Cavalier Essentials Review 2020: Should I buy this Haircut machine?

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Cavalier Essentials Review

Even if Cavalier Essentials hair clipper doesn’t make up for this great need, we are aware that most likely people tend to look at our hair after staring at our faces for the first time we come in contact. Hence, our hair is one of the first things people notice about us. It is often believed that it gives a hint about our sense of style, attitude and perception.

For the majority of women, they have to grow their hairs for the hairdressers and hairstylists to work on them. These dressers and stylists twist attachments and weavons of different sizes and shapes to decorate their hair in such a fashion that they always look attractive to any beholder. But for the men folk, it’s a whole new ball game. They have to cut their hair to maintain their handsomeness. As such, they are at the mercy of the barbers. Actually, barbers are doing their best in trying to give them the best haircut in town. 

But what do you do when you can’t get to the barbershop? What do you do when you don’t even have money to give to the barber? Assuming you and your children want to have some stylish cut but you’ve run out of cash or as we’re in a global lockdown, you can’t get to a barber across the street? Will you give up and embrace the caveman look of your hair and that of your children? 

Could you believe that: trying to get to the barbershop, paying someone to cut your hair and waiting for your turn in the barbershop would be a past action with Cavalier Essentials Hair Clipper? So you could save yourself all these stress and save tons of money too. With your own hands, you could give yourself the style you actually wanted to cut. Sounds unbelievable like a fairy tale? But that is pretty possible and easy if you would calm down to go through our detailed review of Cavalier Essentials hair clipper for your smooth and attractive haircut. 

Great chunk of the male have always assumed that cutting their hair is just one of those things they couldn’t do by themselves. To some, it is a skill which only the barber knows too well. How the barber handles the clipper, pruning the hair to give them a fine look and clear cut, send ripples of amazement all over their body. Their heads feel the delicate hand of the barber as he ensures that the cut matches the style they have chosen. 

It’s just a few among them who never liked going to the barber. They prefer doing the cut themselves as some of them are not good at explaining how they want their hair to look to the barber who might never understand their stylish description.

To the men folk generally and to the women who like having their hair cut, Cavalier Essentials hair clipper is here to help you take hair back into your own hands. As a new grooming tool, the hair clipper has the best style of haircut without stepping out of your house. So, you will cut and trim your hair in the comfort of your home within some minutes. 

This Cavalier Essentials review is meant to address the product’s benefits, specifications, customers’ reviews, and also tell you whether it is safe and effective to use or not.  We pray you not to be impatient with reading through this, rather you should hold on to this page as you will  soon be able to decide  whether Cavalier Essentials hair clipper is for you or not by the time you will flip to the end of this article.

Do not hesitate or forget to share to your friends as they might be as worried as you are concerning having their haircut themselves. 

What Does Cavalier Essentials Mean?

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In the business world, Cavalier Essentials is seen as a new men’s grooming company which is concerned with making hair clippers mostly designed for personal use. What this means is that the clipper from this company is specifically made for people who want to cut their own hair. And therefore, is a self-tool for cutting your own hair as a man or a woman who likes cutting her hair. 

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Cavalier Essentials Review

As the utmost men’s grooming tool, Cavalier Essentials hair clipper is powered by a high performance gear motor that makes it possible for no-rough cutting. It is without cord and is paired with Q-SUS low-noise technology which will ensure that cutting hair won’t sound like mowing the tree with a gas-saw. The mental handle will make it easy to control. The rechargeable Li-on battery will make it possible to be used with or without power as far as it’s charged previously. 

Cavalier Essentials Hair Clipper’s Specifications 

  • Taper Lever – Multi-lock system for easy blending
  • High Grade Stainless Steel – Anti-rust blades with superior precision and sharpness
  • Cordless – Tangle-free maneuverability
  • High Performance 4 Gear Motor – Glides smoothly through hair
  • Ergonomic Metal Handle – Designed for comfort and easy control
  • Low Noise Technology – Provides whisper-quiet cutting
  • Rechargeable Li-on Battery – Up to 5 hours of run time

Cavalier Essentials Package

  • x1 Cavalier Clipper Kit
  • x1 FREE Protective Hair Cape and Dual-End Comb
  • FREE Access to Professional Barber Master Classes
  • Bonus: FREE Access to “Cut your own hair like a pro” master class

Benefits of Cavalier Essentials Hair Clipper 

Without being told, you can actually guess one or two benefits you can get from using Cavalier Essentials product hair clipper as opposed to going to the barbershop. Even though the investors of the product didn’t put forward the benefits users will get, it still did not negate the fact that many of the users have already attested to the benefits and many are still attesting to. Yours won’t be a different case. 

Your Hair In Your Hand

With the free access to professional barber master classes and free access to “Cut your own hair like a pro” master class, you are almost close to being a trained barber. Watching the videos will teach you jowls best to give yourself the best cut you  desire so much. By doing so, Cavalier Essentials Hair Clipper puts your hair back in your hands. Therefore, you are no longer at the mercy of the barber to have a good haircut. You do not need to sneak out of your home, to roam around the locked-down street searching for a barber. All you need is to have your own Cavalier Essentials clipper and then, you decide the fate of your hair. You can give yourself the best stylish haircut you ever wanted to have. You can trim and cut your hair to the level you always wanted it to be. You can style it in any of the styles you ever liked but have never had it because you could not afford the pay. 

The Money Meant For the Barber is Back In Your Pocket. 

To some of you, it doesn’t matter paying the barber few dollars. However, since I started using Cavalier Essentials, I have actually saved those dollars I would have given to the barber. That’s awesome. Just a one time payment to have my own clipper, I pay no more. Sometimes, when my hair has grown, I will bring out the money meant for it, place it on the table, bring out my Cavalier clipper and have my cut. After that, I will put the money back in my pocket and smile. That joy of making the right choice. I can easily spend the money on something more important instead of paying a barber. 

Doesn’t this actually make sense to you? You’ve to put back the money you pay to barbers. Yeah, it doesn’t really count, you might say? But it does. You no longer spend on having a haircut. You can even choose to have a lifetime warranty of your product and that means you will never lose anything from buying the clipper and saving the little money you’ve been giving to the barber. The worst scenario being that you can’t even get your barber now that we are facing a global lockdown or even when the whole thing is over, you might run out of cash to always visit a barber. 

No Stress And Waiting For Your Turn

One of the customers who patronized Cavalier Essentials Hair Clipper decided to try the service after getting fed up with trying to schedule a haircut for three teenagers. 

Hear what the user said exactly: “My boys have never looked better! I got fed up with trying to schedule haircuts for three teenagers every month.” 

What this means is that Cavalier Essentials is here to save you from the stress of scheduling a haircut with a barber and therefore, you never have to wait for the barber any longer. The stress is gone forever if only you can pick just one orore Cavalier Essentials hair clipper. 

Cavalier Essentials Review.jpeg
Cavalier Essentials Review

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Who is Cavalier Essentials Hair Clipper for?

You might be wondering who Cavalier Essentials hair clipper is actually made for? Of course, the product is designed for men but women can also use it. As far as you want to have a hair cut, the clipper is meant for you. 

While the clipper was primarily designed for men’s hair styles, it will work on any kind of hair. So the women are not left out. If your hair is busy, or you want to change trim  or re-style it, simply order for your own pack of Cavalier Essentials clipper. It will do you lots of good. 

Teenagers are not left out of this. So basically, everyone who wants to cut, trim or style their hair can use a Cavalier Essentials clipper to do it. It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female. It’s meant for your hair. As a woman, you might never have a haircut but your children are in need of it, all you need to do is to get them one or two of Cavalier Essentials clippers and watch them have their cuts under your roof. As a dad, you might be bald but your children are not. Will you leave them to be looking cavemen-like because you could not schedule a time with the barber due to the lockdown or even after the lockdown? Of course, you won’t. Therefore, you need to get them Cavalier Essentials Hair Clipper. After going through the master class videos, you will be able to cut your children’s hair yourself. You won’t need the barber or any third party. It will be you and your children. 

Is Cavalier Essentials Hair Clipper scam?

Owing to the rate of scam floating around, many people are becoming more careful when they are confronted with any product offer. However, we’re bound to be honest in our product reviews for your maximum interest and satisfaction. 

Hence, as regards to whether Cavalier Essentials is a scam, we make bold to say no! Cavalier Essentials hair clipper works just as you would expect it! No customer has ever reported it to be fake. In fact, the one I bought works normal and the clipper cuts like magic. 

 So you would be doing yourself a great deal of damage if you are thinking that the product is fake or has some fault. Be mindful that there are a lot of clippers out there from different companies. Therefore, do not mistake them for Cavalier Essentials to avoid regrets. Always choose wisely. Cavalier Essentials is at it’s best if your hair has gotten out of control. It’s snag-free, easy to control, and has a durable battery that lasts up to 5 hours. 

Cavalier Essentials Review.jpeg
Cavalier Essentials Review

Cavalier Essentials Clipper Price and where to buy

Where can I buy Cavalier Essentials Clipper?

Buying Cavalier Essentials won’t be tiresome because you can currently buy it only on the manufacturer’s official website. To process the payment, you ought to have a valid credit card or a valid PayPal account. The reason being that they are the only payment method accepted at the moment. Following this process duly will ensure that you purchase the original product and not the fake one. Be it known to you that purchasing from a place other than the official website of the manufacturer might imply that you would be scammed of your money. So avoid the heartbreaking story by purchasing directly from the website. There are no two websites: just one official website. 

To make sure customers can purchase this clipper, the company has a threat tier offer of 50% Discount on their ordering page. Currently, users can choose from:

1 Cavalier Essentials Package (Most Popular)  $109.99

2 Cavalier Essentials Packages $201.99 

3 Cavalier Essentials Packages $274.99

Be it known to you that you can get refunded or  the item replaced if the design and structure of the product doesn’t exactly meet your needs. However, the only condition is that the product won’t exceed a period of 30 days in your hand. And you have to send the item back in the original unopened packing. After the stipulated period, the guarantee expires. 

Chance For A Lifetime Warranty 

To buttress further that this company and the product are not a scam, the company offers a lifetime warranty of your product. The warranty is a one time offer which is only valid with an additional of $22. Paying the said many means that your product is covered for LIFE and therefore, you stand to lose nothing. 

Customer Reviews of Cavalier Essentials Hair Clipper 

From the start of this article, you might have been feeling anxious to know what users have said and are saying about this product. What more can I say? We are at the exact points you want to hear. The opinions of Cavalier Essentials users are here to show you that the product has no skeleton in the keyboard. It’s a product that has come to help you serve the needs of your hair by yourself. 

To be frank with you, Cavalier Essentials Hair Clipper is already trending in the United States and other regions at large but what exactly are users of this product saying about it. I guess you are impatient to know what these users have said about the product? Now, check out below:

“I can’t believe I used to pay someone else to cut my hair. I always assumed it was just one of those things you couldn’t do by yourself, but Cavalier Essentials makes it easy! I actually prefer the way my hair looks now and I’m saving a ton of money by skipping the barber.” James V. – Washington

From the above statement, you will understand that James’s actually delighted with using Cavalier Essentials product to the point that he understood how foolish it’s to have been wasting his money on barbers. Now, he’s saving a lot of money and is also satisfied with the look of his hair. James had never imagined that he could cut his own hair by himself because he found it impossible. But he’s proven wrong. He now skips the barber. You too could do the same.

I never liked going to the barber, I’m just not good at explaining how I want my hair to look. Now I don’t have to! The videos make it surprisingly easy to learn and the clipper [woks] like magic. It’s only been a couple months, but I’ve already gotten good enough to give myself a fade!” Tom R. · Utah

Tom is never happy going to have his cut in the barbershop as he’s not perfect in telling the barber the style he would cut him. However, he no longer worries about that. He was able to master how to give himself a professional-looking cut by watching the master-class videos. 

“My boys have never looked better! I got fed up with trying to schedule haircuts for three teenagers every month, so I decided to give Cavalier Essentials a try, and I’m so glad I did! They get a lot [off] compliments on how their hair looks now. I must be doing something right because my husband has asked me to start cutting his hair too!” Megan P. · Washington

Megan is just a happy woman seeing that she no longer needs to worry about scheduling a time with the barber for her boys. She’s extremely glad she gave Cavalier Essentials hair clipper a try since even her husband has requested her service. Even the looks of her boys haircut were complimented. 

The above testimonies will help clear out the fog of doubt you might have about the product. The product has real users and these users are saying something positive about it. 

Frequently Asked Question (Cavalier Essentials Review)

Can I really learn how to cut my own hair with Cavalier Essentials?

Yes, you can! By practicing with our library of masterclass videos, you can quickly learn how to give yourself a professional-looking haircut in any style.

Is it safe to use the Cavalier Essentials clipper on children?

Yes, absolutely. The clipper is quiet, skin safe, and designed to prevent hair tugging and snagging.

Will the Cavalier Essentials clipper work on women’s hair?

Yes! While the clipper was primarily designed for men’s hair styles, it will work on any kind of hair.

How do I clean the Cavalier Essentials clipper?

The clipper comes with a special brush to remove hair from the blades and lubricating oil to keep the motor running smoothly.

Will I need a pair of scissors to finish the job?

The Cavalier Essentials clipper is perfectly capable of completing an entire haircut on its own. If you want to add a little extra style or a few finishing touches, we recommend the Styling Kit upgrade.

What about the rest of my body hair?

The Cavalier Essentials clipper is only intended for the hair on top of your head. If you want to trim your beard or body hair, we recommend the Grooming Kit upgrade.

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