Camolighter Review 2021: Is this Electric Survival Lighter worth it?

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CamoLighter Reviews:

Have you been fed up with having to constantly replace plastic lighters that never work when they are needed? If yes, then, a futuristic-looking environmentally friendly lighter is the ideal alternative – Camolighter. Originally made for the military, this Camolighter was developed with an insane sounding specification

In the recent world, lighter has become one of the most often used household lighting devices. However, lighter is never taken seriously as an important instrument. Lighter is indeed a valuable, daily household / personal tool that assists with a variety of tasks. As with every other tool, lighter has changed significantly over time. 

In the beginning, the traditional flint spark and butane models of lighters gained popularity. However, zippo lighters pushed themselves into the market, gaining popularity afterwards. But today,  a new era of lighters has evolved: the Camolighter which used the same technology Nikola Tesla used in his coil invention. 

Camolighters emit no flame or smoke, produce no sparks or odor, and are completely safe to use. Camolighter only produces a high-pitched gentle noise and the next thing is seeing light on whatever the person wants to light. For a variety of purposes, Camolighter is superior to conventional lighters and matches. They’re safer, less expensive and much more dependable and effective.  

Proceed with this camolighter review to discover why this rechargeable USB lighter has been on the minds of those searching for a dependable, robust, waterproof, windproof, and affordable lighter.

What Is The Camolighter USB Rechargeable Light? 

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Camolighter review

Camolighter is a revolutionary new Tesla coiled powered lighter. It is an innovative lighting technology that gives users the opportunity to replace their long-necked candle lighters and disposable Bic lighters because as the butane gas inside those lighters depletes, they gradually lose their effectiveness until there is none left. 

Camolighter is made of plasma rather than butane gas. Plasma which is also known as the fourth state of matter, is an ionized gas that allows electrons to flow. Since they do not contain flammable gas, the camolighter is safer than butane lighters.

Camolighter is a self-contained lightning device that creates a windproof, waterproof flame. Camolighter is a useful technology that is also known as plasma lighter, electric lighter, USB rechargeable lighter, and arc lighter. CamoLighters are tough, water-resistant, and windproof.

CamoLighter is definitely the lighter world’s “Alpha Male.” In today’s world, the Camolighter is a rough, gritty, rugged basic tool that individuals in need of a lighting device cannot do without. The bottom of the Camolighter lighter housing houses a solid LED flashlight.

Who Developed Camolighter and With Which Technology? 

The Camolighter was developed by a combined team of military scientists and engineers, using the technology of Nikola Tesla, a legend of engineering and science.

One of Nikola Tesla’s creations, the Tesla Coil, is basically manmade lightning in a bottle, enabling Tesla to use the lightning power in his hand and to do whatever he wanted. Though the Tesla Coil is recognized and exhibited by Tesla decades ago, it has recently turned out to be the most remarkable tool in the recent world.

For the record, a typical Tesla coil needed tens of thousands and thousands of volts of electricity and just a half-inch of power lines to turn it on. But in a battery operated handheld version, there would be a way of achieving a similar effect at a smaller scale.

The makers of the CamoLighter, a groundbreaking new coiled lighter, used this same technology Tesla has used in developing his coil. This remarkable light was originally designed for the military who needed a lighter that uses no fuel of any sort, rechargeable, resistant to wind and works in extreme weather conditions. 

At first, the assigned teams of military scientists and engineers were perplexed as to how such a lighter could be made. However, they later ended up creating something that did not exist previously on this planet, something akin to alien technology. 

The CamoLighter was born with the ability of generating a plasma arc using a Tesla Coil and a lithium ion battery. Recall from physics that matter exists in three states: solid, liquid, and gas. Indeed, those are the ones you recall, but there is a fourth state of matter called plasma, which is what lightning is composed of.

Technical Details Of CamoLighter Survival Lighter

Most often, a product’s specifications are what pushes innovative individuals to start considering buying such a product. A product is often considered high-end and superior if its technical data are superior to existing products. With this in mind, this CamoLighter review summarizes the below specifications:

  • Dimension: 2.8 x 1.9 x 0.75 inches
  • Top-Facing Plasma Dual Arcs: Makes lighting larger objects simpler.
  • Long battery life (approximately 300-500 uses per charge)
  • Built-in water-resistant flashlight: There are three settings: light, ultra-bright, and flashing. Lumens: 100
  • 15″ Paratinder Neck Lanyard: Cut open to reveal flammable content
  • Whistle: To warn rescuers, blow the 120 decibel whistle.
  • Charging: To charge CamoLighter, use the included Micro-USB (lighter side) to USB (computer or wall outlet plug) cable (included). 
  • Charging time: Typical charge time is 2 hours.
  • Security Features: Time-out of 10 seconds
  • Waterproof and windproof: Can be used in hurricanes, storms and other extreme weather conditions.
  • Waterproof and shockproof case: Made of sturdy ABS plastic with a wire safety latch.
  • Comes with: 1 Micro USB charging cable

Features Of CamoLighter Tesla Lighter

Time to extensively talk about the features that have made this rechargeable dual arc lighter the most popular lighter in the world of lighters. Just grapple with the below comprehensive details of camolighter’s features and be happy you’ve come across it today. 

  • Built-in power indicator: Camolighter is designed with improved four LED battery lights to show the battery’s current state of charge, alerting the user when there is the need to recharge in advance.
  • Long battery life: The CamoLighter also includes a large capacity battery that can be used for over 300 ignitions once fully charged. High-quality battery cycle lasts 300-500 charges. A full charge can last up to a week or 300-500 sparks.
  • High Quality: Camolighter is a dual arc lighter which is five times faster than a single arc electronic lighter. The CamoLighter is made of high-quality zinc alloy and a high-temperature resistance ceramic layer, making it both safe and durable.

A side-by-side analysis of Camolighter and other lighters on the market demonstrate unequivocally that CamoLighter provides the most bang for the user’s buck and is of superior quality to the competition. There will be no more fake disposable lighters!

  • Emits No Flame, no butane gas: The Camolighter does not emit a flame nor does it require a butane gas for operation. It is rather a rechargeable electric lighter. The camolighter utilizes plasma technology, which eliminates the need for hazardous chemicals. It is ideal for camping, traveling, and hiking; it performs well on windy days while being safe to the environment.
  • Lightweight and portable: With a dimension of 2.8 x 1.9 x 0.75 inches, the camolighter is incredibly compact and lightweight. This USB rechargeable lighter is extremely lightweight, weighing less than 2.1 ounces. As a result, users can carry it around with them and barely notice it.
  • 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction: The marker of the Camolighter go above and beyond to deliver the highest quality product and exceptional customer support. Therefore, if a user of the Camolighter is not fully satisfied with it, the company gives a 100% no-questions-asked refund. This indeed is an advantage with a limited-time bid. 
  • Sleek and Elegant Design: The CamoLighter comes in a sleek and elegant design. It has an innovative design with dual power and is able to create an electric arc with a single button push.
  • Windproof and Eco-friendly: The CamoLighter is a USB rechargeable windproof lighter. It needs no gas or fluid for operation. It is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. The camolighter also features a large lid that keeps children safe while the lighter is charging or not in use.
  • Easy to use and maintain: The Camolighter is very easy to use and maintain. Just with the push of a button, the Camolighter creates a fire. When the user is confronted with a survival situation, the person does not have to waste time fiddling with the Camolighter because it is very easy to use.
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Benefits of CamoLighter Tesla Lighter 

In this CamoLighter review, a summarized version of the gain users will get from buying and using Camolighter has been presented. As a new rechargeable double arc electric lighter, the CamoLighter has the following groundbreaking benefits: 

  • Enjoy an ecologically friendly and economical lighter: The Camolighter is beneficial to the user’s because it does not make use of butane gas or any other form of harmful chemicals. With Camolighter, there is no longer a need for lighter fluid refills. Even though it is USB rechargeable, it is highly energy saving. And economically, there would be no need to purchase disposable plastic lighters.
  • Can be used in extreme weather conditions: The Camolighter is water-and-windproof, making it ideal for outdoor use: hiking, camping, traveling, etc. It is hence suitable for both smokers and non-smokers since it can be used in the lighting of candles, cigarettes, pipes, cigars, fireworks, BBQs, and campfires. No matter how bad the weather seems, if there is a need to put up light, the Camolighter will definitely respond. It is never designed to be affected by either the weather conditions and water. 
  • It makes a perfect gift for anniversary, birthday and other celebrations: The CamoLighter comes packaged in an elegant gift box, looks cool, and will undoubtedly make the receiver scream for joy. The lighter is probably the ideal gift for birthday gifts for friends, relatives, lovers, and comrades. It has a cool, trendy, and elegant appearance. So instead of buying boxes of matches or packets of butane gas lighters, just order one or two Camolighter and surprise the receiver forever. 
  • Flameless, odorless and noiseless: The Camolighter gives off no spark, no odor, and no sound when operated. Unlike butane gas lighters and some rechargeable lighters, Camolighter, the Tesla coil powered lighter emits no flame or spark, it gives off no smell and there is no form of noise when used. The odor from butane gas lighters smell horrible because of the chemical used. CamoLighter is 100% electric and its flame is actually a plasma arc that has no scent. Users can only hear a high-pitched soft sound when the button on Camolighter is pressed. 
  • Rechargeable and Durable: The Camolighter cannot be disposed of easily like other lighters. It is equipped with long-lasting and dependable technology. Its rechargeable lithium battery can last up to a week once it is fully charged. There are different LED flashlights at the bottom of the lighter to indicate the level of power. The camolighter comes with a Type-C USB rechargeable cord. It’s plastic framework makes it able to withstand a certain level of pressure from the user. It is strongly built to withstand certain falls and rough-handling. It is made of sturdy ABS plastic with a wire safety latch.
  • Easily Carried About: The elegant appearance of the Camolighter makes it possible that every user will always want to carry it along with them wherever they are going. Excellent safety features, making it extremely portable.

How Does CamoLighter USB Rechargeable Lighter Work?

Whereas most lighters depend on fluid or friction to ignite a flame, the Camolighter uses a lithium ion battery to generate a small electrical arc that is much hotter than an open flame. 

Assume you intend lightning something, for instance, a candle. All that’s required of you is to simply press the button and lower the head of the lighter to the candle wick. With just a soft-pitched sound, a brilliant line of light will appear at the head of the Camolighter, lightning whatever it is faced with. 

The CamoLighter lights the materials quicker because it is hotter than an open flame. Since there is no open flame, it can be used to light stuff even in windy conditions, making it great for outdoor use. The neck of CamoLighter can be rotated in any direction or configuration, allowing the users to light stuff upside down while keeping their fingers secure. With its smart, secure design, the Camolighter could handle any shape or depth of whatever it is to light.

The CamoLighter comes with a Type-C USB charging cord. Charging it to full capacity takes up just a few hours. Do not forget that the CamoLighter needs to be charged before using and it should be recharged as good as possible. It’s ready to use after completely charging. The camolighter will produce 500 ignitions on a single full charge. This is already more than conventional lighters, but the higher advantage is that users can easily get another 500 ignitions simply by recharging, no need to refill gas or dispose it. Only electricity is needed. 

The Camolighter is often more dependable than other types of lighting. Fluid lighters can mysteriously go out of commission for no apparent cause or require several attempts to ignite, whereas low quality matches or poor match striking style are another battle to contend with. The rechargeable camolighter does its job consistently and well. There is a safety lock which eliminates the concern of children playing with it. 

Once opened, the simple button mechanism makes the Camolighter easy to use right away. Just buy the Camolighter, recharge it and then use it to light whatever you want. If the power goes down, juts recharge it again and again with the included Type-C USB cable. 

Camolighter review.jpeg
Camolighter review

Why Is CamoLighter Recommended: Why Should Interested Persons Buy It?

There are numerous windproof lighters available, but they all require the use of fossil fuels to work. Fossil fuels are difficult to transport, highly flammable, harmful to the environment, and evaporate so quickly. However, since the Camolighter is entirely electric, and its flame is simply a plasma arc, it can remain lit even when submerged in water. This is possible because since lightning hits even when it’s raining, Camolighter stays lit even when it’s raining. 

So as someone always using an old-fashioned butane lighter, it’s time to embrace the future of lighters by purchasing this plasma arc rechargeable lighter. In the even that there is no feasible reason why you think individuals should not be encouraged to buy Camolighter, just remember that recent advancements in plasma technology have made butane lighters nearly obsolete. It is as clear as that! Toxic, smelly, poor performing lighters are not supposed to be part of any reasonable individual. The camolighter is less toxic, more strong, economical, eco-friendly and TSA-approved!

If there is nothing interesting in Camolighter, there is often a spark of joy ebbed with igniting things with an electricity-generated plasma beam. It gives authentic authority over the materials to be lighted no matter the situation. Also, the plasma arc from CamoLighter is fully wind and water proof, unlike a conventional butane flame lighters. That means users of Camolighter  won’t have any trouble finding a light when the weather turns bad. And even if it’s raining, they will still be able to produce a powerful plasma beam.

The absence of butane gas is one of the major reasons why every individual should get a CamoLighter. This is because butane gas is an extremely poisonous gas to humans. Every individual’s health is vital, and any method of reducing harmful carcinogen exposure is often preferable. Camolighter gives anyone a free and safe lighting experience. 

The last but no the least is that  Camolighters are also good for every setting. Each Camolighter is fully rechargeable and can be used for up to 300-500 times on a single charge. With Camolighter at hand, setting up fire, lightening cigars, pipes, candles, etc becomes easy and enjoyable. 

Is Camolighter made For a Special Group of People: Who Needs Camolighter The Most? 

Although Camolighter was designed and developed by a group of military scientists and engineers, its usage is not limited to the army alone. Everyone needs a camolighter: whether military or civilian. It’s a very important and special lighting tool. 

Perhaps reading this camolighter review is propelled by the instinct to know whether there is a need for it or not. As a reader, you might wiah to know who needs it most and why you should dispose of your butane lighter in favour of the Camolighter. 

The brand new camolighter has been dubbed one of the year’s best new survival innovations! The bottom line is that anyone who really wants to be prepared for the unexpected, the must have a reliable fire starter. Naturally, the camolighter is fantastic as it assists anyone in setting up fire to do all the following:

  • Prepare meals  
  • Heat shelter
  • Call for help (in case you are lost in some island) 
  • Light up the darkness
  • Light cigars and so on.

Camolighter gives every user the unique opportunity to stop fiddling with those messy plastic lighters that fail when the person need them the most. 

How and Where to Buy Camolighter? 

Camolighter lighter can be bought through a debit card like Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discovery or a PayPal account. These are just the two payments methods accepted at the moment. Also, the Camolighter is only available on the internet via the product’s official website. 

The below are the different prices for different order packages of Camolighter:

  • Single Camo Lighter (Save 50%)

 $29.99 instead of $59.95

  • 2 Camo Lighters (Save 58%)

$49.96 instead of $119.90

  • 3 Camo Lighters (Save 61%)

$69.96 instead of $179.85

Customer Reviews About CamoLighter 

Camolighter is a brand new invention. However, one it was introduced into the market, consumers with eagle-eyes have bought them. These people were satisfied with what they were given and hence, they leave reviews to encourage others like you to follow them. 

“It would have saved me time, effort, energy, and money if I had bought this rechargeable lighter dubbed Camolighter on time. However, I’m glad that I finally have this efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional lighters in my possession. You can tell it’s being put to good use by how quickly I’m burning through my candles, cigarettes, etc. Fantastic invention!” (Gorge Brown) 

“I love it. I have 4 of these, and 2 of the latest ones. I use one for my wood stove, one for my fireplace, one for my bug out pack, and one for general use. With the solar panel in my survival kit, I will still have fire if the sun is out.” (John Wills) 

Amazing electric lighter! There is no liquid fuel, flints, smell, and leaks. It can be charged via any USB charger (including Power Solar Chargers). It is windproof and waterproof, even “fires” if wet. Excellent device.” (Clare Glen) 

Frequently Asked Questions About CamoLighter 

My Camolighterlighter has stopped working. Is it possible to get a replacement?

As long as the lighter does not display excessive wear and use, the company will respect the their warranty within three months of purchase. The buyer must either mail the lighter back to them or send them 2-3 pictures as evidence of the defect or malfunction. They can’t say if it was a pre-existing defect or if you directly damaged the lighter unless the lighter is in original condition with no signs of wear or harm. They company will make every effort to replace  every genuinely defective item.

Would I be “shocked” or “tazed” by the Plasma CamoLighter?

Touching the electric arcs can feel like a painful bite or a static electricity shock, just ten times stronger. It will undoubtedly jolt you awake! The company advises against touching the arcs. If you do, though, there will be no long-term consequences other than a few tiny red marks on your skin.

Can I take the camolighter on a plane with me?

While some airlines will authorize you to carry lithium-ion battery-powered devices in your carry-on, others will confiscate your camolighter. The company suggest leaving your lighter at home just to be sure.

Is camoLighter safe to be used?

Yes, it is safe to be used. The CamoLighter is easy, discreet, and dependable, and it makes a great gift for yourself or your friends thanks to its sleek and elegant design. You just have to avoid contact with the face, body, and clothes, as well as metallic and flammable materials. Do not pierce or use in close proximity to an open electric arc blaze. Do not use for long periods of time in the heat.

Final Verdict: Camolighter Review 

Need drives creativity, and few things have accelerated human progress more than harnessing the power of fire. So take the next move with this Tesla Coil-powered lighter Camolighter, the modern-day alternative to conventional lighters. Stop wasting time fussing with butane, waiting for a flame, or fiddling with spark. The game has changed. 

With CamoLighter as a revolutionary electric lighter built for the modern world, users would forge their path into the future. Camolighters are easy to use, safe, and dependable, flameless, and thus completely windproof, and feature sleek and elegant designs that are sure to catch the eye and ignite conversation. Every user will take care of hiring or her life with this rechargeable electric lighter that needs no flame, no butane, and no fuss! 

With a single button press, this revolutionary lighter generates an electric arc. Simply charge via USB and it is ready to go at any time and from any place. Not only is the lighter windproof, but it is also economical and environmentally friendly due to the absence of a flame. No more refilling lighter fluid or discarding those cheap plastic lighters! Additionally, the lighter has a protection feature that prevents it from lighting up when the lid is closed. 

Light a fire in the wind or rain with the click of a button on the camolighter. This improved version retained all the favorite features needed in modern lighters while making it even easier to light with the top-facing plasma dual arcs. It’s ideal for camping, survival, or a backyard barbecue. Simply touch the dual arcs to something flammable to start a fire.

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