’t have to pay for all those groomer visits. My sister also has two dogs so I’m thinking of getting one for her as well, I’m sure she would appreciate it!” 

“I never thought that my Jack Russel Terrier would ever let me trim his nails. He’s really the energetic type and has a hard time keeping still. The PerroPal makes the job easy. Do they have something like this for people? Very satisfied with my purchase.” 

“To start my 12-year-old nail grinder finally gave up. Of course, while I was grooming our dog. He had one foot trimmed until Gasky grinder arrived. I was really surprised and thrilled with Gasky Pet Nail Grinder. It fits perfectly in my hand, the motor is very quiet. What’s really great about it is that I’m able to really fit this grinder inside near his inner nail and dull the points missed by my old grinder. He wasn’t nervous about my new appliance and neither was his groomer, me!!. I recommend this pet nail grinder to any and all who are nervous about trimming and especially about cutting the nails of their small, medium family members. Thank you.” 

“This product is great! I have two medium sized dogs who each weigh 48 pounds. The grinder worked perfectly on their toe nails. It is very quiet. I was able to trim the nails on each my dog’s four paws without running out of battery power. I still have battery power for the next time I trim their nails. One of my dogs is fairly calm about doing her nails. It took about 10 or 15 minutes to do all four of her paws.

My other dog has always been horribly nervous about having her nails done. My husband still had to feed her kibble while I did her nails but she was much, much calmer because the grinder is so quiet. It took about the same amount of time to do her nails as my other dog. It used to take twice as long as the other products I have tried. The grinder is lightweight, easy to hold, and use. If you have a nervous dog, get this product. It made a huge difference for me and my dogs.” 

“The grinder arrived on time. After a bad experience as a pup, our little dog is always afraid when having her claws clipped. We spent a few minutes allowing her to experience the operating vibrations of the grinder by placing the handle on the top of her toes, then gave her claws a trim. She was completely at ease while her claws were filed – all in all, a great success! The grinder is quiet, gentle, easy to use, and well worth the asking price.” 

“Good Value pack tool. It comes with rechargeable battery and 1 usb cable for easy recharge. After I remove the top cap it was very easy for me to Grand my dog nail and noise was also not too loud which made my dog to easy sit and finish all nails grinding. Now I don’t need to go every time for nails cutting as I can do myself with this handy machine. Love it. Very strong build up quality” 

“My pet bulldog, Buddy, loves the PerroPal and so do I. I’ve never been very comfortable using the clippers. I remember trimming one of his nails and cutting it a bit too short. He’s been terrified of the clippers ever since. The PerroPal Pet Nail Groomer has a good grip and plenty of power. I give Buddy a treat and turn on the nail grinder. It doesn’t bother him at all.” 

Frequently asked questions  (Perropal Nail Grinder Review)

How Long Should Your Dog’s Nails Be? – The speed with which a dog’s nails grow differs from one breed to another, so there may not be a one-size-fits-all solution for how often to trim your dog’s nails. Instead, you should pay attention to the length and determine when it is time to trim them. Your dog’s nails should be just above the pad when his foot is flat on the floor. 

How Often Should I Trim My Dog’s Nails? – Generally speaking, you should plan to trim your dog’s nails once every week or two, depending how quickly they grow. If you choose to use a nail grinder, you may want to do it once a week to maintain the proper length. For nail clippers, every two weeks may work better just to make sure you don’t accidentally cut the nail too short and sever the quick. 

Do Grinding A Dog’s Nails Hurt Them? 

Overall, no. One of the main reasons why dog owners switch to grinder form traditional scissors clipping is because they can’t hurt their dog. However, if you are not careful you can provoke pinching. Pinching can cause discomfort and pain, even if you don’t cut into the quick. 

Do Long Nails Hurt Dogs? 

Too long nails can be painful for dogs. Long nails can cause a dog to lose traction in their paws, making it significantly easier for them to fall and slip. This can cause additional pain in the nail alone. 

 Does Walking Your Dog Trim Their Nails? 

You have to trim dog’s nails regularly. However, taking your dog out on walks outdoors can help cut down on the number of trimmings a dog needs. Also, dog’s who don’t run or walk will need their nails trimmed more often. 

 Should You Hear Your Dog’s Nails On The Floor? 

Some breeds have so short nails that you can barely see them, such as the Doberman Pinscher. However, this is not a rule. The commonly accepted rule is that when a dog is standing, the nails shouldn’t make contact with the ground. If you hear your dog coming, it means that his nails are too long. 

Conclusion  (Perropal Nail Grinder Review)

Perropal is an ultimate Anxiety Stopper for Your Dog Research shows that anxiety is very bad for dogs. Why put them through the stress of an unnecessary visit to the vet? It’s just making them more anxious and this can lead to other undesirable behaviors such as being overly aggressive or using the bathroom inside the house.  The use of nail grinder for dogs has helped greatly in maintaining pets hygiene while saving cost and improving convenience.  

Grinding creates heat which may frighten your dog a bit. Be prepared to take your time and give your dog breaks the first few times you use the grinder. He’ll eventually get used to the warmth, as well as the way the grinder feels against his nails. You can also work on each nail a little at a time to keep heating to a minimum. 

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